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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 41 [i.e. 42], no. 1060: July 7, 1888

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@^m will. ESTABLISHED -^WVARCH 21¥^ 1868. " Entered at the Post-office at New York, N. Y., as aecond-citws matter." Vol, XLI.—No. 1,060. NEW YORK, JULY 7, 1888. Prtce, 15 Cents. E. IT, LUDLOW & CO., AUCTIONEERS, REAL ESTATE BROKERS, No. 11 PINE STREET. ESTABUSHED 1836. JJ H. CAMMANN & CO., REAL ESTATE, Telephone, "John328." eiLlbertiySt. N. Y. JEONARD J. CARPENTER, REAL ESTATE, 41 LIBERTY STREET, BaANCH Officc, 1181 Third Av, Telephone, 477 John. Entu-e Charge of Property. JACOB APPELL, ~~ REAL ESTATE BROKER AND HOUSE AGENT. Telephone CaU, 648 21st Street, S77 Wkst 230 Stbkh:!. E. A. CRUIK8HANK & CO., ESTABLISHED 1794. REAL ESTATE, 176 BROADWAY, - - - NEW YORK. TilCHARDS & SA USE, -* *■ REAL ESTATE AGENTS & BROKERS, 5^ PINE STREET. BSHJ. BJCHAans. Edmond J. Sause, Jr. CETON S WJSSMANN, Real Estate Brokers, No. 79 CEDAR STREET. Alfred Seton. Jr. F. De Rctter 'WissMAmi. E. L. PIERSON, REAL ESTATE, AND MORTGAGE LOANS, 18 Cortlandt St., - - New York. E GRACE S. ELY, REAL ESTATE AGENT, No. 33 PINE STREET, N. Y. Branch Office, No. 108 West &8th St. ViTM. CRUIKSHANK, ^^ REAL ESTATE, No. 51 LIBERTY STREET, NEW YORK. (0pp. Mutual Life Insurance Building.) Member Real Estate Exchange & Auction Room (L'd). J'LTOMAS EG AN, ^ LOANS ON BOND & MORTGAGE, 135 and 137 Broadway, Room II. p S. TREACY, Telephone, 39th St.—978. Real Estate. ftra Av. and 63d St. 5. E. JAYNE&CO., MANAGERS OP ESTATES, APPRAISERS AND BROKERS. 278 WEST 38d ST. and 50 LIBERTY ST., N. T. S. F. Jayvb. a. M. Cudnkr. w M. J. ROOME, (Wu. H. Roomb'8 Son.> REAL ESTATE AGENT & BROKER, No. 410 SIXTH AVENUE, NEW YORK. ESTABLISHED 1852. -QROOKL YN UP-TO WN HEADQUARTERS, ^ PAUL C. GRENING, REAL ESTATE AND MORTGAGE LOANS. Offices, 420 Gates At. and 383 and 1101 Fulton St. PAUI. C. QRBNINa. WnilAM P. Rae. 17RANK H. TYLER, ~~~ ^ REAL ESTATE, INSURANCE AND MORTGAGE LOANS. 1188 FULTON STREET, cor. Spencer Place. PKO0K1.VN Estates Carefully Managed. 1J{TALTER LAWRENCE, ^^ REAL ESTATE, Northwest comer Oth Avenue aud 104th Street, Foot of Elevated Stab's. _______Member of Real Estate Exchange._______ -[XT H. HOYT iS:: CO., yy' REAL ESTATE. Hudson River and Suburban Property a Specialty. Send for Catalogue. No. 5 VANDERBn-T AVENUE, opp. Grand Central Depot. Public Telephone 150—39th St. L TANENBA UM, REAL ESTATE BROKER 92 SPRING STREET, Comer Broadway. Entire Charge Taken of Property. J 8. CONOVER &. CO., c/. WORKERS IN BRASS & FORGED IRON, OPEN FIRE-PLACES, GRATES & FENDERS. WOOD MANTEI^. Tiles for aU PurpoBes. 28 and 30 West 33d Street, - - New York. TiEMO VAL. J^ T. ASPINWALL & SON, Tiles, Mantels, Grates, Open Fire-Places, Etc., Have Removed to No. 303 5th Avenue, N. E. Cor. 318t Street. yfA TT TA YLOR PA VING C07, -^" Granolithic, Asphalt, AND PAVEMENTS of ALL DESCRIPTIONS. Importers of Crude and Refined Trinidad Asphalt. Telephone 306 Pearl. Office, 16 STATE STREET. M -AC KNIGHT FLINIIC SI ONE CO., MAKE THE BEST ARTIPICIAl STONE AND ASPHALT SUJEWAtKS—PtOORS FOB BREWBRlBe, MALr-HOOSBB, STABLES AND CELLARS, WATER AND AOro PROOS----TPBB, VATS, AC—DISOI- TBGRATBD STONE FROJJTS AND STOOPS—PER FECTBD BtllLDmO STONE—CHEAPEST AND BEST BTRB-PROOPING. Office, 150 BROADWAY, Cor. Uberty St. Works, 