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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 6, no. 145: December 24, 1870

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EAL Estate Record AND BUILDERS' GUIDE. Vol. yi. NEW YOP.K, SATUEDAY, DECEMBER 24, 1870. No. 145. Published Weekly by THE REAL ESTATE RECORD ASSOCIATION, TERMS. One year, In advance......................$6 00 AU conimuuications should he addressed to C. ^W. SWKKX, . 106 Bro.ujway. cor. of Pixe Strket. The Record Is regiUarly maUed to subscriber,? every Fridaj' night at eleven o''clock, aud should be delivered by the Posfc Ofiice authorities on Satm-day morning early. Any subscriber hot receiving his paper in due season may rely upon it that the fault is entirely with the carrier, and a complaint lodged either with the Post Office aufchorifcies or afc fche Record office wUl remedy fche irregularifcy. Any carrier deUvering fche Record later than Saturday moming is remiss in his duty. GOOD WORKS. The year 1870 is about to be laid upon the shelf, to take its place alongside of the many thousands Avhich have preceded it. The time is at hand 'when the reflection forces itself upon the mind of every thinking man, of how much good he may have done during its passage, and to lay up plans for the coming of 1871. In this coimection we cannot but thiiik hoAv much pleasure our friend Dr. Otto Fullgrapp must take when he reviews the fact that dur¬ ing the year 1870 the Bond Street Homoeopathic Dispensary, of which he is the founder and manager, has treated nearly 32,000 cases of dis¬ eases, including over 74,000 prescriptions fur¬ nished, and about 8,500 out-door visits. This is certainly a proud record, and shows how much misery may be alleviated by the well-directed efforts of one man ; for, although there are now many able physicians who Avork in connec¬ tion with Dr. Fullgraff, to him solely is due the credit of originating and carrying on this good Avork. Probably the most successful classes of dis¬ eases treated at this Institution are those of the throat and lungs, to the study of which Dr. Fullgraff has expended much time and money, and has succeeded in inventing a series of delicately constructed instruments, by means of Avhich a medicated spray may be thrown with unerring certainty directly upon the parts af¬ fected. The old method of using a probang in¬ discriminately, has been consigned by Dr. Full¬ grapp to the dark ages. It is exceedingly in¬ teresting 'to witness a patient when inhaling the medicated vapors from these delicate in- Btrumentsj which require great skill upon the part of the operator, and a thorough knowledge of the construction of the vocal organs. By means of diverse reflectors, the whole interior of the throat- can be plainly seen, and the pa¬ tient,, under the direction of the Doctor, being called upon to utter different sounds Avhich call tato play the different parts of the throat, and so dilate the vocal cords that the instru¬ ments can be plainly seen pas-sing between them directly to the diseased parts. The Doctor pursues a similar method in his treat¬ ment of nasal catarrh, and has achieved signal success in relieAnng and curing many cases. We do not know of any more instructive and inter¬ esting experinients to witness than those of the Doctor in connection Avith the throat and lungs. BRYANT'S NEW OPERA HOUSE. Feav portions of the city have recently under¬ gone more rapid improvement than Sixth ave¬ nue, in the immediate neighborhood of Twenty- third street. Besides Booth's fine theatre, which Avas in itself enough to make a grand landmark, the new Masonic Temple is slowly rearing its large proportions directly opposite, and very recently, Avith unusual rapidity, Bry¬ ant's New Opera House has been erected close by, but a few doors west of Sixth avenue, and was opened to the public some four or five weeks ago. Although built on a comparatively small scale, this pretty little theatre may be consid¬ ered one of the best things of the kind yet erected in Ncav York. It occupies a frontage of 50 feet on Twenty-third streetj rimning back 100 feet, and is capable of seating about 500 people. The interior consists of a hand¬ some parterre, with