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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 31, no. 774: January 13, 1883: Supplement

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STJiPipniiEiMiEisrT Real Estate Record ^ AND BUILDERS' GUIDE. Vol. XXXI. NEW YORK, JANUAET 13, 1883. No. 774. published Weekly by The Real Estate Record Association TERMS: one: teak, la advance.....$6.00 Communications shoidd be addressed to C. W. SWEET, 191 Broadway J. T. I-INDSEY. Business Manaerer. SALES OF THE WEEK. The following are the sales at Che Exchange Sales¬ room for the week ending January 13r • Indicates that the property described has been 6t above Macomb's dam bridge. Park View House. i\'ith 16 4ai0ii acres. Twenty- fourth Ward Real Estate Aaaoc. (Amt. due, abt $48,3 30).......................____ 25.000 A. H. MULLER & SON. SSth at. 8 S. 310.9 6 ad av. a0sSr.9x50.2i81.B, va¬ cant. Michael Tobln ............... 3,800 48th st, n s, irs e ad av, 35x100.5, vacant. Mlch- aelO'Kcefe............................ 5,400 laOth St. No^. 3!1 and 3i3 K. n e, 50x100.11, three-story brick house and brii k and frame stable on rear. W. Reichert........ 14,600 B. p. FAIRCHTLD. 2d av, ns.380 wSd st, WxinO, Kingsbridge... \ 2dav. ns, 46'1 w 2d st. MOxlOO, King-bridge... ) E. K. Willard. [Ami due, abt $1,1 O*.')........ 375 J. T. BOTD. Broadway, No. 7P1. w s, 2.^x97, three-a'ory brick hou=e. Peorge Wolf, (l.eashold; ground rent and taxea. 81,375 per annum).. 8,100 5th av, e s. 9.53 s 117ih st, 15.9x110, vacant. James Siobo............................ 20,000 J. F. B. ssrvTH. Washington st. No. 661. e8.21s OiTraSsOe, four- storv brick factory building and two-slory brick stable on rear. James Rood......... 10,650 J. T BOYD. eSth at, n s, 20O w llthav. 7Sxl00.5. vacant. Chas. E. Appleby. (Amt. due, abl JEu,700). 4,950 Total........................................$133,777 BKUOKLVN, If. T. In the City of Brooklyn, Messrs. T, A. Kerrigan, J' Cole and Cole & Murphy have made tbe following sales for the week ending January 13: "Henry st. e a, 78.5 s 4tli pi, 40x6.i. Catharine C. Woolsey .............................. $1,200 Union St. s s. 350 e Hoyt st, 30x100. William Maynor. (Morts. 83,500) ................. 4 550 •South 9th st, n a. 69 w 7ih st. 19x105,6s; irreg. Robert Black, (liorts. $5.000)............ Lexingloc av, n s, 100 iv Palchen av. 40x100. I Greene av. H a. 100 w Patchen av, 4JxU10____j Richard Finkey ........................ Lexington av, n a. 140 w Patchen av, 60x100, two-story stable...................... Greene av, a a, 140 v Palchen av, 00x100, two¬ story frame dweli'g................... Ricliard Finkcy.........................'.. 7,950 Van Buren st, n a, 281 w Throop av, 30x100. G. J. Volckeuing........................... 3 170 7,000 8,900 Total .' 827,070 CONVEYANCES. Wherever the letters Q. C. and C. a. O. occur, pre¬ ceded by the name of the grantee 'liey mean as follows 1st—p. C. is an abbreviation for Quit Claim, deed i. e., a deed in which all the right, title and interest of the grantor is conveyed, omitting all covenants or war¬ ranty, Sd—C. a. Q. means a deed containing Covenant against Grantor only, in which he covenants that he halhnot don' any act whereby the estate conveyed may be impeached, cnhri/ed or incumbered. HEW TORR CITY. Jandahy 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11. Bank st. No. l'?3, n s. 268.10 w Greenwich st, runi north 9.j x east 8.10 x north 30.|(i xwest 50.« X south 40 X east 30.7 x south 85 to Bank st, xeast 30.7, three-story brick dweli'g, and two three-story brick dwell'gs on rear. John Gelston, Brooklyn to Richard Davies, New Tork. Dec. 30. * 13,000 Bond ft. No. 17, alley way on rear of premises. Jacob D. Vermilye ana (Clementina Furniss-, exr?. Sophia Fumiss, to Mo-s S. Phillips, Brooklyn. Hee Bleecker st leases. Release Tax lease Jen. 3. ncm Broadway, or Kingsbridge road, s e s, 25 s w Hawthorne st, 25x9fi.y. Darius G. Crosby to Arnold Lustig. Sept. 1. 