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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 4, no. 81: October 2, 1869

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AND BUILDERS'.-GUIDE Vol. IV.; \N"o..?».] NEW YORK, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 2, 1869. [Whole JS'o. 81. V , - O. H. PiERSON, Auctioneer. BT A. D. aiELLICK, Jr., & BRO., Auc¬ tioneers and dealcr.s. in New Jersey, 1/eal Estate, No. 26 Pine street. New York. TUESDAY, OCT. 5., . . ' ' AT 1.80 P.M., important'sale" " ■' OF TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY VERY DESIRABLE r .. BULLDING LOTS . ...".. AT LINDEN, N. J., BYORDER OF MEEKISR W^OOD, JiSa.'and C. HUSSA, ' " ESQ. FORTY MINUTES from miW YORK by the New Jersey Railroad, and TWO MILIDS from ELIZABETH, a city of30,0U0inhabitjmts. Linden is one of the most points', as a place of residence, on the liiie of the New Jersey Railroad. The Company has rrccntly erected'a costly and .attractive STA¬ TION ; and within the piist few years ' lilessrs. FERDINAND BLANCKE. MEEKER WOOD, and many other prominent New Yorker.s. have built a gi'e>ai "huihlier of neat ,'md nrn.iinunt::! residences tliat are all occupied by gcntlenicn doing business in the city. . The lots" to be sold by A. D. .MELLICK. JR., & BRO., are IMMEDIATELY AT TIIE STATION (the Land on which it stands having been given by Meeker Wood, Esq.), and in the heart ofall these impi-ovcments. THE post" OFFICE IS ON THE PROPERTY, also, the LINDEN HOTEL. In nict the property is un¬ exceptionable in every particular, tho STREETS BEING IIANDSOMPXY GRADED, nnd.not a lot that will be offered is five minutes^ walk from the station, and the nearest lot is not as many second!!. The"proi)erty adjoins the land of FEED. BLANCKE, Esq., WHO WILL TAKE PLEASURE IN GIVING PAR¬ TIES FULL PARTICULARS in regard- to this most desirable piece of lotted property ever offered at auction on the line of the New Jerst^y Rail¬ road. , There wU be SOLD, on the same d.iy, a DESIRABLE HOTEL, the only one in the vicinity, 40.\'54,17 rooms, all the im- ]>rovcmeuts, now doing a flourishing business; stables, and one acre. TERMS REMARKABLY EAST : TEN PER CENT, on the DAY of SALE, and $10 MONTHLY thereafter. SPECIAL TRAIN will leave the foot of Courtland st., at 11 a.m. COLLATION on the ARRIVAL of tho TRAIN. Captr Y'oung will i)reservo order. ' .• - - ^ MAPS in readiness Tuesday morning.- PASSES now ready at tlio office 6f Ferdinand Blanckc, Esq.,-97 Cedar St., and at the oflice of '•'-■,• THURSDAY, OtiTOBER 7, ' ''-:[' at 12:30 p.m. . .■/..,■■ ■ ABSOLUTE-SALE .'■<'■.:•■.' - • .-186 ■ - ; - - -'>■ - ■ :^ , VILLA PLOTS ■ ■' - ',.- -;,- - - ;■ '. ^AT - ' ■ /. . ,' ' -'--"- M'AD ISO N,-:''n,' -j!" .-■■ '.- , ' These Lots are eligibly situated, ten minutes' walk from the station,-and immediately opposite tho property-of.the Drew Seminary; are on elevated ground, arid command MOST MAGNIFICENT VIEWS, ; extending from Orange to Morristown, This property is known as tho Edward Holland Estate, and' is to be posi¬ tively sold, by order of tho ', '/ "'," MADISON LAND ASSOCIATION, Special train will leave by the Morris and Essex Rail- • 1 p. m. Collation on the arrival of the.train, . • Maps and passes ready five days before tho sale. Full particulars at the office of : A. D. MELLICK, Jn., & BRO.; 26 Pino street. T COLE, AUCTIONEER. IMPORTANT SALE AT AUCTION. VALUABLE-BUSINESS.'AND OTHER PROPERTY. THIRD AVESUEi EIGIltEENTil' AND NINETEENTH STREETS,-EIGIITII ■ "WARD, BRbbKL-TN," " JAMES COLES' SON WILL SELL, AT THE COMMERCIAL EXCHANGE, No. 369 FULTON ST., Opposite tho City Hall, Brooklyn, . ON WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER CTIL, At 12 o'clock, noon, 25-100 feet each. ■ A LARGE FRAME HOUSE, so buiit as to be easily made into a fine Store, if desired. Walls filled with brick, and very heavily timbered, having fifteen finished rooms, with gas, water, furnace, range, and stationary-wash-tubs, and cellar "eight feet high under tho entire house; also barns, and splendid garden of fruit trees