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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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The Record and guide: v. 37, no. 945: April 24, 1886

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558 The Record and Guide. April 24, 1886 23.8x35, tin roof; cost. $1,300; Flegenheimer Bros., 309 West 29thst; b'r, WUliam Sehaedler, m'n, not selected. Plan 669. Av B, No. 173, s e cor Ilth st, five-story brick tenem't with store, 25x89, tin roof; cost, $35,000; Maurice Levy, 804 Chatham st; ar't, Ernest W. Greis. Plan 680. Wooster st, No. 158, u-on shed, 65x5, tin roof; cost, $100; ow'r and ar't, WUliam W. Horton, 59 Carmme st; b'r, D. C. McCarthy. Plan 693. BBTVPTKEN 14TH AUD 59TH STS. 33d st, Nos. 225 and 337 W., five-story briek flat with stores, 50x88, tin roof; cost, $37,500; Thomas Morgan, 11.55 Broadway; ar't, E. L. Angell; m'n, S. J. Acken; b'rs, G. A. Post and F. Haas. Plan 655. 43d st, n s, at East River, one-story frame eoal- shed, &e., abt 60x100; cost abt $25,000; lessees. Consumers Coal Co., C. S. Schenck, president, 145 East 46th st; ar't and b'r, B, D, Brown. Plan 653. 50th st, s s, 400 w 9th av, four-story brick Gram¬ mar school, 128x91, tin roof; cost, $110,000; The Mayor, Aldermen and Commonalty, J. E. Sim¬ mons, president. Board of Education, 146 Grand st; ar't, D. J. Stagg. Plan 663. 59th st, s s, 325 e 9th av, two five-story brick flats, 25x89, tin roofs; cost, each, $33,000; James Wetter. 116 West 67th st; ar'ts, A. B. Ogden & Son. Plan 657. 1st av, n e cor 45th st, one and two-story brick abattoir, 100x340, rear 300, with frontage of 80 on 46th st, tin and felt, gravel and cement roof; cost. S100,(K)0; Sehwarszchild & Sulzberger, 1st av and 45th st; ar'ts, A. B. Ogden & Son. Plan 645. 28th st, s s, abt 100 e 1st av, two and three-story brick drug house, 94x36, tin roof; cost. $10,000; New York City Dept. of Charities and Correc¬ tion, 663d av; ar'ts, N. Le Brun & Son. Plan 670. 56th st. No. 510 W., one-story brick stable, 3.5x 95, tin roof, iron and glass skylight; cost, $3,000; lessee, Valentine MuUer, 512 West 56th st; ar't, James W. Cole, Plan 686, 9th av, n e cor 37th st, five-story briek tenem't, with stores, 24.9x96, plastic slate roofing; cost, $30,000; Joseph Stern, 5.3 West 50th st; ar'ts, Thom & WUson; m'n, James Cox; b'r, John P. Moore. Plan 687. 9th av, e s, 24.9 n 37th st, five-story briek tenem't with stores, 24.8x84, plastic slate roofing; cost, $20,000; ow'r, ar'ts and b'rs, same as last. Plan 688. 9th av, e s, 35.5 s 51st st, four-story brick tenem't with store, 3.5x85, rear 30.6, tin roof; cost, $16,000; Charles Lehmann, 754>^ 9th av; ar'ts, Thom & WUson, Plan 689. BETWEEN 59th AND 135TH STREETS, EAST OF 5th avenue. 61st st, n s, 75 e 1st av, five-story brick tenem't 30x65, on front, and two-story brick stable, 30x33, on rear, tin roofs; cost, $12,000 and $3,000; Daw¬ son & Archer, 4 Prospect pi; ar'ts. A, B, Ogden & Son. Plan 6.56. 70th st, n s, 150 e 2d av, four five-story briek tenem'ts, 31x85, tin roofs; cost, each, $25,650; ow'r and ar't, John C. Burne, 1531 3dav; b'rs, not se¬ lected. Plan 650. 