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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 5, no. 108: April 9, 1870

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AND BUILDERS' GUIDE. YoLrv:. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, APRIL 9, 18^0. No. 108. HANSON'S Self-Acting Pumps, for raising water-to the upper story 0f,bHiIding8,-where tho pressure of tlie city wafer works is not sufii- cient, requiring neither fire nor Labor. Warranted to give Satisfaction. These pumps are allowed -to be used by the Croton Board. TMOiTlAS HANSON, 291 I'K.vKL Steeet. For warming private houses, .stores, schools, .and public buildings, unsurpassed for safety, simplicity, economy, durability, and neatness. This apparatus consists of a Low-Prcssure Steam Gen¬ erator, with wrought-iron tubes for Radiators, and can be madb to thoroughly and perfectly warm tho sihallest dwelling or tUe' largest pul)lic edifice. Owners, Architects, and Biiilders aro referred to many hundred buildings warmed by us during the past-twenty years, and to a complete working apparatus at our manu¬ factory and store, Nos. 109 and 201 Centre street. Now York. Gl LL:I Si-^ie E O^HE G^AN FISHER & BIRD, Steam Marble Works 9T, 99, 101, 103, & 105 EAST HOUSTON ST., Vermont Marble Yards, 260, 262, and 264 KlizabctU St., New York. ROBEiiT C. FisiiBE. Clinton G. Bird. Import«rs, -Dealors, and Manufacturers of Foreign and American Marjiles, Ecclesiological DecoratorSj and AVorkcrs fn Granite. Brown, Nova Scoti.^, Cacn Ston«i, and Scotch Gr.initfl. Marble Mantels, Grates, and Fenders. Monuments, Cemetery ^''aults, Church Altars, Fonts, Tablets. Communion Tables, and Marble Counters. Mar- ble Floor Tiling. t^ff" Estiinatas and drawings upon application. A. ROUX & SON, 827 and 829 BROADWAY. • - ' FACTORY: 161, 163, and 165 West ISth St. Wood ;Mantels, Mirror Frames, WAINSCOTING, DOORS, CEILINGS, - . AND FLOORS. Designs and-estimates furnished. - L. C. SANDFORD, Eeal Estate AaENTj •. 15.3 BOWERY, NEW YORK. • Estates taken charge'of, and prompt returns made. Unexceptionable references given. THE EMPIRE, PENNSYLVANIA A; VERMONT SLATE ROOFING WORKS OFFICE, U WALL ST., N. Y.' Yard, Third street, near Bond, South Brooklyn. WALTER R. WOOD & CO., >IINEa.S, ANO WlI0I.r.SAI.K DKAI.F.iiS IN Ohio Building Stone and Grind¬ stones, FROM TIIE BEREA AND AMHERST QUARRIES. Office, Nos. 283 Sic 285 Front St., (Near Roosevelt Btreet), . NEW YORK. SOLE AGENTS FOR SENECA BROWN STONE. Walter B. Wood. Ciias. P. WiLLiAiis. LEANDER STONE, Dealer in PINE, SPRUCE, AND HEMLOCK LUM¬ BER AND TIMBER, BLACK WALNfJT, and other Hard Woods, Oor. 54th St. and First Ave., New York. Charles o'connoe, MARBIiX: TTORKS, NOS. 516 AND 51S WEST TWENTIETH STBEET, NEAR TENTH AVE., NEW YORK. Mantels, Monuments, etc. Orders punctually attended to. 1^1. A, J. liYlVCH, REAL ESTATE BROKER, NO. 12 CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK, bet. Broadway and Nassau Street. Orders filled in country or city. Roofing repaired. ACKERMAN & BORKEL, ^Manufacturers of Galvanized Iron Cornices and Mouldings, SLATE AND METAL ROOFERS, No. 143 WORTH STREET-, NEW YORK. GALVANIZED IRON GUTTERS of all sizes con¬ stantly on hand, and for sale to the trade in qnantities to suit. In lengths, or put togethor.l "THE BEST IS THE CHEAPEST." Being constructed with regard to scientific accuracy, are used in all tests of skill by tho best players in the country, and in all first-class clubs and hotels. Illustrated cata¬ logues of everything relating to Billiards sent by Mail. mt^mmfmmxmmfm:f^ 738 BROADWAY, NEW YORK CITY.- WANTED. Eight Lots at Inwood. A. J. ,FUI.LAM, 650 Broadway. NDTB LOTS AT THE FOOT OF WEST Twenty-ninth, street. North river, to let for a term of years,' with use of pier and bulkhead; suitable for Brick. Coal, or Lumber'Yard. Apiply-toi H. A. CRANE, Foot West 30tU st. SQUIER BROS'. '^SAWING IVnLL, 61st St., near Ist Ave., New York. City, Manufacturers of Sash, Blinds, Doors, Show-Windows, Sky-Lights, Window-Frames, and Panel Work of al^de¬ scriptions. Circular and Elliptic Mouldings. Turning in all its branches. JOIIIV HORTOIV, GAS FIXTCRlB MANUFACTURER, 650 BROADWAY, J. H. fIAVE]¥S, LUMBER AND 'UMBER DEALER. llth Av., cor. 47tli St., New York. An assortment of Pine, Spruce, and Ilemlock Lumber well-scosoned and planed, and kept under cover. Also Shingles, Posts, Pickets, and Lath. DEPARTMENT OF TAXES AND ASSESSMENTS, No. 32 CiiAMBKns Stp.eet, New York. January 3, 1S70.—^Notice is hereby given to all persons that the As¬ sessment Rolls of the Real and Personal Estate of the city and county of New York, for the year 1S70, will bo open for inspection and revision, on and after Menday, January 10.1870, and will remain open until the SOth day of April, 1870, inclusive, for the correction of errors and the equali¬ zation of the assessments of the aforesaid real and person¬ al estate of the city and county of New York. All persons believing themselves to be aggrieved must make applica¬ tion to the Commissioners dnring the period above men¬ tioned, in order to obtain the relief provided by law. NATHANIEL SANDS, W. n. KING. GEO. H. ANDREWS, THOS. J. CREAMER, Commissioners of Taxes and Assessments. City of New York, Departmekt or Fisakcte, ) Bubbah or the Receives or Taxes, f. CouRT-HouBE, Park, • f No. 32 Chambers street, November 5,1869. ) TO TAXPAYERS.—NOTICE IS HEREBT given that one per cent, will be added to all taxes unpaid on the 1st December; also, an additional on* p«r cent, on December 15.. On all taxes remaining unpaid on January. 1, interest at.the rate of twelve percent, per an- . num, calculated from the day the books were received by tho Receiver of Taxes to.the ia.r ot payment, will .m added. No money will be received after two o'clock p.ii. Office hours from 8 to 2 p.m. BERNARD SMYTHE, Becelvor. fill i