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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 3, no. 63: May 29, 1869

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AND BUIÏÏDEKS' GUIDE.. Vol. nirr:IiFo,rii.j NEW YORK, SATURDAY, MAY 29, 1869. [Whole Ko. 63. BUILDERS' SUPPLIES. FISHER & BIRD, Steam Marble Works, 97, 99, 101,'103 & 105 East Houston St., Vermont Jlarblo Yai:ds, 2C0, 2C2 arid 2(>4 Elizabeth Street, Eobert C. Fisher. Clinton G. Bird :"1 NEWYORK. Importers, Dealers and Manufacturers of Forelgn:and American Marbles. Ecclesiological Decoraibrs, and WorK- ers in Granité, Brown, Nova Scotia, Caen Stone, and Scotch Granité. Marble Mantels, Grates and Fçndcrs, Monuments, Cemetery Vaults, Cliurch-Altars, Fonts, Tab¬ lets, Communion Tables, and Miirble Counters. Marble Floor Tillng. 2^" ESTIMATES AND DE A WÎNGS UPON APPLI¬ CATION;^___________________________________ ' MARBLE SUNTELS AT $16, AT THE BEOOKLYN STEAM JIAKBLE AND SLATE WOEKS. Buildèrs and others are Invited to caU and examine onr stock of , ? MAEBLE AND M.\EBLEIZED MANTELS, as they are, witbout doubt, the best and cheapest tO'be had either In New York or Brooklvn. THOMAS" CAESON & CO., 7 ik 9 East Warren st., near Court st. ' MARBÏ^E MAMTEt.S. FOE THB CnEAFRST AND ISE3T GO TO IVM. F. C. DEIVIKS'S MARBLE WORKS, Comeir of De Kalb and Nostrand Avenues, BROOKLYN. ^g~ Jobblng promptly attended to. WILLIAM J. & J. S. PECK, DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OP MASONS' BUILDING MATERIALS, LIME, LATH, BRICK, CEMENT.'pLASTER, HAIE, &o. ..^ Foot of Tkiutieth Strret, Noeth Eiver, Foot okSi>ring Stbeet, N. E., Foot of Fortt-nintu Street, E. E, and Mkciianics' AND Tkadees' Excuange, No. 51 Liberty St., Box 38, _____________________________NEAA/ YORK. LATEST DESIGNS, IN GREAT VAEIETIES, At very lo-»v Priées. IIARBLE WORKS, j^ 62 First Avenue, near Third Street. Houses and Lots taken as payment. THE BIGELOW BLUE STONE COMPAlfY. A. B. KELLOGG, AGENT, Miners, Manufacturers and Wuolesale Dealbes in >o NOKTH RIVER BI.TIE STONE, A AÎALDEN, ULSTER CO., AND 14 PINE ST., N. Y. Flagffinj, Curbing, Gutters, Sills, Lintels, Tillnç, etc. shipped to ail parts of the United States & South America) LL BUILDERS especially those who réside in BrooV- lyn, sbould examine the beautiful and solect stock of MARBLE MANTELS Of Evert Description, Now on Exhibition at 163 Flatbush Av.,,cor. of Atlantio Av., and 639 Paoi- Fio St., Brookl-ïn. j CaU and examine before purchasing eisqiwbcre. ARNOLDS, MARTIN & CO., DEALERS IN ALI/KINDS OF LIME, CEMENT, BRIOK, PLASTEE, NOETH RIVER BLUE STONE, &c., &&, &ç. Walks Flagged, and Flagging relald on reasonaBle terms. FOOT OF 91ST ST., E. E., NEW YOEK. Orders received at No. 51 Liberty street, from 12 to 2, Mechanics and Traders' Exchange, Box. 72. HATS. BE3a: j!^. :k&. rac 9 THE HATTER, Is now Selllng the NEW SPEING STYLE of Silk Hat at •SIX DOLLA ES, Of which he la the manufacturer, and to be had at his stores, as follows : No. 322 Thlrd ave., near 25th st. ; 830 Third avc near 54th st.; also 61 and 09 Chatham st., cor. Chanibers (opposite Sweeney's Hotcl). LOOK AT OUE $7.00 HATS. AS GOOD AS TIIOSE SOLD ELSEWHERE Unequalled for Quality, Style, and Elégance. 