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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 31, no. 775: January 20, 1883: Supplement

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Real Estate Regori AND BUILDERS^ GUIDK Vol. SXXI. NEW TOBK, JANUART 20, 1883. No. 775 Published WeeMy by The Real Estate Record Association TERMS: OiVE TEAB, in advaoce.....$6,00 Communications should be addressed to e. W. SWEET, 191 Broadway J. T. LINDSEY. Business Blanager. SALES OF THE WEEK. The following are the sales at the Exchange Sales¬ room for the week ending January 10: • Indicates thai the property described han been bid in for plaintiff's accou-rt: a, V. HARNETT & CO. Chatham sq, No. S, n e s, 35.isG0.S to Catharine st, xi5.1s61.0; Nos. 5 Chatham sq and 8 Catharine st. fii-eslory brick Btore and dweli'g. H. Irvine. (Leaseiiold lease ex¬ pires May 1, 1883; ground rent, S-3,400 per annum; morts. $15.0(10}... ISlhst, Kos. aaand 37 W., n s, S0sl03.3, two three and four-story brick stores and dwell'gs aud four-story brick factory in rear. E. F. Woodi lUT.......... 3Jd s^ No. Slti W.. s s, ai.0.iOS.9, four-story brick dweli'g. John Eiehii................ 40lh st. No. yn E., s s, 17.3x93.9. four-story stone front dweli'g, Patrick Kenney. (Morts. gj.riOO)............... 76th st, n e cor 9th av. 1 OUxl02.s! "Sincjail- Myers................... 76th st, n s. 100 e 3th av, IOOslOe.2. William Lalor.................. TTlh st, s e cor Sth av. SOslOa.a. wi'liaiuLaior' 77th st, s s, iOe 9ih av, 50x103 2. William Lalor.......... ___.^,., 77th sC, ss, 100 e 9th av, SBsim.n'.' 'Wm! Lalor 77th St. s s, lis e 0th av. 25x103.3. M.A.J. Lynch.................... 77th at. s s, 150 e nth av. 251102,2. Wm. Loio'r' 77th st, s s, 175 e Uth av, 25xloa.S E. P. Fair- child....................................... Naegle av, centre line n Ellwood st,' ioOx3Vl'4 to centre line Hillside st, xl01xi50.4. A. M. Capeu................................. A. H. MULLEK t SON. Division St, No. 169, s s, B6s abt 49, two and one-half-story brick storeand dweli'g. Ot¬ tinger Bros.................... Sherman av, e s, 75 u Ishsm st, 50'xT5!4 'to'jOlh av. x31.Isllu.5. A.M.Capen ............ Sherman av, centreline n Ellwood st, 100x300 A. SI. Capen............................... H. HENRIQUES. Bowery, Nos. 391 and 293, e g. ^3.4 x irreg two, three and four-story brick Germania Assembly Rooms. A. Vanderbeek. (AmounD due, abt SB5,7iO).................. J. T. noYD. 31at st. No. 310 E.. s s, 35x93.9, four stoiv brick store and tenem't. E. A. Pancoaat (Amount due, abt Si5.(iOa) ... ath av, e s, 101 a 123d st, lOsl 16^70x100, vacant' W. C. Lestfir....... Mu!ber.-y st, No. 46. e s, 35.7jcSd.'Bx25,'l's80.'6'.' three-story frame dweil'g and thive storv bnck dweirg in rear. Edward Maher, 155 with av, 75.\i00.11, vacant P F.Eobins............................... ' lOIst st, s E. 193 e Madison av, 75xio6.ll, va¬ cant. Sarah A. Robins___ 107th st, s a, 125 e lOih av. 35.vI28.1li32.'8'x ,„. IOO.n, vacant. F, F. Robin-....... 