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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 48, no. 1241: December 26, 1891

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ESTABLISHED -^ A^ARpH 21^^ 1868. Vol. XLVIII.—No. 1,241. NEW YOEK, DECEMBER 26, 1891. Price, 15 Cents. r^ H. LUDLOW & CO., ■*-'• ESTABLISHED 1836. AUCTIONEERS, REAL ESTATE BROKERS, No. 47 LIBERTY STREET. TT H. CAMMANN & CO., ' REAL ESTATE, 51 Liberty Street, N. Y. Telephone, 1328 Cortlandt. TEONARD J. CARPENTER, ^ REAL ESTATE, 41 LIBERTY STREET, Branch Office, 1181 3d Av. Entire Charge ot Propeity D. V. Swainson. A. H Carpenter. E. E. Carpenter. JACOB APPELL, ^ REAL ESTATE BROKER AND HOUSE AGENT. Telephone Call, 543 21st Street ^"TWest 23d Street. ET A. CRUIKSHANK & CO., -*-'• ESTAELHIIED 1794. REAL ESTATE, 176 BROADWAY, - - - NEW YORK. CETON & WlXXMANN, *^ REAL ESTATE BROKERS, 11 PINE STREET. Telephone, 1C.M Cortlandt. Alfred Seton, Jr. F. De RrrrER Wissmjuoi. 'tJORACE "x hfL Y, REAL ESTATE AGENT, No. 64 CEDAR STREET, N. Y. Branch Offlce. No. ins We^t C^th St. c. F. GRIFFEN & CO., SUBURBAN REALESTATE, Westchester County and Connecticut Property our Specialty. 43J STREET (Opp. Grand Central Depot), ROOM 6. PRESDEE & MOORE, REAL ESTATE BROKERS, 554 Columbus (Oth) Ave., cor. 87th St. INSURANCE. Tel-phone, 400 Harlem. MORTGAGES. NOTARY PUBLIC. Homer W. Presdee. Archibald T. Moore. E ACL AY, DAVIES d- CO., REAL ESTATE AND MORTGAGES. FQUITABLE BUILDING, 1°0 BROADWAY. - - NRW YORK. r< E. HARRELL, ^' REAL ESTATE, 713 BROADWAY, cor. Washington Place. MEMBER BEAL ESTATE EXCHAKGE. XflCHOLS & SHIP WA Y, J^ V IMPORTEnS AND MANtTFACTURERS OP FOREIGN ANLi DOMESTIC -----MARBLES----- Wills and Offlce \^^'S,m I li^tb St! \ ^ ^^ ^ORK. C F. JAYNE & CO., MANAGERS OF ESTATES, APPRAISERS AND BROKERS. 234 WEST 23d ST. and r9 LIBERTY ST., N. Y. S. F. Jatnb. a. M. Cudner. TU'M. J. ROOME, ^ ^ REAL ESTATE AGENT & BROKER, No. 410 SIXTH AVENUE, NEW YORK. ESTABLISHED 1?5S. TiROUKLYN HEADQUARTERS, ^ PAUL C. GRENING, REAL ESTATE AND MORTGAGE LOANS. Offlees, 420 Gates Av., 1161 Fulton St. and Kingsland Av., Cor. Van (.'ott Av. l^ALTER LAWRENCE, ^' REAL ESTATE, Northwest comer Oth Avenue and IWth Street, Foot of Elevated Stairs. Member r^f Real Estate Exchange. 7 TANENBA UM, ^' REAL ESTATE BROKER, No. 639 BROADWAY, fORNER SPRING STREEr'. (Prescott lluildiDg ) Entire Charge Taken of Property. A W~3IcLA UtlHLIN & CO., ^' — LOANS — On bond and MORTGAGE EXCLUSIVELY. 146 Broadway, cor. Libertv Street. ____________TelfplK'ne 87:^3 Cortlandt._______________ A LDEN & STERN fi!, REAL ESTATE, 9 EAST 14th ST., NEW YORK. Members of the Real Estate Exchange. T?RED'K SOUTHACK, ^ £ REAL ESTATE. Special attention f^^iven to reutiug and Belling of pioptTty in che dry-goods, importing: and adjoining wholesale business districts. -Main Office, 401 BROADWAY. Branch Office, 111 Broadway. jHANIEL BIRDSALL & CO., REAL ESTATE, No. 3m BROADWAY. DANIEL BIRDSAU.. RICHARD A. BROWN. U/^M. A. WHITE & SONS, REAL ESTATE AGENTS — BROKERS — APPRAISERS, 409 Broadway. Branch Offlce, 115 Broadway. SWARTWOUT <& CO., 1 REAL ESTATE 157 EAST 125th ST., and 847 WEBT Ig&rH ST., N.Y. TACKSON, W. H., & CO., UNION SQUARE ^old stand) N. Y. CITY. c/ Designers and Manufacturers. MANTELS, OPEN FIRE-PLACES, Established over 60 Yeaks. "BUY OF THE MAKER." Grates, Fenders & Chimney-Piece Novelties, Importers ot Tile. Foundries amd !