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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 2, no. 37: November 28, 1868

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AND BUILDERS' GUIDE. Vol. IL] NEW YORK, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 1868. [No. sr. E. H. LUDLOW & OO. EEAL ESTATE AUCTIONEERS, Establis7ied in 1836. OFFICE, No. 8 pmE STBEET, MORRIS WILKINS, Auctioneer. SALE IN PARTITION BY ORDER OF THE SUPREME COURT, UNDER THE DIRECTION .OF DANIEL P, INGRAHAM, Jr., Referee. AMITY STREET, o First-class Marble Hotel, BLEECKER STREET. E. H. LUDLOW & CO. WILL BELL AT AUCTIOM, OK Thursday, December loth, 1868, • AT 12 o'clock, at the " , Exchange Salesroom, 111 Broadway,N.T Nos. 667, 669, 671,673, 675 and 677 BROADWAY, Part of the Estate of the late John LaFarge, The valuable Broadway property known as the South- em Hotel, or LaFarge House,consisting of la full lots, 23X IOO feet each, being a frontage of 130 feet on Broadway, nearly opposite Bond street, and 150 feet frontage on Mer¬ cer street by 200 feet i n depth. The properly consists of a large 5-story marble building covering the entire front on Broadway, with first-class stores on first floor, rented until 1st May next. The southernmost store runs through to Mercer street. The whole of the upper part .■'; ".rra-iged for a hotel, and can easily be altered fi..' ■•tyresv 9S -'-'^ '- 'iivided by_ party walls into 4 lots, 2 O- •- R-ot, an a «' 24 feet 6 inches, leaving i lot of 51 Teet front, .-.nd will' c sold in that way. Sixty per cent, can remain on i>on ' aiu jacrtgage at-the option of the purchaser for three c- hvo. vsais, with privi¬ lege of paying it off upon giving six -con'tbi notice. For maps and full particulars apply to Jie Auctloneen' office. No. 3 Pine street, N. Y. -|00 ACRE FARM FOR SALE,—A Monn- X tain farm, 2)4 miles from Depot, on the New Jersey Central R. R. 70 acre'B under cultivation, 80 wood larid; grood house, barn, and outbuildingt. Price ^6,000, terms easy. Apply to W. 8. Stevens, Dunellen Depot, next Jtatlon west of Plainfield, WC. SIDNEY & CO,, REAL ESTATE • AND INSURANCE BROKERS, "520 Third Ivcnue, corner 37th street, New Tork,____ JOHNSON & liHLLER, AUCTIONEERS, AND REAL ESTATE BROKERS, No. 25 Nassau Street, corner of Cedar, New York. E^ City and Country Eeal Estate at Public and Pri- yate Sale. Loans on Mortgage negotiated. Auction Sales of Furniture, Stocks, Merchandise, See. TUESDAY. Dec. Ist, At 12 o'clock, at Exchange Salesroom, No. Ill Broadway, New York. GREAT ADJOURNED SALE OF THE BALANCE OF THE 1,0U5 PROSPECT PARK LOTS, NEAR THE GR.AND EASTERLY ENTRANCE, NOT OFFERED AT THE GREAT BALE OF NOV. 17. THIS WILL BE TUE GREATEST CHANCE OF THE SEASON TO SECURE VALUABLE PROSPECT PARK LOTS THAT MUST ADVANCE GREATLY IN VALUE. Sixty per cent, may remain on mortgage. Maps at No. 25 Nassau St., N. Y.;" and 15T Montague at., Brooklyn. TUESDAY, Dec. 8, At 12 o'clock, at Exchange Salesroom, No. Ill Broadwav. GREAT SALE OF 500 CHOl'CE BROOKLYN LOTS, SPLENDIDLY LOCATED NEAR PROSPECT PARK, on SACKETT, PRESIDENT, DOUGLASS STS., BOULE¬ VARDS, FRANKLIN. NOSTRAND. AND PERRY AVES.. BUTLER, UNION, DEGRAW. CROWN, and MONTGOMERY STS. Particulars next week. Maps will be ready one week before the sale. ANTHONY J. BLEECKER, AUCTIONEER. —By AnlHOHT J. Bleecker, Son & Co., No. 77 Cedar street, Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers. Sales at Auction of Real Estate, Stocks, Bonds; sales of Furniture at owners' residences; private sales of Houses, Lands, Leases, Farms, &c., &c. Houses and Stores fOnted. FOR SALE. A large, first-class Leasehold STORE PROPERTY, on Broadway, above Canal street, price for tha Leasehold, $145,000; ground rent about $15,000 per annum; rent roll about $35,000. ALSO, A large corner PROPERTY for sale on Broadway, below Canal St., with largo rent roll. ALSO, A large piece of