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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 3, no. 77: September 4, 1869

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AND BUILDERS' GUIDE, Voi.-in. No.'25.]\ NEW YORK, ,SAT.U.RDAT, SEPTEMBER 4, 1869. [Whole No. 77. iT. Johnson, Jr., Auctioneer. BY JOHNSON & îÔLLER, ATJCTIOFEERS AND REALESTATE BROKERS, No. 25 NassattSt., coR.CKnAU St., New Yonic. City Résidences, Stores, Lots, Country Seats, and Farms bought, sold,.rented, eschangcd.- Loans negotiated, Auc¬ tion sales of Furniture, &c, . . - JOHNSON & -MlLLÉB'S . Preliminary notico of a HIGHLT IINIPORTANT SALE OF TIIE CHOICEST SUBURBAN PROPERTY IN THE VICINITT OP NEW YORK, SHIPPAN POINT, STAMFORD, CONN, THIS SPLENDID ESTATE- OF THE-LATE MOSES -ROGERS,- ■. Consisting.of.upwards of . TWO JIUIîrDRED ACRES OP LAND, , 70 FT. ABOVÉ TIDE-WATER, ALMOST : ENTIRELY-r-SURBOUNDED BT- LONG ISLAND SOUND ' ' ' -and ,- STAJIFORD HARBOR, '., . ,. ■ Having bccn subdivided Into ' ■ ' ■ .100 VILLA PLOTS -of-àhout two acres each, .'Wlll-positively bo sold at Auction by . JOHNSON. &.. MILLER, ..... to the highest bidder, .-ON-TUESDAYV SEPTEMBER,14, On the prenilses,.on.the arrivai of the steamboat"from New Tork, Full particulars In a fow days. Mans and pamphlets now ready at tho oflico of JOHNSON & MILLER, No. 25. Nassau, street, N.T., and of G, 8. SPAULDING, Esq., at tho Depot, Stamford, Conn. CORPORATION NOTICE.—CITY OF NEW Tork, Department of Finance, Bureau of Arroars, Office, of tho Clerk of Arrears, July Slst, 1SC9.—Public notice is hereby given to tho_ respective owners of the fol¬ lowlng descrlbod lots, pièces, and parcels of land or tene¬ ments In tho City of New Tork, that thoy aro required to pay to.the Clerk of Arrears, nthis office, tho sums of money set opposite the same, respectively, being the sums assessed and now remaining unpald upon such real estate or tene¬ ments situated In the Wards Nos. 1 to 22, inclusive, for tho taxes of tho City of Now Tork for tho years 1SC4 and 18C5, and tho regular rents of Croton Water, with tho penalty-added-theroto, for the year from May 1, ISCiî, to April 80,18G4, and for tho year from May 1,1804, to April 80,1865,.Inclusive, and designtited as herelnafter p.irticu- larly e.xpressed, together with interest thereon at the rato of 12 per cent, per annum, to the time of payment, Avlth tho charges, of this notico and advertisement. ^nd tho said owners aro further notified that if default shall bo'mado In such payments;'tho sald lots, pièces, or parcels of land and-tenements wlll be sold at publie auction, at the City Hall bf sàld city, on Thursday, tho 4tlj day of November next, at 12 o'clock no6n,for tho lowest term of years at which any person or persons shall offer to tako the saine, in considération of advancing tho said taxes, regular rents of Croton Water, and the interest thereon, as afore¬ said, to tho timo Of salo, together with tho charges of tliis notico and advertisement, and .ill other costs and charges accrued theron, by vlrtuo of tho several Acts of tho Legis- laturo of the Stato of New Y^irk relating to the collection of Taxes and regular rents of Croton Water in tho City of New Tork. By order of E. B. CONNOLLY', Comptroller, A. S. CAnv, Clerk of Arrears. FROM TEN DOLLARS UP, jX. ,.?J&stantIy on hand'a largo sélection of the latest styles. *i>*2;ie lowest prices, ofSTATUAKT, LISBON, TENNES¬ SEE, and ITALIAN MARBLES, iManufictured In the highest style of art at . \ •jrOHN McGRAYWE'S. Warcroom,-163 FLATnusn Ave., Cok. of ATLAM-rio Ave Factory, 589 Pacific St., Buooklyx. J. B. HARLOW, DEALEU IN SASHES AND BLINDS, Nos. 21 and 31 FUtTON AVENUE, Near Schenectady Avenue, BEOOKLYN. AVOID LEAD POISON.