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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 31, no. 790: May 5, 1883: Supplement

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Real Estate Record AND BUILDERS' GUIDE. Vol. XXXI. NEW TORE, MAT 5, 1883. Published Weekly by The Real Estate Record Association TERMS; ONE TEAR, [a advauee.....$fi.00 CommunicationB should be addressed to e. W. SWEET. 191 Broadway J. T. IJNDSBY, Buaineas Manager. No. 790 SALES OF THE WEEK. The following are the sales at the Exchange Salea room for the week ending Iday 4: • Indicates that theproperty described has been bed in for plaintiff's account: ISC—y. O. IS an abbreviation for Quit Claim d^ed Ihe'o^alf^ ■" ^"''^'' "J^""" "'i""- titYeandinZestof ran% ^« conveyed, omitting all covenants or war- ■2d-C.a. G. means a deed containing Covenant against Grantor only, in which he covcidnts that he ^.'^1 do'wa"!/ act whereby the estate conveyed may be impeached, charged or incumbered. M- A. J. LYNCH. 130th St No. 47 W., u s, 20x99.11, fourstory brick: Ifitnnn frnnti ^m^iii'™ n tz, vi brick: Fiske {stone front) dweil'g. C. F. D. P. F. MEYEK. 9th av. No. S03, w a. 19.0x64. four-story brick store and tenem't. C. N. Allen........... K. V. HARNETT & CO. Chatham, No. IS2, nws, 24.1x133 6x37x134 9 fourstory brick (iron front) building and store, leased at $3,500 per year and taxes ■ said lease has 7 yeara to rua witli renewal of 31 years. David Kellogg Division st. No. 2iB, n s, I9.53:lUIxl7.4s93' Iwo- atory brick store and dweU'g. Charles Lane. 33,005 10,550 42,000 5,600 500 •S6th at, No, 407, w n s, 25s98.9, flve'-storV brick store and tenem't. Patrick Carroll. (Amt. due abt 86,300)....... n'" , llOth at. Nos. 303 to SITE., n s. I'sOsioo l6' eight four-story stone front tenem'ts. Keuben Ross. (Amt. due abt 561,000) laSdst, No. 4(2 E., s a, 18x100.11, four-storv bnck tenem't. Richard OumminEs (Amt due abt $8,900)......... e . ^a.m6 *145thst. ss. 125 1;. Whitlock av.50xi6b"Lucv CK ■ .J-^ *S ^'^^^^ ^°- Sx 8b.7x26.2x86.7, four-story brick store. Re¬ lease of dower. Mary F. Wheelwright widow, to Mary D. W. Felt and Alice h! Wallace. April 37. nom .?J'^^%-^^' ^"- ^'*'^' ° 3' ^-4 e Marion st, ^ 3x70,3x24.10x71.4, three-story brick house Partition B. F. Romain, Jr., ref., to Geo. Thum, April 28, 14 300 Broome st, No, 400, u s, abt 50 e Marion st, 25'3 X 100x25.3x112.3, two-story and attic brick 80,050 440 174,500 e,600 n. U. SEAMAN. 100 6 Oth av, 100x102.2. W. H. T. K. Steveul V. K." Steven- V. E," Steven' 76th St. n a Guion, . 77th at, s 6 cor 9th ay, 10x102 2 Y'K'k'tf,' vensoQ, Jr.............. ' " 77th at, B s, adj., 25x103.3. son, Jr............... 77th at, 3 a, adj., 35x103.2. son. Jr.............. 77th st, 3 a, adj.. lOOxIM.3.' son, Jr...... 135th St. Nos. 149 and 161 E..ns', 50i99.'ll,'threel story frame (brick front) dweU'g. George G, Greanell. (Amt. due abt «5,700) ....... 38,800 LOUIS MESIER nth av, n w cor I BOth at, SOx abt 14 the block. Uu-ee-atory frame houae and stable. W E b. Huut................ nth av, n e cor 190th st W. E, S. Hunt ... 12th av n e cor 19 tb at, 33s abt ^ the black and one gore lot on n e cor Kinesbridse mart and IBOth St. 26.2x10x28x10. W, E. g. Hi^t 66x130.3x93. l(j]:i 36! 38,800 17.600 8,705 8,710 30,840 9,000 2.400 Total. 