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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 49, no. 1267: June 25, 1892

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mmM ESTABLISHED-^ Í^AHPH ^l^"^ 1868. VOL. XLIX. -No. 1,267. l'NEW YORK, .JUNE 2.'5, 1892. Prlce, 15 Cents. H. ip H. LUDLOW & CO., AUCTIONEERS, REAL ESTATE BROKERS. No. 47 LIBEKTY STREET. Morris Wilkins. Edw. M. Wilkins. Albert M. Ameberg, H. CAMMÅNN & CO., REAL ESTATE, 51 LrBERTY Strbet, N. Y Telephone, 1338 CortlarĸJt. XEONARD J. CARPENTER, REAL ESTATE, 41 LIBERTY STREET, Branoh Office, 1181 8d Av. Entire Chorge of Property D. Y. Swainson. A. H. Carpenter. E. E. Carpenter. JACOB APPELL, ^ REAL ESTATE BROKER AND HOUSE AGENT. Telephone CaU, 643 21st Street. 277 West 28d Stbeet, r A. CRUIKSHANK & CO., J-^' ESTABLISHED 1794. REAL ESTATE, 176 BROADWAY, - - - NEW YORK. CETON & WISSMANN, *^ REAL ESTATE BROKERS, 11 PINE STREET. Telephone, 1634 Cortlandt. Alfred Seton, Jr. F. De Rcster WiBSMAtra. IfTORACE S. ELY, REAL ESTATE AGENT, No. 6i CEDAR STREET, N. Y. Branch Offlco, No. 103 West 68th St. RIFFEN & MOORE, suBURBAN REALESTATE, Westchester County and Connecticut Property our Specialtj'. 26 EAST („esto?Mad?°o''nAve.) 42d STREET JlJfACLAY, DAVIES & CO., ■Irl REAL ESTATE and MORTGAGES. EQUITABLE BUILDING, 120 BROADWAY. - - - NEW YORK. JJICHOLS & SHIPWAY, JL V importers and mantifactdrers of FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC -----MARBLES----- MiUs and Offlce \ '^ í° JJi f; }|í!^ |J: [ NEW YORK. r E HARRELL, REAL ESTATE 713 BROADWAY. 'Renting and selling of property in the wholesale bufilness district a specialty. 5. F. JAYNE & CO., MANAGERS OF ESTATES, APPRAISERS AND BROKERS. 251 WEST 33d ST. and S9 LIBERTY ST., N. Y. S F. Javne. A. M. Cddkbk. w M. J. ROOME, REAL ESTATE AGENT & BROKER, No. 410 SIXTH AVENUE, NEW YORK. ESTABLISHED 1852. E ALL J. HOW& CO. BrORERS, AuCTlONEfiRS AND APPRAIaERfi, No. 171 BROADWAY. HaU J. How. Tbomas S. Walker. TÍ/'ALTER LA WRENCE á CO. "^ REAL ESTATE BROKERS, LOANS AND IN^iUKANCE, Northwest comer Columbus (9th) Ave. and lOIth St Walter Lawrence. R. E. Dowlino. T TANENBA UM, ^' REAL ESTATE BROKER, No. 529 BROADWAY, CORNER SPRING STREEl'. • (Prescott BuUdiog ) Entire Charge Taken of Property. Å W. McLA UGHLIN & CO., ^' — LOANS — On BOND and mortgage exclusively. 146 Broadway, cor. Liberty Street. Telephone 3793 Cortlandt. PRED'K SOUTHACK, -----REAL ESTATE----- Special attention given to renting and seUing of ptopprty ín tbe dry-goods, importing and adjoinĩng wholesale business districts. MaÍD Office, 401 BROADWAY. Branch Offlce, 111 Broadway. T\ANIEL BIRDSALL & CO., REAL ESTATE, No. 319 BROADWAY. DANIEL BIRDSAIX. RICHARD A. BROWN. w M. A. WHITE & SONS, REAL ESTATE AGENTS — BROKERS — APPRAISERS, 409 Broadway. Branch Offlce, 116 Broadway. TACKSON, W. H, & CO., UNIONSQUARE'Old stand N. Y. CITY. d Establĩshed over 60 Years. "BUY OF THE MAKER.' Designers and Manufacturers. MANTELS, OPEN FIRE-PLACES, Grates, Fenders & Chimney-Piece Novelties, Importers of Tile. FoDNDRIES AND SHOPS, EAST a8TH AND ígTH STREETS. Only concern in our liue having its Own FouBdries. N' EW YORK & ROSENDALE CEMENl CO., ROSENDALE HYDRAULIC CEMENT. ^- Warranted superior to any brand of Rosendale Cement manufactured for use under or out ot water. Especially adapted where tensile and corapressive tests are requîred. Seníĩ for pamphlet on tests and testimonialsshowing superior quality of our Cement. ___________________WM. C. MORTON. Secretgry.______________________Room 71, 280 Broadway, New York. s AYLOR'S PORTLAND CEMENT. STRONGEST, CHEAPEST, BEST AND FEESH. ALWAYS For sale by aU Dealers iu Masons' Materials. JOHNSON & WILSON, Gknerai. Agents, Seod fo- Descriptive Pamphlet. ALDRICH COURT 15 BROADWAY, New York. TiICHARD V. HARNETT& CO. AUCTIONEERS, REAL ESTATE BROKERS, 73 LIBERTY STBEET. CWiUiamsburgh City Fire Insurance Co. Building.) RlCHARD V. Haknett. Henky W. Donald. rEO. R. READ, REAL ESTATE, No. 9 PINE STREET, - - New YoRa. (ASTOR BUILDINO). HOMAS & ECKERSON, REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE BR0KER8, Enth-e Charge taken nf Estates. Wallack Building, 35 West .3uih Street. Wm. M. Thomas, Jno. C. R. Eckerson, (ĩommissioner for the States._________Nntaj? PubUc. pORTER & CO., REALESTATE, No. 211 West 125th 8t., NEW YORK. J. EDOAR LEAYCRAFl, REAL ESTATE, 1544 BROADWAY, Near 46lh Street. Renting and CoUecting a Specialty. J^ERDINAND FISH, -*- Member Real Estate Exchange, 149 BROADWAY, COR. LIBERTY ST., NEW YOEK. Real Estate. Management and Improvement of Estates. Business Property Sold, Bought and RentecL V^M. S. ANDERSON & CO., REAL ESTATE, No. 1248 THIRD AV., Southwest 72d St. Pranch Offîce, 153 Broadway. PYRILLE CARREA U, ~ MANAGER OF ESTATES, APPRAISER AND BROKER, GRAND ST. and BOWERY. Under Oriental Bank. TTENRY H DREYER, REAL ESTATE, 435 Amsterdam Av., S. E. Cor. 81st St. Member Real Estate Exchange. TJuFFMAN BROS., n REAL ESTATE, MONEY Loaned on Bond and Mortgagk, 4