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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 43, no. 1098: March 30, 1889

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March 30, 188D Record and Guide. 443 Genz, August to Cbarles Genz. Frauklin av, east cor lOSfch st, 35x100. Mar. 1, 5 years, 5 %. See Conveys. 5,000 Goldberg, Morris aud Nathan Scbancupp to Ambrose K. Ely. Haster st, No, 39, n s, 35x 100. Mar. 35, due Mar, 1, 189+, 5 %. 35,000 Hammerstein, Malvina wil'e of Oscar to David F, Porter. 7tb av, w s, 50 n 141st st, 7Sx7S. Mar. 23, 1 yeai- or sooner, 10,000 Hyland, Josiah A, to Micbaelis H. Ziegel. 47th st, u s, 500 w Stb av, 36x100.4. Mar, 28, 2 years, 4M %■ ^^fiOO Haggerty, "John J. to The Union Dime Sav¬ ings Inst, of City N. Y, 3d av, e s, 50,5 s 63d st, 2.5x149.5x35x145,11, Mar, 38, due May 1, 1890, 5 %. 10,000 Higbee, 'WiUiam H, to Cbarles A, Post and aoo. trustees of Liua B, Post. SSd st. P. M. Mar. 31, due Mar. 38, 1893, 4^ 1,. 2-5,000 Howes, Minnie L. to Daniel W. Reeve, River¬ head, L. I, 103d sb, s s, 305 e 4th av, 25x 100,11 Mar, 21. due July 1, 1889. Seo Cour veys. 7,000 Sametosame. lOlstst, n s, 305 e 4fch av, 25x 100.11. Mar, 31, due July 1, 1889. See Conveys, 102d sfc. 7,009 HeiueraanUf Fanny to Sender Jai-raulowsky. 57thst, ss, 95 w 1st av, 30x78.5x20.-5x79.6. Mar. 37. notes. l,,50ii Haffen, John and Mathias, Jr., to Ann KeUy, Locust av, P. M. Feb, 7, 1 year, 5 ^, 2,500 Herbst, Augusta wife of Max wibh Gus A. and Hannab Wolfe raortgagees. Agreement as to confcinued prioi-ity of first mort, made by Nath. L. Nathan whicb is also extended. Mar, 35. nom Hu-sh, Edward to Jaue R, vrife of William J, Shaw, Brantford, Out,- 54th st, Nos. 113, 114 and 116 E. P. M. Mar. 14, due Mar. 26, 1890, or sooner, 5 %. ■ 14,500 Hoffmann, Abraham aud Ernestine wife of Solomon Hoffmann to Jonas Weil and Bem¬ hard Mayer. Sheriff sb, Nos. 67 and 69. P. M. Mar. 36, instaUs. 3,850 Hynes, Hugh fco Henri Chegnay. 2d av. Mar, 31, I year. See Conveys. 300 Hafelflnger, Mary, John and Jacob to Charles A. Post. 38th st. No. 444 West. Secm-es rents. Mar. 19, installs. 1,900 Hatch, Annie L,, Astoria, L, I., to Jobn Gra¬ ham. 43d st, n s, 171.1 w Sd av, 83.11x100,5. Mar. 80, due Juue 1, 1889, 460 Hoey, Ellen widow to Anoa E, J, Evaus, New Rocbelle, N, Y. 57th st, s s, 347.7 e 2d av, 40.3x59,5x40.3x59. Mar. 31, 3 years, 5 %. 8,000 Hirsh, Edward to David A, Griggs, Brooklyn. Willis av,s w cor I37th st, P. M, Marcb 36, 3 yeai'S or soouer, 5 %. 17,000 Same to same. Willis av, n e cor 136fcb st, P. M. Mai-ch 26, 2 years or sooner, 5 ^, 16.000 Haupt, Jacob aud PhiUipina bis wife to Sopbia wife of Moses Gerstner, 8d av. No, 1154. P, M, March 37, due Jan. 1,1894, or installs,, 5%. 11,500 Isaacs, David L. to Peter Diehl. Essex st. No. t, 17, w s, 100.3 s Hester st, 25x87.6. March 85, due July 1, 1892, 5^. 6,000 Jenkins, Thomas J, and George to Richai'd F. Carman. I30bb st, n s, 1.50 e Stbav,36x99.11. March 37, due May 1, 1894, 6 %. 