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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 4, no. 87: November 13, 1869

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HBB "K *■> \ f ?. AND BUILDERS' GUIDE. Vot. IV. No. 9.] NEW YORK, SATDEDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1869. [WaojJE No. 87. ■ J. Johnson, Jr., Auctioneer. JOHNSON & MILLER, AUCTIONEERS AND REAL ESTATE BROKERS, No. 25 Nassau Street, corner of Cedar, New York. ^~ City and Country Real Estate nt Public and Pri¬ vate Sale. ♦ Loans on Mortgage negotiated. Auction Sales of Furniture, Stocks, Merchandise, &c. JOHNSON & MILLEE • home again. Exchange Salesroom, 111 Broadway, ' At 12 o'clock, ON T.UESDAY, NOVEMBEE 16. On this occasion they will positively sell, without limit or reservation, 300 VALUABLE TWENTY-FIEST WAED, BEOOK¬ LYN, LOTS, SPLENDIDLY SITUATED ON THE GEEAT LINE OF IMPEOVE- MENTS BETWEEN THE BROADWAY AND FULTON AVE. EAILRO-A.DS. The property consists of the • Entire-Block—^Bounded by Howard and Saratoga ave¬ nuos, Macon and McDonough streets. Entire Block—^Bounded by Howard and Saratogn nve¬ nues, Decatur and Bainbridge streets. ' Entire Block—Bounded by Saratoga and Hopkinson nvcnues,'Bainbridge strcctsj and the Brooklyn nnd Jamaica Turnpike'Road. ( ENT.iiirr BLOCK--Bounded by Saratoga and Hopkinson avenues; McDonough and Decatur streets. Entire Block (excepting fronts ori.Broadwny)—^Bound- cd^.by Macon and Halsey streets, Saratoga avenue, and Broadway. ' ' .......... OxE GouE of great value, 700 feet long, tho entire front on HaUoy street. :between Howard and Saratoga avenues. Entire Front.-On west sido of Howard nvenue, be¬ tween Decntur nnd Bainbridge'streets. Ten lots. Entire Front—On west side, of-Howard avenuo, be¬ tween McDonough and Mncon streets. SouTn\VE8T Corner of Halsey Street and Howard Avenue—Valuable corner lot. This will be tho Inrgest nnd niost important sale of the season. The owner nnd nuctioneers intend business, nnd nnnounce positively that every lot offered will be sold to tho highest bidder. The iiropcrty is on thcgrontline of the Twenty-first (late Ninth) Ward improvements, not farther from New York City Hall than Central Pnrk, nnd when the bridge is com¬ pleted it will be far more accessible..Many of tho lots are within a stone's throw of the Broadway Railroad, and all are between it and the Fulton Avenuo Railroad. Lots in New York city no nearer to Wnll street than the above bring'readily from §5,000 to 4i50,000. Seci)rc at once n mnp, carefully examinethe property, and attend the sale. Terms liberal. JIaps and full par¬ ticulars at offices of • JOHNSON & MILLER, 23 Nassau st.. New York; and 157 Montague St., B'klyn. HEALEY mOlSr WORKS, Corner North Fourtli and Fiftli Streets, BROOKLYN, E. D. Manufactory of IRON WORK FOR BUILDINGS. BILLS, LINTELS, COLUMNS, GlEDEES, AND ^ EVEEY STYLE OF EAILING. J, I. & J. P. HEALEY. GEO. P. FOX'S SONS, ,^'0.-47 Amity St., three blocks from Broadway, ^ TAILORS. and Dealers in FINE FOREIGN CLOTHS AND FABRICS. • SPECIALTIES: liATEST FASHIONS, BEST FABRICS, PERFECT-FITTING GARMENTS LOWEST PRICES. ' Testimonials from celebrated citizens who have patron¬ ized our establishment will attest our claims in the above specialties. - . Save Thirty per cent by walking three blocks froni Broadway. ' ' '', ^1,14 (RABM.ENTS WARRANTED. A. J. BLEECKER, Auctioneer. LOIlir,I.A,Ill3 ESTA. T E . SUPREME COURT.—IN PARTITION. PEREMPTORY SALE OF 3,300 LOTS, MILL SITES, VILLA SITES, AND DWELLING-HOUSES. AT FOE.DE[.i^M I»A.Il E 3 NEAR FORDHAM DEPOT, WESTCHESTER CO., N. Y. :« A. J. BLEECKER, SON &, CO. Will sell at public auction, on the premises, situated near Fordham Depot, under tho direction of PHILO T. RUG- GLE3, Referee, on tho SOth day of NOVEMBER, 1869, at 12 o'clock noon, THREE HUNDRED AISTD FIFTY ACRES OF LAND, the country seat of tho late PETER LORILLARD. This magnificent property lias recently been topographically sur¬ veyed and laid out by Gen. E. L. Viclo, formerly Chief Engineer of the Central Pork, and will be offered to the public in Lots and Villa Sites of convenient size. The mansion" of tho late owner, a granite structure containing thirty rooms, with stone stables, grpen-honse, con- sbrvntorles, gi-apories, gas-house, and garden, will be sold with about thirty ocres of land, forming a comploto and elegant country residence. There is also upon the premises a valuable water-power, which will be.sold with the mills and mill sites. The property will be sold subject to restrictions against nuisances. v Eighty per cent, of the purchase money may remain on mortgage for a term of years. *._ For maps and information, apply to ■ ' • ' ' ^ A. J. BLEECKER, SON & CO., 7T Cedar Street: ' PHILO T. RUGGLES, 39 Wall Street; or G. TILLOTSON, 46 Exchange Place. DEMUTH'S PATENT GLASS LIGHTS, Patented Septembei- 22d, 1868. REVOLUTION IN TIIE SYSTEM OF ILLUMINATING OF- \i-'^^.^^i^i