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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 5, no. 110: April 23, 1870

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AND BUILDERS' GUIDE. .YoL. y. .NEW YORK, SATURDAY, APRIL 23, 1870. 'No. 110. HANSON'S Self-Acling Pumps, foi- raising water to the upper story of buildings, where the pressure of the city water works is not snlli- cioiit, reqniriiig neither fire nor labor. Warranted to give Satisfaction Tlicso ])unips are allowed to lie used by llio Croton Hoard. TIIOIWAS HANSON, 291 I'EAiii. Stkeet. For wanning private Iiousos. .stores, schools, and public buildings, unsurpassed for safety, simplicity, economy, durability, and neatness. This apparatus consists of a Low-Prcssnre Steam Gen¬ erator, with wrought-iron tubes for Radiators, and can be tn.ido to tiioro uglily and perfectly warm tho smallest dwelling or the largest public edifice. Owners, Architects, and Builders are referred to many hundred buildings warmed by us during the past twenty years, and to a complete working apparatus at our manu¬ factory and store, Nos. 199 and 20L Centre street. New York. mmmmMmMmmmm FISHER & BIRD, 97, 99, 101, 103, &, 105 EAST HOUSTON ST., Vermont Marble Yards, 260, 262, and 261 Kllzabetli St., New YorU. Robert C. Fisiieu. Clinton G. Bird. Importers, Dealers, and Manufacturers of Foreign and American Marbles, Ecclesiological Decorators, and Workers in Granite, Ijrown, Nova Scotia, Caen Stone, and Scotch Granite. Itlarblo ITIantels, Grates, and. Fenders. Monuments, Cemetery Vaults, Church Altars, Fonts, Tablets. Communion Tables, and Marble Counters. Mar¬ ble Floor Tiling. ££?" Estimates and drawings upon application. A. ROUX & SON, 827;and 829 BROADWAY. :• FACTORY: . ; 161, 163, and 165 W6st IStli St. Wood Mantels, Mirror Frames, WAINSCOTING, DOORS, CEILINGS,' ; AND FLOORS. i Designs and estimates-furnished. Real Estate Aqent,' 153 BOWERY, NEW YORK.' ■ ■•' Estates t-aken charge of, and prompt returns made. Unexceptionable references given: ■ , . - TIIE EMPIRE, PENNSYLVANIA & VERMONT ' SL&TE ROOFING WORKS. . '. OFFICE, 94 WALL ST., N.Y. '.Yard, Third street, near Bond, South Brooklyn. ' i Orders filled in country or city. Roofing repaired.") LEAI^DER STOnE, Do.ilor in PINE, SPRUCE, AND HEMLOCK LUM¬ BER AND TIMBER, BLACK WALNUT, and other Hard Woods, Oor. 54th St. and First Ave., New Tork. ACKERf^AN & BORKEL, Manufacturers of and G-alvanized Iron Cornices Mouldings, SLATE AND METAL ROOFERS, No. 143 WORTH STREET, NEW YORK. GALVANIZED IRON GUTTERS of all sizes con¬ stantly on hand, pnd for sale to the trade in qnantities to suit, in lengths, or put together.; "THE BEST IS THE CHEAPEST." SpSMNlQlRDil^ mEmmSSM Being constructed with regard to scientific arcitracy, are used in all tests of skill by the best players in the country, and in .ill first-class clubs and hotels. Illustrated cata¬ logues of everything relating to Billiards sent hy Mail. msmm^mmmmsm 738 BROADWAY, NEW YORK CITY. WALTER R. WOOD & CO., MINERS, AN'D WIIOI.ES.^LF. DI'..M.EKS IN OMo Building Stone and Grind¬ stones. FRO.M THE BEREA AND AMHERST QUARRIES. Office, Vios. 283 Sc 285 Front St., (Near Roosevelt Street), NEW YORK. SOLE AGENTS FOR SENECA BROWN STONK. Walter. R. Woon. i Chas. P. Williams. G HARLES O'CONNOR, mCAKBIiX: WORKS, NOS. 510 ANT) 513 WEST TWENTIETH STREET, NEAR TENTH AVE., NEW YORK. Mantels, Monuments, etc. Orders punctually attended to. m. A. J". L.Y1VCH, REAL ESTATE BEOKER, NO. 12 CEDAU STREET, NE^V Y05CK, bet. Broadway and Nassau Street. jr. M. MAVEIVS, . LUxMBER AKD TIMBER DEALER, ...lltli Av., cor. 47t]i St., New York. An assortment of Pine, Spruce, and Hemlock Lumber Well-scas'ohcd and planed, and kept under cover. Also Shingles, Posts, Pickets, and Lath. Practical Mason and Plasterer, OFFICE, 12'1 WEST 24TH SX., (Bet. Sixth and Seventh Avenues), NEW YOEK. Being long est.ablished and favorably known in the city, ho takes this method of informing owners of property, builders, and others wanting repairs done or alterations ui.ndc, that they will find ic to-thcir advantage to send by mail or leave their orders with him, as ho makes Jobbing a specialty. All work dono in the best and most economical manner possible, thereby saving a large percentage to partie* patronizing him. Jobbing work of every description promptly done. All orders by mail (from responsible parties only) should, be sent from ono to three days ahead. Estimates promptly furnished, or work done on small percentage. SQUIER BROS., MOULDING, PLANIXCJ, TTHINING, AND SAWING^ BHLL, 61st St., near Istt Atc., New Torlc €Ity. Manufacturers of Sash, Blinds, Doors, Show-Windows t Sky-Lights, Window-Frames, and Panel Work of all de¬ scriptions. Circular and Elliptic Mouldings. Turning in all its branches. JOHiV IIOKTOIV, GAS FIXTURE MANUFACTUREK, 650 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. ^«XB0BE^< ?108'^^22olOT°224)EASr28!?srp 1267 Broadway, near 32d Street, NEW TORK. THE BIGELOW BLUB STONE COMPANY. A. B. KELLOGG, AGENT, MiNEr.s, MANDFAOTirr.EEB amd WnoLESAiK Dealkes im NORTH RIVER RI,VE STONBi MALDEN, ULSTER CO., AND 14 PINE ST^ N. Y Flagging, Curbing, Gutters, Sills, Lintels, Tiling otr., shipped to all parts of the United States & South America. il t ■ *! i yt'. (t.