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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 2, no. 30: October 10, 1868

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AND BUILDERS' GUIDE. Vol. IL] NEW YORK, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 10, 1868. [No. 30. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. JOHNSON & MILLER, AUCTIONEERS, AND REAL ESTATE BEOKEES, No. 25 Nassau Street, corner of Cedar, New York. J^° City and Country Real Estate at Public and Pri¬ vate Sale. Loans on Mortgage negotiated. Auction Sales of Furniture, Stocks, Merchandise, &c. TUESDAY, OCT. 13th, AT 12 O'CLOCK, AT EXCHANGE SALESROOM, NO. Ill BROADWAY (Trinity Building), NEW YORK, GREAT AND ABSOLUTE SALE OF 54S VALUABLE FLATBUSH LOTS, FINELY SITUATED, NEAR PROSPECT PARK, AT THE JUNCTION OF FRANKLIN AVE. BOULEVARD AND ELEVENTH AVE. (when extended), ON FRANKLIN AND CHESTER AVENUES, PARK, MINNA, CLEMENTINA, CLARA, AND MARTENSE STS., AND EVERGREEN PLACE. MAPS OF THIS GREAT SALE ARE NOW READY AT TIIE OFFICES OF THE'.AUCTIONEERS, NO. 25 NASSAU ST., NEW YORK, AND NO. 157 MONTAGUE ST., BROOKLYN. THURSDAY, OCT. 15th, GREAT Sii-LE OF CHOICE PROSPECT PARK LOTS, FINELY LOCATED, only ICO ft., from the EASTERN SIDE OP THE PARK, near the GRAND NORTH-EAST¬ ERLY and EASTERLY ENTRANCES. UNION ST., s. s., commencing on the east side of Clas¬ sen ave., 10 lots. PRESIDENT ST., n. s., 100 ft. e. of Classen ave., 12 lots. CARROLL ST., s. s., 161 ft. o. of Washington ave., 12 lots. CROWN ST., n. s.,157 ft. e. of Washington'ave., 11 lots. MONTGOMERY ST., s. s., 151 ft. e. of Washington ave., 4 lots. ... . Terms liberal. Maps now ready at the offices of the Auc¬ tioneers. ALSO, 2S3 VALUABLE LOTS, FINELY LOCATED, AT THE INTERSECTION OF. SIXTY-THIRD ST. AND ELEVENTH AVE. (when extended), only 600 ft. from the CARS TO FULTON FERRY, 2 miles Irom PROSPECT PARK, and IX miles from BAY RIDGE FERRY TO WALL ST., NEW YORK. TIAIE, 30 MINUTES. Maps now ready at the offices of tho Auc¬ tioneers. A P. SMITH & BRO., REAL ESTATE • AND" INSURANCE, 1304 Broadway, running through to 599 Sixth Avenue, near 35th street. New York. A. P. Smith, Notary Public. ■ H. B. SiiiTH, Com. of Deeds. CL. mead" real ESTATE AND IN- • SURANCE AGENT. Rents Collected. 2000 Third Avenue, Harlem, bet. 12Sth and 129th sts. D& M. CHAUNCEY, 155 MONTAGUE • Street, near Court street, Brooklyn, Brokers in Real Estate and Loans. We have for sale and to rent desirable buildings and build¬ ing sites in all sections of Brooklyn. D UNKIN & CO., 956 BROADWAY, NEAR Twenty-third street, New York, EEAL ESTATE AGENTS. HOUSES FOR SALE AND TO LET in New York and Brooklyn. COUNTRY RESIDENCES, FAEMS, fiTC. ' LOANS NEGOTIATED. JOHN MCCLAVE, RE^L ESTj^TE, No. 44 PINE STREET, NEW YORK. A correct Record of aU Sales, and a perfect Map of all Improvemeiits to be made on ^^ia island, always open for inspection to Bona Fide Dealers. OWNERS OF PROPERTY ON ANY PART OF THE CENTRAL AVENUE GRAND BOULEVARD, SOUTH OF JEROME PARK, CAN FIND CASH PURCHASERS AT THIS OFFICE. ^ ^-NO COMMISSION WILL BE CHARGED FOR SELLING- A COUNTRY SEAT ON THE RARITAN, Consisting of 145 acres of land, A good mansion of thirteen rooms, A new farm-house, A gi-een-house and milk-house, A fine garden with fruit and other trees. One of the best in New Jersey, On the line of the Central Eailroad of New Jersey, one and a half hours from New York. Apply to A. D. HOPE, at the office of Central New Jersey Land Company, No. 103 Liberty street. New Y'ork. FOR SALE AND TO LET, Desirable property in New York and on Brooklyn Heights. EDGAR TUCKER, No. 9 Pine Street. CHERRY HILL. LEWIS E. WOOD, Atictioneeer. By A. D. Mellick, Jr., & Bro., Auctioneers, and Dealers in New Jersey Real Estate, No. 26 Pine street. IJELTJlRSTyj^-Y; OCTOBER 15, Positive Sale of 500 BtJIIiDINCi liOTSi AT CHEERY HILL, 10 MILES FROM NEW YORKiSv, In-the suburbs of Hackensack. These lots are handsomely situated on high ground, commanding extensive views of tho surrounding country, are in tho midst of handsome improvements, and are un¬ exceptionable in every respect. Tho streets and avenues ai-e thoroughly graded, sidewalks made, and gutters es¬ tablished. ^ CHERP^ HILL , is a beautiful park of residences, 45 MIXUTES FROM NEW TORK, by rail, and within 10 miles' drive of tho Forty-second street Ferry. A special train on the morning of the sale, by tho Erie Raikoad, will leave tho foot of Chambers street at 10.80 » For railroad passes, maps, and full particulars, apply at the office of the Auctioneers, • No. 26 PINE STREET, DELISSER & STOUTENBOROUGH, Real Estate aitd Insurance Brokers, 159 MONTAGUE STREET, -, N^ar Court St. Brooklyn, N. Y. TTPTCKOPP & LITTLE, Auctioneers, VV Real Estate AND.Insurance Brokers, 151 MONTAGUE STREET, Beooklvn. J. N. Wtckofp, Jb. Wm. MAyo Little. .'" c. C. WAYL^ ID, INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE B er, 163 Falton street. Now York. M ACRES, IN ONE PLOT, HIGH GRADE, near cars, in the ISth Ward, Brooklyn, for sale. Price, §34,000. 8 acres outside the city limits, |1,800 per acre. 17 acres, $1,400 per acre. M. A. RULAND & CO., 5 Beekman st., N. Y. DRIAN H. MULLER, P. R. WILKINS & CO., AUCTIONEERS AND REAL ESTATE BROKERS. No. 7 Pine street. New York. ANTHONY J. BLEECKER, AUCTIONEER. —By Anthony J. Bleecker, Son & Co., No. 77 Cedar street. Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers. Sales at Auction of Real Estate, Stocks, Bonds; sales of Furniture at owners' residences; private sales of Honses, Lands, Leases,' Farms, &C.,