113th st, ns, 143 w Av A. five-story brick tenem't with stores, 25x71, tin roof; cost, $12,000; Michael ReUly,' 1976 4th av; ar'ts, N. Le Brun & Son. Plan 646. 117th st, No. 344 E., open shed. 13x34, gravel roof; cost, $50; WUliam Bernhardt, 349 East 117th St. Plan 647. 2d av, w s, 35.6 n 96th st, three five-story briek tenem'ts with stores, 8.5x76, tin roofs; cost, each, $15,000; Thomas Smith, 1704 Istav; ar'ts, A. B. Ogden & Son. Plan 644. 3d av, s w eor 119th st, six five-story briek tenem'ts vnth stores on av, 33.4 to 36x65 to 80, tin roofs; cost, total, $100,000; Mary C. Hoffman, 333 East 124th st, and Francis W. Ford, Demarest, N, J,; ar'ts, Cleverdon & Putzel, Plan 648. 6-2d st, No. 433 E., two-story brick cooper shop, 35x45, gravel roof; cost, $3,500; A. Kjarl Hof¬ mann, 173 East 90th st; ar't, Charles Kinkel. Plan 681. 108th st, s s, 100 e 2d av, open shed for stone cutting, 3'35x80 and 18, gravel roof; cost, $1,000; Francis P, Gray, 546 9th av; ar't, James D, Dar¬ Ung. Plan 664. 108th st, s s, 300 e 3d av, one-story blacksmith's shop, 2.5x24, gravel roof; cost, $400; ow'r and ar't, same as last. Plan 665. 108th st, s s, 325 e 3d av, two-story briek stable, 35x60, gravel roof; cost, $3,000; ow'r and ar't, same as last. Plan 666. lOlst st, n s, 100 w 2d av, four four-story brick tenem'ts. 3.5x65, tin roofs; cost, each, $15,000: Martin Kenney, 1804 3d av; ar't, John C. Burne; b'rs, not selected. Plan 695. ll.5th st, n e cor Lexington av, five-story briek flat with store, 35x96, tin roof; cost, $30,000; John W. Haaren, 338 Greenwich st; ar't, John C. Burne; b'rs, not selected. Plan 694. between 59TH AND 135tH STREETS, WEST OF 8th avenue. 10th av, n e cor 76th st, five-story briek flat, 87 x90, tin roof; cost, $35,000; Robert Morrison, 153 West 53d st; ar't, M. V. B. Ferdon; b'r. W. G. McCormack. Plan 663. 61stst, Nos. 431 and 433 W., fivestory brick (granite and brown stone front) flat, 40x85.9, rear 33, tin roof; cost, $40,000; Michael McDermott, 441 West 6ist st; ar'ts, Thom & Wilson. Plan 671. 72d st, s e cor 10th av, five-story brick (stone front in first story) dweU'g, 30x78, deck roof tinned, mansard slated; cost, $30,00i0; David S. Brovra, 209 East 15th st; ar't, A. B. Jennings. Plan 676. 78d st, s s, 30 e 10th av, five-story brick (stone front on first story) dwell'g, 33.4x65, and exten¬ sion, deck roof tinned, mansard slated; cost, $30,000; Albert S. Roe, 337 West 58th st; ar't, A. B. Jennings. Plan 677. 73d st, s s, 76.8 e 10th av, flve-story brick (stone front on first story) dwell'g, 33.4x65, and exten¬ sion, deck roof tinned, mansard slated; cost, $20,000; Delaplame Brown, 205 East 19th st; ar't, A. B. Jennings. Plan 678. 94th st, s s, 150 w Oth av, three three-story and basement briek (stone front) dwell'gs, 16.8x50, tin roofs; cost, each, $10,000; Abraham Quacken¬ bush, 234 West 38th st; ar't. G. W. Da Cunha, Jr. Plan 684. 83d st, n s, 100 w West End av, four three¬ story brick (stone front) dweU'gs, 16.8x55, tin roofs; cost, each. $8,500; James Slattery, 630 West 84th st; ar't, J. E. Terhune. Plan 693. IIOth and 125th streets, between 5th and 8th avenues. 