-hops, EAST 28th and SOth STREETS. Only concern in our line having its Own Foundries. N- EW YORK & ROSENDALE CEMENT CO., ROSENDALE HYDRAULIC CEMENT. tS~ Warranted superior to any brand of Rosendale 0-ment manufactured for use under or out of water. Especiallv nd^pted where tensile and compressive te>ts are rec^u-rtd. bend for pamphlet on tests and testimonials showing superior quality of our Cement. HIRAM SNYHER. Secretary.__________________Office. 3a9 Broadway. New York. CAYLOR'S PORTLAND CEMENT. *-5 STRONGEST, CHEAPEST, BEST AND ALWAYS FRESH. For sale by all Dealers in Masons' Materials. JOHNSON & WILSON, General Agents, Send for Descriptive Pamphlet.. ALDRICH COURT, 45 BROADWAY, New York. niCHARD V. HARNETT & CO. AUCTIONEERS, REAL ESTATE BROKERS, 73 LIBERTY STREET. (Williamsburgh tily Ftc Insurance Co. Buildine.) Richard V. Harnett. Henry W. Donald. rEO. R. READ, REAL ESTATE, No. 9 PINE STREET, - - New York. (Astor Buildi.n'g). 'TH03IAS & ECKERSON, ' I- REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE BROKERS, Entire Charge taken of Estates. Wallack Building, 35 West 3Uih Street. Wm. M. Thomas, Jno. C. R. Eckerson, riommis^ioner fur tlie St.qtes._________Notary Public. OR TER & CO., REAL ESTATE, No. 311 Wust 125th St., Ninv YORK. P J. EDGAR LEAYCRAFT, REAL ESTATE, 1544 BROADIVAY, Near 46Lh Street. Renting and ollecting a Specialty. w T^ERDIN'AND FISH, -*- MfOiber Real Estate Eschangp, 149 BROADWAY, cor. UBERTV ST., NEW YORK. Rea! Estate, Management and Improvement of Estates. Business Propierty ^old, Bought and Kf nted. 3L S. ANDERSON & CO., REAL ESTATE, No. 1243 THIRD AV., Bet. 71st and 73d Sts. Telephone Call, 3?8—agth St. rYRILLE CARRE A U, MANAGER OF ESTATES, APPRAISER AND BROKER, GRAND ST. and KOWERY. Under Oriental Bank. T\OUGLAS ROBINSON, JR., & CO., REAL ESTATE AGENTS & BROKERS, 55 Liberty Street, Comer Nassau St., NEW YORK. TJENRY H. DREYER, REAL ESTATE, 435 Amsterdam Av., S. E. Cor. 8lst St. Member Keal "state Excbange. AMERICAN i:.\V.4.r:,TIC TILI.XG CO /I 'Liiiiitccl, -^^ Patentees and Maijufacturers of Plain, Glazed, Pebbled, Ivlaid, Embossed, DECOifr ATED AND JlosAic J. 1 L E S for Flo TS, Walls, Fireplaces, rabinet work & Architectural En'-ichment, 14" West 03d St.. N. Y.___________Zancsville. Ohio. T S. CONOVER & CC., ^ • Designers and Manufacturers of OPEN FIRE-PLACES AND MANTELS Grates and Fenders, Importeks of Tile. Established 1814 28 and 3J W. 'J'd St., New York. yfA.TT TA YLOR PA VING CO. JJJ^ GRANOLITHIC, ASPHALT, AND PAVEMENTS OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS. Importers of Crude and Refined Trinidad Asphalt. Telephone 3006 Cortlandt. Omcf. Ti S ."ATE ST. JOHN J. CODY, d REAL ESTATE BROKER, 143S THIRD AV.. Bet. Plst apH Wil Sts. rOLWELL LEAD CO., \J PLUMBERS' SUPPLIES, 63 Centre Street and fiSi .'-irth A v.. New York. no BERT C. FISHER & CO., n MARBLE, GRANITE, Eto, n? to 103 FA^T HI^UST 'N ■■-TREET. GOODRICH & WOODCOCK, CTREAL b STATE and INSURANCE, 80 Eighth Ave., and 806 West ISth St.