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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 8, no. 176: July 29, 1871

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AND BUILDERS' GUIDE. Vol. VIIL NEW YOKK, SATURDAY, JULY 29, 1871. No. 176 WILLIAM TUCKER. IK ALL ITS BRANCHES. 220 I^IFTH AVENUE, Above 26tli Street. CITY AND COUNTRY PROPERTY FOR SALE AND TO RENT. LOANS AND MORTGAGES NEGOTIATED. UP-TOWN PROPERTY A SPECIALTY. PENNSYLVANIA LAND AGENCY. TO^VWSENI) BI£OTMEI8.S, NO. 62 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. No. 311 Walnut St., 1 No. 1 Albany Terraee, Phila. I London. Special attention given to purchase and sale of Pennsyl¬ vania Lands. GrCological Eeports and Surveys made. Tax¬ es paid. Titles examined. A. N. HAMKINSOW, Union Carpet-Cleaning Machine. 9 East lOfch St., bet. Broadway and Fifth ave.. New York. (Established in 1861.) Carpets taken zip, cleaned, and re- laid. Every Carpet cleaned by this Machine is cleaned under the personal supervision of tho Proprietor. Carpets are thoroughly beaten by this Macliine free from all dust and moths. Carpets carefuUy packed and preserved from the moth and kept on storage on reasonable terms. No charge for Cartage to any part of the city. Order.s by post promptly attended to. A. N. HANKINSON, Proprietor. FRENCH WINDOW GLASS Embossing Establishment, 1366 & 1368 BII.O AD^vVAY, Between 37th and .3Sth Streets. NEW AND ELEG-ANT - DESI&NS OP EMBOSSED WOEK CONSTANTLY ON HAND. Also, Samples of Ground, Cut, Stained, and Enamelled Class. GLAZINa PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. DAVID N. SMITH & BRO., Proprietors. FETTRETOH & RE^SE^, Wells' Patent and all other kinds of Copper and Gal¬ vanized Iron. Not au accident in 20 years. American Pence Co. Pence; H. B. Brown's "Always Cool;" Stove Lifters and Stove Dampers at wholesale and retail. " MARTIN,WELLS" & CO., General Agents, 55 Dey St., New Yorkj or, 36 Elison St Paterson, N.J.- Have Eemoved to their Now Store, 103G 3d AVENUE, bet. 61st and 62d Sts. Houses for sale and to rent. Lots for sale, with and without Loans. Eents collected, and Money to Loan. JOHN PETTEETCH. I. B. EEMSEN. LUMBER OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, FOR SHIPPING OR DOMESTIC USB, AT -WIIOLESAIiE OB EETAIIj. COENEE OP WEST 29th STEEET. & ll'TO AYENTJE. 14 SOUTH WILLIAM STEEET. MAJniFACTUREES' AliTD BUILDERS' FISE INSURANCE CO. CASH CAPITAL, . . . §200,000. Principal Office, No. 207 BEOADWAY. Branch Offices, No. 890 Thkd Avenue, and Avenue C, cor. 7th St. In.sures against loss or damage by fire on the moat reasonable terms. EDWAED V. LOEW, President. 3. JAY NESTELL, Secretary. THE AEE MADE IN EVERY CONCEIVABLE FORM, AND OP THE MOST IFFEOTUAL CONSTRUCTION. Are now in use on many of the finest Buildings in New York and other Eastern cities. Illustrated Sheet and Catalogue on appli¬ cation. 75 EIGHTH AVENUE. ABRAHAM DOWDNEY, CONTRACTOR, Nos. 205 and 207 East 61st Street, Will estimate for the excavation of Eock and Earth, and the filling of sunken lots. Building Stone and Sand fur¬ nished. JOHN TROIBIiE Sc SON, i^ahogany & Lumber Dealers, llTri AVENUE, COR. 24th STEEET. Walnut, Oak, Ash, Cherry, Cedar, Butternut, Maple. Prize Encaustic and Mosaic Tilin^. The undersigned begs to call attention to the Tiles manu- factiu-ed by T. & E. BOOTE, Burslem, StafEordshire, Eng¬ land, for which they have been awarded Prize Medals in aU the World's Pairs ever held. "T. & E. BOOTE, by their patent process, are making ENCAUSTIC AND PLAIN PLOOEING TILES of the hardest texture and the finest tints (equal to Enamel tints), which can be inlaid any depth, ensuring dui-ability, and at a much cheaper rate than hitherto charged." "For Churches, Entrance Halls, Vestibules, &c., Ac." Designs and Estimates suppUed -without charge, ,and ex¬ perienced Pavers sent to suit purchasers. A large assorted stock always en hand; Samples can be seen at the office of EDWARD BOOTE, ■78 Miiarray- Street, iQ"ew "York. ifarble men supplied at low rates. NATHANIKIi ROE, Real Estate and Insurance Agent, 200 VAEICK STEEET. . Houses let and rents collected in aU parts of tho ctfcf. WHITE & C®., LUMBEE AT WHOLESALE, j^jLTFiAjs^i^r, :]sr. TT. ALSO, LARGE MANUFACTURERS. ' Orders filled direct from Canada, Michigan, Chicago', and Oswego, via water or rail. Kianufaoturers and Builders' Bank, AUTHORIZED CAPITAL, 5500,000. 9/6 Third Avenue and 55th St., TRANSACTS A GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS, John Davidoom, Prea't. C. A. Watkrbuky, Cmliier. A. KI,ABE J NOS. 134 AND 136 EAST 18TH STREET, Ncav York. BET. THIED AVE. AND mVING PLACE. Mantels, Grates and Penders, Monuments, Head-stones, Ploor-Tiles, Marble Counters, and Wainscoting for Hotels and Banks, etc., etc. 1193 Broadway, Apollo Bmlding, Importer of the best and heaviest grades of PORTLAND CEISNT: The" attention of Architects, Engineers, and Buildera is called to this superior Cement. SEISTD IT-oiJ CIR.CUIL.AJR,. aUIMBY'S IMPROVED 186 CHAMBERS STREET. These Eods have never in any instance failed to afford perfect protection from Lightning to the buildings upon which they have been placed. WALTER R. WOOD «fe CO., Quarrymen and Wholesale Dealers in AN© GRINOSITOIVSS, Prom the Berea and Amherst Quarries. Office, Nos. 283 and 285 FEOUT STBEET, '' Walter E. Wood. Near Eoosevelt Street, Chas. P. Willianw." NEW YOEK ARCHI N? 48: EA'ST 14m SI . SOUTH.UNION SQUARE.