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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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The Record and guide: v. 39, no. 1002: May 28, 1887

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May 38, 1887 The Record and Guide. 765 Rankin & Ross agfc Randolph N. Meyer, owner and contractor.................... 750 00 25 Palmetto st, Nos. 186-188. Theodore Watts agt P. H. Hill............................... 174 oO 26 President st, s s, 275 w Hicks st, 23x100. Owen Nolen agt Daniel Bayha. (Lien filed June 2,1886.) (Redocketed by order of Supreme Court) ...................... 441 75 26 Atlantic av. n w cor Albany av, 90x89. Roberfc A. Maxwell agfc Louis C. Schliep.. 7 00 26 Same property. Ernest Eggert agt same.. 33 £5 26 TUlary sfc. s s, extends from Washington st to Adams st. Liebman's Building. George James agt H'erman and Louis Liebman and John F. Owings, owner, and The H. Edgar HartweU Co., contractor........ 100 00 27 Putnam av. No. 565, n s, 77.6 w Sumner av, 17.6x100. Shumway & Cofan agt Delinda E.Tracy................................ 162 63 27 Putnam av. No. 571. n s, 25.6 w Sumner av, 17.6x100. Sameagtsame................ 172 67 37 Putnam av, No. 569, n s, 43 w Sumner av, 17.0x100. Same agt same................. 166 67 27 Putnam av. No. 573, n w cor Sumner av, 25.6x100. Sameagtsame................. 730 23 ----------------< 8 »-------- SATISFIED MECHANICS' LIENS. May NBW YORK CITT. 23 Morris av, s e cor 177th st. lOOxlCO. A. B. Mount agfc-----Van Zandt and William J. Martin. (Lien filed May 11, 1887) ........ §40 00 21i-Pike st. No. 87, e s, 61 n South st, 20 ffc fronfc. Pafcrick and Thomas Larkin agfc Joseph Kahn and Michael Mullen. (July 30, '80).. 50 50 24tSame property. William H. Schmohl agt Joseph Kahn and Michael McMuUin. (Aug. 4,1886^.............................. 106 91 24tSame properfcy. Jaraes Matthews agfc same. (Aug. 18,1886).................... 40 60 24 Second av, Nos. 461-465, n w cor 26th st, 49.4 XlOO. Candee & Smith agfc Eiizabefch R. Fielding. (April 19,1887)........... ......1,969 03 9f.*Pearl st, n s, 50.from State st, 50x50.......) ^° Bridge st, s s, 50 from State sfc, 50x50......i Alexander Dugan' agfc Robert A, Chese¬ brough and Jones & Archer. (Feb. 24, 1887)........................................ 716 63 26tSame property. John W. Dexter agfc same. (Mar. 3, 1887)........................... 736 90 26 Same property. Reilly & Guy agfc same. (Mar. 1, 1887)......... .................... 507 03 26tSame property. Julian Lucas agt same. (Feh. 25,1887)......................... 725 00 SCJSame propprty. Nathan Haft agt same. (Mar. 1, 1887)............................... 199 00 20tSame property. Abraham Steers agt same. (Feb. 38, 1887) ............................1,851 19 28tSame property. Charles O. Brown agt same. (Mar. 1, 1887)....................1,805 62 26tSarae property. John P, Johnson agt same. (Mar. 2, 18S7)....................... 870 85 ■y Cancelled of record by order of Court. ^Discharged by order of Court on flUng of bond. ♦ Discharged by depositing amounfc ot lien and in¬ teresfc wifch County Clerk. KINGS COUNTY. May 19 Forty-sixth st, a s, 240 w 4th av, 20x100. Brandt & GiUespie agfc Jennie Bonnell and H. L. Spicer & Son, contractors. (Lien filed May 9, 1887)....................