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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 4, no. 93: December 25, 1869

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AND BUILDERS' G-UIDE. Vol. IV. ■ No. 15.] NEW YORK, SATUEDAY, DECEMBER 25, 1869. [Whole No. 93. A "WATER-CLOSET WORTHY OF THE NAME. ALFEED IVEES' PATENT ANTI-FEEEZING, SELF- ACTING, INODOEOUS WATEE-CLOSET. Cannot freeze, leak, or become uffonsive. Requires no human aid in Its operation. Keeping perfectly clean with half the water that must leak from all other Water-' Closets. ALFRED IVERS, Plumber, 810 Fourth Avenue. ACKERMAi^ & BORKEL, Manufacturers of Galvanized Iron Cornices and Mouldings, SLATE AND METAL ROOFERS, No. 143 "WORTH STREET-, NEW YORK. GALVANIZED IRON GUTTERS of ^11 sizes con¬ stantly on hand, and for sale to tho trade in quantities to suit, In lengths, or put together. John H, Austen, Auctioneer. HAZARD, APTHORP & CO., Real Estate Brokers and Aoetioncers, 110 Broadway, New Xorfc. Will sell at auction, at the Real Estate Salesroom,- 111 Broadway, every description of EEAL ESTATE, CITT AND COUNTET. New Tobk Office, 110 Broaowat; Boston Office, Boston Post Bdiloing; Newport, Bellkvde Avence. THE UNDERSIGNED HAVING RECEIVED letters-patent, dated May 25tli, 18G9, for their im¬ provement in the fronts of buildings, are now prepared to grant licenses to founders and builders intending to make good work. Apply to our Patent Attorney, T. D. Stetson, 5 Tryon V, New Tork. Eow, JOHN ALEXANDER, NATH. J. BURCHELL. Tho undersigned is prep.ired to construct fronts on this plan in the best manner and at the shortest notice. Has a stock of patterns and machinery for flnisliing. Apply at the Foundry, corner of Quay and Washington streets, Greenpoint. .JOHN ALEXANDER. City of New Tork, Dei>art.ment of Finance, BuBEAiJ OF the Receiver of Taxes, Couut-House, Park, No. 32 Chambers street, Novomber 5,1869. TO TAXPAYERS.—NOTICE IS HEREBY given that one per cent, will bo added to all taxes unpaid on the 1st December; also, an additional one per cent, on December 15. On all taxes remaining unpaid on January 1, interest at the rate of twelve per cent, per an¬ num, calculated from tho day the books were received by the Receiver of Ta.ves to the'day of payment, will be added. No money will be received after two o'clock, p.m. •ORico hours from S to 2 p.m. *■. . BERNARD 8MTTHE, Receiver. ^ .HRAiEY IRON WORKS, Corner North Fourth, and Fifth Streets, BROOKLYN, E. D. Manufactory of IRONWORK FOR BUILDINGS. SILLS, LINTELS, COLUMNS, GIRDERS, AND :-.-■ EVERT 8TTLE OF BAILING. J. I. & J. F. HEALEY. TILE AGEWCY. ESTABLISHED 184:1. DUN, BARLOW & CO. R. G. DUN & CO. The purpose of the Mercantile Aoencv is to procure and keep on record such information as will enable parties who grant Credit to decide whom it is safe to trust, and whom it is wise to avoid. It has sought to substitute for the tardy and often insufficient results of individual investigation, a system %vhereby the labor of vast numbers in gleaning information is centred, and made accessible to all who choose to avail themselves of it. It is not an experiment, but by an existence of over a quarter of a century, during which time It has had the support of two-thirds of the mercantile comnmnity in the centres of trado, it has demonstrated its usefulness and general reliability. If it had been an unsafe guide, if its influence had been other than beneflcial, it would long-ago have ceased from want of support. To-day It is far more extensive, possesses better facilitici, and is more complete In its arrangements than ever before. Every fact which is gleaned, every item that is recorded, adds value to the storo of Information already accumulated ; while the characters that men have made for themselves as time has passed are found faithfully daguerreotyped in our