107th St. s s, 1.50 e 10th av,25xl57.aK33xl2B.ll. vacant. Sarah A. Robins lOthav. 6 3,75.11 n lOUili at, 25x58,11'to'Crotoa 8'15,000 39,5U0 13,100 9,350 83,800 S3,ono 20,5UO 20,000 9,7511 10,0-0 10,0110 10,500 1,000 8,350 500 1,500 ,n.> -A'jueduct, k:i13k81.2, vacant. I Meye 10th av, e 8, adj, 35x39 .o Croton Aqued alx.iH.l], vaca;jt. I Meyur Aqueduct, x flO,000 37,500 .3,000 10,425 7,500 9,000 2,400 2,000 1,775 1,635 '^"^^........................................$430,575 ---------•--------- BEiOOKLViV, N. T. In the City of Brooklyn, Messrs. T. A. Kerrigon, J. Cole and Cole & Murphy have made the following sales for the "-eek ending January 19; Cooper st, ses, 175 sw Evergreen av, 25sl00. Henry Coras ........... ^mn Cooperst. s e s, 125 s w Evergreen av^'sOi: 15312 xlOU.ix irreg. Henr/ Cortis............ G.W 'Herkimer st. s s, 335 w Albany av, 52,8x185 e Jane\au fl'vck ... a ./.n *Oak St. ns, 245 e Franklin st," 's'r.'xioo."'wil- liara Fletcher......... « j^n State St. s s, 135.4 w 3d .av, late Po'wers' 'sV, 15'x 100. AnnE.Nolan................. ' 4 qpo 'South 1st st, s w B, 75 s e nth s^ 25x95 Sarah E. Is. Waite............ ' onoo fclushing av, D s, 410 w Nostrand av, 35xl50' ~' (Jeorge Bums....... 1 rm -Franklin av, n w cor Jefferaoa st,' 30x8'ti,'h'& l' Jonnii,eyserand ano., exrs................ 5 000 '^""^.......................-...J............ 820^ CONVEYANCES, Wherever the letters Q. C. and O. a. G. occur pre¬ ceded by the name of the grantee ihey mean as follows Ist— an abbreviation for Quit Claim deed i. e., a deed in which all the rioht. title and interest of the grantor is conveyed, omitting all covenants or war¬ ranty. •id^C. a. &. means a deed containing Covenant against Grantor only, in which he covenants that he hath not done any act whereby the estate conveyed may be impeaclied, charged or incumbered. SEW TOEE CITY. Jantjart 13, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18. Broadway, No. 57, n w cor Exchange Itrne, 28.6x203.7 to New Church st x 28.5x203.4, five-story stonefront officebuild'g. TheChar- ter Oak Life Ins. Co., Hartford, to Moss S. PhQlips, Brooklyn. Mort. $50,000. Janu¬ ary 11. nocj Broadway, Kos. 345 and 347, and Nos. 93, 9-i ] and 96 Leonard st, begins Broadway s w cor Leonard st, 66x149.3x49.7 to Leonard st, x 156, six-story brick (iron front) store. Broadway, Nos. 305, 307 and 309, n w cor Duane st, 7.5x10.5x7;;.4 to Duane st, xl05, three story brick buildings, j Samuel C. Hale. Boston, Mass., to James E. Collins, Boston, Mass. 1-18 part. Conhrma- tioii deed. Jan. 9. noai Same property. James E. Colling, Boston. Mass., to Susan A. wife of Bamuel C. Hale^ Haverhill, Mass. 1-18 part. Jan. 9. nom Broadway, No. 454, e s. Eobert and Ogden Goelet to Hannah G. Gerry. Jan. 15. 37,500 Broadway, s e cor 5Ist st, 41,7x157.10 to 7th av, x56.2xl58.11, one and two-story frame stove and dweil'g, Benjamin C. Wetmoroto Cath¬ arine A. Lyou. Wee Leasehold Convevances and Projected Buildings. Taxes. Jan. 16. 70,000 Broadway, No. 1,768, s e cor 57th st, 19.6x60.6x 64.11, three-story brick store and dweil'g. Albert Bodiue, adm'r. Mary A. Bodine, de¬ ceased, to Amos R. Eno, Jan. 3. 