$396 79 24tEldert sfc, e s, 175 s Blake av, 50x100. Earl A. Gillespie agfc William and Charles Buckmann. (AprU 19, 1887)......... ... 70 93 25*Throop av, n w cor Decatur st, 100x75. Elizabeth Lynan, admrx. Peter Lynan, agt C. Betts and H. B. Moore. (May 24, 1H87)....... ............................. 50 00 31 Evergreen av, Nos. 460-468, s cor Linden st. James Degnan agt Thomas Ellsoa. (April 5, 1887) ................................... 53 00 25 Forty-ninth st, n s, 340 e 3d av, 20x100. Olof Mansson agt Owen KeUy. (May 5, 1887) ...................................... 35 00 24 McDonough sfc, No. £95, n s, 90 e Lewis av. Anton Stevens agt Isabella Asche. (Oct. 13, 1886) ............................... 216 00 23 Union sfc. No. 569, n s, 226.6 e Nevins st, 25x 90. Joseph H. Thompson agt John Camp¬ bell, owner, and Robert H, Morrison, (AprU 23, 1887) ........................... 35 00 24 Shepard av, s w cor Blake av, 50x100. Earl A. Gillespie agt Sophia A. Langenberg and Charles Buckman. (April 14. isST)... 110 70 S6 Vernon av, n e cor Throop av, 200x100. Hyde & Gload agt Max HaUheimer, Michael Lewis, Henry Loefiier and George Covert. (Nov. 24, 1885) .................1,100 00 26 Same propertv. Graff & Co. agfc same. (Nov. 30, 1886)............................ 575 00 26 Myrtle av, s s, 25 e Throop av, 175x100, Christian F. Hommel agt same. ^Dec. 13, 1886)......,................................. 52 22 buildinctS projected. The first name is that of the ovmer; ar''t stand for architect, m''n for mason and Vr for builder. NEW YORK CITY. SOUTH OF 14TH STREET. Charles st, No. 89, one flve-story brick tenem't, 85x83, planks covered with tin for roofing; cost, $16,500; R. Jordan, on premises; ar't, E. Gruwe. Plan 1056. 3d av, No. 162, one five-story and basement brick church and dwell'g, 35x85, tin roof; cost, S25,000; Tabernacle Baptist Church, Chairman Board of Trustees, L. H, Biglow, 1 Rutherford pl; ar't, J, Ireland, Plan 1080, East Broadway, No, 258, one fivestory and basement brick tenem't, 23x105, tin roof; cost, 130,000; M. 8. Mayer, 308 East 72d st; ar't, Fred. Ebeling. Plan 1093. Forsyth st. No. 120, one five-story brick and stone tenem't, 35x84, tin roof; cost, $16,000; Franz Waldschmidt, 133 Forsyth st; ar't, Will¬ iam Graul. Plan 1113. Grand st, No. 197. one seven-story brick fac¬ tory, 35.3x88; cost, $33,000; J. H. Screven:; ar't, F. A. Potter. Plan 1107. Market st, s w cor Monroe st; one six-story brick tenem't and store, 18x81, tin roof; cost, abt $16,000; J. Kahn, 2003 Madison av; ar't. E. Kenny. Plan 1111. Washington st, e s, from 13th to 14th st, one flve-story brick store, 306x50; cost, $30,000: Astor estate; ar't, John Jordan. Plan 1071. Water st, Nos. 358 and 354, one flve-story brick, iron and stone factcrv, 33.8x54.9, tin roof; cost, $30,000; Robert Goelet, 591 5th av, and Og¬ den Goelet, 608 5th av; ar't, J. M. Dunn; m'n, Michael Reid. Plan 1066. Av D, No. 77. .one five-story brick tenem't and store, 23x53 and 48, tin roof; cost, $18,000; D. H. McAlpin, 673 5th av; ar't, R. Shapter. Plan 1110. BETWEEN 14th AND 59TH STS. 30th st, s s, 75 e 7th av, one three-story brick stable, 115 and 9.5.3x90.9, tin roof; cost, $45,000; 8ternBros., 33 West 23d st; ar'ts, Wm. Schickel & Co.; b'r, not selected. Plan 1079. 