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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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The Record and guide: v. 35, no. 902: June 27, 1885

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June 27, 1885 The Record and Guide. 749 sai.Same properly. Madden fc Deegan ngt same. (Fcb.'8)........................... 184 00 23tSame property. J. F. Davis & Co. agt same. (Feb.'O).......................... 145.33 S.3tSanie property. Moore cSt Hendrix agt same. (Feb. 7)........................ ^0*1 (X) SltNlnety-.seeond st, n s, 205 e Sth av, 2.-)XlOO. Nicholas Breckwedel ag( Alfred Kein- hauer and Isaac and Sam. Untermyer. (Jan. 14,1885).......................... 18i! CO !;6*Fifty-flrst st. s s, abt To or 80 w 4tli av. :r,x l(K]..'i. Ilonlilian & Dwyer agf I'alriek and James MeManns. owners. Ac , and PeterStanton, contractor. (Jime 31, 18.'5) 80 00 25 Seventh av, s e cor 69th st, 103.8x812.^. Johu .1. Schillinger agt Jose F. de Navarro. (Dec. II, 1884)............................. 750 3,' 25 S.'venth av, e s, extdg from 68th to Sdlli st, 211..5x416,9. S.ame agt same as last. (Dec. II, 1884)....................................1,700 00 26 One Hundred and Fourth st, No. 165. n s, 202 w 3d av, 33.8x100. Hiland D. Weeks agt A. Ilem-y aud Thos. Merrigan. ' (Jul.y 0, 18AI).................................... 170 88 26 Sheriff st. Nos. C3 and (35. w s, 150 s Riving¬ ton st. Wm. F. Rohragt Anthony Hughes. (May 12, 1885)............................ 175 50 26 Fi-ankfort st, s e cor Nassau st. S. E. Good¬ win agt Evening Telegraph Assoc. (Nov. 3, 18711, aud Nov. 15, 1880)................. ----- S.3*Konrlh av, n w cor 87tli Kt, .50x1(5. John Ellinger agt Wm. J. Gessner and Wni. Specht. (April 18, 1885) ................ ITO 00 23*Same propert.v. G. C. Liszka agt same. (April 25, 1885).......................... 1C8 00 20^.Same jiroperty. Belletti & Co, agt same. (M.iy 2.5, 188.5).............................1,405 00 tDischarg?d by order of Court. KINGS COUNTY. June 20 to 26—inclusive. Wa,shington st. No. 2,'^3. William /atig ng( Mrs M. A. B. Titus. (I.iou (iled Jnne 21, 'S5| f .300 00 Tenth st, n s, 160 w 5lh .iv, 185x1(10. TatHck O'llara agt Frank H. Bush, owuer, &c. (June II, 18^5l.......................... .58(100 Lincoln road, n s. 470 e Wasliington av, ]25x 30O. Flatbush. John S. Loomis ngt Al¬ bert Bunker, Grace Berg and M. S. Kel¬ logg. (May 23, 1885...................... 231 29 Tenth st, n s, 160 w 5th av, 18.5x100. Burns & .Johnson agt Frank H. and A. V. B. Brush, l.l une 15. 1885)............................ 250 00 The New BuiMing Law, with Notes, a full Index aud Engravings, illustrating the Heights anil Thicknesses of AValls, edited by W. J. Fryer. Jr., will be ready for delivery from this office on Tuesday morning next. Price, 7.5 cents. Send orders at once, as only a limited edition will be published aud price will be advanced to ?1.00 or even more per copy after a certain number are sold. BUILDINGS PROJECTED The first name is that of the on-ner; ar''t stands for architect, m''n for mason and fr for builder. NEW TORK. CITY. SOUTH OF 14th street. Bowery, No. 2S3, one-story brick dweU'g and store, !3:ixl4!).