131 Nassau, near Beekman Street. LAWYERS. T PECARE, Attorney and Counsellor-at-Law, 229 BROADWAY, EOOM 15. Titles carefully searched ; having had 15 years' expéri¬ ence. Charges very moderate and satisfactory. BF. McCAHILL, ATTORNEY AND COUN- • SELLOK-AT-LAW AND COMMISSIONEE OF DEEDS, 692 Thlrd Avenue and iCA Sixth A%'onue. Titles carefully examined, and Law business in generaJ attended to. Loans negotiated. and Mortgages boueht. i SKYLÎGHTS, &c. FIRE PROOF, EFFECTUAL, AUD CHEAP. METALLIC SKYLIGHTS AND VENTILATORS, Bulkheads, C onscrvatory Roofs and IIot-Bed Frames, adapted to Boiler Houses, Stables, Factories, Hospit.nls, lîarruL'ks, Public and Private Houses Eailway Cars and Steamboats. Applicable to any situation where light and ventilation are desii-ablc. Hâve tho approval and recommendation of architects and scientiflc men where- ever introduced. GEORGE HAYES, Patentée, 2S2 Sth Avenue, near 24th streefc. New York. BROWN BROS., Chicago, 111., MACKNET &. WILSON, Newark, N. J. DRAIN & WATER PIPE, &c. , JOHIV BIOKTOM A; CO., GAS FIXTURE IffAKUFACTURERS, NOS. 233 & 285 CANAL STEEET, Opposite to Earle's Hotel, New Yokk. STONE TV" ^HE SEWEM-PÏPE. A large assortment of the best Steam-Pressed Vitrified Stoné Drain and Sewer-Pipe, from 2 to 18 inches in diameter, in two and three feet lengths, with the proper fittings, constantly un hond, and for sale by NOEEIS & MILLEE, Manufacturers, 8UC0E8S0R8 TO NOAH NOEEIS & SON, at ITos. 229, 231, & 233 East 41st st., N, Y. MANHATTAN POTTERT. W. D. STEWART, PROPRIETOR, Office, 541 West ISth st. near llth Ave., N. Y. A LABGZ ASBOETUENT OV VITEIFIED DEAIN AND SEWER" PIPE, SMOKE AND HOT-AIE FLUE PIPE, FIEÉBniCK ETC., ETC." W ÏLLIAM NELSON, Jb., Importer and Wholesale Dealer in SEWER AND DPvAIN PIPE. Office, 24 Old Slip ; Yard, 14th st. and Av, D. Contractor to Croton Aqueduct Board. SAIiAJttAIVUER WORKS, Depot, foot of West llth St., N. Y. GLAZED STO^^E SEWEPv PIPE, ALL SIZES. FROM 2 TO 24 INCHES DIAMETEE, FOEDEAINING. SEWERING, A; VENTILATING, CONDUCTING HEAT, SMOKE, &o. ÏIEE BEICK OF EVEEY DESCEIPTION. AVOID LEAD POISON.—LEAD ENCASED BLOCK TIN PIPE.—This article lias now been in use for the past four years, and Is daily growing in public favor, being heartily indorsed bv nll the leading chcmlsts.ind phy.slciansin tho country, also the Water Commissioners of .New York, Brooklyn, and Boston. Our ré¬ cent improvements in the mannfactaro Insures a most perfect article, wbieh cannot .fall to be fnlly appreciated. 3"ho advantages of lead pipe wltb a perfectly pure block tin lining for for the convey.ince of water Is well un¬ derstood ; It gives the full plinb'Ulty of the Lead with the purenessof the Tin. The resîstingpowerof Block Tin being about flve times greater than Lead, we are enabled to fur¬ nish a pipe stronger than Lead, one-half its weight at about tlie same cost per running foot, which insures a perfectly safe water pipe for doinestic use. To furnish cost per foot give the head or pressure of water ond bore of pipe. From the American AgrîctiUurist. Nf.w YoiîK, November. ISOT "SAFE PIPE FOR DRINKING-WATER.-Load poisoning from water brought In lead pipe, is the often unsuspeeted cause of di.sease and death, Galvanized iron pi])e, wood and cernent pii)e, are expen-sive and inconvéni¬ ent substances, so tbat people will rtsk tlieir lives and use lead. The Lead-encised Block-tin ]iii>e Is evi-n cheaper than lead. and we believe perfectly sale. Our faith in it . has led us recently to laj- some eighty feet of It, through which ail onr drinkinc-water is drawn." COLWELLS. SHAW ifc W ILLARD MFGCO., foot of West Twenty-seventh st., North River, and No. 11 Barckiy st., New York. Also, Manufacturers of Lead Pipe, Sheet Lead, Block Tin Pipe, Sheet Tin, Solder, (JtÇ. Circulars sent free. ■■••.