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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 41, no. 1034: January 7, 1888

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# •^■ ESTABUSHED'W> JSytfipH 21^^ 186 8 ' Entered at the Pott-office at 'New York, N. 7., aa second-clam matter." You XLI.—No. 1,034. NEW YORK, JANUARY 7, 1888. Price, IS CeDta, P H. LUDLOW & CO., '^^ AUCTIONEERS, BEAL ESTATE BROKERS, NO. 11 PINE STREET. ESTABLISHED 1836. TT H. CAMMANN & CO., BEAL ESTATE, Telephone, "John 333." 51 Liberty St., M. Y, TMONA^D J. CARPEHTEB, *^ REAL ESTATE, 41 LIBERTY STREET, BRiNCH OFFICE, 1181 3d AYBNUE. Telephone 477 John. Entlra nhargf nf properly. JACOB APPELL, c/ REAL ESTATE BROKER AND HOUSE AQENT. Telephone caU, 6413Ist St. _____________________277 WEST 23d STREET, pA. GBUIKSHANK& CO., ^* E8TiBIJ3HED 1794. REAL ESTATE, ns BROADWAY, - - - - NEW YORK. niCHAMBS iSi 8AU8E, *^BBAL ESTATE AGENTS & BROKERS, 5>^ PINE STREET. Bkkj, Eichards, Eduond J. Sadsk, Jk. CMTON & WI83MANN, Real Estate Brokers, No, 7B CEDAE STREET. Altrbh Sbton, Jk. F, Dk Rcytbk Wissmann. VBLLAMT <& WIJSAriS, ^ Real Estate Brokers and Auctioneers, No. 66 UBilBTY street, LoaPB Negotiated.____________________New York. P L. PlMRi^ON, *-'• REAL ESTATE AND MORTGAGE LOANS, ISCOBTLAJSDT StRKET, - - - 'NeW YoRK. JOEN L. iJARRIQAN, AUCTIONEER, REAL ESTATE BROKER, No. 65 UBEBTY bTREET, - - - - NEW YORK, (Rooms.) C F, JAYN3 & CO., MANAGERS OF ESTATES AFFRAI8ERS AND BROKERS. 273 W. 23dST. and 59 LIBERTY ST., N Y, 8 F. JaynB-___________________A, M. QpDMgR V'MSBmAND FISH, ■'■ Member Real Estate Exchange. 149 BROADWAY, cor. LIBERTY ST.. NEW YORK, Real Estate. Management and Improvement of Estates, Bualneaa Propertr Snid, Bought and Rented. ViTM. H. ROOME'8 SON, "' REAL ESTATE AGENTtS: BBOXER, Ho. 378 SIXTH AVENUE, NEW YOKE. (Mabonio Tbmplk Bdildibg.) _______________ESTABLISHED 1S52._______________ ■nBOOKLTN UP-TOWN HSADQOABl EBS. jD PAUL 0. GRENINQ. REAL ESTATE Al^ MORTGAGE LOANS Offloee, 420 Qiam Aveoae. andS63 and 1101 Fnlton Street. J}ARTON& WHITTEMORE, -*-' REAL ESTATE & MORTGAGES, Uoitef to loan In any amount on bond and mort¬ gage, at lowest rates and on most favorable terms. IOS BROADWAY. Cor. Fine St., New York. T?RANK H. TYLER, ^ REAL ESTATE, INSURANCE AND MORTGAGE LOANS. 