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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 15, no. 380: June 26, 1875

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EAL JJ.STATE KECORD AND BUILDERS' GUIDE. YoL. XV. NEW YOEK, SATUEDAY, JUNE 26, 1875. No. 380 Published Weekly hy THE REAL ESTATE RECORD ASSOCIATION. C. W. SWEET...............Peesldekt and Tkeasubee PRESTON I. SWEET...........Sechetaby. L. ISRAELS.........................Business Managee TEEMS. ONE YEAR, iu .artvajice___$10 00. Communications should be addressed to Nos, Sl.") AND 3-17 Broadway. CONVEYANCES. Wherever the letters Q. C. and C. a. Q. occur, preced¬ ed b.v the uamo ol the grantee, they mean as folloivs: 1st—Q. C. is an abbreviation for Quit Claim deed, i. e., a deed In which all the riRht, title, and interest of the grautor is convoyed, omitting all covenants or warranty. 2d—0. a. Qt. mean a deed containing Covenant against Grantor only, in which he covenants that he hath not