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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 4, no. 84: October 23, 1869

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AND BUILDERS' GUIDE. Vol. lY. No. 6.] NEW YORK, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 23, 1869. [Whole No. 8^ 0. H. Pierson, Aactio'n'cer., BY A. D. MELLICK, JR., & BRO., AUC- tioncprs and Dealers in New Jersey Real Estate, No. CPlno Street, Now York. ,. TUESDAY, October 26, * At 12.30 P.M., on tho premises, ABSOLUTE SALE, BY ORUEK OF .' W. 0. EMMET, JR., ESQ., Of'the-most desirable property in the vicinity of .......'—■- - ...... MORRISTOWN, N. J., and the best improved of any ever sold at auction on the line of the. Morris & Essex Railroad. The situation is most beautiful.- V - ■ ' COMMANDING ONE OF THE LOVELIEST VIEWS IN .- - , ■ . NEW JEltSEYi- 'embracing the picturesque" valley in which" the town of Morristown is located. Fort Nonsense beyond, and in tho i'lnmedfat'e foreijround the. • • - CHARMING POCAHONTAS LAKE. . . The'property has been dividfed into villa plots of from . one-fourth of an' acre to three acres, and will be positively . sold tb the highest bidder. A large amount of money has been expended in ' • PUTTING THE PROPERTY IN A i|lNE CONDITION, the streetsjbeing as handsomely graded as if done by the ■ Boulevard Cbmmissioners. The neighborhood is unexceptional, adjoining the ele¬ gant residence of the late E, BOONAN GRAVES, Esq., andofW.O.EM3IF.T;Jr.,E8q. , -.....■ - = A finec6Hation-M>ill boeerredbefoia tL-Asale. '. i A special train will leave the foot of Barclay street at . 10 A.M. Passes now ready. Illustrated maps, showing the views from the property, will bo in readiness six days before the sale. Full particulars at the ollice of A. D. MELLICK, JR., & BROTHER. THUESDAY, October 28, At 12.80 P.M., on the premises, PEREMPTORY. SALE of the elegant and well-known Estate of , .' A. P. PILLOT, Esqv ORANGE, • ■^" / " ■ ■ NEW JERSEY. ; . This property.has long been known as one of the most elegant in the vicinity of Now York; it comprises 140 acres, situated ono mile from the North Orange Station, on :the slope of the famous Orauge Mountain, in the immedi¬ ate vicinity of the handsome residences of Dr. Marcy,Gen¬ eral McClellan, George Hecker, Francis Tome, and many other prominent New York families. THE LOCATION IS UNSURPASSED. From any part of the property most magnificent and ex¬ tended views are obtained, acknowledged to be among the finest in the United States, embracing the lovely Orange Valley, New York City and Bay and the Narrows, and all the Intervening country. The property has been unproved for the past 80 years, and is in tine condition, with a surface well diversified, embracing deep ravines, brooks of the purest spring water, and raa";niflceut trees. The Slausion is very spacious, 70x90, and contains over SO rooms, and is peculiarly .idnpted for a summer hotel, an institution, or a home "for gentlemen of taste ; it is perfect in all its appointments, having every modern con¬ venience. The grounds .ibout tho house are beautifully improved, and have been well cared for; drives and walks, beautiful lawns, lakes, fountains, and cascades, rustic bridges, or¬ namental trees and shrubs, a large stable and coach¬ house, hot-houses, graperies, .fee. Spring water from the mountain-top is thrown over all parts of the grounds ; everything pertaining to the house and grounds is of the most substantial description. The famous Orange Iron and Sulphur Spring is near the Mansion, and will be sold with it. THIS PROPERTY IS TO BE ABSOLUTELY SOLD, DIVIDED INTO ATTRACTIVE VILLA SITES of from ONE TO FIVE ACRES. The residence will be sold with some 25 acres of land. This is a rare opportunity to buy elegant property in small parcels. For free passes and maps apply to COUDEET BROS.. 49 Wall street, and A. D. MELLICK, JR., & BRO., 26 Pine street. DEPflUTH'S PATENT CLASS LIGHTS. Patented September 22d, 1808. INCREASED LIGHT OF EXQUISITE SOFTNESS. ^^^-^^^^M BEAUTIFUIi COMBINATION OF COIiORS. Augmented Translucency without Transparency. IF FRACTURED, CHEAPLY REPAIRED. See ;»rticlos in "Scientific American,'' Oct. 16 and 2-3, ISCD. For further particulars address VICTOR E. MAUGER, 110 Reade St., KT, J. Johnson, Jr., Auctioneer. JOHNSON & MILLER, AUCTIONEERS AND REAL ESTATE BROKEIiS, No. 25 Nassau Street, corner of Cedar,'New Yorfc ■ '. ; ^^. City and Country Real Estate at Public and Pri-; vate Sale. Loans on Mortgage negotioted. . . Auction Sales of Furniture, Stocks, Merchandise, &c. ASpeolalTrainwill