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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 1, no. 25: September 5, 1868

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AND BUILDERS' GUIDE. Vol. L] NEW YORK, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 1868. [No. 25. OFEICES TO LET. Broad-fvay, corner Warren Street, OProsiTE the city iiaxl paek. 'T'd LET, FOR A TERM OF YEAES, 24 offices in the above building, singly or in suites, each room communicating with the main haU. For Ught, ven¬ tilation, and central position, unsurpassed by any in the city. .... . • Apply to John Lloit) & Sons, 7 and 9 AVarren st. DEVLIN & CO. ALBERT H. NICOLAY, .A.XTOTIOa>ariSEIl.. A CARD. REAL ESTATE. The undersigned gives,notice, that in compliarico with numerous applications, ho has been induced to resume the Selling op Real Estate, at Auction and at Private Sale, in addition to his Regulak Sales op Stocks and Bonds, and is now fully prepared to receive orders. ' E.vecu- tors, Administrators, Referees and others wishing to sell real or property at public anction or private sale, will find my terms as liberal as those of any responsible and first-class auction house, and no charges wiU bo made except the actual; di~sb'ursements for advertising, printing, &c, unless'sales are consummated. ■- • -^- -i- -'- - 1 j^" 0%VNERS OP Real Estate, of every description, are respectfully soUeited to^send:a memorandum, with details in full,', of property for sale, in order that ^ales may be eft'ected promptly, through the infiuencc of our house. { I take this occasion to return my ge.iteful acknowledg¬ ments for the generous patronage extended to me during a business career of the past seventeen years, and" trust, by strict attention to the various branches of my business, to merit a continuance of the same. ~ - ' AliBERT H. NICOIiAY, • '•' ■ ■; .- ■■ ^ ■' \i,.^. Auctioneer and Broker in Stocks and Bonds, also Eeal Estate, No. 43 Pine street. New York. d&i OK AAA laegb farm, ismiles ^■l^O»^\J\J\J• from Baltimore. Some 1,800acres, with improvements costing $SO,000. The whole or a part would be sold, being made up of five farms, now imited. Is healthy, accessible to Baltimore and AVashington, and known as equal in beauty and fertility to any estate in Maryland. Sales from estate last year over |20,OCO. Bal¬ timore or. New York property in exchange, or large amount left on mortgage at 5 per cent. Address Box 3098, New York P. O. A. CROUTJBR, CARrENTER AMD BUILDER, 22 NORTH MOORE STREET, (Between Varick and Hudson) New Yobk. JOHNSON & miller, AUCTIONEERS, AND REAL ESTATE BROKERS, No. 25 Nassau Street, corner'of Cedar, New York. K^ City and Country Real Estato at PubUc ond Prl¬ vote Sale. Loans on Mortgage negotiated. Auction Sales of Furniture, Stocks, Mercbandia^, Ste. TUESDAY, Sept. 15,1863. At 12 o'clock, at the Exchange Salesroom, No. Ill Broad¬ way (Trinity Building), N. Y. GREAT AND ABSOLUTE SALE AVrTHOUT BE- SERVB. 200 VALUABLE PATERSON LOTS, near the BUSI¬ NESS PART OP TIIE CITY ond but a SHORT DIS¬ TANCE FROM THE RxVILROAD STATION. The Lots airo SPLENDIDLY LOCATED on NORTH FIFTH, NORTH SIXTH.NORTH SEVENTH, NORTH EIGHTH, NORTH NINTH, TEMPLE ond CLINT0N-ST3., and RIP VAN AVINKLE-AATES. The ground is high and commanding. The neighborhood is rapidly improving. Tho Sale will afford the best opportunity ever offered for investment in PATERSON CITY LOTS. .