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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 11, no. 273: June 7, 1873

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AND B U î L D E R. S ' -G U I D I .\i. :N.I:W YORK, SA.TIUU)A.Y, mine 7. 1X7 No. 27') Pabl'i.-^hed WceKly h y TllE UEAL ESTAÎB RECORD ASSOCIATION. TERM.-^. One year. in .advance......................S'i "0 AH conirauiiic.i'Ion? sliould i)e âdilic.--rd i.i C. AV. «WKT-'.T, V,'iliTi.\(: B(:i.M)i.-»'i;. SX'i A.-.i) :il7 BaoAiiWAA'. SLTn.-;ciui',i;ns will plea.-e liear iu laiiid, tliat they slioiild rei;eive tlui Real EsTA'rK Rk(J()IU) on Saturday morning, as every paper is sent to tliePost- (iliico on Friday nii^lit bi-l'ori! 11 o'clock in the ean-iers may have ît for tlieir lirst delivery. TlieSiiiier- inleiKleut of tin: mail exiieelr; Ihis, and should be noliliod iniinediat(dy throngh ns ol' any neg¬ lect on the part of eiirriêrs. Several of llv(i daily ])aper^;, ignorant of Avliat is iranspiring at Ihe vavious municipal (leparlments, groAvl, because tho^^ continue to be under tlie iinprossitAn tbat ]\Ir. AYliittemore, liie newl}' appointed DeputA' C]iainliei-];iin, holds on to his old ofiices, and hence imperti- nently aak the ]\I;iyoi- Iioav many a man can hold under tiiis Refonn (.iov(M-muent A simple inquiry at the Department of Parks Avould liave satisfied thèse g-(;ntl(.'men of Ihc dtiily jiress that Y[\\ Whitleinoi-e onh' holds one ofiice, and tlitil is the oik; to Avhicli he lias just been appointed as a reAVtu-d for his Iried efllciency and AV('ll-knoAvn honesty. On the very day—Saturday Lis t-—Avhen IMr. Lane aji- poinled him his depuly, he resignrd his posi- lion as secretar}'' and treasurei- of the I)ep;irt- ment of Parks, an ollice Avhicli he haslllled to the utmost satisfaction of his siiperiors, leaving- behind not a single spot to imiieach his record. Thaf, is Avhal; the citizens of Xcav York look for nowadaj's, aiul Ihey ai'e deter¬ mined to have cfficiency tmd honesty iu ofiice Avhether the leading dailies are Avith them or not. The Yfcst Side Elevated Paih-oad Comiiany is the only organization extant Avliicii lias practicallj' S(jlved thé rapid transit question in ';.is citj', ,'ind avc are glad to hear that, in pursuance of additional b^gislfdion, that road is noAV e.xtending- ifs ti-ack li(\v(ind Thirty- fourth street Those living in the centre or on tlie East side of the cil}' have no ideti Iioav popnhir this road uoav is among- "\Ycsi sid j résidents. A walk to the Ninth aveiuie any morning belAveen eight and nine o'clock Avill onvince anjdiody upon seeing the crowded stations at TAventy-ninth and at TAvenly-tiist sireets, that the préjudices heretofore enter¬ tained agaiust this road h.ave given Avay to unbounded confidence; four trains filled Avilh passengers folloAving one another up, con¬ stantly iu rapid succession. The propertj'' nOAV occupied by the Thco- logical Seminary, beiug the block- lying be¬ tween iNinth and Ttînth tiveiuies.Twentieih nnd TAVCiily-lirst s1r("(;1?, is shortly to be vacafed, so it is understood, as a new seminary is being bnilt for tho students, in Westcjiester Connt3^ JNiiAV, hcre i.-', a cliauce f ;r Ili(> new Pîefoi-in ('lOVi-niincnL ul' tbc cily to give- résidents on the West sld'! a plot of ground to be used us .-t. small paik. Tiiere are no open sp;)ls in thaï section of the cily, and the viciitity, -.dready ex(.-.('(!dingly healthy, Avould he luade still more atlfactive by keeping Ihis block free J'or the use of cliiUlrcn and invalids, Avhosc recpiire- menlK fo," pure air ciinnot be gralilicd this side of the (.'entrai Park. Stuyvesant Square on the east side is doing a Avorld of good that Avay; and the block above designated might, in time, be made equalh' attractive. It is at least Avorîh}' of the aLtenli(.->n of Ihe citj- au- thorilies, Avho can easilj' accpiire tiih; tothe. propei-tj', and then of the Department of Parks that cau SAV i fil y turn il into a ph^asure ground. THE EHOOKLYSr BEIDGE. Tiie folloAving is ;in ab.'