(3 and 147, tin roof; cost, $3,0(10 to $4,000; ow'rs agents, E. A. Cruikshank fc Co., ITU Broadway; ar't, Henry Dudley. Plan 070. Clinton st, No. 14.8, five-storv brick teneni't, 3.5x 83.(), tin roof;, $1!S,0(IO; Edward Harris, 30!) Grand st; ar't, Chas. Rentz. Plan U64. Ludlow .st. No. .5(1, flve-story and basement brick tenem't with stores iu basement and first story, 2.5x71,tin root; cost, .i;10,000; Joseph L. O'Brien, 1)3 Bowery; ar't, E. Jenth. Plan 08.3. Mulberry st, No. 33, five-story brick tenem't with stores, 3.5x68 and 34, rear 41.It, tin roof; cost, $10,000; J. Searle Barclay, ()4 West 3Sth st; ar't, Julius Boekell. Plan 905. Mott st. No. 30, five-story brick tenem't with store, 33x48, rear 3-5, tin roof;, $'.l,.500; .lohn P. Conlon, .301 West 55th st; ar'ts, Berger & Bay¬ lies. Plan 9.15. Suffolk st. No. 20, in rear, four-.story brick work¬ shop, 3.5x34, tin roof; cost, $3,000; Mrs. Theresa Schappert. 503 East 8Sth st; ar't, J. C. Burne; b'r, not selected. Plan 070. Washington st. No. 6.59, five-story brick tene¬ ment, 30x80, tin roof; cost ■514,000; Margaret Shaughnessy, on premises; ar'ts, A. B. Ogden & Son; b'r, P. J. Walsh. Plan 090. 2d av, s e cor 1st st, three fiye-story brick tene¬ ments, two ot which will contain stores on first story, dimensions of coruer house 'W 6.x 63, rear 39. street house •~6.3x.54, rear 31.8, and inside house on av 19.5 x.53, rear 31, tin roofs; cost, corner, $34,000, others .J16,(0U each; Daniel Tier, West¬ chester, N. Y.; ar't, M. Louis Ungrich; built by day's work. Plan 993. BETWEEN 14th AND 59tH STS. ISth st, No. 148 and 150 W., three-story brick stable aud dweil'g, 43.8x89, tin roof; cost, $30,000- H. O'Neill, 149 West SOth st; ar't, M. C. Merritt. Plan 956. 21st st, s s, 50.3 w 2d av, five-story brick tene¬ ment, 39.3x33, tin roof; coKt, $l;l',0()O; J. C. Bremer, 70 Oakland st, Brooklyn, E. D.; ar't, F. Weber; b'r, not selected. Plan 977. 35th st. No. 330 E., five story brick tenem't, 25x 68.9, tin roof; cost, *13.00(l; Emil Klajipert, 33.S East 25th st; ar'ts, Berger & Baylies; b'rs, C. W. Klappert's Sons. Plan 900. 3Sth, lOOe Ilth av, two-stoiy brick sta¬ ble, 35x33, tin rcof; cost, ,S3,000; Latimer E. Jones, 1187 Madison av; ar't, John Braudt. Plan 54th st. No. 619 \Y,, one-story brick dweil'g, 33 x33, tin roof; cost, $5U0; Katharine Schmalz, ou Iiremises; ar't and b'r, Wm. Schmalz. Plan 9()3. 54th st, s s, rear of No. 815 9th av, one-story brick store, glazed frarae front, 17x35, tin roof, ii'on cornice; cost, $400; Francis Blessing, 103 East llflth st; ar'ts, Thom & Wilson; built by day's work. Plan 983. 8th av No. £43, four-story brick store and teneni't, 31.3x75 on first story and 64 above, tin roof; cost, $14,.500; Emma Meier, 303 AV. ESth st; ar't, M. I^ouis Ungrich; b'rs, I'rodger Bros, and Alexander Moore. Plan 979. BETWEEN 59tH AND 135TH STREETS, EAST OF 5th avenue. About SO n 9Sth st, and 50 e 4th av, one-story brick foundry, 39x16.8, tin roof; cost, $4(10; ow'r nnd b'r, Manhattan Railway Co, 71 Brondway. Plan 971. between 59th and 135th streets, west of 8th avenue. 