^- EVERY LOT OFFERED AVILL POSITIVELY BE SOLD TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER..^ Terms liberal. Mops and further particulars ot the offices of the Auctioneers, No. 25 Nassau st., N. Y., and No. 157 Mon¬ tague St., Brooklyn. ivrONJEY TO liCA^isr ON BOND AND MORTGAGE! At 7 per cent, for 3 or 5 years, on Now York and Brook¬ lyn property, in sums over |3,000. CALLENDER, LAURENCE Ss CO., Eeal Estate Brokers, 30 Pine street, N. Y. TO LEASE.—HOTEL IN BALTIMORE, IN flrst-rate order; not occupied since painted; SS.xl65 feet —six stories, Itfi rooms. Box No. 3098 P. O., N. Y. builders. James doieg, CARPENTER AND BUILDER, 147 EAST 54TH ST.. BET. LEXINGTON & THIED .J, AVENUES, .NEAV YqEK. Stores fitted up. Jobbing in oil its branches punctually attended to. Butchers' Blocks for sale. J; y. DONVAN & BRO., NOETH-AVEST COE. 27TH ST. & OTH AVE., CARPENTERS & BUILDERS. Alterations and repairs of every description made.- -All- work executed on the most reasonoble terms. James V. Donvan. Silas J. Dontan; MULREINE & FARRELL, MASONS & BUILDERS^'^' " OFFICE, laiTH ST., BET. 3D Ss 4TH AVENUES. Michael Mitlbeinb. Thomas Faebell'. John totten, PRACTICAIi STAIR RUIIiDER,; NO. 309 AVEST 53D ST., NEAE STH AVFiNUE, N. Y. JonniNC PKOMPTLY ATTENDED TO. ' ' L. 'a.. d:ej^n, STAIR BUILDEE, AND DEALER IN Hand-rails, NeAvels, Balusters, Fancy Stair Brackets, iflonldings, &c, SCROLL SAWING. 256 AVEST 2&TH STREET, NEAR STH AVENUE. WARD, SECOR & ACIERMK, STAIR BUILDERS, AND HARD WOOD inOUL.DINGS. aJO & 892 BLEECKER ST., NEAR_BANK ST., N.Y. CARPENTERS AND BUILDERS, TAKE NOTICE ! Hu^^^^^^^^ ^^^|M»pnr fr^^^^l^S^^ ®^^^^^^»a BUILDERS' SUPPLIES. ARNOLDS, MARTIN & CO., DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OP LIME, CEMENT, BRICK, PLASTEE, NORTH EIVER BLUE STONE, Sec, ic, &C. AValks Flagged, and Flagging relaid on reasonable terms, FOOT OP 91ST ST., E. E., NEAV YORK. Orders received at No. 51 Liberty street, firom 12 to 2, Mechanics and Traders' E-xchonge, Box. 72. 'XltAItBLEIZED SLATE AND DECORATED 1t± ILAEBLE MANTELS. A large stock always on hand. T. B. STEAVART, 605 Si.\th avenue, bet. 35th and 86th streets. MARBLEIZED SLATE MANTLES FROM OUE OAVN QUAEEIES, Boxed ready for shipment. HUDSON EIATER SLATE CO, 25 Park Bow, New York. THE BIGELOW BLUE STONE COMPANY. A. B. KELLOGG, AGENT, MiNEES, Manufactukees and AVholesale Dealess nr NORTH RIVER BliUE STONE^ MALDEN, ULSTER CO., AND 14 PINE ST., N. Y. Flagging, Curbing, Gutters, Sills, Lintels, llllng, etc., shipped to oil ports of the United States Sc South America. WILLIAM S. CARR & CO., Mantjfactceebs op PATENT AVATER CLOSETS, AND PLUMBERS' MATERIALS, 149,151,153,165, and 157 Centre street, corner of Qmol, NEAV YORK. ESTABLISHED 1S12. G. A. CLARK & CO., Importers and AVholesale Dealers In Paints,' White I^eads, Zinc, VARNISHES, GLUE, French Windo-w Glass, etc., 220 Pearl Street, NEAV YORK. 0. A. CLARK. 3. I. MASDETILLB DRAIIV-PIPE. Manufacturer of the Premium TITRIFIED^ STONE-WARE DRAIN AND SEWER-PIPE, All sizes on hand from 2 to 12 inches in diameter. Nos. SIO Ss .SI2 AVkst -:Oth 5t