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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 5, no. 113: May 14, 1870

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AND BUILDERS' GUIDE. Vol. V. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, MAY 14, 1870. No.:113. J. JouNSON, Jr., Auctioneer. JOHNSON. & -MLLBR, AUCTIONEERS ANTPREAL- ESTATE BROKEUS, No. 25 Nassau Street, corner of Cedar, Now York. i^~ City and Country Real Estate at Public and Pri¬ vate Salo. . Loans on Mortgage negotiated, Auction Sides of Furniture, Stocks, Merchandise, i&c. A D. JIELLICK, JR., «& BRO., -i^^* Auctioneers and Dealers in Now Jersey Real Es¬ tate, No. 6 Pine street. New York. Descriptive Lists issued without charge, complete with time tiblos, commutations, maps, and detailed descrip¬ tions of tho towns and villages, and tho property offered for sale. MONDAY, May 16, . at 12 o?clock, at the Bxchango Salesroom, 111 Bro.adway. POSITIVE SALE OK THE.ATLANTIC HOTEL, - formerly kept by Philip Kronshcr, with 20 LOTS of ground, comprising the entire block bounded by MYRTLE and JOHNSON AVES. and HABMAN ST., in the Eightccntli Ward, Brooklyn. The Hotel, now doing a splendid busi¬ ness, is a liirgc building, containing bar-room, ball-room, and numerous sleeping apartments; all modem improve¬ ments. Tho locality is one of the best in the city for busi¬ ness purposes. The South Fourth st. cars from Grsind st. Ferry have their terminus in front of the property. The Myrtlo and DclCalb ave. and Broadway (3) Railroads run within a short dlstanco. The Hotel is in constant request for ball clubs and .issemblics. Myrtlo av. is paved and ll.iggcd. The lota are rapidly appreciating, and will in a few years be very valuable for business purposes. Tho grounds con¬ tain oyer 500 trees, bcsido a great variety of shrubs. The whole is admirably adapted for a largo lager-beer gar¬ den; ' Terms easy, aiaps are now ready nt Auctioneers' Office, 25 Nassau st., N. Y. TUESDAY, MAY 17, at 12 o'clock, at City Salesroom, Phoenix Building, 10 Court st, Brooklyn. GATES AVE. PROPERTY Positive sale of.the new 3-story, high basement and sub- colUir FRAME HOUSK, n. s. of Gates av., 27.0 ft. e. of Patchen av. House 22.'c30, Lot 25.icl00. Tho Lot in rear, 25.V100, on Quincy st., will also, be sold. "WEDNESDAY, MAY 18. At 12 o'clock, at Bxchango Salesroom, 111 Broadway, POSITIVE SALE WITHOUT RESERVE, By order of Messrs. POTTER & WILLIAMS, .(Pov account of whom it may concern) Of VALUABLE HOTEL PROPERTY, situated at Union HiU, N. J., consisting of Largo Building, 22.ko0, with exten¬ sion, 30.x42, together with 8 lots of ground, situated on Hud¬ son av.-, Jefferson and Prankiin sts.- This will be a splendid chance for investment, as the property is nxpidly advancing in value; or'an excellent opportunity to embark in the Hotel business in one of the bostlocalitles for that in the vicinity of New York. Terms liberal. Maps atAuctlonccra' offices. . THURSDAY, MAY 19, At 1 o'clock, on the premises, ., ■: At New Brighton, Staten Island, 110 SPLENDID LOTS, ■ ' Situated at Now Brighton, S. I., Will positively be sold by ordcr'of tho • E.xecutorsof the Estate of J; S.AVESTEKVELT, deceased, ; On terms so that all may buy. FREE COLLATION BEPORE THE • AUCTION UNDER A,'spacious TENT.. .. The Lots are only two minutes (by flagged walk) from Landing; 32 minutes from Whitehall st., N. Y-., by one of the "best"ferries running" from ";tlie""city;"'""Boatk" ply con- sUintly by day and night. Locationhigh and commanding, BUiTounded by first-class improvements./Avenues GO feet wide, graded and flagged. Property luis been in family 55 ye.iirs. Ml who arc seeking homes, .or who dcsure safe and profitable investments, should attend this sale. Two- thirdg o.f tho purphasc-mohoy may remain, on mortgage, ilaps now ready at Auctioneers' office, 25 Nassau st., iif. Y. .