105th st, n s, 100 e 2d av, one-story brick offlce, 15x18, felt and gravel roof; cost, $500; W. H. Burke; ar't, C. Paxttr. Plan 984. 3d av, Nos 1531 and 1.533, two five-story brick tenem'ts with stores, 35,11x90, tin roofs; cost, each, $18,000; Eugene D. Bagen, .533 East 87th st; ar't, Fred'k T. Camp. Plan 991. 99th st. No. 30 W., five-story brick tenera't, 25.^ 83. tin roof; cost, $'35,000; AVin. B. Pettit, 444 AVest 34th st; ar'ts, A. B. Ogdeu & Son. Plan 938. Sth av, w 9, 75 s 94th st, two flve-story brick tenem'ts, 25x75, tin roofs; cost, each, $20,000; ow'r and b'r, Abraham E. Benson, 03 North Moore st; ar't, N. M. AVhipple. Plan 960. Grand Boulevard, e s, 07.4 s 104th st, five-story brick fl'at, 29.7x88, rear 35, tin roof; cost, $34,000; Martha A. Liw.son, .531 AV. 104th st;ar't, M. Louis Ungrich; built by day's work. Plan 978. 73d st, n s, 149.6 e 10th av, five four-story brick (stone front) dwell'gs, 18 and 33x.58,with extensions, tinroofs; cost, each, $-^.5,000; Robert Irwin, 43 AVast4(ith st; ar'ts, Thom & VVilson; b'r, not selected. Plan 968. 105th st, s s, 375 e 10th av, flve-story brick flat, 50x88, tin roof; cost, $55,(I0J; Hoefer & A'incent, 446 AVest 57th st; ar'ts, Thom iS: AVilson; b'r, not selected. Plan 967. loth av, e s, 75 n 9Sth st, two five-story brick flats, 39.5 and 30x86.4, rear 34 and 33, tin roofs; eost, each, $19,000; ow'r and b'r, David Christie, 413 We-t 57th st; ar't, J. F. AVilson. Plan 981. UOth and 135th streets, between 5th anv 8th avenues. 133d st, n's, 75 e 7th av, two three-story and base¬ ment brick dwell'gs, 19 and I.5.3x.54, tinroofs; cost, each, $13,.500; ow'r and b'r, Isaac A. Hopper, 314 West 133d st; ar't, R. S. Townsend. Plau 988. Oth av, s w cor 123d st, nine four-story and base¬ ment brick (stone front) dweU'gs, 19 and "34.8x55, tin roofs; cost, each, $'30,000; A. B. Vandusen, 2039 Sixth av; ar't, Charles H. Beer. Plan 987. north of ]35th street. 141st St. n s, 150 e Sth av, two four-story brick tenem'ts, 2.5.x70, gravel roofs; cost, each, $13,000; Marks. Karr; Mark S. Stevens, b'r and att'y for ow'r, 336 East 137th st; ar't, J. H. Valentme. Plan 9.53. 143d st, n s, 100 e Sth av, four four-story brick tenem'ts, 25x70, gravel roofs; cost, each, $12,000; ow'r, &c., same as last. Plan 954. 146th St. n s, 175 w 10th av, five-story brick ten¬ ement, 25x56, tin roof; cost, $10,000; Murtha Garry, 143d st, west of Sth av; ar't, Jas. S. AVightman; b'r, not selected. Plan 9.5,5. 130th st. No. 103 AV., threestory and basement brick (stone front) dweil'g, 20x53.6, flat and man¬ sard roof of tin, slate aud copper; cost, $14,000; Heury O'Neill, 3'33 AVest .57th st; ar't, AVm. Col¬ lins; b'r, G. H. Hardy; m'n, not selected. Plan 972. 