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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 9, no. 218: May 18, 1872

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AND BUILDERS' GUIDE. Vol. IX. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, MAY 18, 1872. No. 218. mTfEl^ A. HEjQEMAi^l, [Son of tlie Late PETER A. HEGEMAN.] 61 Liberty Street, NEW YORK. - --------------- < ♦ >—■--------------. Agent: f&rjihe SALE, BUBCHASE, EX¬ CHANGING, LEASING, and BENTING of BEAL ESTATE. Special attention given to the general care and management of Estates. Bents Collected. Loans Negotiated and Investments Made. SAFETY HOISTING MACHmEBY. OTIS BROTHERS & CO., PATENTEES AKTD SOLE MANUFACTUREKS, 348 BROADWAY, New York. BASSBWGBB BBBVATOBS -FOR HOTELS, OFFICE T3UILDINGS, STORES, APABtMBNTS. AND PRIVATE HOUSES. The only Machine m use co nbniing perfect safety with smoothness noiselcssnei'-, rapirlitv of movement, and the greatB.o■'csraa.■»"to-iTcrJUL 0:EQ.o©> 14 SOUTH WILLIAM STREET. FIRST PREMIUM At the Exiiibition of the Anieriban Institute, 1869, AWABDED TO THE Hew York Stone Works, C. J. BANDMAN. . . . L. JAFFE. lYIannfactarers Of Artificial Stone. Office, 1193 BEOADWAY, AboUo Bnilfling, lew YorU. Si.W.CbLLENOERS'"''PHElAN ^ COLLEMDER. 738 BROADWAY, N. Y. Hlustrated price list sent by maU. J.B.W12ITE(5;BE0THBES' Celebrated (London) Portland Cement FOB SALE, m STOEE and TO ARRIVE. S. L. MERCHANT & GO., 76 South St., ConNEB M43DEN Laite, NE'W Yoek. PLAIN, ENCAUSTIG, AND MAJOLICA, For Entrance Halls, Corridors, Conservatories, Ohurohes, Cemeteries, Chapels, Balconies, Fire-places, Lininga, Hearths, Exterior and Interior Wall Panels, Tablets, and String-Courses. AGENTS IN THE UNITED STATES, S. Ii. MEIftCMAWT & CO., 244 PEARL STREET, Between John and FiUton Sts.. ' " NEW YORK.. )RTED BY I.A'WIS.EWCE & E»MA]§fI>S, 214 PEARL. STREET. ESTIMATES GIVEN FOR ARTIFICIAL STONE AND SIDEWALKS. , ■, , ' . HOLiMES SI£OTHEK.S, 46 EAST 23jpr STREET, NEW YOBK. PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET RESPECTFULLY soiJGiTED.:/" ;:::. WAIiTER R. :WO-6l> &.CO., Quari-ymen and- Wholesale Dealers in AND GBINDSTONES, From the Berea and Amherst Quarries.' OFI"ICE, BTos. 283 & 285 FRONT STREET Walter E. Wood, 1 / Near Roosevelt Street, Chas. P. WilliamB. J NEWYORK. SKTLABSIR & CO., MARBI.4. 106 Beekman Street, New York,