■..,.-..... RICHARDSON, BOYNTOF & CO., MANUFACTUKEUS AND nBAI.ERS IN B O YN T O N'S F U R N A C ES, ' MANGES, ■ ■BALTIMORE li'IRIS - PLACE HEATERS, ■ • School, Hall, Parlor, Office, Cooking-Stoves, &c.. POSITIVE S.VLB OP ■50 viTjLA plots, AT PLAINFIELD, N. J., Ono hour from tho Ferry by the Central R. R. of N. J.; 14 trains daily. This property is well situated at the ot the moun- tain.s, on Mountain av., which is well graded and in fine condition. Tho lots are high, and command plciisant views. They aro located in .a part" of tho town that is rapidly improving, largo investmcnte having recently been made by capitalists in that,vicinity. Streets are being graded, and great improvements arc in iwogress. SPECIAL TRAIN at 12 m. COLLATION on tlic of tbe train. For Maps,, and full particulars, apply at the office of the Auc¬ tioneers, 0 Pine St. D. M. PORTEE.has removed his law offices from 4 Wall street to 253 Broadway, corner of Warren street. Z. LEMAIRE (Frenchman) & CO., Importers of Uncanstic and Mosaic Tiling;, yoK CHURCHES, entrance halls, vestibules. Sec, 15G EAST4tTii STKEET, NEW YORK, near Third avc. Orders for laying all kinds of Tiling will receive prompt attention. Marblc-dealurs and tho trade supplied. No. 234 WATER STREET, Fourth door North of Beekman New York. GOUETLMDT, PALMER & SON, Eeal Estate Agents, 858 BROADWAY, near 14th STREET. L. C. SANDFORD, Real Estate Agent, 153 BOWERY, NEW YORK. Estates taken charge of, and prompt returns made. Unexceptionable references given. J. R. HAMIL.TO]¥, 1267 Broadway, near 32d Street, NEW YOKK. "THE BEST IS THE CHEAPEST." ifa] tTTi ^3|iPiiiSiiij s s H^jjl^ Charles o'connor, MARBIiS WORKS, NOS. 510 AND 518 WEST TWENTIETH STEEET, NEAR TENTH AVE., NEW YORK. Mantels, Monuments, etc. Orders punctually attended to. LEANDER STOfSE, Dealer in - _ PINE, SPRUCE, AND HEMLOCK LUM¬ BER AND TIMBER, BLACK WALNUT, and other Hard Woods, Cor. 64th St. and First Ave., Ne-V7 York. P. & S. E. GOODWIN, OFFICE AND YARD, 51T EAST 17TH ST., BF.TWEKN AVENUES A AND B, NEW YOEK. Buildings of all descriptions Gloved, Raised, Lowered, and Shored up; Girders raised and their Foundations repaired. All Foundations and weak Buildings properly secured. Iron and Granite. Wood and Iron "\Vedges for sale. Screws, Hydraulic Jacks, and Derricks to let. Being constructed with regard to scientific accuracy, are >isnd in all tests of skill l)v tho host players in the country, and in all fli-st-olass oliriis .and liotels. Illustrated cata¬ logues of everytliing relating to Billiards sent by Mail. 738 BROADWAY, NEW YORK CITY. WALTER R. WOOD & CO., .MINERS, AND WUOLKSALE DKALEUS IN Ohio Building Stone and Grind¬ stones, FEO-M THE BEREA AND AT^IIIEEST QUARRIES. Office, Nos. 283 A; 285 Front St., (Near Roosevelt Street), NEW YORK. SOLE AGENTS FOR SENECA BROWN STONE. Walter E. Wood. Cuab. P. Williams. ESTAlSlrlSHEB! 1843. iSalcsrooms