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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 24, no. 596: August 16, 1879

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Real Estate Record AND BUILDERS' GUIDE. YoL. XXIY. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, AUGUST 16, 1879. No. 59fi. Published Weekly by Cbc Jlccil Estate Secarir ^ssodairau. TERJIS. O.VK YKAIl. in advance.. ..SIO.OO. Coniiiiiinieations should be addressed to C. IK. SWEET, Nos. 345 AND 347 Broadway DIRECTORY OF VACANT LOTS. t Below we give a complete list of all tbe vacant lots on Fifth avenue, from Fifty-ninth street to Highty-sixth street, also ou tbe streets between Thini and Fifth avenues, from Fifty-ninth street to Sixty-ninth street. It is our intention to ex¬ tend tlii.^ until it shall have covered the entire upper portion of tbe East and West side of the city, so that our readers will have at hand ;iii index which will at once enable them to (leterniiiie the number and situation of every vacant lot within tbe boundaries named, rirni AVt:.\ir: fito.-it Kirrv-.N'i.vTir To laoHrv-siXTii STUKET. Bet rilllh and OOtb ats—block—2()()x 11)0. Ik't OOtb and 01st sts—block—•iOOx 100. SecorO-idst, 1(10x100. « e cor ('^:5d st, 27.11 x 100. Bet 0:5d and tilth sts—block—200x100. •2b.~} u 04th st, T.xxlOi). H e cor O.'itli st, .50x100. Hi't ()r,th and OOtb sts—block—200x100. Bet Ot'.th and OTth sts—block—'iOOxlOO. Byt OTth and OSth sts—block—200x100. Bet OSth and 09th sts—block-'iooxlOO. -N' e cor O'.lth st—.5 lots—lOT.4xlT5. Bet Tlst and 7^2d sts—block—•204.4x100. N e cor 72d st, 102.^2xl00. 1(1-2.2 n 72d st, •2.5x100 (with 10 feet alley ou 73d st.) rJT.2nT2st, 4.5.2x1:10. K e cor 7;M st, 32xi:J0. ret 78d and 74tb sts—block—20-1.4x100. IS e cor 74th st, •27.2x1.50. 27.2 n 74th st, 2.5x1.50. S e cor Toth st, 102x100. Bet 7.5th and 70tb sts—block—204.4x100. 51.2 n 70tb st, 1.5oxl00. N e cor 77tb st—7 lots—178.0x100. Bet 7Sth and 7(ltb sts—block—204.8x100. Bet 70th and SOth sts—block—'204.4x100. Bet SOth and Slst sts—block—204.4x100. Bet and S2d sts—block—204.4x100. T\' e cor S'2d st, 27.2x110. •27.2 n S^2d st, 150x110. 8 o cor S:Jd st, 27.2x110. •50.2nS8dst, 20.0x100. 70. S n S:M st, 51x100. 127.S u SM st, 24.0x100. 1.5'2.10 n Sod st, ^2.5x100. •S e cor S4th st. 2.5.8x100. 102.2 n S4tb st, .51x100. 153.2 n S4th st, 24x100. S e cor Soth st, 27.2x100. N 0 cor Sotb st, 25x100. S e cor SOth st, 25.8x100. OS i-n-rv-xtsTii stukkt, uetween- thiuu .\nd Kirni AVEN'Ura. N s, 100 e .5th av. :l00xl00..5. N w cor Madisoii av, 25x100.5. N e cor Madison av, 75x100.5. i^' s, 75 e Madison av, 15x100.5. SIXTIETU STREEX. N s, 100 e 5th av, 300xl00..5. N w cor Madison av, 20x100.5. SIXTY-HK.ST .STUEET. H s, IOO e 5th av, 300x100.5. S e cor Madison av. 20xl00..5. N s, 275 e Sth av, 50x100.5. SIXTV-SECOND STUEET. S s, 100 e nth av, :300xI()O..5. S w cor Madison av, 20x100.5. S s, 100 w 4tb av, 300x100.5. N e cor Madi.son av, 100x100..5. N s, 200 e Madison uv, 50x100.-5. SI-XTV-THIIU) .STUEET, 100e.5thav, 7.5x100..5. 100 e 5th av, •225xl00..5. cor Madison av, 150xl00..5. 150 e Madison av, :i'2xl00..5. 1S2 e Madison av, 18x100.5. 75 w 4th av, 125x102.2. 100e4thav, 2.5xi:].5.:>. 125 e 4th av, 2.5xi:;2.0, 100 e 4tb av, 25xl00..5. Ss, Ns, Se Ss, S.s Ns, Ss, Ss, N.S, Hl.XTY-FOlIUTH .STREET. S s, 100 e .5tb av, .50x100..5. S w cor Madison av, 20x100.5. S s, 20 w Madison av, 100x100.5. N s, 101) e 5th av, 100x100.5. N *;, 245 e .5tb av, 80x100.5. N s, '275 e 5th iiv, 1 •2.5x1 (10. .5. N w cor Madison av, 20.xl(KI.5, S s, UIO e Madison av, 125xl00..5. S s, 20 w 4tb av. 25x100. .5. N s, 2.50 o Madison av, 5O,xI00.,5. N s, 100 e 4th av, '25x100.5. S s, 70 e Lexington av, 75xl00.,5. SIXTV-FUTlI .STREET. S s, IOO e 5th av, :J00xl00.5, S w cor Madison av, 20x100.5. N s, 100 e 5th av, 2.5xl()0..5. N s, 90 w Madison av, 100x100.5. S s, 50 e Madisoii av, .50.^100.5. N e cor Madison av, 25x100.5. S s, 100 e 4tb av, 75x100.5. 8 s, 175 e 4th av, 80xl0()..5. S s, '245 e Lexington av, 15x100.5. S s, '280 0 Lexington av, 15xl00..5. S s, 295 e Lexington av, 2.5xI00..5. SIXTY-SIXTH STREET. S s, 200 e 5tb av, lOOxlPO.5. N s, 100 6 5tb av, 200x100.5. Ns, 100 e Madison av, .50xl00..5. S s, 100 e 4tb av, 17.5xl00..5. SIXTY-.4EVE.\TH .STREEr. S s, 100 e 5tb av, 300x100.5. S w cor Madison av, '20x100.5. N s, IdO e Sth av, 2'25xlO(),5. N .s, 100 e Madison av, 75x100,5. N s, bet Lexington aud 3d avs.—block, SIXTV-EItmTn .STREET. S s. 100 o .5th av, I2.5xl00..5. N s, 100 e Sth av, 300x100.5. N w cor Madison av, 20x100.5. Ss, 100 e Madison av, 75x100,5. SIXTY-NISTH .STREET. S s, 100 e .5th av, 300x100.5. S w cor Madison av, •20x100.5. Ns, 175 e Sthav, 1.50x100.5. N e cor Madison av, 300.x 100.5. N s, 75 e Lexington av, .'