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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 5, no. 111: April 30, 1870

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AND BUILDERS' GUIDE. Vol. V. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, APRIL 30, 1870. No. 111. p. & S. e: GOODWIN,^ - OFFICE AND YARD, 517 EAST 17TII ST., BETWEEN AVENUES A AND B, NEW YORK. Buildings of all descriptions Moved, Raised, Lowered, .ind Shored up; Girders raised and their Foundations repaired. All bad Foundations and weak Buildings properly secured. Iron and Granite. Wood and Iron Wetlges for sale. Screws^ Hydraulic Jacks, and Derricks tb'let; rpo CAPITALISTS.—THE UNDERSIGNED, X having devoted especial attention, for years past, to Houses on the European or " flat" system—by ^yhich the inmates are insured .ill the privacy and comfort of sepa¬ rate first-class dwellings—oilers Ills services to any one who may desire to erect such buildings. J. R. HA.miiTON, Architect, 1207 Bkoadwav, New York. Z. LEMAIRE (Frenchman) & CO., Importers of iEncanstic and Mosaic Tiling, VOE CHURCHES, ENTRANCE HALLS, VESTIBULES, &o., 156 EAST.4tTii STREET, NEW YORK, near Third ave. Orders for laying all kinds of Tiling will receive prompt attention. Marble-dealers and the trade supplied. HANSON'S Self-Acting Pumps, for raising water to the upper story of buildings, where the pressure of the city water works is not suffi¬ cient, requiring neither fire nor labor. "Warranted to give Satisfaction. These jiuinps aro allowed to bo used by the Croton Board. THOMAS HANSON, 21)1 Peakl Stkeet. For warming private houses, stores, scliools, and ]>ublie building.s, uiisuriiassed for safety, siiiu>lieity, economy, durability, and neatness. This apparatus consists of a Low-Pressure Steam Gen¬ erator, with wrought-iron tubes for Ra- _ FACTORY: .. 161, 163, and 165 West 1 Stb St. Wood Mantels, Mirror Frames, .WAINSCOTING, DOORS, CEILINGS, ' AND FLOORS. , Designs and estimates furnished. LEANDER STONE, Dealer in PINE, SPRUCE, AND HEMLOCK LUM- . BER AND TIMBER, . • BLACK WALNUT; and other Hard Woods, Oor. 54th St. and JPirst Ave., New Tork. FISHER & BIRD, Steam Marble Works 97, 99, 101, 103, &, 105 EAST HOUSTON ST., Vermont Marble YardH, SCO, 262, and 264 ElizabetU St., New York. RoBEUT C. FisuER. Clinton G. Bird. Importers, Dealers, and Manufacturers of Foreign and American Marbles, Ecclesiological Decorators, and Workers in Granite, Brown, Nova Scotia, Caen Stone, and Scotch Granite. marble jTlantcIs, Grates, and Fenders. Monuments, Cemetery Vaults, Church Altars, Fonts, Tablets. Communion Tables, and Marble Counters. Mar¬ ble Fluor Tiling. ^^~ Estimates and drawings npon application. L. C. SANDFORD, Real Estate Agent, 15.3 BOWERY, NEW TORK. Estates taken charge of, and prompt returns made. Unexceiitionable references given. J. R. HA11IIL.TOIV, 1267 Broadway, near 32d Street, NKW YOHK. "THE BEST IS THE CHEAPEST." iiiiiftRiii Being constructed with regard to scientific accuracy, are used in all tests of skill by tlie players in the country, and in all first-class clubs and hotels. Illustrated cata¬ logues of everything relating to Billiards sent by M.iil. mmimmmmmmmmm 738 BROADWAY, NEW YORK CITY. WALTER R. WOOD & CO., IIINEP.S, AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN OMo Building Stone and Grind¬ stones, FROM THE BEREA AND AMHERST QUARRIES. Office, Nos. 283 & 285 Front St., (Near Roosevelt Street), . NEW YORK. SOLE AGENTS FOE SENECA BROWN STONE. Walter E. Wood. Chas. P. Williams. Charles ccoknoe, MARBIiE TTORKS, NOS 51G AND 51S WEST TWENTIETH STREET, NEAR TENTH AVE., NEW TORK. Mantels, Monuments, etc Orders punctually attended to. ACKERMAN & BORKEL, Manufacturers of Galvanized Iron Cornices and Mouldings, SLATE AND METAL ROOFERS, No. 143 WORTH STREET. NEW YORE. WM. B. WALTERS, LONG ISLAND STEAM PLANING, ■ MOULDING, SCROLL-SAWING, AND TURNING MILL. Doors, Sashes, and Blinds Of all descriptions on hand, and made to order at low prices. . - Coe. Baltic and Powkes Sts., Beooklyn. . GALVANIZED IRON GUTTERS of all sizes con¬ stantly on hand, and for sale to the trade In qnantities to suit, in lengths, or put together. THE EMPIRE, PENNSYLVANIA i VERMONT SLATEJROOFING WORKS. OFFICE, 04 WALL ST., N. Y. Yard, Third street, near Bond, South Brooklyn. Orders flllod in country or city. . Roofing repaired. J. H. HAVEIVS, LUMBER A^^D TIMBER DEALER, lltli Av., cor. 47th St., New York. An assortment of Pine, Sprnce, and Hemlock Lnmber well-seasoned and planed, and kept and«r cover. Also Shingles, Posts, Pickets, and Lath. SQUIER BROS., MOULDING, PLANING, TURNING, AND SAWING aULL, 61st St., near 1st Ave., New York City. Mannfacturers of Sash, Blinds, Doors, Sboiv-Windows, Sky-Lights, Window-Frames, and Panel Work of all de¬ scriptions. Circular and Elliptic Mouldings. Turning In all its bnincbes. JOlfllV HOUTOIV, GAS FIXTURE laAMTFACTUREn, 650 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. THE BIGELOW BLUE STONE COMPANY. A. B. KKLLOGG, AGENT, Mi.NERS, Manufactukkrs and WnoLEBALE Dealieb in NORTH RIVER RI^VE STONE, MALDEN, ULSTER CO., AND 14 PINE ST^ N. T. •Flaecinfr, Curbing, Gutters, Sills, Lintels, TlUng'ete., shipped to all parts of the United States & South Am«rlc». m h l-sZ V 'win ■ r?'! i m