44th st. No. 506 W., one five story brick tenem't, 25x70, tin roof; cost, $15,000; Mary Carey, on premises; ar'ts, Thom & Wilson; b'r, not selected. Plan 1069. 58th st, s p, 140 w 6th av, three four-story and basement brick and stone dweU'gs, two 20.2x56, one 19.8x56, slate and fireproof blocks on man¬ sard, tin on flat roof; cost, abt $11,000 each; C. T. and Helen T. Barney, 10 East 5.5th st; ar't, J. B. Lord; m'ns, McCabe Bros; c'rs, Geo. Mertz & Sons. Plan 1077. 26th st, n s, abt 450 e 1st av, one five-story brick training school for male nurses, 75 and 30.6x80, tin roof; cost, $50,000; City of New York, agent, W. H. Osborn, for D. O. Mills, who is going to erect and donate same; ar'ts, D. & J. Jardine; m'n, C. T. WiUs; c'rs. W. H. Gedney & Son. Plan 1090. 43d st, No. 221 W., one six-story brick and stone private hospital, 20x85, iron, porous terra cotta and tiles on mansard, tin on flat roof; cost, $20,000; Dr. W. Gill Wylie, 40 W. 40th st; ar'ts! Robertson & Manning, 121 East 23d st; m'ns, McCabe Bros.; c'rs. Jeans & Taylor. Plan 1089. llth av^ s 6 cor 35th st, four one-story brick dwell'gs and stores, one 84.9x100, three 84.8x100, felt and gravel roofs; cost, each, $1,200; ow'r and b'r, John Totten, 340 West 49th st; ar'ts, Ungrich & Hauseman. Plan 1103. 16th st, n s, 860.4 e 10th av, two fivestory brick tenem'ts, 20x82, tin roofs; cost, each, $10,COO; ow'r and ar't, Geo. Matthias, SSO Broadway. Flan 1116. S4th st, No. 143 W., one five-story and basement stone dweU'g, 30.10x60, tinroof; cost, $22,000; B. B. Aycrigg, in trust, Passaic, N. J.; ar't, H. F. Kilburn. Plan 1115. 40th st, foot of. North River, one" one-story wood and iron coal shed, 25x100, tin or corrugated iron roof; cost, $500; Appleby estate; agent, C. E. Appleby, 216 West 59th st; lessee, I. R. McPher¬ son, 1014 Vermont av, Washington, D. C, agent for lessee, G. W. Gregory, 318 West 44th st; ar'ts, Axford & Cramer. Plan 1106. bbtwess 59te and 135th btrkbts, bast op 5th avenue. 79th st, n s, 156 w 3d av, one five-story brick and stone tenem't and stores, 44 and 36x89.8, tin roof; eost, $40,000; J. Y. 8. Woolley So Co., 75 East 79fch st; ar't, J. E. Ware; b'r, not selected. Plan 1078. 95th st, n s, 100 e 8d av, nine flve-story tene¬ ments, 25x76, tin roofs; cost, each, $14,000; E. D. Conolly, 675 Lexington av; ar't, J. G. Prague. Plan 1064. 182d st, s s, 105 e 3d av, two flve-story stone tenem'ts with stores, 85x61, tin roofs; cost, eacb, $20,000; John Bannon, 65 East 123d st; ar't, J. C. Burne; c'r, day's work. Plan 1097. 75th st, n s, SO w Lexington av, one three-story brick and terra cotta stable and riding academy, 70 and 69.4x99.4, tin roof; cost, $52,500; T. Pat¬ ten, 44 West 28th st; ar't, G. M. Huss; m'n, C. Callahan; c'r, T Overmgfcon. Plan 1108. , 113thst, n w cor 2d av, two fivestory brick tenem'ts, 25 and 25.7x85 and 96, tin roofs; cost, corner $17,0.0, other $15,0o0; J. C. Ryan, 885 East 73d st; ar'ts, Thom & Wilson; b'r, not se¬ lected. Plan 1105. 