1,500 Crosby st, ISO. 49, e s, abt 185 n Broome st, 25x inn. The Bank of tbe State of New York to Henry R. Cudlipp. Jan. 10. 12,1100 Same property. Henry R. Cudlipp to Bertha Volkeniiip. Mort. la.OOO. Jan. 10. I3,.^00 Cannon st. No. 129, w s, 120 s Houston st, 20x 100, three-story frame (brick front) sto-e and dweli'g. Morris Spiegel to Jacob Wucher. Dec. 19. 6,500 Same property. Jacob Wucher to Valentine Hill. Mort. $1.5'io. -Dec. 37. 6,f00 Chatham st, No.-^9, a s. 21.1x41.3 to North William st, x 16.10x52.7, two-and-one-half- story frame building. Lorillard Spencer et al, exrs Calh L. Spencer, to Henry Hart. Nov. 9. 23.000 Chatham st. No. 185, ss, 72.S e James st, 38x 58 3 to n s Bowery extensi-rn, x 32.8 x 77.8, three-storv marble front building. Levi A. Lncliwood and ano., exrs. and trustees J. Simpson, toJohn F. and Charles H. Simpson. Jan. 3. 33 000 Cherry st. No. 397, s a, abt 140 e Scammel st, 23 x80, vacant. Henry McCaddin, Jr., Brooklyn, to Matthias M. Dodd, East Orange, N. J. Jan. 3. S.OOO Cherry st. No. 131, s s, J51 e Market slip, 25x 60. Water st, Nos. 446 and 448, n s, 49.8x60x49.10 xbO. Water ft. No. 450, n s, 34.8x60x35.10x6<>. South st, n s, 80 e of lot on n e cor Market st, yOxSO. South st, n s, 60 e of lot on n e cor Market st, 20.'cl60 to Water st. being Nos. y34>.J aud 2.'5 Sou h -st, and 441 and 413 Water st. Subject to mort. $2n,000. Av A, 8 w cor IKHh st, 50.11x75. Morts. $17 0 0. Also property in Brooklyn. Julia M. Poilloii, widow, WiHiim, Cornelius, John E , Anna T. and Mary B. Poillon, heirs C. Poillon. and W. Poillon etal., exrs. C. Poil¬ lon. to Richard Poillon. ^ part. Feb. 1, 1883. nom Canal st, n e cor Elm st. 22x93x33.6x91.6. four- story brick store and factory on Canal st and five-story factory on Elm st. Partition. Willinm A. Boyd to John H. Gerdes. Mort. $13,000. Jan. 9. 43,500 Canal st. n e cor Elm st, 23x92x33.6x91.6, known as No. 113 Elm st. John H. Gerdos to Nich¬ olas Gerdes. K part. J^ of morts. 133,000, Jan. 9. 30,(j6J Duane st. No. 166, sws, 23.6x12.5, four story brick store and dweli'g and one-story brick extension io rear. James C. Bell, Cono- wingo, Md , to Edwin M. Harrijou, Mt. Clare. N J. Jan. 9. 31,000 Eldridge st, No. 77, w s, JOO s Grand st, aSxlOn, ' . flve-story brick store and tenem't. Asher Simon to Bamuel Cohn. Mort. $10,000. Jan. 11. 30,000 East Broadway, No. 85, s s, 136 e Market st, 25x7.T, three-story frame (brick froni) dweil'g. Robert S. Anderson, as trustee C. V. Ander¬ son, dec'd, aud Cornelius E. Anderson, as trustee of tbe trusts, &c., to Levy Blumen¬ tbal. Mort. S5,000. Jan. 1. 10,750 East Broadway, No. 85, s s, 25x7.5. Mary An¬ derson, widow, Brooklyn, William R. And-r- son and Mary E. Montgomery, Brooklyn, Robert S. Andersen, New York, and Corne¬ lius E. Anderson, Rye, N. Y., heirs C. V". Andei-gon. to Levy Blumentbal. Jan. 1. nom Eldridge st. No. I87, w s, 175 1 s Houston st, 34.7xlOllx'M.8xl00, flve-story brick store and tenem't. David J. Stein to Hemy Frey. Mort. $9,000. Jan. 5. 17,250 Edgecombe road, nw cor 162d st, runs n 228.4 to 163d st, X west 7.11 x south 235.1 to 162d st, X east 46 10. Partition. P. T. Ruggles to John S. tSuiphen, Jersey City. Jan. 4. 3,330 Edgecombe road, p e. 269 n centre line 162d st, 63,7xi'^4.llx84.7xiaG4. Partition. P. T. Ruggles to H. Estella Partridge. Jan. 4. 700 Edgecombe K'ad, e a, 33:i.7n centre line 162dst, extended, 10l>xl24.6. Partition. P..T. Rug¬ gles to Fausta Mora. Jan. 4, 1,060 Edgecombe road, es, 632.7 n centreline 162d st, extended, 109.4x130.8x70.2x134.6. Partition. P. T. Ruggles to George S. Lespinasse. Jan, 4. 