3.400 9li,760 BKUOKL¥iy. «. ¥. In the City of Brooklyn, T. A. Kerrigan, have made the followhie sales for the week ending May 4; *^°^'M°Kte^kn^°°'' ^^"'^^ ^*' ^^^^^- "^^'"^ *^**?lanten^' ^^ ^ Carroll'st," 30s66;"john'R. '^"ri"etl'lSf''^'^^''^"^'^'-'^«^l™-''Har- ^^7hJb V°- ^^'i' ^ \^° w sUnerav. 20xibb, Ee7ri ' dweil'g. 'Thos. A! ^*^ Buiir^J^.^. ="*' 'i^:' 19-9i!™.' 'Rice" O. *19tb st, n e a,' ioS^T-'a e Bth'av' 7 lots 'eaph 1^7 X103.3. John P. O'Neill. Kcv?' *^°^ ^^-^ 7 ^'S'er''pa'ln%r?:^ ^ ^'^^ -'■ '^^-^^ ' 14,000 935 1,800 5,010 3,100 000 house. Partitiou. B. f: Romaine, Jr., to John (Jallahan, April 30, 15 400 o'??,?'!,/^,' ^'^- ^^'^' " ^' ^^■^■S 6 Hudson st, 22.bxH43, two-story briclt dweil'g. Johu Mc¬ Curdy, New York, aud Jacob S. Warden Jersey City, N. J., to Maurice Ahern ?j part. Mort. *5,.500. Aprii 2S. 7 uoO Sams property, ^ part, Michael Murphy by John C. McCarthy, guard., to Maurice Aheru. April 3a. 3 500 Same property. Release of dower. Mary F Murphy, widow, to aame. April 2S, nom Broad st. No. 108, u w cor Water st, 31.6x 74.3x3 is(i8.5, flve-story brick warehouse Rofawt A. Chesebrough to William R. Mar¬ tiu. Morts. S4S,000. March 23. 57 500 Broad at. No. 68, n w cor Beaver st, 49.8x66 11 x53x6y.l. four-story brick stoie. Lloyd As¬ pinwall et al., exrs. W. H. Aspiuwali to Edward M. Brown aud Edward A. Seccomb as tenants in commou. Aprils,'). 135 t;oo Broad st. No. 61, s e cor Beaver st, 25s70.10x ay.3x66.10, four-story brick store. Daniel D Lord, Hempstead, L. L, and auo., trusteea, to Catharine T, wife of Henry R. Kuuhardt March 24, 85 000 Barclays!, Nos. 36 and 38,ss, .50x100, flve-story brick (stone front) fetore. Elizabeth Opdyke widow, Emeline O. Btrobell, widow, MaryE' wife George W, Farlee, Wm. 8,, Chas W ' George F. and Henry B, Opdyke, heirs g' Opdyke, to Louis Beuziger, Tompkinsville S. I. April 27. ^ 130,000 Caunou st, Nos. 31 and 33, w s, 125 n Broome st, 50x100, two two-story frame (brick front) dwell'gs and two-story frame stable ou rear Abraham R. Strang, Torl^town, N. Y to Edson Horton. April 14. 9 .500 Columbiast, No. 753^, ws, 60 n Riviugton st.' 20x49.8, Av D, No. 35, w s, 133 s 4th st. 33x90. Christie st. No. 13. w s, 35x77.8. 3d av, e s, 75.3 n 42d st, 35.1x80, ^ of this. Charles D. J, Noelke, Jersey City, to .lohan- na Noelke. Ailtitle. All lieus. April 2T. nom Columbia f.t. No. 109. w s, lOU n Stanton st, 35x ■ lOU, flve-atory briek store and teuem't. Fer¬ dinand Becker to Philipp Weber aud Katha¬ rina his wife. Mort. §8,000, May 1. 18 000 Clinton pi. No. 63, n s, 1110 e 5th av, 25x93.11, fourstory brickdwell'g. Charlea A. Klau- °ftlri ^^-^.u.T^^" ^^-^ ^ ^""^^^ "'Ss west f ;m8 q^^h^ ^^-'t "" "l"'^> ^^-^^ *° Canal at, x east 18,9, three-story bnck store, Joseph B aud Henry MiUer to David W, Bruce et al r«n=f -T ^^ "^^^^^^""^ ^- "^olfe. April 87.30,000 'Ii \%S ^?- ^^*'' ^ "^ ^^'^ Chapel st, 21x52.6x d^x47.4, three-story brick atore and dweli'g. Canal st. No. 388, runs south 55.6 x southweit 7.4 X southeast 5.7 x northwest 1.6 x north¬ east 7 x still northeast .53.9 to Caual st X west 21, three-atory brick store and dweil'g David B. Miller to Jaue B. Sill. All title. *^'i?S(,pl'/"-'J'^\^''* ^'-^ - p---' 'i; W .JxKO, three-story bnck dweil'g. Charles Edel, exr, Emma J. Chovey, to Louis D Sproat. April 30. ^' 9™ Cherry st u s, 30.3 w Market st, runs north 95 X west 15 X nortb 25.6 s west5 x south 12! 7 tip f/'^'V^'^,?"^"^ 20.3, three-storv brick tenem't. Eliza M wife of and Thaddeus A, Suively to Claus H. Klee. Taxes, assessment OijC April ^, t p-n,\ ^^fi'Rjrl!