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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 2, no. [48]: February 13, 1869

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AN'D BUILDERS' GUIDE Vol. II.] NEW YORK, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1869. [No. 47. ADRIAN H, MTJLLER, P. R WILKINS & CO., •WILL SELL AT AUCTION, ON M:0]NrDA.Y, inEBRTJA^HY 15 .A.T 12 O'CLOCK, AT THE esroom, 1 I I E 64 LOTS IN THE CITY OF NEW YORK, BOTTNDEi) BY 8tli and 9tli A.venues AND ■ . 70t]a and 71st Streets, „ . " . IJfCLTTDING, EIGHT SPECIALLY PROimENT CENTEjVL PAEK FRONTS. ' Curbed and guttered.] 71at STREET. [Sidewalks flagged one course. 100 feot. 61 100 62 63 60 64 B6 59 100 25 58 57 56 55 10 54 11 53 12 52 5150 13 14 49 15 4847 161718 46 45 19 20 44 43 21 42 22 41 23 24 40 39 25 38 26 27 37 28 25 100 36 35 34 83 32 31 30 100 29 100 feet U % td 70th STREET. Q W > UJ > Pi Now that the grfide of this most beautiful and accessible port of the city is established, and the -work of the new Boulevard is rapidly progressing it follows as a matter < positive certaintj that every available spot between the Central Park and the new Boulevard—the two great points of attraction—as high up as Seventy-second street, and even above that, will be wanted in a very short time for buildings ofthe flrst class; to which the block above described is peculiarly well adapted, as the Eighth Avenue grade (not to be chnnged in front of these lots) between Seventieth and Seventy-first streets is very high, and the views from the lots fronting on the Park, and also from a large number of those on tlie side streets, very extensive and very beautiful. As the Eighth Avenne, along the Park, will be occupied almost exclusively for private residences and large hotels, the Ninth Avenue, uorth of where it crosses the Boulevard at Sixty-flfth street, will naturallj' become one of the best business avenues in the upper part of the city, there heing no avenue east of it to compete for the Eighth Avenue and side street trade as is the case below and abovo the Park. WheiT this fact becomes as well understood by the generality of estate purchasers, as it is now by a few, a large adv-ince in the price of lots along that uptown central avenue may re.nsonably bo expected. Improvements, too.winbemade in this locality in a much shorter time than people suppose who do not watch closely the irresistible upward movement, and consequent Kipid absorption of lots; and it is certain that as the improvements progress the value ofthe lots will increase, from time to time, to a point as high, if not higher, than has been reached in any other part of tho city, thus making a well-judged investment of money therein extremely profitable either for the purposes of speculation, for improvement, or to obtain a security for cnpital as' reliable os the increase of population is certain. Even tlie subdivision of a large and desirable piece of property like this, previously held as an entirety to the exclusion of improvements on anj' part of it, always gives it at immediately incre.ised value in tlie hands ofthe new purchasers; some of whom buy for tho purpose of building on the lots at an early d.iy, others to socure them at a comparative low price to build on at some future time; and others, again, for investment, all tending, however, by the distribution among many owners to give it an increased value* irrg tive of the other natur:)! causes. The title to the premises, being a portion of the "HOUSEN ESTATE is well known to be unexceptionable, and to facilitate the usual examination by purchasers, a full printed abstract, as prepared by Messrs. Wetmore A B^^ be sold in lots, and two-thirds qf the pij