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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 21, no. 533: June 1, 1878

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Real Estate Record AND BUILDERS' GUIDE. Vol. XXI. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, JUNE 1, 1878. No. 533. Published Weekly by i^^e Seal (Ssf aie Secori>Jssodatiou. TERJIS. ONE YEAR, in advance....SlO.OO. Communications should be addressed to C. -W. SWEET, Nos. 345 AND 347 Broadway. NEW BUILDINCi-S IN THE FASHIONABLE QUARTERS. It is the privilege of New York to possess many fashionable quartei-s. Some of these are ancient and others more modern. ]<]ach in its turn represents some stage of progress iu the growth of the metropolis. It has been customary to regard- as guarlier premier the one iu which the latest improvements are being made, aud where the more ambitious aud progressive of our wealthy citizens seek their residences. It is uo e.xclusive iutelligeuce that the precinct bounded by Forty-secoud and Fifty-ninth streets, Fourth aud Sixth avenues, represents the elite quarter of the perioil. AVhatever prestige may attach to former localities, and whatever glories may be reserved iu further developments of the fashionable element for new localities, it is noteworthy that the best mechanical talent aud the largest representative wealth of the city to¬ day are being centered in this limited parallelo¬ gram. The pulsations of the buildiug interests in this quarter furnish the most reliable diagnosis of the health or sickness of city property interest. There was a time when, through the operation of malign causes, it seemed as though this quarter was likely to be left ■ incomplete or only partly built up. Land owners and builders have found less dilficulty of late years in agi-eeing upon con¬ tracts than had previously been the rule. In consequence extensive projections of private dwellings have been made during the last two J'ears in this quarter. A close and critical inspec¬ tion of these new structures furnishes the cheer¬ ing assurance that hard times have not entirely eliminated taste and spirit from our master builders, and a knowledge of the results which have attended most of theso enterprises furnishes a still more gratifying assurance that the demand for elegant and elaborate residences has uot entirely died out, nor indeed been fully satisfied. We purpose at some futm-e^ time to give our leading master builders the benefit of extended and critical notice in these columns as a merited tribute to their skill, corn-age and matchless enterprise. For the present we shaU content ourselves with a passing review of their several productions. Taking them in the order of streets, i-ather than in the order of merit, we find that on Fortieth street the Messrs. O'Reilly, eminent and well-known builders, have pro¬ duced attractive and lueritorions works. The standard of these builders in respect to quality, style and finish is an exceptionally high one. Their perfoi'mances really leave nothing to be desired iu mechanical or artistic respects. We have the best authority for saying that the axcbitectaral details of their work are elaborated in their own ollice uuder their own direction and supervision. The evidences which their com¬ pleted w-orks furnish of aptitude and success in this direction should silence all cavillers as to the pmcticability or expediency of a builder under¬ taking to master the theoretical principles of his trade. In arranging the floors, iu the furni¬ ture and fitting of houses, in frout elevations, in fact, in all artistic details, the Messrs. O'Reilly certainly exhibit uo deficiency of tulent or handi¬ craft. The best proof of the estimation in which their productions are held by the public may be found iu the readiness of sale which attends them even in these unpropitious times. Ou Fifty-fifth street, between Madison and Fourth avenues, Alderman McCafferty and architect Buckley are just completing four houses that evince care and skill as well as excellent taste in their construc¬ tion. The sixteen-foot house has original features well worth studying. Mr. Buckley is making rapid strides iu his profession, and promises to be among the leadei-s in establishing models of plan and embellishment. The prices whicii have been lately realized by this firm completely dispel tho idea of any great annihilation of values iu choice residence prop¬ ertj'. On the corner of Forty-fifth street and Matiisou avenue there is another block of very massive and elegant houses, also good exponents of the handiwork of this firm. On Fifty-fourth street at the corner of Madison avenue, Daniel Henne-ssy, with the assistance of R. W. Buckley, the architect, has finished a block of five exceed¬ ingly ornate and sumptuous mansions furnished profusely with mirrors, cabinet work and all the appliances of modern fashionable dwellings. Some of these have the dining-room extension, and in addition present neat plant cabinets exposed to the rays of the southerly sun. On Fifty-third street between Fifth and Sixth avenues the Messrs. Talman have finished a block of neat and substantial houses that have met with prompt appreciation on the pirt of the public. In Fifty- fourth and Fifty-sixth streets the Messrs. Lynde have adorned the respective blocks with attractive and comfortable dwellings finished in various kinds of wood displayed w-iih rare taste and workmanship, the pai-lor floors being especially deserving of notice. The vestibules are laid in mosaic tiles, and the fire-grates are executed iu unique designs of highly polished nickel plate and gilt. Pier mirrors and consoles adorn the parlors, the back parlor mantel and mirror frame being wrought in new designs incorporating neat bric- a-brac cabinets. In Madison avenue an imposing block of ten houses is in course of erection under the directorship of Messrs. Duggin & Crossman, embodying many of their distinctive and original features. On Fifty-seventh street Messrs. Ein- stern, Scheftel and Main have each contributed specimens of luxurious and richly finished man¬ sions. On Fifty-eighty street Mr. McManus has recently completed and sold two full sized resi¬ dences which vie in splendor and profusion of details, and in the excellence of their planning with any houses that may be found in the fash¬ ionable quarter. Mr. McKenna is just finishing two imposing and elaborate residences with octagon fronts, at a peculiarly eligible point on this favorite street ^Fifty-eighth) as they will command an imobstructed and permanent view of the Plaza and grand entrance to the Park. On Fifty-eighth street between Madison and Fourth avenues Mr. Chai-les Fox has finished and sold three costly and substantial full sized dwellings. At Sixty-first street and Fifth avenue the outlines of Mr. Bostwick's sumptions mansion are looming up in magnificent proportions and with conspic¬ uous elTect. BUILDERS' BOOK-KEEPING. Few builders are so utterly reckless of c