1187 FULTON STREET, near Bedford av.. BROOKLYN. ____________Estates Carefnllr Managed._____________ Z& W, RUTHERFURD, • REAL ESTATE AGENTS AND BROKERS, MANAGERS OF ESTATES, No. 66 LIBERTY STREET. - - New York. nOTES & LAWRENCE, t REAL ESTATE, Northeast corner' 9ih Avenue and 104th Street, Foot of Elevated Stairs. Telephone Call, Harlem ITO, Walter Lawrbncb:. Byron 8. Cotes Members oC Real Estate Exchange. J S. CONOVER & CO., V« WORKERS IN BRASS & FORGED IRON. OPEN FIRE PLACES, GRATES & FENDERS. WOOD MANTELS. Tiles lor all Purposes, as and 30 West S3d Street, - - - Hew York. jyiCHARD y. HARNETT& C^ , AUCTIONEERS, BEAL ESTATE BROKERS, 78 LIBERTY STREET, W^miamsburgh City Fire Insurance Company Bnlld t <■ • " Telephone Call John 204." QEO. R. READ, ' REAL ESTATE, No. 9 FINE STREET, - - New Yort (Astor Bulldhii;.) T^H0MA8& ECKERSON, ' BEAL ESTATE AMD INSURANCE BBOKIi-e Entire oharge taken of Estates. Wallace Bdiuiiho, 35 W, 30th street. Wm. M. TnoHAa, Jho. O. E. Eokbb*-- Oommissioner for the States. Not^y Public pORTER '?^i^°*^ „;„ k^„ *^ HIRAM SNYDER, Secretary. OlHce, 239 Broadway, New 'York. 5AYL0R8 PORTLAND CEMENT. STRONGEST, CHEAPEST, BEST AND ALWAYS FRESH. , For Sale by all Dealers in Masons' Materials. ;/ JOHNSON A WILSON, General Agents. ' Bend tor Deaoriptlye Pamphlet ALDUIOH COURT. *B BROADWAY. NEW YORK. J. J^RANK L. FISHER, ^ REA.L ESTATE 1269 NINTH AVENUE, Near 76th Street T> 1, ) S, W. Corner 73d StreaL aod 9th Avenu'- Branohea. -j ^^3,3 ^jq^jj Avenue. Bet, 99Dh & lOuth air West side prnperty a specialty.___________ AM. .mfCAUSTIC IILE CO. ^± {LitniUd). Patentees and Manufacturers of Plain, Glazed, Pebbled, Inlaid, Emboesed, Decor¬ ated and Mosaic TILES for Floors, W»^ ■!. Fireplaces, Cabinet Work & Architectural Enrichni>-.> lis West 23d Rt.. N. y____________ZBn^°-iii» r.1-^ ~TTEOLA ARCHITECTURAL BRONZE AND H IRON WORKS, I^OULtsOiN iCEatiK, Plain and Ornamental Iron Work, Mett.l Mantels- Graws, Fire Place Fitting*. E(c. Eleciro-fluted and Galvano-Plastic Work. TilioE. North 10th and llthand Brrry Sis,, Brooklyn. E D, aiO and 218 W. 23d St,. New York. 5WARTW0UT dt CO., REAL ESTATI 157 EAST 13fith ST. anda47 WEST ]25t±i8T., N,Y TTT ZITTBL, BEAL ESTATE BROKER, H 1036 THIRD AVENUE. *T, ., /^nl „l 709 Madison Avenue, Branch OfflcBS^ma ujch, __________ nOBERT a FISHER, il MARBLE. GRANITE, ET( . 97 to 103 EAST HOUSTON ST, JOHN TRAOESER, STEAM COPPER WORKS, ii" to 1&S Wnqt Twnty-8lit»> Stre*>ii MANUF, OF PLUMBER'S TOPPER WORK, rT\HOMAS OSBORNE, STEAM STONE WOH* / 9l8t AMD flMd Steebts, East Eivbr. Dealer in American and Imported Marble. Brc" Stone. Nova Sfotia. Ohio nnrl nil nthf- PViv Btone* nOLWELL LEAD CO., ^ PLUMBERS' SDPPLI! 63 Oemre Street and 681 Bth Avenue. New Yon XUDLOW, DAYi&CO., BEAL ESTATE, No. SOS FIFTH AVENUE. NEW YOEK KOTABT POBUO, Telophono 660 a lU.