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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 3, no. 61: May 15, 1869

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AND BUILDERS' G-UIDE. Vol. III. No. 9.] NEW YOP.K, SATUKDAY, MAY 15, 1869. [Whole No. 61. Bare Opportunity. for an Investment. 1ft (\(\C\ AGEES OF.STIPEKB LAND FOR S.\LE, -l"^UUU in Clinch County, Georgia. near the Florida liue. This property. which is in twenty plots, of four hwndred and niiiety acres each, lies partly on the Atlantic and Gulf Railroad. five miles from the Allapawha River, and about one hundred and fiftv from tho seaport. It is heavily timbcred with fine Pine"and White Oak. The soil J8 very productive, aud settlers cin ralse crops when ne¬ cessary. on-the forest bottom, without del.aying to clear the land. Its proximity to Florida is sufficient guarantee of its fertilit}', as also the gcni.ility of the climate. This is a gm&t opi)ortunity either for cipitalists, who vriah to invest, or lumbermen, or farmers who wisli farms to live upon. ' ^ < Apply to FRED. CREIGUTON, Real Estate Record. James McLAUGi-iLiîir & co., PlitnmSERS & GAS FÏTTERS, I25TII STREET & STH » •. ENUE. Stores and Dwellinça in City ana v'ountry fitted up ■with ail the modem improvements. Jas. McLaugulin, Hugh McCobmiok. HAÏUaSTESS BOYD, 95 GRA^^P street, NEW YORK, - FSL.Ul?fiBEBS, STEAM AND GA^ PITTER. WM. C. LESTER, ~ 1.'379 BROAB'WAT,;^- Bot. 84th and 35th sts., N. Y. PEACTICAL PLUMBER, GAS & STEAM FITTKU. ry-^ LESTER'S PREMIUM KIRE-PLACE HEATERS. A^ent for the most npi)roved KITCHEN R.\NGE, AND HOT-AIR FURNACES. Jobbing "W'ork promptly attended to, and ail work war¬ ranted. JO HN TRAGESE R, MAirCFACTCRER OP PLUMBERS' COPPER MATERIALS, WHOLESALE iàcD RETAIL. COPPER-WORK OF A2ÏY DESORIPTION MADE TO ORDER. Nos. 44T, 449, 451 Avb 453 West Twenty-sixth Strket, Betwken Niktu Aiin Tenj'JI Avenues. Hansoïi's Self-Acting Pressure 0 FOR RAISING WATER TO THE UPPER STORIES OF BUILDINGS WHERE THE CITY PRESSUEE : ^ IS NOT SUFFICIENT. THOMAS HANSON, - 291 PEARL STREET, NEAR BEEKMAN. N, .T. WILLIAM J. HOSFOED, ' (Late of the firm of Tuos. Read & Co.) PLUMBER, GAS & STEAM PITTER, 85 F.ULT0N AYENUE, Between Bridge and Lawrence (new number 509), - BROOKIiïW. Repairs punetually attended to. Also, Connections made ■ with Sewers. ^ILLIAM S. CARR & CO. Manufacturées op Patent Water Closets ■ . . PLUMBERS' MATERIALS, 106, lOSj & 110, Contre street, cor. of Franklin street. Works at Mott Haven, N. Y. A WATER-CLOSET WORTH THE NAME. JlV. - ALFRED IVERS' PATENT ANTI-FREEZING SELF-ACTING, INODOROUS WATER-CLOSET. Cannot freeze, leak or become offensive. Requires no human aic^in its opération. Keeping perfectly clean with half thè .wàter that must leak from ail other Water- Closcts. ALFEED IVERS, Plumber, 310 Fourth Avenue. BUILDERS' SUPPLIES. MARBLE aiANTELS AT $16, AT THE BROOKLYN STEAM MARBLE AND SLATE AVORKS. ' Buildèrs and others are invited to call and examine our stock of • MARBLE AND MARBLEIZED MANTELS, as tliey are, without doubt, the best and cheapest to be bad either in New York or Brooklyn. THOMAS CARSON board Felting, Floor Deafening. Tin Roofs Coated and Warranted. Wa IIREN'S GRAVSIL ROOFIWCS. ABBOTT&CO., Proprietdrs for Long I.iland. Stable Fl