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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 9, no. 224: June 29, 1872

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AND BUILDERS' GUIDE. Vol. IX. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, JUNE 29, 1872. No. 224. ^ETEIi A, HECEWaAi^, [Sou of the Late PETER A. HEGEMAN.] Estate 1^^ 61 Liberty Street, NEW. YORK. Agent for the SALE, BUBCHASE. EX¬ CHANGING. LEASING, and BENTING of BEAL ESTATE. Extra choice EAST Side and WEST Side LOTS including de¬ sirable WATEB FBONTS, a svecialty. ■ ESTATES MANAGED. BENTS ■ GOLEECTED. LOANS NEGO¬ TIATED AND INVEST- - MENTS MADE. SAFETY HOISTING MACHmERY. OTIS BEOTHERS & CO., PATENTEES AND SOLE MANUFACTURERS, 348 BROADWAT, New York. PASSJEWGER-' BLBVATOBS •EOR. HOTELS. OFFICE ETTILDINGS, STORES, APARTMENTS, AND PRIVATE; HOUSES. The only Machine in use combining perfect safety with smoothiiesR, noiselesf^ness, rapidity bf movement, and the greatest economy in the use of fuel. Safety Hoisting Machinery for Merchandise and Freight, for Stores, Manufactories, Furnaces and Mines. 2,000 no5«r ia use. GOOBJiWIW & ©REW, Office and Yard, No. 108 WEST 25tli ST., Near Sixth Avenue, New York. Residekce, No. 110 WEST 25th ST., near Sixth Avenue. Buildings of all descriptions Raised, Lowered, Moved, and Shored Up; Wood and Iron Wedges for sale. Screws and Derricks to let. Gilman Goodwih. John H. Dke'w. MANUFACTURERS' AWD BUILDERS' FIRE INSURANCE CO. CASH CAPITAL, . . . $200,000. Principal Office, No. 207 BROATDWAT. Branch Offloes, , No. 890 Third Avenue, and Avenue C, cor. Tth St. Inpnires against loss or damage b^ fire on the moat reasonable terms. EDWARD V. LOBW, PresideiU. J. JAY NESTELL, Secretary. GEO. E. PHELAH, Manufacturer of AND APBUBTENANCES. ..-■.- r Warerooms, No. 7 Barclay Street, p. O. Box 1776, NEW YORK. Clark, little & co., LUMBER Sc TOIBXIR ItEElRCHAMTS, BIXTT-FIKST & SIXTT-SECOND STEEETS, EAST RIVER, NEW YORK. LUMBEE:- AT WHOLESALE, ALBANY, N. Y. ALSO, LAEG-E MANUFACTURERS. • Orders filled direct from Canada, Michigan, Chicago, and Oswego, »ia water or. laU. PLAIN AND ENCAUSTIC, For Public ISniIclins;s and JJTrellliigs, AS LAID BY US IN The Capitol at Washington, And in numerous CHURCHES, BANKS, and D'VVBLL- INGrS in.avery part of the country. Glazed and Enamelled Tiles for M.4NTELS. HEARTHS, WAINSCOTING, Sic, and for X^XTEUIOR BEC- ORAXIOiN. l^aiLLER & COATES, 279 PEABL. ST., New Tork. NEWMAN E. MONTROSS, Painters' and Artists' Supplies, 1366 and 1368 BROADAVAY, Between 37th and 38th Streets. H.W.G0LLENDERS"° PHELAN & COLLENDER. 738 BROADWAY, N. Y- Illustrated price Ust sent by mail. J.B.WHITS^&BROTHBES' Celebrated (London) Portland Cement FOB^- SALE, IlSr STOIIE and TO ARRIVE. S. L. MERCHANT & CO., 76 South St., CoRNEB SI.'aDi:x Lane, New Yobk. PLAIN, ENCATJSTIC, AND MAJOLICA, For Entrance Halls, Corridors, Conservatories, Churches, Cemeteries Chapels, Balconies, Pire-places, Linings, Hearths, Exterior and Interior WaU Panels, Tablets, and String-Courses. AGENTS IN THE UNITED STATES, S. L. MEiaCKANT & CO., 244: PEARL STEEET, Between John and Fulton Stis., NEW YORK. IMPORTED BY I^A^VKEWCE & EDMANDS, 214 FEARL STREET. ESTIMATES GIVEN FOR ARTIFICIAL STONE AND SIDEWALKS. WAliTER K. "WOO© & €0., Quarrymen and Wholesale Dealers in OHXO Birz£D^zs'a stosbte AND GBINDSTONES, From the Berea. and Amherst Quarries. OFFICE, Nos. 283 & 285 FRONT STBEET Walter E. Wood, "I Near Roosevelt Street, Chas. P. Williams, j " NBW YORK. SKIiAXCEB & CO., OTAKBIiE WORKS, 217, 319. 221, and 223 WEST 51»T STREET, between Bro'adyjay and 8th Avenue.—Marble and Marblei/.ed Man¬ tels, Monuments, Headstones of euperior -workmanship, cheapest in tho city. Second Mortgages taken. • R. W. FORBES. LUMBER OF EVERT DESCRIPTION, FOR SHIPPING OR DOMESTIC USB, AT -VirHOLBSALE OR BBTAIIi. CORNER OF WEST 29th STREET & llTH AVENUB. 14 SOUTH WILLIAM STREET. FIKST pkemium: At ihe Exhibition of the American Institute, 1869, AWABDED TO THB New York Stone Works, C. J. BANDMAN. • I-- JAFFE. Mannfacturers of Artificial Stone. Oice. 1193 BEOADWAT, ApoUo Bmlfllig, Kew YorL GOLD'S NEW YOtJ SANITARY HEATER? (Patented Aug. let, 1871.) It gives apttre, healthful atmosphere, equal in mildnesato any STEAM HEAT at less tjf "L^'*^^"'^ the cost. NO OVJSR-BEEATED SUJBFACES. No loss of heat up chimney. NO DAJH.r*-!»». NO DAMIR FROM POISONOUS GASES.-^^^ Has Automatic Regulator cbntroliing the Draft, economizing Fuel, and preventing aU J*A.NGE«. jFBOOT OVER-HEATED PIPES. Simple in consti-nction, easiest managed. Best m Use. mVM, a. mivm. amm*. FURNACE ; NOT A STEAOT APPARATUS. Call and see it, or send for Circular. THE GOLD HEATINC CO., 105 Beekman street, New York,