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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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The Record and guide: v. 40, no. 1007: July 2, 1887

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^ •I « ESTABUSHED-^JS^wipKai^^lSee •Shitered at the Fost-o^Uce at New York, N. F., as second-cUuB nuntter." Vol. XL.—No. 1,007. NEW YORK, JULY 2,1887. Price. 15 Cents. E» m LUDLOW ARTON& WHITTEMORE, •^ REAL ESTATE & MORTGAGES, Money to loan tn any amount on bond and mort¬ gage, at lowest rates and on most favorable terms. 106 BROADWAY. Oor. Pine St.. New York. T>ELLAMY ik WIISAISS, Real Estate Brokers and Auctioneers, No. 66 LIBii.RTY STREET, Loans Negotiated. New York. m: fACKNIQHT FUNTIC STONE CO., MARE THE BEST * ARTIFICIAL STONE AND ASPHALT SIDEWALKS- FLOORS FOR BREWERIES, MALT-HOUSES, STABLES AND CELLARS, WATER AND ACID-PROOF—TUBS. VATS, AC.— DISINTKORATED 8TONK FRONTS AND STOOPS—PERFECTED BUILDING STONE—CHEAPEST AND BEST FIRE-PROOFINO. Office. No. 150 BUUADWAV, Cor Libwriy St. Works. 515 to 519 West 55th Street. New York. T?RANK H. TYLER, ^ REAL ESTATE, INSURANCE AND MORTGAGE LOANS. 1187 FULTON STREET, near Bedford av., BROOKLYN. ____________Estates Carefully Managed.____________ Z& W. RUTHERFURD, • REAL ESTATE AGENTS AND BROKERS, MANAGEE8 OF ESTATES, No. 66 LIBEBTY STREET, - - New York. COTES & LAWRENCE, REAL ESTATE, Northeast comer 9th Avenue and 104th Street, Foot of Elevated Stairs, Telephone Call. Harlem 170. Walter Lawrkncb. Byron 8. Cotes. Members of Real Estate Exchange.________ 8, CONOVER & CO., WORKERS IN BRASS & FORGED IRON. OPEN FIRE PLACES. GRATES & FENDERS. WOOD MANTELS. Tiles for all Purposes. 28 and 30 West 23d Street, • - - New York. 7^ ASP IN WALL & SON, Jt ^ TILES of all descriptions for Floors, Wall* Hearths, Fireplaces and Decoration generally Wood Mantels, Open Fireplaces. Qrates, Brass Fenders. Andirons. Etc Sole Agents for, and only direct Importers of MINTONS'and the CAMPBELL TILE CO '8 TTLICF 76 & 77 W. aSD STREET (Masonic Temple), N. Y. n^HOMAS EGAN, -* LOANS ON BOND & MORTGAGE 185 and 137 Broadway. Room U.__________ Yp ZITTELy REAL ESTATE BROKER, p IQ-^ THIRD AVENUE, * T> u r\M ^ ( 709 Madison Avenue, Branch Offices ^ jj^g Ninth Avenue. J. JACKSON, WM. H., & CO., (EstabUshed, in Front st, I837.) North side UNION SQUARE (31 East 17th Street), New York. Designers and Manufacturers of ARTISTIC GRATES, OPEN FIRE-PLACES, FENDERS and CHIMNEY-PIECE NOVELTIES in every style. Importers of TILE. Telephone, 2l8t Street. No. 158. Foundries and Shops, EAST 28th and 29th STREETS. w EW YORK & ROSENDALE CEMENT CO., ROSENDALE HYDRAULIC CEMENT. ^^Warranted superior to any brand of Rosendale Cement manufactured, for use under or out of water. Especially adapted where tensile and cotnprHHsive testa are required. Send for pamphlet on tests and testimoniala, showing superior quality of our Cement. HIRAM SNYDER, Secretary. Office, 229 Broadway, New York. AYL0R8 PORTLAND CEMENT. STRONGEST, CHEAPEST, BEST AND ALWAYS FRESH. For Sale by all Dealers In Masons* Materials. VVJi ^ 4-N^NSON A WiJ^fiHat.General Ag^e^a-^^^j^^^^^ niCffARD V. HARNETT& CO , AUCTIONEERS, REAL ESTATE BROKERS, 73 LIBERTY STREET. WllUamsburgh City Toe Insurance Company BulldlB)^ ________" Telephone Call John 204."__________ nEO. R. READ, REAL ESTATE, No. 9 PINE STREET, - - New York. (Astor BuUding.) T AROMAS & ECKER80N, * REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE BROKERS Entire charge taken of Estates. Wauaok BtnLDiNQ, 85 W. SOth Street. Wm. M. Thoiua, Jno. 0. R. EoKBBan> Oommlssloner for the States. Notary Public. pORTER & CO., REAL ESTATE, No. 77 Eaat 125th St. near 4tb Avenue, ~cd0TT & MYERS, AUCTIONEERS AND REAL ESTATE BROKEHfe, No. 146 Broadway, cor. Liberty Street, Mutual Life Insurance Company's Old Building TEONARD J. CARPENTER, ^ REAL ESTATE, 41 LIBERTY STREET, BRANCH OFFICE, 1181 So AVENUE. Telephone 477 John. Entire charge of property J. EDOAR LEAYCRAFT. 1544 BROADWAY, Near 46th Street, Branch Office, 1524 3d Avknuk, near 86th Street. Renting and Collecting a Specialty. T|r W. MONTAGUE, ff • REAL ESTATE & INSURANCSr- 202 8th Avenue. 9th Avenue & 81st Street. Sends printed catalogues of several hundred private houses, avenue, flat and tenement properties. Rents Collected. Money to Loan. HAS. S. BRO WN