19,000 Jenkins, Thomas J. and George fco Rosa E. Rainsford. ISObhsfc, n s, 100 e Sfcb av, 2,5x 99,11. Mar. 27, 5 years, 5 %. 19,000 Sam's to the guardians of the Sisterhood of the Holy Communion. 130th st, n s, 185 e Sth av, 35x99,11, Mai-, 27, 5 years, 5 %. 7,000 Same to the trustees of the Horae for the Aged of tbe Church of the Holy Coniraunion. Same S-operty. Mar. 87, 6 years, 5 %. 11,500 nson, George F. to l.anra F. and Francis W. Haines, Jr., trustees Lam-a F, Haines. 97th st, n s, 3L1.6 e 3d av, 98,6x100.11. Mar. 16, 1 year, 5 %. 7.375 Jolmstou, Elizabeth wife of and Richard E, to Caroline L, Macy. 74th st. No. 171, n s, 135 w 3d av, 35x103.3. Mar. 35, 5 year.s, 5 %. 80,000 Kelly, James F, to Ellen E, Ward, Roslyn, L. I. 17th st, n s, 150 w 9tb av, 36x98. Mar. 36, 1 year, 10,000 Sarae to same. Same pr-iperty, P. M. Mar. 26, 1 year. 11,000 Same to same. 17th sfc, n s, 175 w Otb av, 25x 92, Mar. 26, 1 year. 10,000 Same to same. Same property. P. M. Mar, 26, lyear. 11,000 Kipp, Emilie A. wife of William H. to John L. Kipp efc al, trustees Cornelia A. Kipp dec'd, 121sfcst. P.M. Sub. raorts. §14,650. Mar. 1, due Nov, 1, 1891, 5 %. 6 367 Same to James Carlew. Same property, P, M, Mar. 1, due Nov. 1, 1891. 1,000 Kilduff, Edward to The Emigrant Indust. Savings Bank, Sufcfcon pl, Nos. 35 and 27. P. M. Mar. 36, 1 year, 10,000 Kmg, James fco The United States Trust Co., New York. 2d av. e s, 76.4 s 107th st, 85,4x100, Mar, 35, due April 1, 1394, 4)4 %. 14,000 King, John M. to Cbarles T. and Helen T. Barney. 98th st, s s, 475 w Sfch av, 150x 100.11. Feb. SO, demand. ,54,000 Same to same. Sameproperty. P. M, Feb- ' ruary 26. demand. 34,000 Kirehner, Micbael to Francis J. Schraid. 148th st, ns, 100 9. Brook av, 50x100. Feb. 14, 3 years, 5 %. y,000 Koch, Frank fco Lucia Coulson efc al. trustees L. Coulson's marriage settlement. Port Wash¬ ington Ridge road, P. M. Mai", 1, due Mar. 14, 1893, 5*?. 14,700 Knickerbocker Apartment Co., mortgagor, with The Bane for Savings, New York, mortgagee. Extension of morts. Mar, SO. nOm Kampfner, August and Margaretha his wife .to Jaraes A. Frame. 64tb st. No. 605, n s, 125 w 1 Jth av, 25x100.5. Secures covenants in buUd¬ ing agreement. Mar. 19. Kennedy, Carrie S. wife of and David T. to Jacob Steinhardt, 74th st, n s, 180 w Sth av, 101x103.3. Mar. 13, due Dec, 80, 1889, or sooner. 50,000 Kamniitter, Adam to Jobn C. Boefctner, Grand st, No. I.SS, s s, 17.6 e Elm sfc, 17,.5x-55xl7,lx66, Mar. 28, due Apnl 1, ISOl, 5 %. 6,000 Kornblum, Morifcz to Adam Happel. Riving¬ ton st. No. 133; Norfolk sfc. No, 112, being Kiviugton st, n e cor Norfolk st, 17x78. Mar. 37, due April 1, 1S90. 1,500 Kerkei', Gustav A, and Rosina bis vrife to Frederick Oppermann, Jr, Stauton st. P. M, June 6, 1SS7, 6 years or sooner. 4,000 Koehler, Pbilip to A,ugust Sehernikau. Isb av, ws, 104s ISlst st, 33x99.10. Mar. 88,5 years or installs., 5 %. 8,000 Lichtenstein, Samuel aud Bonjaraiu to Daniel Lowenthal. 