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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 45, no. 1163: June 28, 1890

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ESTABUSHED '^i^M^^H 21^^1868. -'Entered at th« Post-office at New York, N. Y., as second-class matter." Vol. XLV.—No. 1,163. NEW YORK, JUNE 28, 1890. Price, 15 CentH. F JI. LUDLOW & CO., *-^» ESTABLISHED 1886 AUCTIONEERS, REAL RESTATE BROKERS, No.°47 LIBERTY STREET. Brancb Office, BOOJFiFrn Avenuk, N. W. Cor. 42d 8t. TJ H. CAMM AWN & CO., REAL ESTATE, ■Helephone, "[John 328." 51 Liberty St. N. T. J SON AMD J. CAMPEN J EM, J^ REAL ESTATE, 41 LIBERTY STREET, Brakch Offiob, 1181 3d Av. Entire CSiarge of Property D. T. Swainson. A. H. Carpenter. E. E. Carpenter. JACOB APPELL, REAL ESTATE BROKER AND HOUSE AGENT. TelephoBs CaU, 643 Slst Street. 2?7 Wbbt 33d Stkkkt. E. A. CMUIKSHANK & CO., ESTABUSHED 1794. REAL ESTATE, 176 BROADWAY, - - - NEW YORK. QE2VN & WISSMANN, O REAL ESTATE BROKERS, 79 C5BDAB STEEET. Telephone, G84 John. Branch Offlce, 1143 Broadway. Bet. Sfitb and 27lii Sta. Telephone, 904 2Iat. Alfeed Sbton, Jr. F, Db RnrrKB "Wissmann. JJOMACE S. ELY, REAL ESTATE AGENT, No. 64 CEDAR STREET, N. Y. Branch Offlce, No. 108 Weat aSth St. FIELD QMIFFEN & CO., suBUEBAH REALESTATE, Long Island Sound aad Hudson River Property our Specialty. tad STREET (Opp. Grand Central Depot), BOOM fl. PME8DEE & MOOME, REAL ESTATE BROKERS, Sth AVENUE, COE. 87th STREET. INSURANCE. Telephone, 406 Harlem. MOETGAGES. NOTAEt PUBLIC. Homer W. Fresdee.__________Archibald T. Moore. P' 8. TMEACY, • Tel. 39th St.—978. REAL ESTATE. No. 1009 NINTH AVENUE, NEAB 68d STREET. c. J. TRAGESER, STEAM COPPER WORKS, Copper Bath Tubs. " Copper and Galvanized Range Boilers a Specialty. 447 to 455 West Twenty-slath Street. nOLWELL LEAD CO., \J PLUMBERS' SUPPLIES, 63 Centre Street and 681 Sixth Av.. New York. r ROMAS OSBORNE, STEAM STONE WORKS 9l8T AHD 93d Stbbbtb, East Ivivbb. Dealer in American and Imported Marble Brown Btono, Nova Scotia. Ohio and all other Free Stones. 5. F. JAYNE<& CO.. MANAGERS OF ESTATES, APPRAISERS AND BROKERS. 854 WEST aSn ST. and 59 LIBERTY ST., N. Y. B. F. Jaynk. a. M. Cudnbh. 'Jf. /. MOOME, " REAL ESTATE AGENT Sz BROKER, No. 410 SIXTH AVENUE, NEW YORK. ESTABLISHED ISM. w- T^OOKLYN HEADQUARTERS, ^ PAUL C. GRENING, REAL ESTATE AND MORTGA&E LOANS. Offlces, 430 Gatea Av., 1161 Fulton St. and Kingsland Av., Cor. Van Cott Av. 'Walte^Hawmence, ^ yy REAL ESTATE, Northwest comer Sth Avenue ai.d 104th Street, Foot of Elevated Stairs. _________Member of R«al Eatate Exchange._________ r lANENBAUM, ^- REAL ESTATE BROKER, No. 629 BROADWAY, CORNER SPRING STBEET. (Prescott Building.) Entire Charge Taken of Property.__________ pOTIEM <& BMO., 138 Broadway, cor. Cedar St., and 1384 9th Av. MANAGERS OF ESTATES. Large Amounts of Money to Loan at the Lowest Bates. TsLBPHOWBe, 392 John—680 3&th St. A W. Mc LAUGHLIN iSs CO., .^d-t Members Beal Estate Exchange. REAL ESTATE & MORTGAGES, Money to loan at 4, 4!.t and 5 per cent, in any amount, according to security. Estimates promptly made without charee. 