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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 4, no. 85: October 30, 1869

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AND BUILDERS' GUIDE .VoL..iy. . No. 7.] NEW YORK, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 30, 1869. [Whole No. 85. J. JOHSSOK, Jr., Auctioneer. Johnson «& uiiller, auctioneers AND REAL ESTATE BROKERS, No. 25 Nassau Street, corner of Cedar, New York. • . SS*" City and Country Rool Estate at Public and Pri¬ vate Sale. ' Loans on Mortgage negotiated. Auction Sales of Furniture, Stocks, Merchandise, <&c. WEDNESDAY, November 3, _ At 12 o'clock, at tho TRUSTEES' HALL, ___1,... Fulton street, near PeiTot avenne, ASTORIA, L. I. ABSOLUTE SALE 7VITHOUT LIMIT OR RESEEVA- 'TION, RAIN"6r' SHINE, by ORDER OF THE BOARD QiP TRUSTEES QF THE VILLAGE OP AS- TORtA, OP 61 valuable: BUILDING LOTS, Finely located within two blooJyS of the Hunter's Point - and Astoria-Horse-car;-five minute's walk from Steamboat Landing; te.i minute's walk from the ferry to Ninety-second street, New York. Situate in tho heart of the :...........•:• - -;. - --. ■ •■ .■ > VILLAGE OP ASTORIA, on high'ground, commanding magnificent views of Now ' York City and surrounding conntry, and in the immediate vicinity where splendid improvements are now- ^being made. "Accessible, by railroad, Harlem boat, and ferry to Ninety-second street. New Y6irk. This property, located in one of the most thriving vil¬ lages on Long Island, and of such convenient access from New York and'BrdokljTi by railroad,' ferry, and'steamboat (being only a few minntes Irom either city) will be sold to the highest bidder, regardless of price, and on easy terms_ Maps and full particulars are now ready at the office of - . . . . . JOHNSON & MILLER,. No. 25 Nassau Street, N. Y. HEALEY IRON WORKS, Corner North Fourtli and FiftU Streets, BROOKLYN, E. D. Manufactory of IRON WORK FOR BUILDINGS. SILLS, LINT'ELS, COLUMNS, GIRDERS, AND EVEEY STYLE OF RAILING. J. I. & J. F. HEALEY. . GEO. p. FOX'S SONS, No, 47 Amity St., three Blocks from Broadway, TAILORS, T- and Dealers in TINE FOREIGN CLOTHS AND FABRICS. SPECIALTIES: LATEST FASHIONS, BEST FABRICS, PERFECT-FITTING GARMENTS, LOWEST PRICES. Testimonials from celebrated citizens who have patron¬ ized our establishment will attest our claims in the above 'specialties. Save Thirty per cent„ by walking three blocks from Broadway. -----------T A.Iili .GARMENTS IVARRANTED. ^^^^^^P^ Patented September 22d, 1808. REVOLUTION IN THE SYSTE.M OF ILLU.MINATING OF¬ FICES, BANKS, CHURCHES, ItES I'AURANTS, DWEL¬ LINGS, STEAMBOATS, AND RAILROAD CARS; ALSO FOR SIGNAL LIGHTS AND LASTEItNS. y~^^-rT^^4vj-i'3^^ :■<■' INCREASED LIGHT OE EXQUISITE SOFTNESS. BEAUTIFUIi COMBINATION OF COIiORS. Augmented Translucency without Transparency. IF FRACTURED, CHEAPLY REPAIRED. See articles in "Scientific American,"' Oct. 16 and 23,1869. For further particulars VICTOR E. MAUGER, 110 Reade St., N. T. II. MrLT.EU, Auctioneer. ADRIAN H. inJLLER, P. E. WILKINS & CO., OFFICE, No. 7-PINE STREET. Real Estate at Public and Private Sale. Sale of Stocks every Wednesday and Saturday.. ■ THURSDAY, November 4. , At 12 o'clock, at tho EXCHANGE SALESKOOjr, No. Ill BROADWAY, NewYork. TRUSTEES' SALES'OF 300 VALUABLE LOTS, AT BAST NEW YORK, LONG ISLAND. By Order of Messrs. MILLER, STOUTENBURGH, & PECKHAM. 