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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 14, no. 333: August 1, 1874

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AND BUILDERS' GUIDE. Vol. XIV. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, AUGUST 1, 1874. No. 333 STEAM HEATING FOR FACTORIES, PUBLIC AND PRIVATE BUILDINGS. Iron Pipes and Fittings for Steam, Water, and Gas. RUTZLER & IVES, No. 135 CEiXTRE STREET, New York. ESTIMATES FURNISHED. J. BENHAM & CO., AND REAL ESTATE ATTORNEYS. ESTABLISHED 1845. 266 West Twenty-Third Street. Rents collected, Real Estate Bought, Sold, and Ap¬ praised. Safety Hotel and Store Accidents avoided if Rope, Belt, and Engine hreak. No nice adjustmant requiring constant attention. Price one-third less than others claiming to be safe. Manufacturers of Pumps, Engines, Boilers, and Hoist¬ ing Machinery for every conceivable use. Contractors', Planters', Wreckers', Miners', Builders' Pumping and Hoisting Outfits. Address WM. D. ANDREWS & BRO., 414 Water Street, New York. Brown's Cable Carriages for Coal Yards, Minos, Quar- rie.s, &c., &c. L. C. HILDRETH, GRANITE DEALER. Granite for Buildings, Granite Sidewalks, Monuments, Cemetery Lots enclosed with Posts and Bars or Cop¬ ings, &c. Quincy, Scotch, Maine, and Connecticut NOBLE STREET, near Franklin, GREENPOINT, L. I. Box 51 Mechanics' and Traders' Exchange, New York. For E. M. BOYNTON'S PAT. LIGHT- [NlNG SAWS, address 8u licukuian SUoBl., X. Y. fare <>i'infringements, Geiuiiue will cul ihree times IAS fnut aa an axe. A G-l't cruiia cut,$6. Send ibr aa tllluatrated Catalogue, muiled free. R. W. FORBES, LUMBER OP EVERY DESCRIPTION for SHIPPING or DOMESTIC USE, At Wholesale or Retail. Yard, Cor, of West 29th Street and 11th Ave.. I>o-vrxi-To>vix Oillce. 14 SOVIJX WIZIiIAM STREET. TATE & OSBORNE, S*3?03SrE OTJTTEI^S. All kinds of American and Imported Marble, Granite, Cane Stone, Brown Stone, Ohio and Dorchester, and all other Stones, cut and set to order iu any part of the country or city. 91st Ss 92a STS,, EAST EIVER, ITEW YOEE. We claim to have unusual facilities for doing work cheaply, accurately, and quickly, as our ^TEAM DIA¬ MOND STONE-SAW CUTTER, the first brought into nse in this city, works most successfully. Those having business in our line are respectfully invited to inspect the quality of our woi:k, and give ns an opportunity to make estimates. JACOB APPELL & CO., REAL ESTATE BROKERS AND XiOXJSE -A-G-EISTTS, 217 W^EST 23d STREET, Comer Eighth Avenue, NEW YORK. Care of Estates and collection of Rents a specialty. City and Country property for sale or to let. Money to loan on bond and mortgage. A successful business record of eighteen years as reference to those in want of responsible agents. HUBERS & MADDEN, STEAM STONE WORKS, Seventy-nintii Street, EAST RIVER. BROVVIV, DORCHESTER, OHIO, AND RUBBED BLUE STOXE. CHARLES HUBER, residence, Lexington Avenuet between Sixty-ninth and Seventieth streets. WILLIAM O. MADDEN, residence. No. 1523 Sec¬ ond Avenue. Manufacturers' & Builders' BAN K, AUTHORIZED CAPITAL, §500,000, THIRD AVENUE, Cor. Slth Street. JOHN DAVIDSON, HENRY J. BURCHELL, Pres. Vice-Pres. C. A. WATERBURY, Cashier. DIRECTORS: DAVID MORGAN. S.\MUEL COOPER. LEANDER SToNE. JOHN SEXTON. JOHN J. BURCHELL. MICHAEL MURffAY. D.WID BABCOCK. WILLIAM BAIRD. WILLIAM A. BUTLER. G. L. SCHUYLER. N. A. WILLLA.MS. NATH'L. BURCHELL. WILLIAM P. PARSONS. JOHN D. MOLL. GOODWIN & DREW, HOUSE nVLO^ERS, lOS and ItO West 23th Street. JOSSAH N. CHRISTMAS, STEAM STONE WOEKS WYTHE AV.,COR. RUTLEDGE ST., BEOOKLYN, E. D. The undersigned havlu" recently put up the latest Improved machincrv. Including the first DlAJrlOND STONE-SAW CUTTER ever erected In this country, is prepared to work any kind of Freestone, Brown, Ohio, aud Dorchester Stone. Those having orders to fill can rely that our late Improvements will insure the utmost I)romptnc8s and economy. BUENA VISTA PEEESTONE WORKS JOHiV M. iMUELLER, Proprietor. ~ STONE-YAKD AND STEAM-MILL S. W. cor. 11th Avenue and eoth St., X, Y. BLOCK AIVD SAWED STONE, Sills, Lintels, and Water Tables at lower rates than at any other yard. Sawing for the trade. WYLLYS H. WARNER, HIGH AND LOW PRESSURE Steam Heating & Ventilating APPARATUS, 1X3 XiiooxxAi^ci St. LOW PRESSURE Steam Wanning with the OPEN BOILER, which Is POSITIVELY RiOX-EXPLOSIVE under any possible conditions, and free from the danger of Superheating the Steam, has been a specialty for tliirteen years. Send for descriptive pamphlet, with references. Over l,O0O in use in the coldest sections of the country. YOUNG'S DIAMOND SAW MACHINES FOB SAWING STONE, AWAEDED THE GREAT MEDAL OF HONOR OI' THE American Institute, 1872. HUGH YOUNG, Stone Cutter, and Manufacturer ot Diamond Saw Machines, solicits orders in both branches of his business. In Stone Cutting he hopes to receive a fair share of the trade of the city, believing that his business, as or¬ ganized, combines as many advantages of ..experience, tastefulness, and mechanical facilities as can be found. His Diamond Saw business is also thoroughly orgain- Ized No luveution for preparing stoue for the Building Trade has ever been so well and promptly received as tills. As economists of room, sloue, labor, aud power, these machines are nnrlvailed. They are without prac¬ tical drawbaciss, easily kept in order, and have extraor¬ dinary range of usefulness and value. OFFICE AND STONE TABD, Foot of East llltli Street, New York. WILLIAMS & MILLER, QUARRYMEN AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN BUILDING STONE, From Amherst, Berea, Berlin, and Independence Office, Ho. 247 Broadway. Specimens at Ofliee. Chab, P. Williams, } Chas. D. Miller, Jr. j NEW YORK. MIliTTOU'S TILES R. MINTON TAYLOR'S. T. ASPINWALL, 39 Murray Street. MIUTOFS TILES, PLAIN AND ENCAUSTIC, For Public Buildings and Dwellings, As laid by us in , The Capitol at Washington, And in numerous Churches, Banks, and Dwelllnga in every part of the country. Glazed and Enamelled Tiles for Mantels, Hearths, Wainscoting, &c., and for Exterior Decoration. MILLER & COATES, ays X*earl Street, 'Nerw Yoi'lc,