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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 3, no. 67: June 26, 1869

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'^ AND B.UILDERS' GUIDE. Vol. m. ISTo. 15.] NEW YORK, SATURDAY, JUNE 26, 1869. [Whole No. 67. SS, /' ■^•• AT THE ILL, COENEE OF BALTIC AND NEVINS STEEETS, Bm)OKLTN, N. T. WOOD MOULDINGS AND ARCHITRAVES Of every design, workecl to order, and cufc to lengths wlien reqnired ; also, ^ ' '■ - Circular, Segment, and EUiptical Mouldings and Trimmings. , PEW CAPS, HAND RAILS, EYERY VARIETY OF NEWELS AND BALUSTERS. WOOD TURNING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. BRACKETS, TRUSSES, and ail kinds of SAWING. Black Walnut and Ash Ceiling and Flooring. • REGULAR SIZES OF I SASHES, BilNDS, AND DOORS Constantly on hand, and made to order. PLANING, TONGUING, AND GROOVING. Being the. Inventer and Patentée of the >:->ï;V. "&f!:y^ SANDPAPERING MACHINE, ^ (used only in^this establishment,) he ofEers the advantage of MACHINE-CLEANED Mouldings. When sandpapered in this way, the work is done uniformly, and ail sharp corners and délicate mem- " bers are preserved. Having in his new factory greatly increased facilities, improved machinery, and capacious drying- kilns, he is confident of his ability to give entire satisfaction, and that his prices will compare favor- . ably with those of any Mill in the vicinity of New York or elsewhere. n^-A new Bodk of Mouldings, containing over 1000 Patterns, 200 of which are entirely new, sent free to any applicant.