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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 8, no. 182: September 9, 1871

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AND BUILDERS' GUIDE. Vol. YIII. YORK, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 187L Kg. 182. MANUEACT0KEBS OF Bronze D.oQr'-Knqts, Buffs and Locks, AND iifAIiKBS JIN 13:-A. n. 3^ "^TST-^ :e^ :es , 239 THIRD AVE., NEW YORK. JSstitnates given., ;■' A. W. fii[ABfH:8M§0]!V, Union. Carpet-Cleaning Machine. 9 East 19th at., bet. Broadway BROTHERS, NO. 62 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. No. 311 Walnut St., I No. 1'Albany Terrace, Phila. I London.'^- Special attention given to purchase and sale of Pennsyl¬ vania Lands. Geological Reports and Surveys made. Tax¬ es paid. Titles examined. A. KLABER, Steam l^arlile & Marbleizing Works, NOS. 134 AND 136 EAST 18TH STJREET, NeAV York. BET. THIRD AVE. AND IRVING PLACE. ?^JIantels, Grates and Eenders=, Monument'!, Head-stones, Eloor-Tile-s, Marble Counters, and Wainscoting for Hotels and Banks, etc., etc. 1193 Broadway, Apollo Building, Importer of the best and heaviest grades of PORTLAND CEMENT. The attention of Architects, Engineers, and Builders ia . called to this superior Cement. SEND FOR CTEtCTJli.AJR. ftUIMBY'S IMPROVED 186 CIIASIBEilS STREET. These Rods have never in any instance failed to afford perfect protection from Lightning to the buildings upon which they have been placed. WALTER R. WOOD & CO., Quarrymen and Wholesale Dealers in AN© GmNmSTONES, Erom the Berea and Amherst Qnarries. Office, Kos. 283 and 285 FRONT STREET, Walter R. Wood. " Near Roosevelt-Street, . Chas. P. Williams. NEW YORK. CES SOTWAREROOMS N9 48 E/l(ST I4iy SI SOUTH .UNION SqUABE.