4th st East. P.M. Mar. 30, due Jan. 1, 1893,4^;;. 5,000 Lincoln, Charles L., Brooklyu, N. Y., to Jules L, Remoud. 98th st, s s, 110 e 3d av, SOx 100..5. Nov. 1, 1838, 6 moutbs or sooner. 5,775 Loewy, Natban to Mabel Sands, London, Eng, Riviugton st, N^i. 24S. P, M. Mar. 86, 6 years, 4V<^. IS.OOO Same to Soiomon Gerber. Same property. P. M. Sub. mort. .§18,000. Mar. 26, instaUs, 5 %. 5,''iC0 Lubs, Abraham to Edmund Sturzeuegger. Teller av, w s, 85 n 163d st, 16,6x100. Mar. 6, due July 1, 1889, 5 '^. 3,500 Same to same. TeUer av, w s, 101,6 n 103d st, 16,6x100. Mar. 6, due July I, 1889 5 g. 3,500 Lyons, Jeremiah C. to Heury A. C. Taylor, "Newport, R. I. 3d av, s e cor SStb st. P, M. Mar. 36, 6 years, S %. 30,000 Same to Myer Foster and Edward Hilson, Same property. P. M, Mar, 25, 1 year or sooner. 7,000 Livingston, Edward raortgagor with The Sea¬ men's Bank for Savings, New York, Ex¬ tension of morts. at 4 %. "37. nom Lemou, Anna J. wife of and WilUam F. to Giraud Foster. 84th st. No. 134, s s, 587.9 w 3d av, 25.7x102.8. Mar. 26, due Nov. 1, 1889 orsooner. 11,000 Mathews, Elinabetb A,, Aunaudale, N. J,, to CorneUa P, TumbuU widow, Westchester, N. Y, West End av, w s, 82 n Slst st, 30.2x100. Mar. 38, 3yeai-s, 5^, 18,500 Harae to Anna P, ChurchiU, West End av, w s, 62 n Slst st, 20X66, Mar. 28, 3 years, 5 ^. 18,000 Same to Fraucii J. Gasquet aud anu,, trustees for Marie Marshall, West End av, w s, 22 n ,81st st, 20x66. Mar, 28, 5 years, 5 S. lH,00o Same to E. Virginia wife of Clarence Satterlee New Hamburgh. N. Y. West End av, w s, 43 n Slst Bt, 20x66, Mar, 28, 3 years, 5 %. 18,000 Same to Cornelia S. Sebarfenberg and ano. exrs. Mary E. Macauley. Wesb Knd av, n w cor Slst st, 33x66. Mar. 28, 3 years, 5 g. 35,000 Sarae to Frederick A. P. Barnard. Slst sfc, n s, 66 w West End av, 17x83. Mar. 3S, 3 years, 5 %. 12,.500 Same to Susan Alvord, extrx. Alonzo A, Al¬ vord, Slst st, n 3, 83 w Wesb End av, 17x83. Mar, 38, 3 years, S %. 12,.500 McMullen, Lydia G, to The Bank for Sav¬ ings, City of New York, 49th st, s s. 125.3 w llth av, runs south 44 x east 0.2 x soutb 56,5 X wesfc 100 x soufch 100,5 to 48th st, x west 25 xnorth 71.6 x northwest 9,4 x west 17 to point 525 e frora e s 13fch av, x uorth 133.7 to 49th sfc, X east 149,10, Mar, 38. due July 3. mi, 6^. 13,000 Masche, Maria wife of Hennan to Henry M. Bendheim, 75th st, n s, 100 w 1st av, 35x— x35.4x93. Mar, 16, 6 months or sooner. 3,rO0 Moore, Hiram M. to Jaraes Rogers. 115th st, 3 s, 100 e Sth av, 60x100.11. Sub. mort. $54,000. Jan. 31, lyear. 5,000 McClelland, Elizabeth A. wifeof and Williara to Frederic de P. Foster trustee for J. S. Leggett. oOth st, s s, 339.4 e Stb av, ■3:5.7x98.9 s33.5x98.9. Mar. 23, due Mar. 37, 1893, 5>J %. 