gallery above, the latter quite unobstructed by columns, being so con¬ structed as to be suspended by the strong roof- framing above. The whole arrangement is ex¬ tremely simple, but most pleasing in effect, and exhibits everywhere the proofs of good and sensible design. The entrances, lobbies, stair¬ cases, etc., are all spacious and most conven¬ iently arranged for egress and ingress; the seats roomy and comfortable, and so disposed that everybody can have a perfect view of the stage; the A'cntilation excellent, and precautions have been taken, through abundant water supply, to avoid all danger from fire, in cases of sudden emergency. Unlike the generality of theatres, which depend so much for effect upon gaudy or¬ namentation, the merit of the one in question rests in its extreme simplicity; and yet the im¬ pression created is very satisfactory. The ex¬ terior is equally successful. It presents a four- story Italian facade, with Mansart roof of mod¬ est but pleasing design, the whole length of the front on first floor being occupied by a Corin¬ thian colonnade, which forms a very imposing and convenient entrance to the building. This theatre was erected by A,. B. Darling. Esq.,; one of the proprietors of the Fifth Avenue Hotel^ froin the desigfiSOf Mf. S. D.- Hatch. COEEECTION. In an article on Park affairs, published in las-t week's Record, a tjTpographical error made us state that the Park Commissioners had in con¬ templation the widening of Fifth avenue, from" Twenty-third to Seventy-sixth street. What Ave intended-to state was, that the Commis¬ sioners proposed widening Fifth avenue on the easf side, from Broadway to Twenty-sixth street. MECHANICS' LIENS AGAINST BUILDINGS IN HEW YORK CITY. Dec. 16 Baxter ST., vr. s. (No. 50). Mathew McKeon agfc. David Finilifce....... $40 00 17 Chrtstie st., e. s. (No. 172), bet. Rivington & Delancey sts. Peter Seebald agfc. W. E. Price.......... 3,185 00 17 Eleventh av., w. s., 79.4 s. Fokty- ninth st. J. J. BurcheU agt. DederickHamil................... 900 00 32 Eleventh st., n. s. (No. 341), bet. Isfc and 2d avs. W. G. H. Ran¬ dolph agfc. Ambrose O'Neil........ 562 03 17 Fifty-eighth st., s. s. (Nos. 316, 318, 320, 322, and 324 W.). R. H. Taylor & L. Taylor, Jr., agt. Isaac Bemheimer....................... 212 40 17 Forty-fifth st., n. s., 3 houses, com. 350 e. 8th av. William Hogan agt. The Church of St. Mary The Virgin.......................... 34 00 17 Same property. James Willis agt. same........................ 24 62 17 Same property. Joseph Sullivan agt. same........................ 156 43 19 Forty-first st., n s , 150 w. Secokd av. R. J. Fullam agfc. Mr. Noiris. 63 36 19 Fifty-seventh st.j n. s., 132 w. Lexingfcon av. John Darrow agt.— ',320 71 20 Forty-eighth st., s. s., about 55 w. 1st av. C. H. Reilly agt. J. O'Connor........................ 1,144 80 22 Fifty-seventh st., n. s., com. 100 w. Lexington av. A. W. Budlong agt. G. E. ThraU................. 1,204 46 20 Grand st., s. s. (No. 447). Wagner & Pfeiff agfc. J. H. Hughes........ 64 50 21 Laurens st., av. s. (No. 181), bet. Bleecker and Houston sts. Deroude & Jones agt. Jos. Frick........... 168 65 20 Mulberry st., s. or av. s. (No. 3). Fredk. HoUdeck agt. Mver Rosen¬ thal ...................*.......... 25 00 20 Same property. Winters, Hunt . , &Co. agt.-----................... 9006 17 Ninth av., w. s., bet. 82d and 83d sfcs. A. & W. Wild agt. The Vestrymen, tfec, of the Bethelem Mission.......................... 63 75 20 Same property. Ambrose Meb- cer agt. same..................... 82 00 21 One Hundred and Fifty-ninth St., s." S., aboufc 270 w. 10th av. Gardner Landon, Jr., & Co., agt. John Shackleton.................. 197 82 19 Sixth av. and 55th st., n. e. cor. Geo. Frey et al. agfc. Abm. Mead.. S35 75 20 Sixth av. and 23d st., n. e. cOh., 98.8x141.6. David Flemming agt. The Trustees of Masonic Hall___. 3,033 60 20 Second AV., e. s., 2 houses, com. 40 B. 107th st. Anthony McLaughlin agt. Richd. McAnnlty............ ISS 47 20 Seventy-eighth st., n . s. , 2 houses, com. 155 e. 3d. av. J.E.Redman agt. Ann Kelly.....:....... -..... 855 8& 17 "TAVENTY-ErGHTH ST., N.- S. (No. 9 West). Wm. Johnson agfc. Enoch Hidden..........;............... Ii760 ^5