17,5i>0 Same property. Release judgment. Alfre.l R. Whitney, exr, G. F. Nesbitt, to Albert Bodine, admr. Sept. 27. nom Bowery, No. 163, w s, 135 n Broome st, 25.6x 100, three-story brick store aud dweli'g. George E. Perrin to Peter Steuart. Q. i;. Jau. 12. 100 Bleecker s-t, No. 144, s s 50 w South Sth av, 25x 125, tbree-story brick store aud dweil'g. Foreclosure. Henry E. Davies to Frederick R. and Charles Coudert, joint tenants. Jan. 6- 19,538 Chrystie st, No. 110, e s, 100 n Grand st, 25x100, three-story frame (brick front) store and dweU'g and four-story brick tenem't in rear. Edward O. Burling, Newark, N. J., to Eleanor Burling. C. a. G, Undivided title. Mort. §900. Jan. 13. 1,000 Christopher st, 3 s, 177.9 e Waverley pi, runs south 48.9 X southeast 11.6 x northeast 18.4 x north 41,11 to Christopher st x west 31, No. 14, three-story frame store and dweU'g. Gil¬ bert C. Burns to Mary wife of Henry S. Day. Jan. 11. 7 oOO Division st. No. 115, s s, 85 e Pike st, 25x61, flve-story brick store and tenem't. Parti¬ tion, Wilbur Larremore to Lihan, Florence and Lawience Abraham, as tenants in common. Mort. §9,000. Jan. 2. 17,000 East Broadway, No. 146, n s, 200.S w Rutgers st, 25x61.11, five-story brick store and tenem't. Siebrand Niewenhous to Auke Dooper Morfc £9,000. Sept. 8. iioi-,i Eldridge st, No. 132, e s, 125 s Delancey st, 25x 87.6, five-story brick store and tenem't. Frank Greenvrood to Christian Grotian. Mort. $10,000. Jan. 15. 22,500 Edgecombe road, o s, 1,226.10 s of south boun¬ dary High Bridge Park, 49x130.8 to aqueduct x88,4xl34.6. Partition. Philo T. Buggies to Joseph H. Cain. Jan. 4. 990 Forsyth st. No. 56, e s 51.3 s Hester st, 24.9x 75; also all title to strip adj on north 0.2x75, five-story brick store and tenem't. Catha¬ rine wife of Jacob Marzolf, Heni-y W. Neu- beck, Lisette wife of Edward A. Latermann, Jersey City, and WiUiam Nouheck to Horris and Abraham Cohen. Mort. S8,000. Jan 13. 21,300 Forsyth st. No. 56, e s, 51.3 s Hester st, 34.9x75; also strip adj on n s, 0.3x75. William Neubeck to Harris aud Abraham Cohen. Q. C. Jan¬ uary 15. nom Hemy et, Ho. 87, n e, 85.9 w Pike st, 24.9x100, three-story brick dweil'g. John Hofmann to PhUiip Samuels. Jan. 11. 12,800 Hudson st. No. 175, ws, 33.1 s Vestry st, 23x 100, three-story brick dweil'g and one-story brick milk depjt. George W. AUisou to Amanda C. Moore. Mort. S8,O0O. Janu- aiT 1'- 3,800 Howard st. No. S5, ss, 24S.SeBroadway, 25.10x H'O X 2.5.10 X 100.7, five-story brick store. Charles B. and Henry Delapierre, Broofe;lyu, Aogeliea wife of and James B. Shaw, New Tork, Caroline E. wifeof aud Stephen White, Brooklyn, heirs B. Delapierre, dec'd, Emily Delapierre, Bi'ooklyn, widow and devisee A. Delapierre, dec'd, Angelica wile of and Charies Delnpierre, Brooklyn, Emily Dela^ pierre and ano., exrs. A. Delapien-e, to Ed¬ win M, Taylor. Jan. 1.5, other consid. and 32,500 Horatio st, s s, 90.4 e Hudson st, 20x60.3x20.1 X63.6. Release dower. Mary T. MuUaby, ■widow, to Henrv Tonjes. Jan. 13. .574 Jumel pi, s e cor Sidgecomba road, 113.Txl40.2x 167.1. Partitioo. Philo T. Ruggles to Leon¬ ard Brown. Jan. 4. 