13,330 Muldoon, Kate to Sarauel Weil.. Declaration for purpose of correcting error in deed of transfer that certain mortgages raentioned are subsisting liens. Mar. 21, noni Malone,■ Theresa J., Brooklyn, N, Y., to The Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank, Pearl st. No, 498. P. M. Mar. 33, 1 year. 8,000 Same to Jeremiah J, Campion. Same prop¬ erty. P, iVt. Mar, 22, 1 year. 2,500 Manilla, Selig to Max WoK. 34tb st, Nos. 209 and 211. n s, 135 e 3d av, 25x98.9. MUr. SS, due Oct,' 1, J8S9. 2,600 McGrath, Mary J. wife of and James trt Cor¬ nelius Eapelye as trustee for children of Anna L. H. 'VVenraan, Long Island City. Tif¬ fany st, u e cor 167bb st, 32x78.9x18x77.1. Mar. 8, 5 years or sooner. 1,500 Mclnerny, Tbomas, Biooklyn, to Abraham St«ers. J 34th St. s s. 375 e 8th av, 36x99.11. Sub. morts. $19,375. Mar. 22, 3 months. 3.0U0 MitcheU, Carrie wife of aud Michael to The Mutual Life Ins. Co. of New York, Green¬ wich sfc. No. 634. P, M- Mar. 32, 1 year, 6^. „ .e,-™ Maher, Mai-y to The F, & M. Schaefer Brewing Co Sfch av, n w cor 143d it. Lease. June 14, 1888, demand. 760 and John to Ida and 3d sfc. P. M. Mar. 25, 8,000 McGirr, Robert J. to Jacob M. Newman. 10th s e cor lOlsfc St. P. M. Mar. 80, 1 year Mathews. Frederick Antonia Pazourek. due July 1, 1894,5: or sooner, 4J^ %. 18,500 McLoughlin, Francies -wife of and James to Henry F. Dimock, 79th st. P. M. Mar. 10, due Mar. 23, 1893, 5 ;;. 30,'^00 McQuade, Isabella and AUce C. to Bradley & Currier Co. (Lira.) Lexington av, w 3, 34.2 s 76th st, 17x80; Lexington av, w s, 68.3 s TOth St. 17x80. Mar, 80, 6 months. 4,000 Merkel, Fi'ank and Winfield S. Roberts, of Merkel & Roberts, to tieorge Ehret. 10th av. No. 406, also vacant lot adj ou north and Ko. 461 West 33d st. Lease. Mar. 23, demand, 3,500 MerrUl, Payson to Fi'ancis Wagner. 72d st, s s, 188 e 1st av, 3,5x103.3. Mar. 23, due Mar., 1892, 5 1^. See Conveys. 14,000 Maloney, Richard J, to The Mutual Life Ins. Co., New York. 48th st, n s, 175 e 1st av, runs north 200.10 to 49tb st, x easfc SO x soutb 100.6 X easfc 25 x south 100.5 to 4Stb sb, X west 76. Sub. to mort. Mar, 28, 1 year, 5 S. 6,500 Majewski, Franz X. fco The Drt Dock Sav¬ ings Inst. 6th sfc, u 3, 340 e Sdav, 80x81.9. Mar. 38, due AprU L 1890, 4)4 %. 8,000 Same to Christian Wynen, Pitt st. No, 131, ■w s, 95 n Stanton st, 30x100x^5x100, Mar. 28^ installs, 5 %', 14,000 McKenna, Mary C. -wife of James to Stewart Ceramic Co. 97th st, Nos. 33 and 31, s s, 303 w Sfcb av, —xI0O,Sx.36xl00,2; 97th st, Nos, 38, 40 and 42, s s, 357 w Sfch av, 53.6x100.2. Mar. 27, 3 raonfchs. 357 MUler, Anthony and Mai'ia his vrife to Lena Dreshfield. 1st av, No. 338, e s, 23 s 20fch sfc,39 x96. Mar, 27, 3 vears, 4K %. 8,000 McMUIan, Samuel fco ATLANTIC Trust Co., New York, Boidevard or Broadway, n e cor 84tb st, 80.5x80.6x80,8x86,8, March 37, 3 monfchs, 5 %. 30,000 MiUer, Minor S. to Mai-y C. Inslee. 177fch st. P. M. Mar, 38, 3 years, 6 %. 2,000 Newraan, Jacob M. to William Hall's Sons. 9tb av, ws, 60.7n96fchst, 35.3x80; Oth av, w 3, 35.5 s 97th sfc, 35.2x100, Jau. 1, due Sept. 30,1889, or sooner, 4M %, 13,600 Nichols, I. Howard, Newton, Mass., to THk New York Life Insurance and Trust Co. trustee Wm. A. Hadden dec'd. Leonard st. No. 29, n s, 76 w Wesfc Broadway, 85x91. Mar, 13, 3 years, 4 %. 