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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 12, no. 290: October 4, 1873

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Real Estate Record AND BUILDERS' GUIDE. Vol. XII. NEW YOEK, SATUEDAY, OCTOBEE 4, 1873. No. 290 Published Weekly by m REAL ESTATE RECORD ASSOCIATION. TERMS. One year, in advance......................g8 00 All communications should be addressed to O. TV, STVEET, Whiting Building, 345 akd 347 Broadway. NOTICE TO STJBSCRIBEIIS. On and after October 1st the subscription price of the Eeal Estate Record will be $8 per year, payable in advance. THE EASTERN BOULEVARD. Commissioner Yan ISTort has, in compliance with the Statute, prepared and filed the maps and plans for the Eastern Boulevard, and work has actually begun upon this much- needed improvement. Workmen are now en¬ gaged in filling and grading One Hundred and Tenth Street to conform to the grade of the Eighth Avenue; and we are assured by Mr Vau Nort that this important work will be pushed- as rapidly as possible consistently with the appropriatious for the puipose, with due regard had to public interests in the ex¬ penditure of money. Tho natural difficulties existing northerly of Ninety-second Street, and the expense attend¬ ant upon running the Boulevard diagonally across the blocks in order to avoid the marshes on the Harlem River front, has induced the Commissioner to exercise the discretion given him by law, and to locate the Boulevard from Avenue A through Eighty-sixth Street to First Avenue, and thence to One Hundred and Sixteenth Street. The maps, as filed, show the route of the Boulevard and its extensions, which, with the exception of that portion left to the discretion of the Commissioner, is des¬ ignated by the Statute as foUows: Seventy- second Street, from Fifth Avenue to Avenue A; Avenue A, from Fifty-seventh Street to Eighty-sixth Street; Seventy-ninth Street, from Avenue A to Avenue B; Avenue B, from Seventy-ninth Street to Eighty-sixth Street; Eighty-sixth Street, from Avenue A to Avenue B; Ninety-sixth Street, from Fifth Avenue to Second Avenue, or in case the Boulevard shall cross Ninety sixth Street, east of Second Av¬ enue, then to the Boulevard; Oue Hundred and Tenth Street, from Riverside Aveuue to the main line of the Boulevard; One Hun¬ dred and Sixteenth Street, from Sixth Av¬ enue to Avenue A; and One Hundred and Twenty-fourth Street, froni Sixth Avenue to Avenue A; also, Avenue A, from the vicinity of One Hundred and Sixiteenth Street to Har¬ lem Eiver. Authorityiis also given to widen One Hundred and Tenth Street, between a point lying 250 feet west of Eighth Avenue, and Eighth Avenue to 80 feet, and to alter the grades of the streets and avenues designated for the Boulevard, and also of the intersecting streets and avenues as may be necessary for perfecting this improvement. By the same the Department is authorized to lay out parks and squares between Eighty-fourth and Eigh¬ ty-sixth streets, Avenue B and the East River, and within the limits of Fourth Avenue, be¬ tween Sixty-seventh and Ninety-sixth streets. The maps and plans, after filing, are final and conclusive as if adopted by commissioners appointed under the Act of 1807, and all dam¬ ages incurred by owners from the construction of the Boulevard are to be ascertained aud paid for in ,the manner provided by the act of 1853. Commissioners of Estimate aud As¬ sessment are to be appointed for the purpose of fulfilling such requirements as are now prescribed by law for the acquirement by the city of title to the lands and property that may be taken in the construction of the Bou¬ levard, the Commissioner acting in lieu of the Mayor, Aldermen, and Commonalty in con¬ ducting the proceedings. The Commissioners are authorized also to assess for benefit, and the Comptroller will provide motiey for paying the expenses of the commission and construc¬ tion by the issue of assessment bouds. Tentli Avenue, between One Hundred and Tenth and Manhattan streets is also to be regulated, graded, and improved under authority con¬ ferred by the same act. It only needs ener¬ getic action and ordinarily favorable circum¬ stances for the speedy consummation of an improvement of large benefit to an important part of the city and desirable, consequently, for the general good. DEPARTMENT OE PUBLIC PARKS. Abstract of the proceedings of the Board of Commissioners of the Department of Public Parks for the week ending September SOth, 1873. * The Board met in special session, pursuant to the call of the President, for the purpose of considering the proposed plans for laying out of Kingsbridge. A large deputation of the property owners attended, by request of the President, and Gen. John Ewen presented a map Avhich he had prepared of tlie plan suggested by him. When the deputation relu-ed, the following business was transacted: The necessary work to ascertain the section of rock surface on the lines of the foundations for the proposed building for the Metropolitan Museum of Art was directed -to be proceeded with. The resolution of 16th April, 1873, laying out the continuation of ^' F." Street was re¬ scinded, and a resolution was adopted, laying out said street in accordance with a map dated " New York, June 26,1873," and signed " Wm. H. Grant, Civil and Topographical Engineer," which map was adopted. The opinion of the Counsel to the Corpora¬ tion was received, stating that in his judgment the contract entered into with the New York Mutual Gaslight Co., and dated 80th April, 1873, was legally entered into, and is now binding and valid; and said Company were thereupon given permission to lay their main and service pipes in the City Hall Park, Bowl¬ ing Green, and the Battery. The specifications and plans for the wall of Central Park on One Hundred and Tenth Street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, were directed to be prepared, and the necessary- proceedings were also directed to be taken to have the wall completed as soon as possible. Shrubs and trees, the cost of which amount to $54.50, were directed to be planted in Jack¬ son Square. The estimates for the year 1874, amounting to $087,000, were presented to the Board and directed to be transmitted to the Board of Estimate and Apportionment. The " Round System" for the regulation of the park keepers' force was directed to be dis¬ continued, and the "Beat System" to be adopted, and the park keepers were directed to be furnished with suitable clubs. The landscape architect was directed to proceed with the preparation of the plans for Riverside and Morniugside parks. The continuance of the work of filling and grading on the Central Park, adjoining One Hundred and Tenth Street, and the purchase of $1,000 worth of material for that purpose, was directed. Tlie President was authorized to purchase a pair of Moose at a cost not to exceed $400 when delivered. The Civil and Topographical Eugineer was directed to report the cost of the necessary repairs to the draw aud the cylinders of the Harlem River bridge at Third Avenue. The Treasurer was authorized to make ap¬ plication to the Board of Estimate and Appor¬ tionment to transfer the credit balances of special appropriations to the credit ofthe ap¬ propriation for the general maintenance of parks and places. The work on the Pergola, the road steps at the south end of the wall, and on the drive near the daily on the Central Park was di¬ rected to be proceeded with. The preliminary dra'wings and plans for an additional building for the Menagerie were approved, and the building directed to be con¬ structed at an estimated cost of $4,000. The preliminary drawings and plans of a pavilion to be erected on the summit of Mount Morris were approved of. CONTRACTS ENTERED INTO. No. 11. To construct and set up all the iron¬ work of the ornamental lamps, fiag-staffs, and decorations on Union Square. Contractors, Messrs. Wm. L. Miller & Co.; sureties, Mich¬ ael Treacy, of No. 338 West Fifty-ninth Street, New York, and John Klein, of northwest cor¬ ner of Sixtieth Street and Ninth Avenue, New York. BILLS AUDITED AND CERTIPIED. Maintenance.................................. $4,483 41 Constrnction.............................".'.'. gfiSi 89 Construction of Museum of Natural History.. 200 00 Total.......................................$10,516 30 War. iBvriN, SecretaryD. P. P.