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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 2, no. 51: March 6, 1869

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AND BUILDEBS' GUIDE Vol. TJ.l NEW YOKK, SATURDAY, MARCH 6, 186.^. [No. 51. .e at Auction! ES M. MILLER WILL SELL, ON 9 48 '3 ^'ewi^^-^s At 12 o'clock^ at Exchange Salesroom, 111 Broadway, LS OF LAND, CONTAINING- ABOUT f ««*. ^^ Esta/fce of* I^e^v^is Gr. IVTorris. ■'-:^'■'^"^^^ The demand for semi-rm^al residences must be considered not only a promi¬ nent characteristic of the present activity in real estate, but is also e^ddence that the increasing population of the City of ISTew York will make its suburbs indispensable auxiharies. It is not doubted that part of Westchester County embraced by the contemplated sale will become a part ofthe great and grow¬ ing City of New York. The great feature of Westchester County at present in this connection, viewed from a city standpoint, is the Central Avenue, Which is one of the broadest and iBinest avenues in the world for the general characteristics' of dimensions, locality, and the beauty of surrounding and ad¬ joining scenery. It commences on the northerly side of Harlem Eiver, dhectly opposite the termination of the Seventh-ave. Grand Boulevard, and One Hun¬ dred and Eifty-jSfth st., and is connected with this city by the Central Bridge, which spans the river at that point. The Commissioners of Central Park, when this track shall be placed under theh control, will lay out several streets and avenues, and connect them by bridges with the Boulevards on ISFew York side. The probable consohdation of tliis part of Westchester County with New York City; the popularity of Central-ave. as a drive; the proximity of the Harlem and Third-ave. cars, and the proposed Underground Railroad, make it at once deshable for building purposes or for investment. The location of this propr erty is superb, and a line view of Central-ave. is presented from all parts. For Maps and farther particulars, apply to the Auctioneer, i No. 28 PINE STRBBT.