—LEAD ENCASED BLOCK TIN PIPE.—This article has nowteen In use for the past four years, and ls daily growing in public favor, being ___ heartily indorsed bv all thô leading chemistsand physiciânsinthe country, alsô tlic Wàter Commissioners of New York, Brooklyn, and Boston. Our ré¬ cent improvements in the manufacture ins'ures a most perfect article, which cannot fail tobe fully appreciated. The advantages of lead pipe with a perfectly pure block tin lining for tlio conveyance of-water is .well un¬ derstood ; it gives the full pliability of the Lend with the liureness of tlieTin. The resisting power of Block Tin being about five times greater thnn Lead," we' are enabled to fur¬ nish n ])ipo stronger tlian Lead, one-half its weight at about the same cost por running.foot, which insures n perfectly safe water pipe for- domestic-use. To furnish cost per .foot givo tho head or pressure of wter and bore of pipe. From the American Agriculturis. - ' New TonK;;November, 1867. " SAFE PIPE . FOR DRINKING-WATER.-Lead poisoning from water brought in" Icad pipe, ls the often unsuspeeted cause of disease and death.' Galvanized Irôn pipe, wood and cemént pipe, ai-e e.xpênsivè and Inconvéni¬ ent substances, sp that people will rlsk their lives and use, Q'he Léiid-encàsed Block-tin pipe ls evon cheaper than lead, and woboliovo perfectly safe,. Our faith In It lias led ns recently to lay some eighty feet of it, through which all our drinking-water ls drawn," COLWELLS, SIIAW& WILLARD MFG CO., foot of West Twenty-seventh. st., North River, and No. U Barclay st., New York, Also, Manufacturers of Lead Pipe, Sheet Lend, Block Tin Pipe, Sheet Tin, Solder, &c. Circulars sent free. 214 PEARL STREET, N. Y. This machine nnd one man rip 2-lnch OAK, 8-inch PINE, COOfeet por hour, Iron Framo Eip Machine..........................$75 00 Do, do, wlthT.ible.......,.,,,.. 81 00 Do, do, with Jig attachment.......106 00 THE UNDERSIGNED HAVING EECEIVED lettors-patént," dated May 25th, 1869, for their Im¬ provement in tho fronts of buildings, aro now prepared to grant.llcenses to founders and buildèrs intending to mako good work. •' Apply to our Patent Attorney, T. D, Stetson, 5 Tryon Row, New Tork. JOHN ALEXANDER, NATH, J, BURCHELL, The undersigned is prepared to construct fronts on this plan in the best manner and at the shortest notice. lias a stock of patterns and machinery for flnishing, , Apply nt the Foundry, coruer of .Quàyand Washington streets, Greenpoint, JOHN ALEXANDEE, PHŒNIX COACH & LIGHT CARRIAGE MANUFAGTORT, Cor. State & JBoerTiiii sts.»Brooklyn. D. DAXiY., Proprletor. FURNITURE. J. &R.LAMB, Church & Gothic FURNITURE, Ecclesiastical Décora¬ tions, Etc.,- • * 59 CARMINE. St. N.B,-—Sixth' Ave. Car? pass the Door.' FUENITUEE. ' ' iT^URNITURE OF ELEGANT STTLE AND FINISH, ? AT REDUCED PRICES, AT . - . . . , F. KRTJTmA'S Manufactory ond Warerooms, • . , ' NOS. 96 AND 98 ÉAST HOUSTON STREET, Between Bowery and Second Avenne. 1^- ALL GOODS WARRANTED. lilPROVED STABIiE FIXTURES n SEND FOE ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE. J. W. FÏSKE. 120 Nassau Street, NEV; YORK. Manufacturer of -^-i^i: OltJ^AMEXTAL. IKON WORJK, IRON stable: FIXTUKES, of tho most approved designs. IRON AND WIRE RAILINGS, MAN¬ SARD ROOF CRESTINGS. COPPER WEATHER VANES, &c., Sec. AU the abovn are ofTered at reduced rates.