300 VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS. SITUATE ON BENNETT. SHEPHERD. ELDERT, BALTIC, BAY, UNION. BLAKE, AND DURYEA AVENUES, AND ON BROADWAY, IN EAST NEW YORK. LONG ISLAND. • EAST NEWYORK ADJOINS THE CITY OF BROOKLYN, And contains a population of SEVERAL THOUSAND, AND la OF EASY ACCESS By Cars, which every few minntes le.ave tho different ferries, con¬ necting that city with NewYork. It possesses many of the od vantages of Brooklyn, and being outside of the City limits, is free from its heavy Tho lots to be sold are only about ten minutes' walk from the terminus of tho different Railroads, located on high ground, free from rock. Possessing the advantages of good soil, easy access, and pro.\imity to New York, there is no place which offers greater inducements to men of moderate or- small capitals than East New York. The lots will be sold in plots to suit purchasers.ahd on e.isy terms. Maps and full particulars at the office of the Auctioneer. Title indisputable, printed abstracts of which will be furnished. THE irNDERSIGNED HAVING- RECEIVED letters-patent, dated May 25th, 1860, for their im¬ provement in the fronts of buildings, are now prepared to grant licenses to founders and builders intending to mako good work. . . Apply to our Patent Attorney, T. D. Stetsok, 5 Tryon Row, New York. JOHN ALEXANDER, • NATH. J. BURCHELL. . The undersigned is prepared to construct fronts on this plan in.the best manner and at the shortest notice. Has a stock of patterns and machinery for finishing. Apply at the Foundry, corner of Quiay and Washington streets, Greenpoint. JOHN ALEXANDER. JOHS H. Austen, Auctioneer. - HAZARD, APTHORP & CO., Real Estate Brokers and Auctioneers, 110 Broadway, Ncav ITork. Will soil at auction, at the Real Estate S-ilesroom, 111 Broadway, every description of REAL ESTATE. CITY AND COUNTRY. New YoTiK OFriCE. 110 Broadway; Boston Office. Boston Post Builuinu; NEwroirr, Bellevue Avenue. DRAIN & WATER PIPE, & . STOnSTE ^W^A-HJE SEWER-FIPE. A large assortment of the best Steam-Pressed Vitrified Stone Drain and Sewer-Pipe, from 2 to 18 inches in diameter, in two and three feet lengths, with the proper fittings, constantly on hand, and for sale by NORRIS JB MILLER, Manufacturers, 8ffccE88or.s TO NOAH NORRIS & SON, at Nos. 220, 231, & 233 East 4l8t at., N. Y. MANHATTAN POTTERY. W. D. STEWART, PROPRIBTOR. Ofiice, Ml West 18th St., near llth Ave., N. Y., A I.ABG]; ASSOBTUKNT OV VITRIFIED DRAIN AND SEWEE PIPE, SMOKE AND HOT-AIR FLUE PIPE, FIRE BRICK, ETC.. ETC. WILLIAM NELSON, Jr., Importer and Wholesale Dealer in SEWER AISTD DRAIN PIPE. Office, 24 Old Slip; Yard, Mth st. and Av. D. Contractor to Croton Aqueduct Board. SAIiAJflAlVDER WORKS, Depot, foot of West llth St., H". Y. GLAZED STONE SEWER PIPE ALL SIZES. FRO^r 2 TO 24 INCHES DIAMETER FOR DRAINING, SEWERING, k VENTILATING, CONDUCTING HKAT, SMOKK, .Vr. • FIEE BRICK OF EVERY DESCRIPTION.