and vines. EVERYTHING IN COMPLETE ORDER AND THOROUGH REPAIR. Tho projjcrty Is situated on Third avenue. Eighteenth and Nineteenth streets, and is accessible to Gowniius Canal from its westerly boun¬ dary." . . FOR BUILDING PURPOSES, BOTH STORES AND TENEMENTS, AND FOR YARDS FOR.BUILDING MATERIALS, Etc., THIS PROPERTY OFFERS AN OPPORTUNITY TO PURCHASERS THAT CANNOT BE EQUALLED,'AND "WILL BE SOLD IN PARCELS TO SUIT, ON-VERY EASY TERMS, TITLE INDISPUTABLE, SALE POSITIVE, Tiirms," maps, and particulars can be had before the sale, at office of H; B. HUBBARD, Attorney, 345 Fulton street; at office of Auctioneer, No. 369 Fulton street Brooklyn; or of G. P. BERGEN, 83 Beekman street. New York city. J. JoiissoN, Jr., Aqctiunevr. . JOHNSON & jVOLLER, AUCTiONElSRS , AND REAL ESTATE BROKERS, No. 25 Naaaan Street, corner of Cedar, New". York;. " /, tST" City and Country Real Estate at Public and Pri¬ vate Sale._ ^ .,, . Loan.^ on Mortgage negotiated. -' ' Auction Sales of Furniture. Stocks, Merchandise, Jte. TUESD'iVY'. October 5. At 12 o'clock, on the premises. WHITE 1'I.AIXS, X. Y. : OnKAT EXCUIISION sivLK. .'.->•'" ,-' ', :" FBEB r.IIIES, FKRE LUNCH. GREAT SALn of 200 aiOICE LOTS. ASP VILLA. PLOTS, Finely located at White Plains, near the depot, stores, churches, and schools. Gronnd Msh; fine views, adjacent to the most prominent avenue in the place, ami to elegant and costly dwellings. White Plains is only'iSmili-s dis¬ tant, and is in constant communication by niimerutts trains. It is proverbial for health, and its ediiciitionat and social advantages arc unsurpassed. It is thegraml focal point of five boulevards which will aflord the finest drives in th« country. Seven bcaiuiful cottages aro now In process of erection on the property. "' ' Terms—Two-thirds' may remain on mortgage on all sums of §5,000 or over. On all other j»urcliases 50 jiir cent,. Also, AT SAME TIME AKD PLACE. ,18 ACES, 8U11DIVIDED INTO 00 "VlLLA.PLOTS.'. . Situated on Bkoadwav. sear the Methodist CiitrBcii. —Broadway is a beautiful drive, IfiO feet wide, with fine shade trees. The projierty is splendidly cittiated. Sur¬ roundings first class. Sale absolute. If stormy, both of the sales will be postponed until next fair day. Free tickets now ready, with maps'of the property, at office of Johnson & Miller, No, 25 Nassau street. New York, • THURSDAY, October 7, At 12 o'clock, on the premises at Newtown, L. I. FREE EXCUBSION. FREE Linfm, UNPAEALLELED OPPORTUNITY TO SECURE LOTS ON TUB EASIEST TEIUIS OFtXRED TIIIS SEASON. AIJSOLCTE S.VLE 800 SPLENDID LOTS. TO nE BOLD SINGLY AND IN SMALT. PARCELS. Situated on the highest gronnd in Newtown. .Commnni- cation constant by twenty-four daily trains over Flushing Railroad. Time from Hunter's Point, fifteen nilnntes. Property fonr minutes from station, and within a stone's throw of churches, schools, post-c^ce, and ilrst-class dweUings; streets all graded. REMEMBER, that the sale will he absolute in every partlcnlar, ond that the lots will be sold singly and in small parcels on terms so easy that all may SECURE HOMESTEADS OP THEIR O-WN, How TO Go,—^Take Hunter's Point Ferry-boat at foot of James's Slip, or Thirty-fourth street, at 11,30 o'clock, on the morning of sale; cross to "Hunter's Point, and step on board .lohnson is Miller's s{)ecial cars for Newtown. Free tickets and maps at the Auctioneers' office. MONDAY, October 11. GREAT EXCUr.SION BALK. 500 SPLENDID IIUILDING LOTS. CARLSTADT. MOUNT PLEASANT PARK, X. J. 12 minutes' walk from BUTIIEBFOED PARK STATION. Mrps and free tickets now ready for distribatfon. THURSDAY, October 14. 1,000 LOTS AND VILLA PLOTS, NORWOOD, N. J. Maps and free tickets ready ten days before tho sale at the office of - JOHNSON & MILLER, •25 Nassau street, N. Y. THE BIGELOW BLUE STONE COMPANY. A. B. KELLOGG, AGENT, ^ Miners, Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers ik NORTH RIVER Bl^VIi: SXONE, MAL-OEN, ULSTER CO., AND 14 PINE ST., N. Y. Flagging, Curbing, Gutters, Sili.", Liistel.'!, Tiling, etc shipped to all parts of the United States & South Amerita.