5th av, e s, 53.8 n 77th st, two flve-story and basement brick and stone private dwell'gs, 25 aud 17x100, tin iron and flre-proof blocks for rooflng; cost, each; $85,000; W. A. 1 Matbesius, 315 West 36th st; ar't, R. N. Anderson: b'r, not selected. Plan 1117. between 59th and 185th STBBBTS, webt 07 8th avenue. 9fch av, e s, extdg from 94th to 95th st, eigh:^ five-story stone tenem'ts, 35x65, comer 85x70, tin roofs; cost, corners $35,000 each, others $18,000 each; P. McQuade, 1070 Lexington av; art's, A. B. Ogden & Son. Plan 1073. loth av, s e cor 74th st, one six-story brick and stone tenem't, 26x96, tin roof; cost, $40,000; C. A. Fuller, 111 East 75th st; ar't, E. L. AngeU. Plan 1074. 100th st, No. 414 W., one five-story brick tenem't, 35x81.6. tin roof; cost, $18,000; B. K. Murphy, necor 39th st and Othav; ar't, A. E. Hudson; b'r, not selected. Plan 1070. 97th st, n e cor 9th av and 98th st, s e cor 9th av, two five-story brick tenem'ts with stores, 85x 96, tin roofs; cost, each, $30,000; Bella Hoffstadt, 643 Lexington av; ar't, J. C. Burne; c'r, day's work. Plan 1101. 9th av, e s, 25 n 97th st, four five-story brick tenem'ts vnth stores, 25x85, tin roofs; cost, each, $20,000; ow'r and ar't, same as last. Flan 1102. 9th .av, w s, between 90th to 91st st, three flve-story brick tenem'ts, 85.8 and 37.6x96 and 83.4, tin roofs; cost, each, $34,000; O. C Ferris 763 Madison av; ar't, W. B. Tuthill. Plan 1059* 65th st, s s, 175 e 10th av, eleven four-story and basement stone dwell'gs, flve 18 and 19x56, six 19 x56, tin and slate roofs; cost, each, $16,000- J B Edgar, and C. and W. E. FuUer. 13 Hamilton av'- ar'ts, Schneider & Herter. Plan 1114, ' UOth and 135th streets, between 5th and 8th avenues. eth av, s w cor 130th st, flve four-story and basement stone and brick dwell'gs; one 19x61.4 with 8 foot three-story extension; one 20x54 with two-story 7 foot extension; one 80x60 with two-story 7 foot extension; one 20x54 with two¬ story 11 foot extension; one 22.11x46.9 with one¬ story 20.3 extension, tin roofs; cost, abt $20,000 each; ow'r and ar't, C. H. Lindsley, 209 West 123d st; b'r, not selected. Plan 1065. north of 125th street. 127th st, s s, 100 e 7th av, one five-story brick tenem't, 25x60, tin roof; cost, $16,000; I, E Wright, 1983 Madison av; ar'ts, Cleverdon & Putzel. Plan 1060. 134th st, n s, 85 e 6th av, five three-story and basement brick and stone dweU'gs, 87.6x55 flat roofs tin, mansard roof tUes; cost, each, $15,0C0: Lizzie M. Moses, 581 Lorimer st, Brooklvn- ar'fc E. Gandolfo. Plan 1087. J'"> ^^ t. 137th st, n s, 100 e Madison av, one one-story frame stable, 30x13, gravel roof: cost, $250; H A, Cram, 56 Wall st; lessees. Peck, Martin & Co.; c'r, F. A. Scrafford. Plan 1084. 158th st, n e ccr 12th av, one three-story frame dwell'g, 60.4x29, shingle roof; cost, $15,000; Car¬ oline M. Foster, on premises;'ar't, W. M Grin¬ nell. Plan 1063.- ... wm Audubon av, w s, 26.1 n 169th st, three three-story brick dweU'gs. 16.8x55, tin roofs; cost, each $4,000; P. Barry, 175th st and St. Nicholas av; ar't, J. E. Kerby. Plan 1075. 