115th st, n s, 235 w 5th av, shed, 15x12, slate roof; cost, $150; Morris S. Herrman, 9 FrankUn st; ar't. G. W. Da Cunha, Jr. Plan 683. 123d st, Nos. 130 and 133 W., three tbree-story brick (stone front) dweU'gs, 16 and 17x53, tin roofs; cost, each, $15,000; WiUiam A. Martin, 128 West 1^3d st; aa-'t, J. M. Dunn. Plan 673. north of 125th street. 129th st, s s, 125 w Sth av, three five-story brick flats, 3.5x68, and extension 31x31, tin roofs; cost, each, $33,000; Christianna R. Kehoe, 57East 13ist st; ar't, Alfred Kehoe. Plan 6S.5. 134th st, n s, 145 w Brovra pl, three three-story and basement brick dweU'gs, 16.4 and 16.10x45, tin roofs; cost, each, $6,500; Benjamin Weed, 26 Pine st; ar't, J. A. Webster; b'r, James O'Kane. Plan 674. 23d and 34th wards. CoUege av, n e cor Kingsbridge road, two-story frame stable, 36.6x25.6, tin roof; cost, $1,000; John B. Haskin, Fordham. Plan 651. Decatur av, e s, 300 n Cole st, two-story and attic frame dweU'g, 19.3x33, rear 32, shingle roof; cost, $3,000; CorneUa L. Sayre, 350 East 84th st; ar't, T. W. Ringrose; b'rs. Chamberlain & Rich¬ ardson. Plan 6.58. Bainbridge st, n w cor Kingsbridge road, two¬ story frame dweU'g, 30x36, tinroof; cost, $3,000; George W. Howie, Boston road. West Farms; ar't, James Sti-oud, Plan 667. Bainbridge st, w s, 70 n Kingsbridgeroad, rear, one-and-one-half-story frame stable, 3.5x30, shin- fleroof; cost, $500; ow'r and ar't, same as last, lan 668. 134th st, n s, 200 w 7th av, six three-story brick (stone front) dweU'gs, 16.8x50, tin roofs; cost, each, $11,000; ow'r, ar't and b'r, Anthony Mc¬ Reynolds, 125 West 132d st. Plan 675. PrankUn av, No. 1176, frame wagon shed, 28x 16, shingle roof; cost, $100; Thomas S. Morris, 1106 PrankUn av; b'r, Louis Palk. Plan 673. Westchester av, No. 723, s s, abt 100 w Brook av, one-story frame stable, 12x18, gravel and felt roof; cost, $100; Agnes Dertinger, .593 Bergen av; ar't and b'r, G. Dertinger. Plan 683. 169th st, n s, 200 e Pulton av, one-story frame carriage house, 13x30; cost, $300; Frederika Schuh, 837 East 169th st; ar't and b'r, Henry A. Sherwood. Plan 690. Yonkers av, s w cor Van Courtlandt av, two¬ story frame dweU'g, 30x26, tin roof; cost, $1,450; Thomas Totten, Riverdale; ar't and b'r, W. H. Haley; m'n, Joseph Berrie. Plan 691. KIlfGS COUNTY. Plan 575—33d st, s s, 200 e 4th av, one-story frame dweU'g, 24x30, tin roof; cost, $600; M. Mear, 33d st, bet 4th and 5th avs; c'r, W. J. Stout. 576—Louis pl, w s, 98 s Herkimer st, three two¬ story and basement brick dweU'gs, 15.4x40, each, tin roofs, iron cornices; cost, each, $3,600; Pranz Schmidt, East New York; ar't, K. I. Peters; mn, M. J. Reynolds. 577—Fulton st, n s, entire block bet Saratoga and Hopkinson avs, twenty-five three-story brick stores and dweU'gs, one 23.6x103x38 rear, fifteen, 30x53, eight, 19.5x53, one, 19.8x.53, tin roofs, gal¬ vanized iron cornices; total cost, $169,000; B. R. Herbert, 2050 Fulton st; ar't, F. L. Hein; b'r, I. Herbert. 578—Sth av, e s, 87.6 s Lincoln pl, three four- story brown stone double stores and flats, each 88.6x63, tin roofs, wooden cornices; cost, each, $11,000; ow'rs, ar'ts and b'rs, Assip & Buckley, 77 Waverly av. .579—Sth av, e s, 86 s Lincoln pl, three four- story brown stone stores and flats, each 20.6x63, tin roofs, wooden cornices; cost, each $9,000; ow'rs, ar'ts and b'rs, same as above. 