960 Franklin st, Nos. 9 and 11, s w s, 75 s e Centre et, 42.6x100. lx40.SxlU0.1, vacant. Calvin A. Stevens to Jefferson M.Levy. Mort. $5,100. Jan. li. 13,000 Same property. Jefferson M. Levy to Monis 5. Herrman. Mort. $.5,10n. Jan. 6. 17.000 Grand st, N". 55, s s, 30 e Laurens st, 22x67, three-story biick store. Marks Levy to CliarlesMojris. Mort. S 3 000. Jan. 2. 2;.00O Greenest, No. 103, es, 225n Wpring st, 25x100, flve-story iron front store. Uoinelius A. Ruc¬ kle, 'ssigneeof Jonas Bonneborn & Co., to Isaac Guggenheim. Correction deed. Jan. 2. nom Greenwich st, No. 783, e s, 1.50 s 12th st. runs east 56.5 x south 21.a xwest 55.6toGreen- wich st, X north 21.10, three-story brick dweli'g. Sarah L. James, widow, to Mary Sinnott. Mort. $5,000. Jan. 10. 7,'250 Houiton st, n s, -03.6 e 1st av, runs northeast 35.3 X noriheaii :^3x29.a to 1-t '•t, x west21.5 X southeast 51 x northwest? x southwest 43.10 to Houston st, x east 18.6, No. 193 Houston st, four-ftory brirk store and dweli'g and No. 87 1st st, two-story brick dweli'g. Christina Frank to John Geis. Jan. 2. nom Same property. John Geis to Carl Frank. Mort., &c. Jan. 2. nom Jumel pi, e s, 188.7 s Edgecombe road, 50x90. Partition. P. T. Ruggles to Charles Stocky. Jan. 4. 4i30 Jumel pi, w s, 63.9 s Edgecombe road, 50x100. Partition. P. T. Ruggles to William H. Cochran. Jan. 4. 600 Jumel I'l, w s, 113.9 s Edgecombe road, lOOx "1 100. Audubon av, n w cor 173d st, irOxlOO. Audubon av, e s, 25 n 173d st, 75x95. Parti¬ tion. P. T. Ruggles to Peter W. Sheafer, Potta- ville. Pa. Jan. 4. 3,530 Jumel pi, ws, 241.4 n lG7th st, 125x100. ' 1 174th st, s s, 100 w llth av, lOOxlOO. Parti- J- tion. ) P. T. Ruggles to R. Clarence Dorsett, Hu¬ bert Van Wagenen and Hargaretta Cord. Jan. 4. 2,315 Kingsbi idge road, e s, 77.8 s 171st st, 37.9x77. L1 x2r)xS9. li. Partition. P. T. Ruggles to Mar¬ garet M. McGarr. Jan. 4. 700 Kingsbridge road, s e cor 17.Sd st, 17.3x8.2x 123.4x^5 to 173d st, x 12.5. P. T. Ruggles to Edward Crowley. Jan. 4. 830 Liberty St. No. lu8, s s, 59.10 w Trinity pi., 23.8x53.1x24 6x-i3.10. Cedar st. No. Ill, n s, bet Broadway and Greenwich st, 18.7x60.7x17.10x60.7, flve- story brick (-tone front) store, &c. ThsEquiiable Life Assurance Boc. U. S. to The Phceuix Packing and Kubber Co, Nov. 15. 65,000 Lewis st. No. 87, ws, 140.5 s Stanton st, 18.lx 100, three-story brick store and dweli'g. Meyer L. Sire to Solomon Abrahams. Mort. $4 (jOO. Jan. 6. 6,350 Maiden lane. No. 60 and No. 21 Liberty st, be¬ gins Maiden lane, sws, 32. Ix9;i.5 to Liber¬ ty st X 21.9x95.10, four-story brick storeJf Cedar st. No. 57, n ^, at center line uf alley, runs west23.2x83 Iiix25x8i.3. James E Duff, Brooklyn, to Effingham'i. Nichols, N. Y., Alexander R. T. and .Susan W. Nichols, Faiifield, Conn. Mort. $1.'),000. May 10. nom Same property. George W. Nichnls, Norwalk, Conn, Etfingham H. Nichols, N, Y., Su^un W., Maria a. aud Alexander R. T. Nichols, Fairfield, Conn., to J ames E. Duff, Brooklyn. Mort-'. $15,000. Dec. 7, 1881. nom Morton st. No. 7, n s, 75 w Bleecker st, 25x86.11, five-story brick (stone front) tenem't. John H. Muegge to Julius Boekell. )4 part. Mort. i4 of $10,000. Jan. 6. lo,500 Macdougal st. No. 113, s w cor Minetta" lane, 21.6x77. w-illiam H. Louderbach etal. I exrs. EHk. a. Louderbach, to Elizabeth A. wife of Abraham Quackenbush. Jan. S. 10,£00 Minnetta st, No. 17, e s, 47.5 s Minolta laue, 17.1x.58.10xl7x58.R, three-story brick dweU'g. William 8. L< uderback et al., exr. Eliz.'A. Louderback to George M. Ducker. Jan. 8. 4,-.00 Minetta lane, No. 3, s s, 19.3 e Mmetta st, 19.3x 47.6, three-story brick dweli'g. William S. , Louderback et al., eii-s. Eliz. A. Louder-.' back, to Kate F. wife of Edward St. John Hays. Jan. H. 5,-.iOO Minetta lane, No. 1, s s, 3S.6 e Minetta st, 19.3x