23d and 24th wards. Adams av, w s, ISO s Columbia av, three two¬ story frame dwell'gs, 30x36, shingle roof; cost, each, $3,000; Frank H. AValker, loth av, south of TOth st; ar't, AVm. H. Boylan. Plan 9.59. Lincoln av, n e cor Southern Boulevard, flve- story brick piano factorv, 41x150, tin and slate roof; cost, $30,000; John B. Sinipson, Jr., 13 AVest 139th st; ar'ts, A. B. Ogden & Sou. Plan 901. AVebster av, e s, bet said av and Harlem Rail¬ road, 100 s Welch st, two-story frame stable, 40.x 10, tin roof; cost, $4.50; John Read, Fordham, New York City; b'rs, C. V. Folin & Son. Plan 9.57. AVebst" r av, e s, bet said av and Harlem Rail¬ road, 1.50 s AA'elch st, frame coal sheds, 130x38; cost, $4T5; ow'r, &c., same as last. Plan 958. Intervale av, w s, loO s Home st, two-story franio dweil'g, 18x24, shingle roof; cost, $1,000; Jacob F. Paulsen, Mt. Hope. New York City; ar't, C. C. Churchill; b'r, Louis Falk. Plan 9T3. Morris av, s e cor 103d st, one-story frame shop, 21x25, tin roof; cost, $600; lessee, D. Sturzenegger, 719 North 3d av; ar't and b'r, same as last. Plan 9T4. 154th st. No. 262 E., one story frame stable, ]6x 14, gravel roof; cost, $200; AVm. Landgrebe, 516 Courtlandt av; b'ls, .John Pruserand A. Schienk. Plan 9T.5. 109th st, n s, 300 e Jerome av, one and two-story frame stables, 25x52, felt and gravel roofs; cost, abt $T00; Beverly Smith, 169th st and Jerome av. Plan 9S0. ISTth tt or Sandford st, n s, 1.53 w Thomas av, two-story brick (stone front) dweU'g, '33s33, deck roof tinned, mansard slated; cost, $2,500; AVm. Coogan, 3315 Ryer av, South Fordham; art's, C. V. Folin & Son; b'rs, AV. Coogan and C. A'. Folin. Plan 903. Cambreling av, w s, 307.2 s Union av, two-story franio dweil'g, 20.x35, tin roof; cost, $1,C00; An¬ drew Osterburg, cor Jacob and Arthur sts, For¬ dam; ar't and b'r, Owen Earley. Plan 993. 150th st, s s, 143.10 e Railroad av, two-story frame stable, 10x40, plastic slate roof; cost, $2.50; James O'Connell, 805 AVashiugton st; b'r, AV. L. Fay. Plan 9S9. 151st st, n s, 275 w Courtlandt av, twostory frame tenem't, •.5x.50, tin roof; cost, $6,000; Cliri.s- tina Ludwig, OTT East 153d st; ar'ts, Schmidt & Garwiu; b'r, not selected. Plan 994. Tiuton av. No. 613, oue-.story frame shed, 11 x31, tin roof; cost, $150; Frederick Schwab, Tinton av, cor ISlst st. Plan 986. RIJiGS COCSTT. Plan S91—Ralph av, w s, abt 60 s Chauncy st, one one-story frame schoolroom, 39.9x.';9.9, tin roof; cost, $3..500; Cenlral Congregational Soc; ar't, A. Hill; b'r, B. Linikin. S92—Decatur st, s s, 135 w Lewis av, four two¬ story and basement brick dviell'g.s, 30x43, tin roofs, wooden cornices; cost, each, $5,ii00; Geo. W, Spear, 3.58 Grand av; ar'ts, HaU & Newkirk; b'r, AV. C. Spear. 893—Fulton st, s s, 300 e Howard av, ten three¬ story brown stone (Iwell'gs, 30x50, gravel roof, wooden cornice; cost, each, $('t,000; ow'r and b'r, Thomas Donohue, 103 Stuyvesant av; ar't, B. T. Hobbin. 891— pl, w s, 100 s Herkimer st, one one-story frame stable, 30.0.x30, tin roof; cost, $1.50; George AVeston, 35 Rochester av; b'r, S. Jarvis. 895—Clinton st, w s, 100 s Church st, ono two¬ story frame dweil'g, 3(l.x34, gr,avel roof; cost, $.500; John Hyland, Court sc and Lon-aine st; ar't and br, F. H. Lawreuce. .890—13d st, n s, 350 e 3d av, four two-story aud ba,sement frame (brick fllled) dwell'gs. 16 8x 38, tin root;cost, each, $1,.500; ow'r aud b'r, James Hart, 145 43d st; ar't, S. B. Bogart. SOT—43d st, n s, 316.8 e .3d av, one twostory and basement frame (brick fllled) dweil'g, 13.4x3.5, tin roof; cost, $1,500; ow'r, b'r and ar't, samo as last. 898—Bushwick av. No. 553, e s, 83.7 s Adams st, ono three-story frame (brick filled) store and tenem't, 37.