*'r^i°««^^I:/\^''*-*«Cathariue slip, " 16.8x63.6x16.8x63, three-story brick buUd¬ ing with store. "^ 25'"ffi' ^°' ^^^' ^ ^' ^^^''^ ^ Catharine slip, Cherry st. No, 147, s s, adi, 13.6x00 Cherry st. No. 1471..^, adj, 13.6x60. thrte three-story brick dwell'gs Johu Leveridge to Dominick Healy. May I. Dey sfc, No. 13, s a, 113.3 e Church st, 34x91^^** four-story bnck store. Contract. Lewis O 7"^on to Ferdinand Fish, Plainfield, N J April 30, og tAQ East Broadway, ss, 140 w Markefc st 25x75 S Cherry at, n a, 20.3 w Market st, runs north 95 X west 15 X north abt 25.6 x west 5 south 131.7 to Cherry st, x east 20 3 ^9th at, a s, 175 west 10th av, 55x98 9 Wilhani H. Crosby, trusfcee Eliza M, SuivelV formerly Crosby, to Eliza M. Suively. uom East Broadway, No. 167, s s, 52 3 e Rut'^ei-^ ^t 26.1x100, three-storyb^ick'dwen^Be^ujamf,; C. LBveridge to David Korn. torfc. $7,600. Apili ..a. It; Qt;u East Broadway, No. 197, a s, 71.4 e Jeffersou st, 24x87.6, three-story brick dweli'g Cath¬ ariue B Fish, widow, Scarsdale, N. Y to Henry Meyer. April 3(1. ,'o o„n flL'u'v^fi "■.""■ '^^^Hsste'■ st, 19.3xI00'x 19.6x100, flve-sfcory bnck tenem't and five- story brick teuem't on rear. Leopold May to barati Levy. Mort. $7,OU0. April 38 17 000 Essex st, No. 14 30,6x105. ReleLe mort Augusta Rosenthal to Leopold May. April 50x100 No. 11, fcwo-story frame dweli'g and three atory brick shop ou rear; No. 13 fcwo- story frame store and dwell gaud three-story bnck shop aud frame stables on rear Chris tian Bronnemann to Ernest Von Au, Brook¬ lyn. Api'il 30. p.i oc/i Franklin st, u s, 158.11 w Varick st, 3 5x87 3 George F^Slade aod Laura H. Slade, widow to Jacob Wendell. C.a.G. Feb. 8. nom Foisyth st. No. 74, e s. 150 n Hester at, 35x100 fourstory frame (brick front) teuem't and four-story bnck teuem't in rear, Conrad Weber to Edward Zolluer. April 30 l^nnn Porsythst,No. 117, w a, 100 n Come st ix IO(J, three-story brick dw.U'gand three-story bnck teuem't in rear. Maria E, Kissam auH auo., exrs. R, V, Kissam, RooseveT and Adrian Kissatu, Anna wifeof aud Louis C Blake, and said Adrian Kissam, as trustee Mlrch2f' '^''' '° °^°^^^ ^^^i"^^"^- For.sytli st,' No. 59, w s, 35 a Hosier at, rS'^ west 50 X scuth 26 x east 50 to Forsvth st x north - to beginning, four-story bricli store and tenem'fc. Pauline Coheu wifeof Samuel to Harris Jacobs. M. §10,:^00. May I. 14,9( n a. 35 w Cannon sl. Total., 1,000 832,845 berg, Waterbury, Coun., to Charles L. and Caroline L. Vath. }4 part, Q. C. Aprii 21. 2,500 Clinton st. No. 50, e s, 175 s Stanton sfc, 2.5x 100, flve-sfcory brick sfcore and tenem't, and four-atory brick tenem't on rear. August Bergener to John J. Pfeiffer. Mort. $12,500 ^May l.J 2ti,000 -------- M. §10,:^00. Mayl 14 9(0 Grandat, Nos. 5.J6 and 53a, n s. 35 w cLunon sl 25S/5, two three-story brick stores and tenem'ts. Michae Cavanagh to John Stein gester and Heury F Quast, April 27. 15 000 Grand st. No. 490, u s, 50 o Willett st, 35x100 two-story bnck front slores and dweij'gs' Lr«,^'"^',''i5-?';-/- L- Sni-th, to CharlesV. Parfitt. Api-il 16. 16.000 Sameproperty. Isaac P. Sraif.h, Juliet H. wife of Qeorge K Smith, New York, Ada J. and Emdy C. Smifch, Brooklyn, 'heirs EL bmith to same. C. a. G, A.pril 16, nom Grand st, Nos, 413 and 418. n s, 64 w Attorneir I St, 39x100, two fchree-story brick stt^ 3