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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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The Record and guide: v. 36, no. 903: July 4, 1885

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# # ^ \/^ Vi ESTABUSHED ®1, ESTABUSHED-^J^ARPH 21^^1868 " Entered at the Posto£fice at New York, N. K, cw secand-dasa matter.^ Vol. XXXYI.—No. 90 J. NEW YOEK» JULY 4, 1885. Price, 15 Cents. K H, LUDLOW & CO., ESTABLISHED 1836. AUCTIONEERS, REAL ESTATE AGENTS AND BROKERS, OFFICE. NO. 11 PINE STREET. TJ H. CAMMANN. EEAIj ESTATE, 4 PINE STREET, - - - NEW YORK. A TF, BOOERT, Jr., EEAL ESTATE, 16 EAST 18th ST., - - - NEW YORK. JACOB AFPELL, ^ EEAL ESTATE BEOKEE AND HOUSE AGENT. Many owners and trustees as references. 377 WEST 2:3d STREET. C F. JAYNE & CO,, MANAGEES OF ESTATES APPRAISERS AND BROKERS. 273 W. 23d STREET, NEW YORK. S F. JAVNK. a. M. CUDNttB. JOHN F. B. SMYTH, REAL ESTATE AUCTIONEER AND BROKER, No. Ill BROADWAY. TELEPHONE, 350 JOHN l^EEDINAND FISH, -*- Late James M. Taylor, No. 149 BROADWAY, Cor. Liberty Street. ALTERATION, IMPROVEMENT & MANAGEMENT OF BUSINESS PROPERTY. E. A. CRUIK8HANK& CO., ESTiBUSHED 1794. EEAL ESTATE, Have removed to 176 Broadway, New York. T)ICHARDS & SA USE, J\ LATE WITH E. H. LUDLOW & CO. REAL ESTATE AGENTS & BROKERS, 3 Pine Street and 1130 Broadway, BKNJ. Richards. Edmond J. Sad3K. Jr. rp JUDSONKILPATRICK, ^ • EEAL ESTATE BROKEE, " Hoffman Arms," 640 Madison Av., cor. 59th St., N. Y. WM. L. GENIN, Notary Public. Money to Loan on Bond and Mortgage. TJIBBARD & DA VIDSON, Jl APPRAISERS, MANAGERS OF ESTATES, INSURANCE & REAL ESTATE BROKERS Builders' Insurance a Specialty. -«14 LEXINGTON AVENUE, COR. 53d STREET. HOMAS EOAN, LOANS ON BOND & MORTGAGE, 135 and 137 Broadway, Room 11. yriTOHELL, VANCE & CO,, 111 GAS I-TXTUUEO, 836 AND 838 Broadway, Nkw York. UTM, H ROOME'S SON, ^^ REAL ESTATE AGENT