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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 3, no. 74: August 14, 1869

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AND BUILDERS' GUIDE. Vol. m. No. 22.] NEW YORK, SATURDAY, AUGUST 14, 1869. [Whole No. 74. GEORGE HAYES, Patentée and Builder of IRON SKTLIGIITS, VENTILATORS, CONSERVATO- RIES, CRTSTAL PALACE, AND EAT AND FIRE PEOOF BUILDINGS, STATION- ART AND PORTABLE, ON AN ENTIEELY NEW AND IMPBOVED PRINCIPLE. THE "HÂTES ROOFING" IS THE BEST AND CHEAPEST FOR FIRE-PROOF ROOFING IN THE MARKET, AND IS WOETH CONSIDERATION, IIUl>SOX RIVER IROW WORKS, Nos. 3CT ANn 3C9 WEST ELEVENTH ST., lîet. Wost and Washington Sts., Box 23, Mechanics' Excbange. NEW TOEK, THOS. CARSON & CO., BROOKLYN STEM MARBLE AND SLATE WOEKS, 7 & 9 Hast AVarren, near Court St., BROOKLTN. Marble and Slate Mantels, Statuary, Lisbnrn, Sienna, Brocadeilo, Spanish, Verd-Antiquo, Black and Gold Mosaic, &c. The largest, cheapest, and best assortment in the city, consisting of rich and élégant designs. HEATING APPAEATUS. HEATERS AND RANaES. SANFORD'S PATENT CHALLENGE HEATEES, Set in Bbice ob Pobtable. THE IMPEOVED NEW TORK FIRE-PLACE HEATEE, BEACON LIGHT BASE-BURNER, CHALLENGE KITCHEN EANGES. NATIONAIi STOVE WORKS, 289 & 241 WATER STREET, N. T. THE UNDERSIGNED HAVING RECEIVED letters-patent, dated Afay 2ôth, 1869, for their im- provoment in the fronts of buifdings, are now prepared to g'rant licenses to founders and bnilders intending to mako good work, , Apply to our Patent Attorney, T. D, Stetson, 5 Tryon Row, New Tork. JOHN ALEXANDER, NATH. J. BURCHELL, The undersigned is prepared to construct fronts on this plan in the best manner and at the shortest notice, Has a stock of patterns and macliinery for flnishing. Apply at tho Foundry, corner of Quay and Washington streets, Greenpoint ^ JOHN ALEXANDEE, A LARGE STOCK OF MARREE AWD SEATE MAWTEES, with Grates complote. Mantels shipped; no risk to purchasers. MONUMENTS, HEADSTONES, &c., executed to order, Prices low. AVATHAN Se CO., 339 West Eighteenth St., bet. Eighth and Ninth Aves. ATACGREGOR'S IMPROVED HEATING FURNACES, COOKING RANGES, Cauldrons, Batlis, and Japanned TVarc. H. ilETCALF, 117 Beekman street, New Tork. AI>AM .ÏÎAMFTOW, MANUFACTUBEB OF GRATES, FENDERS, So FIRE-PLAOE HEATERS, ■No. 60 (SrOLTD STREET, (Bet. Fulton and Beekman Sts,) New Tobk. Establis7ied, 1826. FURNITURE. J. & R. LAMB, Church & Gothic FURNITURE, Ecclesiastical Décora¬ tions, Etc., 59 CARMINE ST. N.B.—Sixth Ave. Cars pass the Door. T>ARRY & LANE, FURNACES AND RANGES, METAL COENICES AND EOOFING, Cor, SOth Street and 8d Avenue, Nkw Tobk. WANTED.—A FARM OF NOT MORE tban forty acres, witli a plain house thereupon, Mdst not be more tban 100 miles from this city—the nearer the better. Cash will be paid for anyj)laco which will suit the fancy of the purchaser, Address, stating _ lowest cash price, J. J., World oflice. Elégant Decorated Marble Mantels, In e.xact représentation of tbe choicest Foreign and Antique Marbles, such as SIENNA, BEOCADELLE, VEED-ANTIQUE, GALWAT, and every Colored Marblo in the known world. Also STATUARY. Black, Engraved in Gold, and Inlaid Marblo Mantels of the most elaborate patterns. Also MARBLE WAINS- COTTING, Inlaid, Also FUENITUEE TOPS, &c., &c. MIDDLEFIELD FIRE & BUILDING STONE CO, 1269 Broadway, bet, Slst and 32d Streets, New Tobk, Van note & son, Grate, Fender, and Fire-PIace SEeater MANUFACTUEEES. 434 Caitai. Stbeet, neab Tabiok, Nkw Tobk. W. M. Van Note, A. 8, Van Notb, FURNITURE. FURNITURE OF ELEGANT STTLE AND FINISH, AT REDUCED PRICES, AT F. KRUTINA'S Manufactory and Warerooms, '. NOS. 96 AND 98 EAST HOUSTON STREET, Between Bowery and Second Avenne. • ^^ ALL GOODS WARRANTED. IMPROVED STABIiE FIXTURES H .1 •3 o Pi B SMITH, MANUFACTURER OF AND y PEALKB IN GRATISS, F E N I> x: R S , ANO IMPEOVED FIRE-PLACE HEATERS. 9.13 Grand Streot, near Mott Street, New Tork. S. FARRER & CO., 212 Grand St., New York. Manufacturers of HIGH AND LOW PRESSUEE STEAM-HE ATING APPARATUS, For warming and ventilating Hotels, Private Résidences, G7iurc7ies, Sc7iools, Stores, Factories, Steamers, (èc. STEAM FITTING. PLUMBING AND GAS FITTING, *' Send for ïllustrated Catalogne." SEND FOR ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE. J. W. FISKE. 120 Nassau Streot, NEW YORK ORNAMENTAL. IRON ^VORK, IRON STABLE FIXTURES, of the most .tpprovfd designs. IRON AN» WIRE RAILINGS, MAN¬ SARD ROOF, CRESTINGS. COPPER WEATHER VANES, ^kc., Sec. All the abovo are offered at rcduced rates'