134th st, ss, 175 e 12th av, one one-story brick stable, 30x60, felt roof: cost, $3,000; W A P P Mulford, 316 West 58th St. Plan 1104. ' ' ' 145th st, n e cor Sth av, one elevator 17 6x9 iron roof; cost, $5,000; Manhattan Railroad, 71 Broadway; ar't, company's engineer; m'ns. con¬ tractor. Plan 1067. Sth av, n w cor 126th st, one five-storv brick tenem't and store, 25x96, tin roof; cost, $30,0(n: J. W. Haaren, 338 Greenwich st; ar't, J. C Burne; c'r, day's work. Plan 1098. Sth av, w s, 25 n 126th st, one five-story brick tenem't with store, 85x69, tin roof; cost, $24,( Oit; ow'r, ar't and c'r, same as last. Plan 1099, 126th st, n s, 100 w Sth av, two five-story brick and stone tenem'ts, 25x69. tin roofs; cost, each. $23,000; ow'r, ar't and c'r, same as last. Plan Sth av, n w cor 147th st and Sth av, s w cor 148th st (two on each cor), four five-story brick tenem'ts with stores, 25x71, tin roofs; cost, each $28,000; Harry Graham, 421 East 91st st; ar't, j'. C. Burne; b'r, day's work. Plan 1094. Sth av, w s, 25 n 147th st, six flve-story brick tenem'ts vrtth stores, 35x60, tin roofs; cost, each, $16,000; ow'r, ar't and b'r, same as last. Plan 1093. ft 147th st, n s, and 148th st, s s, 75 w Sth av, four (two on each st) five-story brick tenem'ts, 25x65, tin roofs; cost, each, $17,000; ow'r, ar't and b'r same as last. Plan 1096. ' St. Nicholas av, nwcor 140th st, one two¬ story brick titable. 24.5 and 2411x60, tin roof- cost, $3,000; Anne E. Treacy, 239 West 189th st' ar't, R. H, Treacy, Plan 1109, 23d and 24th wards. Pox st, w s, 479.5 s 167th st, one three-story frame dweU'g, 20x35, tin and shingle roof; cost, $3,000; Catharine Braunsdorf. 308 East 114th st; ar't, M, J, Garvin; b'r, J. Y. Anderson. Plan 1057. Pyne st, w s, 346 s Pelham av, one two-story frame dweU'g, 31x84, felt, tar and gravel roof; Cost, $8,000; Jacob Kleis, 558 East 140th st; ar't. S, P, Saxe. Plan 1083. Sidney st, s e cor Westchester av, one two¬ story frame dweU'g, 16 and 26x32, with 10-foot extension, shingle roof; cost, $3,000; G. L. Stevenson, lllth st and Boulevard; ar't and b'r S. L. Berrian. Plan 1062. 3d st, e s, 50 s 1st av, Woodlawn, one two-story frame dweU'g, shingle roof; cost, $1,300; J. J. Bambis, 29 Stone st; ar't and b'r, S. L. Berrian. Plan 1061. Aqueduct'av, w s, 163 n lS4th st, one two-story frame dwell'g, 43 and 15x41, shingle roof; cost, $6,000; H. W. Camp, Fordham Ridge; ar'ts, J C. Cady & Co.; b'rs,C. V. Folin & Son. Plan 1083. Arthur av, w s, 494 n Kingsbridge road, one two-story frame dweU'g, 18x36, felt, tar and fravel roof; cost, $2,000; J. P. Richardson, 560 last 143d st; ar't, 8. P. Saxe. Plan 1081. Jackson av, e s, 80 s 165th st, three three-story frame dweU'gs (?), tin roofs; cost, each, $3,800; J. W. Decker, 1841 Forest av. Plan loS5. Morris av, w s, abt 133 n Tremont av, one two- and-a-half-story frame dweU'g, 8ix30, extension 13x14, slate roof; cost, $3,C0U; Martin Walter, Vanderbilt and Tremont avs; ar't, J. E. Kerbv Plan 1076. ^ Washington av, No. 1130, one one-story frame stable, 19x18, gravel roof; cost, $150; C. Pfluger 1133 Washington av. Plan 1086, Westchester av, s e cor Main st, rear of lot, one two-story frame barn, 15x30, tin roof; cost, $375; B. Lurch, on premises; ar't and c'r, C. BiUer Plan 1055. 8d.av, Be cor WSth sfc, one onestory brick sfcore, 28.8 and 27.6z5 and 19, tin roof; cost, |800; C.