580—Putnam av, s s, 76 w Throop av, five two¬ story basement and attic brown stone dweU'gs, each, 19x45, with two-story extensions, tin roofs, wooden cornices; cost, each, $7,000; Jno. Sadding¬ ton, 463 Willoughby av; ar't, P. D. Vrooman. 581—Bushwick av, e s, 30 s Vanderveer st, three two-story frame buildings, each, 20x40, gravel roofs; cost, each, $2,500; G. S. Shelton, 193 Quin¬ cy st; ar't and b'r, A. Wilkinson. 583—Pro.=pect av, n s, 100 e 3d av, one-story frame shop, 10x13, tinroof; cost, $70; Geo. Rem¬ ington, cor Prospect and 3d avs; c'r, Geo. W. Sling¬ erland. 583—McDougal st, e s, 100 e Howard av, three three-story frame (brick fiUed) tenem'ts, each, 35 x55, tin roofs; cost, each $4,500; ow'r and c'r, J. W. Stewai-t, Quincy st near Tompkins av; ar'ts, Platte & Acker. 584—Central av, n w eor Harman st, one-story frame stable and carriage house, 28x20, tin roof; cost, $300; Jno. Bohlen, 614 Humboldt st; c'r, H. Tietjen; ar'ts, Platte & Acker. 585—Amity st. No. 95, n s, 319 w Henry st, one¬ story brick stable, 35x18, tin roof; cost, $50; ow'rs, ar'ts and b'rs, Burns & McCann, 825 Pacific St. 586—St. Mark's pi, three on the s s, and three on n s Warren st, 451 w 5th av, three-sfcory brick dweU'gs, 16.8x45 each, gravel roof, wooden cornices; cost each, $5,500; ow'r and m'n, Chas. H. ColUns, 359 6th av; ar't, J. G. Glover. 587—Lincoln pl, s s, 190 w 8th av, three three¬ story and basement brown stone dweU'gs, each 20x48.6, metal roof, wooden cornices; cost each, $11,000; ow'r ar't and c'r, William Flanigan, 46 Berkeley pl; m'n, Jno. Sharack. 588-40th st, n s, 100 w 3d av, one-story frame stable, 10x14, felt roof; cost, $30; M. Hanrahan, 10153d av. 589—7th av, s e cor Garfield pl. three three¬ story and : basement brown stone dwell'gs, one 19.6x48, two, 18x48, tin roofs, wooden cornices; total cost, $30,000: ow'rs, ar'ts and b'rs, Martin & Lee, 440 Clermont av, 590—Waieott st, n s, 25 e Richard st, one two¬ story frame dwell'g, 20x40, tin roof; cost, $3,450; M. Warty, on premises; m'ns, M. Gibbons & Son. 591—31st, No. 363, one two-stdry frame dwell'g, 35x43, gravel roof; cost, $1,800; Bridget Rasley, 18 Luquer st; c'r, P. Gihrson. 593—Dupont st, n e cor Franklin st, one three¬ story frame paper factory, 25x75, gravel roof; cost, $4,000; H. C. Harney & Co., 117 East 120th st, New York; c'r, R. Gasser; m'ns, Carpenter & Woodruff; ar't, A. Pfeiffer. 593—Utica av, e s, 50 s Bergen st, one two-story frame (brick ffiled) dweU'g, 33xH2, tin roof; coat, $1,.500; Jno. McCormick, 635 Bergen st; c'r, W. H. Barton; ar't, P. W. Ames. 594—Rutledge st, s s; 3'^6 w Harrison av, three three-story brick tenem'ts, 38x60 each, tin roof, wooden and tin cornices; cost, each, $7,000; John Auer, Rutledge st near Harrison av; ar'ts, Platte & Acker. 595—Warren st, No. 499, one four-story brick tenem't, 35x44, tin roof, wooden cornice; cost, $4,.5O0; Jas. McGarry, 491 Warren st; ar't, Robert Dixon; b'r, John Gallagher. 