146 BROADWAY, Cor. Liberty. Telephone 3793 Cortlandt._____________ ALDEN & STERNE, REAL ESTATE, 9 EAST 14th ST., NEW YORK Members of the Real Eatate Exchange. ZMED'K SO UIHACK, I' REAL ESTATE. pro. who Main Office, 40l'BROADWAY. Branch Office. Ill BROA WAY. M^T^ y^ ^^OM PA VING CO., itt GRANOLITHIC, ASPHALT, AND PAVEMENTS of ALL DESCRIPTIONS. Importers of Crude and Keflned Trinidad Asphalt. Telephone 306 Pearl. Office, 15 STATE STREET. m: ■AO KNIGHl FLINIIC SIONE CO., M«gg THB BEST ABTIFIOIAL STONB SmBWAliKS AHD COBB—BaBWBBY MAIA^HOUSB, OELnAH, stable and OTBBH PLOOB8 —WATBEANU AOro-PEOOB TUBS, TATS, «C.—CHEAPB8T AND BEST FTRB-PttOOFIHQ.—ALBO COUBIKBD FLINTIC STOHK AMD ABPHALTEOADWAYS. Send f Or CffoulaTS and Estimates. Offlce, 150 BROADWAY, Cor. Liherty St., New Tort. JACKSON W-II.,& CO., UNION SQUARE {OLD stand) N. Y. CITY. J BSTABLISHaD 07BB 80 YEARS. "BUY OF THE MAKER." Designers and Manufacturers. MANTELS, OPEN FIRE-PLACES, Grates,-Fenders & Cbinaney-Hece Novelties. Importers of TUe. Foundries add Shops, BAST a&ra and 39th STEEETS. Only concern in our Une havtog its Own Foundries. N' EW YOMK & MOSENDALE CEMENl CO., ROSENDALE HYDRAULIC CEMENT. Warranted superior to any brand of Rosendale Cement manufactured for use under or out of water. Especially adapted where tensile and compressive tests are required. Send for pamphlet on tests and testimonials showtog superior quahty of our Cement. _ >. TTTRAAi SNYDER, Secretary. Offlce, 239 Broadway, New York. CATLOM'S POM I LAND CEMENl. O STRONGEST, CHEAPEST, BEST AND ALWAYS FRESH. For sale by all Dealers In MoetmB' MaterialB. JOHNSON & WILSON, GhnoiEAi, Aqbkib, Btot ISa DeaoripUvA Pamphleb ALDBIOH GOUKT, BBOACWAY, Sew Yobk. 'DICEARD V.HARNETl&GO. AUCTIONEERS, REAL ESTATE BROKERS, 73 UBERTY STREET. (Wilhamaburgh City Fire Inauranoe Co. Building) " Telephone CaU, John 304.'' rEO. R. MEAD, REAL ESTATE, No. 9 PINE STREET, - - New Yobk. (Abtoh Building). T~ 'NOMAS <& ECKEMSON, ' REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE BR0EBR8 Entire Charge taken of Estates. Wallack Building, 45 Weat SOth Street. Wm. M. Thomas, Jno. 0. R. Eokbrbon Commissioner for the States. Notary PubUc pOMTEM & CO., REAL ESTATE, No. 311 West 135th St., - NEW YORK. 5 coil & MYEMS, AUCTIONEERS,. AND REAL ESTATE BROKERS, 59 Liberty Street. (Real Estate Exchange Building.) r EDGAM LEAYCRAFl, ^' REAL ESTATE, 1544 BROADWAY, Near 4eth Street. Branch Office, 1534 Sn Avehtjk, near 86th Street. Eenting and Collecting a Specialty. 'DARTON& WHIl lEMOME, -*-' EEAL ESTATE & MORTGAGEa Money to loan in any amount on bond and mort gage, at lowest rates and on most favorable terms. 106 BROADWAY, Oor. Pine St., New York, F mRDINAND FlSff, Member Real Estate Exchange, 149 BROADWAY, cor. LIBBRTY ST., NEW YORK. Real Estate. Management and Improvement of Estates. Business Property Sold, Bought and Hentad. AMERICAN ENCAUSTIC TILING CO. /i ILimiteOt. ■^^ Patentees and Manufacturers of PniiN, QLA2ED, Pbbblbd, Imlaid, Emsossbd, Dbcob ATED and Mosaic TILES for Floors, Walla. Fireplaces, Cabinet work & Architectural Enrichment 140 West 23d St., N. T. ZanesviUe, Ohio. T S. CONOVER