leave foot of Chambers'street, by Pavonia Ferry, at 11.80 ;A.M.. u. Maps and Railroad Passes arenbwready.ot.the.ofBce ot JOHNSON & MILLEE, 25 Nassau street, N. Y. THIRD GRAND EXCURSION AND FREE COLLATION SALE, '-"' NORTHERN RAILROAD, ;' WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 27, At 12 o'clock, on the premises, ..... .;•• CRESSWELL, N. J., . . TWO STATIONS ABOVE ENGLEWOOD. ON THIS OCCASION AN ENTIEELY NEW FEATURE IN REAL ESTATE SALES WILL BE INTRODUCED. FIVE SPLENDID LOTS, FREE AND CLEAR OF ALL INCUMBRANCES, WILL BE GIVEN AWAY TO THE FIVE ' - HIGHEST PURCHASERS. The property to be sold consists of tho homestead and other buildings, together with 250 choice lots, all within five minutes' walk of the station. The sale will be abso¬ lute in every particular. Each lot will be put up and sold on its merits to the highest bidder. The property is splendidly situated. The title is per¬ fect, having been held by one family 23 years. Special train over Northern Railroad will leave foot of Chambers street, by the Pavonia Ferry, at 10.80 o'clock on the morning of sale. . Maps and free railroad passes now ready at the olBce of JOHNSON & MILLEP., 25 Nassau street, N. Y. MONDAY, Oct 25, SECOND GRAND SALE ON NORTHERN RAILROAD OF NEW JERSEY. HOMESTEAD STATION, N. J. FREE EXCURSION AND COLLATION. 250 SPLENDID BUILDING LOTS will positively be Sold by JOHNSON & MILLEE, at 11.80 o'clock, on the promises at Homestead, On MONDAY, Oct. 25,1S09. The property, which was formerly owned by Hon. Judge Sturges, is beautifully situated at and around the depot, on high ground, commanding charming and extensive views, and is in the midst of fine improvements. It is also contiguous to the magnificent residence of Gov. Wright. Its pro.ximity to the city of New York renders it desirable for residences. It is only ten minutes' ride from Pavonia Ferry, foot of Chambers street, and three miles from Hoboken Ferry, on the Paterson Plank Road. A large number of houses have been erected during the past year, and many more are now in process of construc¬ tion. The sale will afford an unusual opportunity to Clerks, Mechanics, and other.s to secure desirable lots at moderate prices in a locality which is rapidly improving. Adrian H. Mulleb, Auctioneer. ADRIAN a MULLER, P. R. WILKINS & CO., OFFICE, No. 1 PINE STREET. Real Estate at Public and Private Sale. . Sale of Stocks every Wednesday and Saturday. THURSDAY, November 4. At 12 o'clock, at the EXCHANGE SALES KOO>I, No. Ill BROADWAY, . New York. TRUSTEES' SALES OF 800 VALUABLE LOTS, AT BAST NEW YORK. LONG ISLAND. ' By Order of Messrs. MILLER, STOUTENBURGH, & PECKHAM. 800 VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS, SITUATE ON BENNETT, SHEPHERD, ELDERT, BALTIC, BAY, UNION. BLAKE, AND DURYEA AVENUES, AND ON BROADWAY, IN BAST NEW YORK. LONG ISLAND. EAST NEW YORK ADJOINS THE CITY OF BROOKLYN, And contains a population of SEVERAL THOUSAND, AND Is OF EASY ACCESS By Cars, which every tevr minutes leave the different ferries, con¬ necting that city with New York. It possesses many of the advantages of Brooklyn, and being outside of the City limits, is free from its heavy taxation. The lots to be sold are only about ten minutes'walk from the terminus of the different Railroads, located on high ground, free from rock. Possessing the advantages of good soil, easy access, and proximity to New York, there is. no place which offers greater inducements to men of moderate or small capitals than East New York. The lots will be sold In plots to suit purchasers, and oneasy terms. Maps and full particulars at the otfice of the Auctioneer. Title indisputable, printed abstracts of which will be furnished. THE UNDERSIGNED HAVING RECEIVED letters-patent, dated May 25th, 186D, for their im¬ provement in the fronts of buildings, are now prepared to grant licenses to founders and builders intending to mako good work. Apply to^ur Patent Attorney, T. D. Stetson, 6 Tryon Low, Nei Eow, New York. JOHN ALEXANDER, NATH. J. BURCHELL. The undersigned is prepared to construct fronts on this plan in the best manner and at the shortest notice. Has & stock of patterns and machinery for finishing. Apply at the Foundry, corner of Quay and Washington atreeti, Greenpoint. JOHN ALEXANDER. John H. Austen, Auctioneer. HAZARD, APTHORP & CO., Real Estate Brokers and Auctioneers, 110 Broadway, New York. Will sell at auction, at the Real Estate Salesroom, 111 Broadway, every description of EEAL ESTATE, CITT AND COUNTRY. New York OrricE, 110 Broadwat; Boston Orricj!, Boston Post Building; Newi-ort, Bellevue Avb.vue.