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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 5, no. 128: August 27, 1870

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AND BUILDERS' GUIDE YoL,.y. . . . [ i:'^EW YOKK, SATUKDAY, AUGUST 27, 1870. . jSTo. 128. JUST OUT. THE MODERN THINKER, AN ORGIN FOR THE MOST ADVANCED SPECULATION IN Philosophy, Sociology, and Religion. CONTENTS: Egotisms........7%eo(^hegan JOIIIV iioitToar* GAS FIXTURE ITIANITFACTITRER, 6SO BROADWAY, NEW YOEK. JOHN F. TWOMEY, EEAL ESTATE AND INSUKANCE BROKER, No. 10*1 Third AvBKur, NEA.K 8flTM Stueet. Property of every description bought, sold, and exchang¬ ed. Uous'es let and rents collected in all parts of the city. HOIVEER MORGAN, REAL ESTATE A2?D GENERAL BROKER, No. 2 Pino Streat, New York. Attention given to Real Estate at j'rivate Bal* Money Loaned on Bond and Mortgage. PETER VAN IDERSTINE, Jr. HOBOKEN MOULDING AND PLANING MILL, Manufacturer of PINE and HARDWOOD OF EVERY DE.SCRIPTION. PLANING, SCROLL AND RESAWING, TURNING, &C. Newark street, near Clinton, HOBOKEN. OAKRET S. woon, of tbe Old Firm, | ^ ^ my Employ. WM. u. n.\.HnisoN, 1 j »• .» W. W. LEK holds power of Attorney. Orders from parties in New York City personally attend¬ ed to by addressing P. 0. Bos 128, Hoboken.