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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 13, no. 310: February 21, 1874

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AND BUILDERS' GUIDE. Vol. XIII. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 1874. No. 310 Safety Hotel and Store Accidents avoided if Rope, Belt, and Engine break. No nice adjustment requiring constant attention. Price one-third less than others claiming to be safe. Manufacturers of Pumps, Engines, Boilers, and Hoist¬ ing Machinery for every conceivable use. Contractors', Planters', Wreckers', Miners', Builders' Pumping and Hoisting Outflts. Address WM. D. ANDREWS & BRO., 414 Water Street, New York. Brown's Cable Carriages for Coal Yards, Mines, Quar¬ ries, &c., ifcc. L. C. HILDRETH, GRANITE DEALER. Granite for Buildings, Granite Sidewalks, Monuments, Cemetery Lots enclosed with Posts aud Bars or Cop¬ ings, &c. Quincy, Scotch, Maine, and Connecticut O 3EL .i5L iKT jl O? DES . NOBLE STREET, near Franklin, GREEWPOIMT, L. I. Box Bl Mechanics' and Traders' Exchange, New York. DANIEL BIRDSALL, (Late of the firm of John Lloyd & Sons) RHAL JBSTATS BROKER, Ao. 345 BROADWAY, (Room 4.) Cor. Leonard Street. GOODWIN & DREW, HOUSE nVEO^EIlS, Residence and Office, 108 and 110 West Twenty-fifth St., near Sixth Av., New York. R. W. FORBES, LUMBER OF EVERT DESCRIPTION for SHIPPING or DOMESTIC USE, At Wholesale or Retail. Yard, Cor. of West 29th Street and llth Ave.. l>OTV"n-ToMaa OfBLoe, 14 SOVIM WUjBIAM street. SECITRITY GIVEN TO ANY AMOTTNT. The undersigned solicits the collection of Rents and charge of Estates. Returns made promptly. Has had long experience in the business, and can give good references. Tenement property a specialty. LYMAN DENISON, Jr., 187 Greenwich Street, (Over North River Bank, comer Dey Street.) Office Hours, 10 a. m. to 3 P. M. ESTABLISHED 1846. . A. T. SERRELL & SON, NEW YORK WOOD MOULDING, SASH, BLIND, AND DOOR FACTORY, 52d and 53d Streets, near BroadTiray-. Straight, Circular, and Elliptic Mouldings, Beads, Cas¬ ings, Jambs, &c. Panel Work of all kinds. Houldings of any Pattern Worked to any Sliape Bepuired. Turning, Carving, Scroll Sawing, rooa-t;liis DIAMOND SAW MACHINE roB SAWINC STONE, AWAKDED THE GREAT MEDAL OF HONOR At the 41st Annual Exhibition of the American Institute, 1872. These loachines do their work at one-quarter of tha cost of the same by hand, and at one-third of the coat by the best other machinery. All the Machines already furnished are giving full sat¬ isfaction to the purchasers. A list of stone yards furnished on application where these saws are in daily use, and where parties inter¬ ested can learn the facts. We invite the most thorough examination, as the facts are beyond credence until the operation of the machine has received a personal exam¬ ination. HUGH & JAS. L- YOUNG, Patentees, Cor. of 57th St. and Third Av., "Manufacturers' and Builders' Bank" Building. WILLIAMS & MILLER, Q TDT ^ K, K Y^ jMC JS IPf , AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN Ohio Btone from Amherst and Berea Quarries, GRANITE, MARBIiE, &c. Office, No. 247 Broadway, Chas. P. WiiUAMS, ) -www vnwir Chas. D. Melmib, Jr. f -"^^W YORK. MIITTOFS TILES, PLAIN AND ENCAUSTIC, For Public Buildings and Dwellings, As laid by us in The Capitol at Washington, And in numerous Churches, Banks, and Dwellings in every part of the country. Glazed and Enamelled Tiles for Mantels, Hfearthi, Wainscoting, &c., and for Exterior Decoration. MILLER & COATES, aro I»earl Street, Ngtv Yorlc TATE & OSBORNE, STOISTB O-CJTTEItS- All kinds of American and Imported Marble, Granite, Cane Stone, Brown Stone, Ohio and Dorchester, and all other Stones, cut and set to order in any part of the country or city. 91st Ss 92d STS., EAST RIVER, NEW YORE. We claim to have unusnal facilities for doing work cheaply, accurately, andquickly, aa our STEAM DIA¬ MOND STONE-SAW CIPrTER, the first brought into use iu this city, works most successfully. Those having business in our line are respectfully invited to infipe<2 the quality of our work, and give us an opportimity to make estimates. GOTHIC FURNACE FOR WARMING CHURCHES, SCHOOLS. AND DWELLINGS. Is Powerful, Economical, and free from Gas. Highest Award American Institute, 186S. ALEX. M. LESLEY, Manufacturer, 384 «ai 836 West 88d Street^ New Yorls. (Send for book