.'00x100.5. LEGAL DECISIONS. MECHANICS' LIE.\—husband's COXTHACT—WIFE'S NO.V-LIAHILITY. The Supreme Court of Connecticut has decided the following question : A hiLsband is life tenant of certain land and the wife the owner of the fee thereof, and both live together in a dwelling house which is erected upon the land. The husband employed certain builders to erect two additional buildings of wood on a stone foundation upon the land. The wife knew that the materials were being furnished and the work done, and made no objection thereto. Upon failure of the husband to pay the contract price lor the same, the buildei-s filed a lien against tho property. The court hold, that tho fee of tbe wife could not be holden for tho work. As a pre-requisite to the lien she should hei-self.eitber have made the contract, or have consented to tbe performance of the work, after niformation from the builders that it was not to be done upon the pei^sonal credit of the husband, but upon tho credit of her fee, and that this last would be subject to a lien, in default of payment. It may be assumed that the structure erected upon the land would add to the profit of the life use, and it is therefore to be presumed that the husband was acting solely lor himself and for the benelit of bis particular estate, unless it can be shown that the husband was act¬ ing in fact as the agent for bis wife. Tbe fact that she witnes.sed the execution of tbe work and her making no objection thereto a,ssent- ed to its being done, does not an implied promise on her part to pay for the .same. (JAS KI.XTUUES A.\D HEATER DO NOT PASS WITH HOU.SE. The Supreme Court of Peini.sylvania has de¬ cided that upon the sale of a the gas iix- tures and heater therein, though appurtenant thereto, are to be deemed personal property, and do not pa-ss to a purchaser of the property. It may be shown, however, by p-iro! proof, that pursuant to a collateral agreement between the seller and purchaser, tbe gas fixtures and beater were to pass with the bouse; and this is so not¬ withstanding the fact that tbe contract for the sale of the .same was in writing. It l.t:, therefore, advisable in all contracts for the sjile and pur¬ chase of real property to specify what lixtures or other appurtenances not necessarily realtv are intended to he included in the contract. AUCHITECT AXn BUILDER. Tbe Court of Common Pleas of England has decided the following: The plaintiff was employed to build for a com¬ pany a certain hall, and the defendant was tbe architect thereof, named in the building contract. The action was brought by the builder against tbe architect for not using duo care and skill in ascertaining the amounts to ba paid to :lie build¬ er under tlie contract, which provided, that he was to be paid upon tlio certificato of the archi¬ tect. The contract authorized the architect to order additions or deductions, and bound the builder and tho employing company to leave all disputes to tbo architect for decision, and .such decision to be final and conclusive upon the par¬ ties. The plaintiff claimed that tbe architect did not due care and skill to ascertain in the manner provided by the contract, Avhat was in fact tbo net balance payable to the plaintiff, but that he knowingly or negligently certified for a much less sum than was in fact the net bal¬ ance payable to the plaintilV in respect to the work executed, and that by rea.son thereof, he, the plaintiff, was unalile to obtain paj-nient. The court held, that tbe action was not main¬ tainable, as there was no direct contract between the architect and builder, tho former not being a party to the contract between the company erect¬ ing tbe building and the buildez-, although he was mentioned therein. The architect having exercised b's judgment, and given his opinion on the plaintiff's work, and tlie plaintiff having agreed in bis contract to be bound thereby, could not maintain an action for any mi.skilful or neg¬ ligent performance of that duty iu the absence of proof of fraud on the part of the architect, LAWS OF NEW YOKK, 1879. Ax Act to amend chapter nine buudred and eight of tho law.H of oightetn hundred .and szxty-seven, entitled " An act for the regulation of tenement and lodging-houses in the cities of New York and Brooklyn." Passed June 10,1879; throe-Ilftlis being present. Tbe People of tho State of New York, represented in Senate aud Assembly, do enact as follows : Section 1. Section thirteen of chapter niue hun¬ dred aud eight of the laws of eighteen buudred aud sixty-seven, cutilled " An act for the regula¬ tion of tenement .and lodging-houses in tbo cities of New York and Brooklyn," is hereby amended ao as to road as follows : § 13. It ahall not be lawful hereafter to erect for,