^ti-act of the Eiook- lyn Bridge 15111, Avith ils timeuibnents as fnndly pa.'jsed during the last hoin-s of the j^egisl-i- live s(,'ssion : SncTiox 1 Provides for Ihe appointment ol four addiiional (iir(.'c(ors, om; by tlic Jiay-'r aud one bj- the Conipli-ollcr oi' Ncav \kj\\<, and one by the i\rayor aiul ouc by the Co'.iqi- ti-ollci-of Bi-ooklyn. The jmjceedings of th-..' Eoai-d are lo Ixi public. Skc. 2 l'rovides for the forll.-ilure of slock for deliudl of payment of anv inst.-illmeiils. Skc :} Authorizes the caiiiltilizaiion of Ihe slock of jirivate stockholders lo an amoiinl not less tiian ■f'.'^nd.OOO, hy those Avho luivc not jiaid nil |)or cent jiaying u]! lo that tuuount, tmd; who have paii.l more receiving Ihe sui-|)lus paid bj' them above that amount, Si-;cs. -i, Tj, iind G tire the amendments pro- jxiscd hy sul)-committce of the Assembly fur¬ ther ttineiuled, tiud in-oviAling that the com- panv shall tiike the slock of ihe private stock¬ holders ai par and inteiest wheiujver the con- cun-ent assent of the Iavo cities shtillbe given for lii.-il, puriiose; tiiid Ihat the mamigement shall tliei! he composed of directors tippointed by the 3,1,-iyoi- ;ind Aldei-men of the Iavo ciliés respecilively, accoi'ding to the slock held by them, the ('ity of ih'ooklyn 10 direcloi-s, ;uul the G'\\.y of Iacav Yoi'k 5 directors, Avith.lhe olllcial directors uoav authorized bv law. MSGHANIGS'LIENS. NE'W TORK. ]\I: ay and .June. ElOUTA'-TniliT) ST., X. S., lo nOUS!£S cotn. 225 ('. i)tb av., cxtendiu.u-east Jolm Carlin agt, Nathan D, Mor- .gaii tmd Jolm McCool..........., S.SO,000 00 rii-ïrrroiMiTii s'r., s. av. cok. 4ïi[ aA'., 7 boHses. John D. Taylor agt. N. L. Demarest.................. 1,.^00 00 Same rjiOPiiUTï^. James Gilroy and Francis Reyiiolds agt. N. L. "Dem¬ arest............................. 51.5 00 ;] l[l.^S-[I-.Ji 8T., X. s. (No. l'j'.)). j{. |-'!iser :ni(l ------ Ziiniiicrinim agi. (;e():-gc Vix....................'.. 225 00 :; t^A.MK fiioi'i-niTï. J'i/i'im(4(.)i:'nr AOT. same............................. 5S0 00 20 ('i^-K lifx!>i;(-;i> ako 'fwrt.FTn -.-\., .-■., ilii) r. il h :u ,. .\!iii iiju la'-lali ;!gl. i)avid (.oliiini............... 22'J Oij ;i ()N:C ill NDUICii AND'l'\VKN'i'i -EKJii'rii si., S. S., 215 (-. -Irli aA-., 4 b.idse^-. Nolen ce Steers agt. DaAid Totld aiid llem-y F. iliini............... 1,000 00 d. Same nuoi'KirrY. W'itnmT i\: Nou- tmi agt. saiiu!.................... 1,042 02 2 Saa!!-: piioi'i-ufi'v. ItoiiEiiT C. IIkowx same........................ 1,570 00 2 Onh lïr.sur.m) and TAViiX'ri'-Kioiri'ii st.. 1.50 e. -ItLi av., 4 bouses, KOx—. Jaines J. Kelly a.nt. same........ ',)Sf; 00 2 (JxE Jîi;-Nuui:d and FiFTV-?-ot-i;Tii !;t., s. e. cor. IOth av. Anton l-ie'u- 1er agt------NcAvton.............. 45 00 28 Pkospcct ]•[,., K. AN!) AV. S., exteml- iiig froni lOtli toilst st., 17 iionses, iuid 0 honses eom. s. w. cor. 4ist st. und Prospect pl., and extending AV, on 41st st ymnuel Ii, Wailac'.! agr, Walter L. Cutting............ 1,115 GO 4 SKVliNTEEXrn ST., s. s. TNO.:-. (il2 ANI) Oil E.) eom. ;ilM e. Av. b. .Joim (/Ooimell agt. (J'Donnel, lleiidei-- son cc jihinson.................... KOO 00 2,0 Tiiini) AA'.. e. s. (Nos. r^;.') and 2'i). (ieoi-ge and W'illiam Crawlord agt. (j-.vci'i O'CoiuK-r.................. 4;i0 00 5 Fast li;;o.\!)AVAV (No. •-041, i-:. s. Louisa t'iil (Exirx., av., 75\—. Be.iz'Ks i^: .M(> on ;tv. X '..!5.0. tiî.cplieii Foestor agt LaAri-ence lleimessej' and Wm. li. CdOper, .1 r.................'___ 150 00 29 DlKlCM.AX ST., ,X. s., 1.50 E. CONOA'Kll st., 50x!n:i. 11. M'. .Vdams c^ Co. agt. DawsMU i\: Loiirie............ 205 01 21) GUAXI) ST., s. s., P.ET. IsT AND 2d sts. Jos. A. Taylor agt .Moiit- ii-omery and Demarest and AVm. Jay Haskett.............'.......... 117 00 :;0 Madison st., n. s. (Nos. olO and ol2), bet Marev lUid 'f ompkins av., 10.8x100. Joseph Fooster ;>.gt. L. liennessey an(î T. J. llendefsdii ■ (Est)...;........................ .500 00 oO Nostrand aa'., Ff.aiai.iî Pfnîticn- tiarj', Flatbusli. Jfjsepb Foester agt L. Hemiessev, J. (-Jilford, and County of Kings"................. 2,093 00 ." FfFTu .w. N. AV.' c:op.. Ma(;o:mis st., Oà, Wni,, J, 11, A., and W. Il, Hall agt, Laurence Hennessey and Wm, B. Cooper, Jr..........\ 73fj 00