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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 34, no. 851: July 5, 1884

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® ^^ .. ESTABLISHED^A\ARCH^1^^1868. Db/SjeD to flE/vL Estate , BuiLdTj/g ^CI-flTECTUl^E ,KoTJSEl(0LDDE60Kp0^l,^ BLfsir^ESS A!bTheses of GejIei^rI I^tei\est. The 'Oreat American Problem is How to Make Money Easily and Spend it Wisely, "Entered at the Post Office at New York, N. T., as second-class matter," Vol. XXXIV.—No. 851. NEW TOEK, JIJLT 5,1884. Price, IS €«iit«> P E. LUDLOW (ft 00., Established 1836. KEAIi ESTATE. AUCTIONEERS AND BROKERS, 11 PINE STREET AND 1180 BROADWAY. u h. gammajvjv, eeatj estate, 4 PINE STREET, - - - NEW YORK, j4 W. BOGEBT, Jr., BEAL ESTATE, C F. JAYNE <& 00., MANAGEES OF ESTATES APPRAISERS AND BROKERS. Reference to Owners and Trustees of Property 273 W. 23d STREET, NEW YORK. B, F. JAYNE. A. M. CUDNER JOHN F. B. SMYTH, REAL ESTATE AUCTIONEER AND BROKER, No. Ill BROA.DWAY, 16 EAST 18th ST., - NEW YORK. JACOB APFELL, ^ EEAL ESTATE BEOKEE AND HOUSE AGENT. Many owners and trustees ae references. ____________277 WEiST 23d STREET,_____________ JPBANK R HOUGHTON, -^ 145 BROADWAY, PERSONAL ATTENTION QfV.EN TO THE SALE, RENTAL AND GENERAL MANAGEMENT OF REAL ESTATE. rHAS. S. PECK, ^ REAL ESTATE AGENT, Special Attention to Collections. Also, Entire Oare of Property. No. 40 WEST THIRTIETH STREET, Opp. Wallack's Theatre. Establishbd 1867. rpA. CRUIK8HANK & CO., -"• ESTABLISHED 1794. EEAL ESTATE, 103 BROADWAY, - - - - NEW YORK. nERGMANN & CO., Jj 293, aei, SflU and Sae Avenue B, N. Y, Patentees and authorized manufacturers of EDISON ELECTRIC LIGHT FIXTURES AND APPLIANCES. " Combination Light" Fixtures a specialty. Designs and estimates furnished on application, TARTON& WHITTBMORE, ^ REAL ESTATE & MORTGAGES, Money to loan in any amount on bond and mort¬ gage, at lowest rates and on most favorable terms. 106 BROADWAY, Cor, Pme St., New York._____ #C BAIN >& MABBEY, NORTH RIVER BLUE STONE FLAGGING, &C. 551 TO 555 West 38th Stiibbt, Bet, lOtb & llth Ava, MEW YORK. A L. FAUGHERE & CO., " ' IMPORTERS AND MANUPAOTHRERS, Foreign and Domestic MARBLE FOR INTERIOR WORK 483 and 435 Tth AVENUE NEAR S4Ta BTKRET IXTM. H. JACKSON <& GO., Vr North side UNION SQUARE (31 Bast 17th Street), New York, Designers and Manufacturers of ARTISTIC GRATES, OPEN FIRE-PLACES, FENDERS and FIRE-PLACE NOVELTIES in every style. Importere of TILE. Telephone, 2lBt street. No. 158. Foundriea and Shops, 315 EAST 28th STREET.____________ B 'EST BRANDS OF ENGLISH AND CONTINENTAL POETLAND CEMENTS. ^ ^.■. Iu'rhZ^-English I *■ ''^^^SSrVne. ^"""pFE^i'^Gerinan. ^^^TOfe-VrEIL " JOSSON fi CO.,' Antwerp, | UME OF TEIL. Imported by JAMES BRAND, 66 Beekman Street. New York. Ar.SJr YORE & ROSENDALE CEMENT CO., iV ROSENDALE HYDRAULIC CEMENT. ^p- Warranted superior to any brand of Roaendale Cement manufactured, for noe under or out of water. Especially adapted where tensile and compreaHlve tests are required. Send for pamphlet on tests and EestimonAls, eh owing superior quality of our Cement. HIRAM SNYDER, Secretary, Oface, 329 Broadway, New York. SAYLORS PORTLAND CEMENT. STRONGEST, CHEAPEST, BEST AND ALWAYS FRESH. For sale by all Dealers In Maaons' Mat«rlals, fv / JOHNSON A WILSON, General Agents, \'i "Sole Agents for Styrian Tool Steel for the Unitod Statee and Canada. V-" Send for Few Descriptive Pamphletl SI LIBERTY STREET. NEW YORK. niCHARD V. HARNETT & CO., AUCTIONEERS, . REAL ESTATE BROKERS, 111 Broadway, Trinity Building, N. Y. Rooms D and E, Basement. " Law Telephone 884., p S. TREACY, BEAL ESTATE AGENT, S09 Sixth Avenue, iteab 46Tn Strsbt Property for sale or to let solicited. RENTS COLLECTED. NOTARY FUBLIO. THOMAS <& ECKERSON, REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE BROKERS. Entire charge taken of Estates. Wallace Bddjjibo, 35 W. SOth Street. Wm. M. Thomab, Jno. 0. R. EtoKEESON Commissioner for tfae Slates. Notary Public, pORTER & CO., EEAL ESTATE, 157 EAST 125th STREET. CCOTT & MYERS, AUCTIONEERS AND REAL ESTATE BROKERS, No. 8 PINE STREET. n^ S. CLARKSON & CO., ■*■ • No. 4 PINE STREET. Entire charge of Estates taken. Refer to numerous parties in this oity. HOUSES, STORES, LOTS, FOR SALE AKD RENT JEONARD J. CARPENTER\ ^ KEAL ESTATE, 56 & 58 East 23d St,, Y. M. C. A. Building. Telephone Call 2Ist St., 499. Entire charge taken of property, AMERICAN FLOOR TILES. ■**. Acknowledged by experts bsst in thb World ' Manufactured by the AMERICAN ENCAUSTIC TILING CO. (LIMITED). Office and Saleskooms, 116 W. 23d St. Glazed and Enamelled Tiles for Mantels, Hearths, Wainscoting, Bath Rooms, Furniture and Stove Decorations. Telephone 415 2lBt st, J. S. CONOVEB & CO. Designers a Manufacturers of GRATES, FENDERS AND OPEN FIRE-PLAOEB AND APPURTENANCES. IMPORTEES OF TILES. Designs and estimates furnished. 30 West 23n St. CPANISB TILES "NOLLA'S." The best colors and hardness ever produced n Flooring TUes. Origina Designs for every Work. FERNANDO MIRANDA, Sole Agent in V. B. 92 Liberty Street, THOS. ASPINWALL dt SON, Sole Ageotfl In the United Sta tes for MINT0N8' -^^D TILES Also, the CAMPBELL TILE CO. linporters of Tiles of all descriptions. Mantels Grates, Open Fire-Placer, Fenders, &o. Art Pottery. Send for DeBlgnsand EetlmiteB. * Nos. 75 AND 77 Wbst liSo Stbbkt, N. Y MITCHELL, VANCE tfe 00., ■«* (3AS I'TSTUBaSS, 836 AND B3S Broadwav, New York, OHN TRAQESER, BTEAM COPPER WORKS, 447 to 456 West Twenty-Biith Street. BANUF. OF PLUMBER'S COPPER WOIK ,_