()X.50 and 01.6, tin root; cost, $4,000; ow'r and b'r, Anton Kiesel, 559 Bushwick av; ar't, Th. Engelhardt. 899—Broadway, Nos. 419 and 431, nes, 88 n w Union av, rear ot lot, two twostory brick dweirgs, 25x35, tiu roofs, wooden cornices; cost, $5,000; Caroline Broistedt, 378 Broadway; ar't, Th. Engelhardt; b'rs, Geo. Lehrian's Sous. 900—Broadway, Nos. 419 and 421, two four-story brick stores aud tenem'ts, 25x60, tiu roofs, iron cornices; cost, $10,000; ow'r, ar't aud b'r, same as last. 901—Henry st, n w cor Centre st, one one-story frame dweil'g, 16x18, gravel roof; cost, $100; Pat¬ rick Burk, Court st, cor Bush st. 903—Evergreeu av, e s, 100 s FoiTest st, one one- story frame shed, 01.6x75, tin roof; cost, $1,1100; S. tiebmann's Sons, Forrest st, cor Bremen st; ar't, Th. Engelhardt; b'rs, A. Hofgesang and U. Maurer. 903—Putnam av, n s, 150 w Howard .av, one three-story frame dweil'g, 35x15, liu roof; cost, .$3,800; Mary Kerr; b'r, A. Rutan. 904—South Portland av. No. 181, c s, .500 s Han¬ son pl, one two-story brick and brown stone dweil'g with stable, 35x05, tin roof, irou cornice; cost, $8,000; G. B. AVilson, 31 South Poi'tland av; ar't, W. A. Mundell; b'r, L. W. Seaman, Jr. 905—Greeue av, n w cor Nostrand av, five three-story and basement brown stone dwell'gs, 3().x4.5, tin roofs, iron cornices; cost, each, $I0,5O0; G. H. Benner and L. Zeller, 81 Cedar st, New York; ar't, A. Munch. 900—Uth st. No. 184, s s, TT.IO w 4th av, one tw'o-story and basement brick dweil'g, 30x38.6, tin roof, brick and terra cotta cornice; cost, $4,.50O; Alexander Balmanno, '336 ITth st; ar't, A. J. Staver; b'r, not selected. 90T—ISth st, n s, 130.2 e 10th av, one one-story frarae dweU'g, 20x30, tin roof; cost, $.550; Rich¬ ard Higginson, 511 Sth av; ar't and b'r, Charles VValberl). 908—Delmonico pl, No. 31, e s, 51.8 s Hopkins st, one three-story trame (brick filled) tenem't, 35 X irreg, tin roof; cost, $4,3T0; AVilliam Kolb, Ellery st, cor Delmonico pl; ar't, Th. Engelhardt; b'rs, J. Rueger and J. Fuchs. 909—Hart st, n s, 133 w Marcy av, six two and- a half-story and basemeut brown sti no dwell'gs, 19,6x40, tin roofs, woodeu cornices; cost, each, $5,000; F. R. Boerum, Nostrand av and Vernon av; ar't, I. J. Rej'nolds; b'r, T. E. Greenland. 910—Berkeley pl, s s, 3.59 e Tth av, three three¬ story and basement brown stoue dweU'gs, 19x47.0, tiu roofs, wooden cornices; cost, each, $10,000; Da¬ vid N. Boody, 206 Berkeley pl; ar't aud b'r, E. B. Sturges. 911—Broadway, w s, 25 s Stockton st, one two¬ story franio store and dweU'g, 31.9 and 44.11x31.9, tin root; cost, $1,.500; ow'r and b'r, George Loeff¬ ler, 78 Jefferson st; ar't, P. Holmberg. 913—Starr st. No. 30, bet Central and Hamburg avs, oue two-story frame (brick filled), dweU'g, 35 X.30, tin roof; cost, $'3,0.50; I. Muller, .53 Beaver st; ar't, F. Holmberg; b'r, F. Stemler. 913—A''aret st, s s, 150 e Bushwick av, one three¬ story frame tenem't, 25x.50, tiu roof; cost, $4,000; C. Becker, 146 Varet st; ar't, F. Holmberg; b'r, J, Rueger.