16.000 Nugenfc, James to Joseph Carroll. 147th st, P. M. Mar. 33, S years, 1,000 O'Brien, Agnes to Hugh N. Camp. Tremont av, cor 177th sfc. P. M, Mai-. 19, 3 years, 5 i. 1,500 O'ConneU, John J. to Nortb New York Co-o^ erative Building and Loan Assoc. 138th at, s s, 100 e Southern Boulevard, 15x100. Mar. 26, installs, 6%'. 2,000 O'Keeffe, Mary widow to Thomas H. Cook, IJlsfc sfc. No. 118, s 3, 315e 4fch av, 16.8x100, Mar. 31,6 months. 300 Parkburst, Arthur H. to Elizabeth Odell, Ard¬ sley, N. Y. 64th st, P, M. Mai-. 26, due Mar., 1893,5^5. 16,.50O Pai'sells, Edward W, to Francena B, Part¬ ridge. Giand av, n w cor Buchanan pl. P. M. Mar. 8, installs, 17,600 Prigge, John A. to Claus Doscber aud ano. exrs, Ab-ich Hanken. 4th av, n e cor SSth st, •35,3x83.6. Impart. Mar. 2.5, 3 yrs, 4)^ ft'. 15,000 Prague, John G. to Bernhard J. Ludwig. Oth av, e s, extends frora 86th to 87th st, 204.4x 30, flats in course of erection. This instru¬ ment, a contract by party of firsfc part to con¬ vey to party second part for .5155,750 con¬ tains a clause making tbe deposit of S30,000 a Uen against the premises until the convey¬ ance is made. ^ Pfeiffer, George, Brooklyn, to Christian Bren¬ nemann, Eldridge sfc. No. II, w s, SOJ s Canal st, 35x100. Mar. 37, due Jan. 1, 1894, 5 %. 21,000 Rinaldo, Lena wife of and Hyman fco Ameha A. Scranton. Norfolk st. No, 55, w s, 125 n Grand sfc, 36x100. Mai-. 28, due April 1, 1894, Sg. 80,000 Randall, Evelyn wife of and WiUiam B. formerly Smith to James A. Ross exr. Laura W. Sprague. 132d st, s s, 160 w 7th av, 15x 100.11. Mar. 28, 3 years, 5 ^. 13,500 Rude, PhUip mortgagor with George Wiegand mortgagee. Extension of reduced morfc. Mar, 85, nora Rimrod, WUliam to Adolpb G, Hupfel. 3d av, No. 193. Sfcore lease. Mar. S",?, demand, nofce. 1,400 Ryau, John J. fco The Excelsior Savings Bank, New York. 71st st, s e cor Oth av, SO x75,5. Mar. 22, due April 1, 1890, 6 g. 18,000 Same fco Mary Ryan. Sarae property. P. M. Bub. mort, $19,000. Mar. 19, 3 years or sooner, S %. 7,000 Rainsford, George D,, Cheyenne, W. T,, to Rosa E. Rainsford. Broadway, Nos. 155 and ; 157, w s, 39.6x110x40x110; Liberty st, part of No. 85, comprising 4.6x40. All title. Mar. 31, dne May 1, 1890, 5 %. 5,000 Rannon, Louis P. and Charles J, Smith, of Rannon & Smith, to The John Kress Brew¬ ing Co. 183d st. No, 139 East, Lease of store and cellar. Mar, 33, demand, 1,000 Ruck, John to George RoU. lOtb av, n w cor 66tb st, 35.5x75. Mar. 83,1 yr or soouer. 4,000 Sarae to same. 10th av, w s, 85.5 n 66th st; 3 lots, each 35x76. 3 morts., each $3,350. Mar. 23, 1 year or sooner. 6,750 Sarae to same, 10th av, s w cor 67th st, 26.5x 76. Mar. SSj'l year or sooner: 4,500 Sarae to sarae. 10th av, w s, 85.5 s 67th st; 3 lots, each 2S3t7S. 3 raorts., eaCh $2,&0, Mar. 23, i year or sooner. 6,760 Ready, DeUa T, -widow, .lersey Cifcy, N. J,, to George G, Hallock, Brooklyu, N, -Y,