515 to 519 West 55th St.. New York. J ACKSON, WM. H.,& CO., Established, m Front street, I827. North side UNION SQUARE (31 East 17th Street), New York. Dedffners and Manufacturers of ARTISTIC GRATES, OPEN FIRE-PLACES, FENDERS and CHIMNEY-PIECE NOVELTIES in every style. Importers of TILE. Foundries and Shops, EAST a&ra and 29th STREETS. lephone, 21st Street, No. 158. ^__________ JJEW YORK & ROSEN DALE CEMENT CO., ly ROSENDALE HYDRAULIC CEMENT. I^- Warranted superior to any brand of Rosendale Cement manufactured for use under or out of water. Especially adapted where tensile and compressive tests are required. Send for pamphlet on tests and te.'^tiniouials showing superior quality of our Cement HTRAM SNYDER, Secretary. Office, 229 Broadway, New yoru. 5 AY LOR'8 PORTLAND CEMENT. STRONGEST, CHEAPEST, BEST AND ALWAYS FRESH. For sale by all Dealers in Masons' Materials. JOHNSON & WILSON, aENEBAi. Agents, Send tor Descriptive Pamphlet. ALDRICH COURT 45 BROADWAY, New ^ohk. n ICHARD V.HARNEl 1 & CO. AUCTIONEERS, REAL ESTATE BROKERS, 73 LIBERTY STREET. (WiUiamshurgh City Fire Insurance Co. Building) " Telephone Call, John 304." nEO. R. READ, REAL ESTATE, No. 9 PINE STREET, - - New York. (Astor Building). 'THOMAS& ECKERSON, -* REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE BROKERS Enthe Charge taken of Estates. Wallack Building, 36 West 30th Street. Wm. M. Thomas, Jno. C. R. Eckkbson, Commissioner for the States. Notary Public pORTER <& CO., REAL ESTATE, No. 77 East 125th St., near Fourth Avenue. S COTT & MYERS, AUCTIONEERS, AND REAL ESTATE BROKERS, No. 146 Broabway, Cor, Liberty St. (Mutual Life Insurance Co.'s old building 7 EDGAR LEAYCRAE2, REAL ESTATE 1544 BROADWAY, Near 46th Street. Branch Office, 1534 3d Avenue, near 86th Street. Renting and Collecting a Specialty. F RANK L. FISHER, REAL ESTATE, 1269 NINTH AVENUE, near 76th Street. Branch, 1730 Ninth Avenue, bet. 99th and lOOth Sts. West side Property a Specialty. T>ARTON &WIIITTEMORE, -^ REAL ESTATE & MORTGAGES. Money to loan in any amount on bond and mort gage, at lowest rates and oa most favorable terms. 106 BROADWAY, Cor. Pine St., New York. AMERICAN ENCAUSTIC TILING CO. Zl (Limited). "^^ Patentees and Manufacturers of Fr:AtN, Glazed, Pebbled, Inlaid, Embossed, Dbcob- ATED and Mosaic T I L E S for Floors, Wails, Fireplaces, Cabinet work & Architectural Enrichment. 140 West aad St., N. Y._________Zanesville, Ohio. rjECLA ARCHITECTURAL BRONZE AND fj IRONWORKS. POULSON&EGER. Plain and Ornamental Iron Work, Metal Mantels, Grates, Fire-Place Fittin^,Etc. Electro-Plated and Gaivano-Plastic Work, Tiling. North 10th and llth and Berry Sts., Brooklyn, E. D. 216 and 218 W. aSd Street, New York. CWARTWOUT<& CO., ^ REAL ESTATE 157 EAST ie.5TH ST., and 347 WEST 125th St., N. Y ET ZITTEL, ^ • REAL ESTATE BROKER, 10363d Av., Branch Office, 1180 9th Av., N. W. cor. 73d St JOHN J. CODY, tj REAL ESTATE BROKER 1434 THIRD AV., Bet. 81st and 82d Sts. y^OBERT C. FISHER, Jl MARBLE. GRANITE, Etc. 97 TO 103 EAST HOUSTON STREET. JOHN TBAGESEIL ' " STEAM COPPER WORKIS, 447 to 455 West Twenty-sixth Sti'eet. Manufacturer of PLUMBER'S COPPER WORK THOMAS OSBOBNE, STEAM STONE WORKS 91ST and 92d Streets, East River. Dealer in American and Imported Marble, Brown St,>ne, Nova Scotia, Ohio and all other Free Stones. 'roLwellTead go., \j PLUMBERS' SUPPLIES, 6i Centre Street and 681 Sixth Av., New York.