rec«rd.i. There are many persons who content themselves with a Book of Ratings, and from it too hastily conclude what tho Agency can do for them. This is a great misLike. "While the Rkfeiience Book issued by us is confidently offered to tho Public as the most complete, accurate, and useful aid of the kind ever published, it should be understood that we do not by any means intend it as a substituto for the detailed information on our Oflice Records, which for minuteness, dia- crimination, and characterization afford an Insight into the peculiarities of each case, wiiich a classification or division into groups can never be mado to reach. Indeed, tho Reference Book bears much the same relation to the recorded details that a photograph picture of an assembly of persons bears to portraits taken singly. In the one case the jiersonal identity is but faintly or with difficulty traced; in the other it is a portrait witli all the lineaments and peculiarities of the subject, and it cannot he mistaken for.any other person. "Wo invite tho special attention ofall parties to whom this Circular is sent, to tho Bcope,-charactor, and reliability of this information, conscious of its intrinsic value and useful¬ ness to all who give credit. We are glad at all times to submit to any reasonable test as to the accuracy and fulness of our reports, by parties who contemplate subscribing. To that end we invite a call at our oflice as below. The Reference Book is issued twice a year—in January and July—and a weekly sheet of corrections sent to each holder of tho Bonk. Six different editions of this work are issued, viz.: Tho General Book, the "Western, Eastern, Southern, Canadian, and a Book of Cities. Pocket Editions of various States, for the use of Commercial Travellers, are also regularly issued. All subscribers to the Agency are entitled to the Reference Book, unless otherwise specially arranged. Terms made known and specimen copies to bo seen at any of our offices. DUN, BARIiOW & CO., 335 Broadway, New "York. Patented September 22d, 18G8. REVOLUTION IN THE STSTEM OF ILLUMINATING OF¬ FICES, BANKS, CHURCHES, RESTAURANTS, DWKJ.- LIKGS, STEAMBOATS, AND RAILROAD CARS; ALSO -FOR SIGNAL LIGHTS AND EASTERNS. INCREASED LIGHT OF EXftUISITE SOFTNESS. BEAUTIFUIi COMBINATION OF COIiORS. Augmented Translucency without Transparency. IF FRACTURED, CIIEAPLT REPAIRED. Seo articles in "Scientific American," Oct. 16 and 23,1SC9. For further particulars address VICTOR E. MAUGER, 110 Reade St., N. Y. NEW YORK STONE WORKS. Office, 75 William St., New York. First Premium at the Exhibition of the American Institute, 1809. Tho attention of Architects. Builders, and the public Is cilled to our AliTIKICIAL STONE, BROWN STONE TILES, for court-yards and areas. Sidewalks, in one piece of any length. Menolithio Floors, for cellars, factories, and stables. House Fronts, in Brown, Nova Scotia, and Ohio Freo Stone, plain and highly ornamented. Coping, a new pattern, improved. Cubbing, any length, in one piece. Ornaments and Statues, for gardens and cemeterlos. "We guarantee the durability and strength of our Abti- nciAL Stone, and refer to Messrs. Fitzpatrick, Donnoly, Disbrow, "Whitfield, Coburn, Spratt, builders, and many other gentlemen in the building trade, Tho price of our material is from 25 to 75 per cent, oheapor than any cut stone in this market. Send for price-Usl to 75 "William str66t B ^BANDMAN, HOLLMAN & CO. GEO. P. FOX'S SONS, No. 47 Amity St., three blocks from Broadway, TAILORS. and Importers of FINE FOREIGN CLOTHS AND FABRICS. SPECIALTIES: I^ATEST FASHIONS, BEST FABRICS, PERFECT-FITTING GARMENTS, LOWEST PRICES. Testimonials from celebrated citizens who have patron¬ ized onr establishment will attest our claims in tho above specialties. Save Thirty per cent hy walking three blocks from Broadway. AI«l4 GARMENTS WARRANTED. V