596—Henry st, e s,44n Luquer st, two three-story brick tenem'ts, 87x45, tin roof, wooden cornices; cost, each, $4,000; R. E. Topping, 369 Franklin av; ar't and c'r, M. H. Hawkins. 597—38th st, Nos. 137 and 1373^, 140 e 3d av, two two-story and basement frame dwelUngs, 2(i x36 each, tin roof; cost, $1,800 each; MatUda Goodwm, 133 28th st; ar't and b'r, J. P. M. Good- vsdn. 598—Myrtle av, n s. No. 1231, one-story frame store, 20x18 and 24, tin roof; cost, $300; A. Town- send, 21 East 14th st. New York; cp'r, A. Nelson; ar't, J. E. Dwyer. 599—Ten Ej ck st, n s, 84 e Graham av, one two¬ story frame stable, 16x40, tin roof; cost, $300; Chas. Bieber, eor Graham av and Ten Eyckst; ar't, F. J. Berlenbach, Jr. 600—Graham av, n e cor Ten Eyek st, two three¬ story frame (briek ffiled) tenements (store in cor¬ ner) one, 24x60; one, 16x60; tin roofs; total cost, about $7,000; ow'r and ar't, same as above. 601—Garfield pl, No. 40, s s, 283 w 5th av, one two-story and basement Ijrick dweUing, 16.8x42. tin roof, wooden cornice; cost, $3,800; ow'r, ar't and b'r, T. J. Nash, 43 Garfield pl. 603—Halsey st, eight on s s, and three on n s 350 e Stuyvesant av, two-story and basement brown stone dwelUngs, 18.9x43 each, tin roc fs, wooden cornices; cost each, $4,800; ow'rs aud b'rs, Lambert & Mason, 148 Putnam av; ar't, 1. D. Reynolds. 603—St. Marks av, No. 1038, s s 100 w Scheuec¬ tady av, one-story frame stable, 13x13, board roof; cost, $20; Mrs. D. Peterson, 143 Schenectady av; cp'r, W. MiteheU. 604—3d av, e s, 20 s 28th st, one-story office. 12x 36, tin roof; cost, $250; MatUda Goodwin, 133 38th st; b'r, J. P. M, Goodwin. 605—Hicks st, e s, 2.50 s Joralemon st, one four-story brown stone flat, 50x65x47, rear, gravel roof, wooden cornice; cost. $35,000; G. Reusens, WeUs BuUding, NewYork; ar't, W. M. Coots; b'r, H, D, Southard. 606—5th av, w s, 45 s Butler st, two four-story brick apartment houses, each 20x60. tin roofs, wooden cornice; total cost, $16,00f>; McLaughlin & McConneU, cor Columbia and v'^Tarren sts; ar't. W. M. Coots; m'n, Jno. Donahue. 607—Vanderveer st, n s, 120 e Bushwick av, one two-story frame (brick fllled) dwell'g, 20x33, with extension, 12.6x18, tinroof; cost, $2,500; ow'r and b'r, P. Steinbacker, on premises; ar't, H. VoUweiler. 608—Union st, n s, 80 e 5th av, three four-stoi-}'- brown stone flats, each 20x60; tin roofs, wooden cornices; cost, each, $9,750; William Irvine, 395 9th st; ai-'c, Jno. C. Burne, New York; m'ns, Buchan¬ an & ReUly; c'r, W. J. Conway. 609—Clermont av. No. 141, w s, one three-story brick tenem't, 25x55, tin roof, wooden cornice; cost, $6,300; Martin Brennan, on premises; ar'ts, and b'rs, Assip & Buckley. 610—Varet st. No. 99, one-story frame stable, 13x13, tin roof; cost, $200; B. Gerhard, 99 Varet st; c'r, Jno. Rueger. 611—3d av, e s, 50 n 43d st, one-story frame shop, 18x34, gravel roof; cost, $150; ow'r and c'r, S. B. Bogert, 1045 3d av. 613—6th av, No. 60, 80 feet from Bergen st, one four-story briek tenem't, 20x63, tin roof, wooden cornice; cost, $9,000; Jacob Steiner, 475 Bergen st; ar't. Win. P. Bannester, New York; m'n, Thos. B, Rutan; c'r, Wm. G. Lee. 613—Central pl, w s, 100 s Greene av, four three-story frame (briokfiUed) dweU'gs, each 17x