PROPERTY on Broadway, below Maiden lane, suitable in its present shapo for a first-clasi Banking House. ALSO, A first-class piece of PROPERTY on Broadway, below Fulton street, price $200,000. ALSO, ____ Three desirable and first-clasi pieces of PROPERTY on Broadway, below Wall street, $80,000 ond $90,000 each. ALSO, A valuable piece of PROPERTY in Cortland streot, near Broadway, running through to Dey street. ALSO. A flrst-class pieco of PROPERTY on West slda of Broadway, near Spring street, running through to Mercer street, price $175,000. ALSO, A flrst-class piece of PRO PERT Y on Broadway, through to Crosby street, §150,000. ALSO, A fine place of PROPERTY in Pearl street: prioo $40,000. ALSO, A good STORE and LOT in Water street,: prica $25,000. Apply to HOMER MORGAN, No. 2 Pine st. JOSEPH .A. LEVY, AUCTIONEER, REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE BROKER. 8 & 10 PINE STREET. Houses and Lots for sale and to lease. LI»B, ACCIDENTAL, TIRE AND MASLKS ' INSURANCB EFFECTED. - . ■ - . Mortgages negotiated and Titles searched. "POR SALE IN YORKVILLE.—A FIRST- -*- class frame house and four lots of ground, 100x100. Lots already graded. Good stable on premises. Apply to FREDERICK CREIGHTON, World Office. ROBERT McGINNIS, ARCHITECT AND BUILDER. Surveys made and damages estimated for Insurance Companies. Also, Broker In Eeal Estate. NO. 2 GOUVERNEUP. LAN?. RANDELL & PORTER, REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE, 1951 Third Avenue (near, 125th street), New York. T A. J. NEAFIE, REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE BROKER, 1874 TniBD AYENaz, Corner EicaTT-BiZTa Btkkbt, NEW YORK. J. ROMAINE BROWN, RKAL ESTATE, 1179 BROADWAY, NEXT DOOR TO CORNER THIB- TY-FOUETH STREET, NEW YORK. f^?~ Commissioner of Deeds and Notary Pablle. MOSES E. CRASTO, REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE BROKER, NOTARY PUBUO, AND AUCTIONEER, 8d Avenuo and 116th st. (Residence: 120th st., bet. 2d and 3d Avenue.) Attention given to renting property. All business intrusted to our care will ba promptly and satisfactorily attended to. GEORGE C. FURMAN, Attorney-at-Law, will attend to drawing legal papers, examining titles, and other law business. R. C. FERGUSON, REAL ESTATE, 111 BROADWAY, TRINITY BUILDING BASEMENT. (Room E.) N.B.—^Particular attention given to negotiating loam on Bond and Mortgage. McCAHILL & CO.'S REAL ESTATE EX¬ CHANGE, 4,')4 Sixth Avenue, bet. 27th and 2Sth streets, and 692 Third Avenue, corner 47th street. City and Country Property Bought, Sold, and Rented. Money Loaned on Mortgogo. Mortgages Bought. FIr» and Life Insurance effected. JESSE S. CARIIAN, REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE AGENT, 158 Montague street, near Court street, Brooklyn. Fire and Life Insurance effected. Loans procured on Bond and Mortgage, Stocks, &c. A P. SmTH & BRO., REAL ESTATE • AND INSURANCE, 1304 Broadway, running through to 699 Sixth Avenue, near 35th street, New Yokk. A. P. Smith, Notary Public. H. B. Burro, Com. of Deeds. HA. READ & CO., DEALERS IN REAL • ESTATE, 24 Pine street. Second Mortgages Negotiated. Houses, Stores, and Lands let, and Rents collected. HOUSES, LOTS, ETC., FOR SALE,—A PRINTED LIST can be had on application atnnr office, or will be mailed free. EDMUND H. MARTINE, Sixth avenae, corner Thirty-second street. FOR SALE AND TO LET, Desirable property in New York and on Brooklyn Heights. EDGAR TUCKER, No. 9 Pine Steeet. M ACRES, IN ONE PLOT, HIGH GRADE, near cars, in the 18th Ward, Brooklyn, for sale. Price, $34,000. 8 acres outside tho city Umtts, $1,800 per acre. 17 acres, $1,400 per acre. M. A. EULAND A CO.. 6 B8ekjuaa st., N. Y. ADRL^ H. MULL.ER, P, R. WILKINS & CO., AUCTIONEEES AND REAL ESTATS BROKERS. No. 7 Pine street. New York, EUaSKR S^ STOUTENBOROUGH, Real Estate and Insueancz Bbokees, 169 MONTAGUE STREET, Near Couiri St Brooklyn, N. Y.