1,110 Jumd pi, n w cor 167th st, 166.4x100x101.Sx 119.4. PhUo T. Ruggles to James J. Neaiis. P.irtition. Jan. 4. 1,840 Johust, No. 58, s B, 113 w "WiUiam st, 24.3x91.8 x2'1.4xill.7. five-story atone Iront store. Jo¬ seph Anuin, Brooklyn, to Charles B. T. Bonton, East Orange, N. J. U part. Mort. Kof S35,0U0. Jan. i. . 9,375 Same property. Same to Allena B. PearsaU, Titusville, Pa. }i part. Mort. }4 of $25,000. Jan. 1. 3,125 Mug.-bridge road, e s, 7S n 174 st, ,5S.3xS3.8x 51.8x69. Partition. PhiloT. Ruggles to Ed¬ mund J. Conway. Jan. 4. 1,240 Madison st, No. iJI7, ns, 104.4 w Jefferson st, 26,1x100, three-story brick dwelling. Auna C ti. Mackenzie, exr. aud trustee Cath. C. Stevens, dec'd, to Henrietta wife of Wolf Boroschek. Jan. 11. 6,000 Monroe st, n s, abt 163,8 e Pike st, 25x100. Catharine M., Adolphus D., Frances M. and John H. Pape to Anna H. Pape. Jan. 3. nom Norfolk st, e s, iudeft, ^2x55. Elizabeth Bern- hard, -widow, to Maurice i.evy. Mort, S4,900. Jan. 3. 8,900 Orchard st. No. 143, w s, 50 s Riviugton st, 37x -50.3, five-f-tory brick store aud tenem't. Simon Hay to Fredericka Naumann. Moi-t. §5 000. Jan. 15. 14,000 Prince st, Nos. 103, 105 and 107; n ecor Greene P. Townsend and Edward Tuck. Janu- aiT 15. 127.500 Roosevelt st, Nos, 2.3 and 25, w a, 50x100; No. 23, four-story brick store and tenem't, and two-story brick teuem't ou rear; No. 25, two¬ story brick store and tenem't. Rose H. Brown aud Nellie H. Corey, heu-s W. Heywood, Lydia R. Hevwood, widow, and William 0, Brown, as trustee and exr. "W. Heywood,of Fitchburg, Mass., to The Walter Hevwood Chair Co. G. a. G. impart Morts. §7,500. Jau. 4. noai Washington st, e s, 20 s West 12th st, 4nx7Sx40x 76.3, also property in Albany, Syracuse, &c., two-story brick stable and two two-story frame stables. Charles A. Grymes to Kath¬ arine Emmet, New Rochelle, Ellen J. Em¬ met, Sau Rafael, Col., and Henrietta P. Clarke. Springfield Centre, N. Y. October lO. nom West 3d late Amity st, No, 73, n s, 50 e Thomp¬ son st, 35x90, three-story brick dwelliog. GeoigeLahrto Albert J. Wirth. January 1''- nom baiiie property. Albert J. Wirth to GerU-udo wife of George Lahr. C. a. G. Jan. 17. nom 4th st, Nos. 339-343, n s, 192 w Av D, 64x06, three-story brick building. Edwiu Einstein to John F. Rodman. Jau. 11. 24,000 Same property, John F. Rodman to The Fourth Areuue Presbyterian Church, New Tork. C. a. G. Mort. 5(5,000. Jau. 16. 24,0)0 10th st. No. 387, n s, -37.0 w Av A, 18.9x71. John J. SSchacht to Heni-ietta wife of Chas. A. Schneider. C. a. G, AU liens. Jan. 17 nom Same pi-operty. Chas. A. Schneider to John J rtchaeht. Jan. 16, nom i.lth st. No. 154, s s, 140.6 e Tth av, 20x103.3, three-KLory brick dweU'g, Diederich Pink to Henry J. Fink. Mort. $7,000. Jau. 16. 15,668 14tli st, s s, 13(> e 8th av, 34x103.3. Mary A. wifaof C. VohiuyKiug to Herbert H. Tay¬ lor, Brooklyn, Q. C, ^ part. Oct. 26. nom