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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 59, no. 1525: June 5, 1897

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June 5, 1897. Record and Guide 977 loch widow to Bernhard Kumm, Mort $5 - 000, May 27. 8,500 Riverside av. No 93, e s, 63.3 s S2d st I 19.6x84.7x18,8x78.9, 4-Bty stone front dwell'g, SOth St. No 311, n s, 133 w West End av 16x102.2, 4-Bty brk dweU'g. Jamea Richards to James Barclay, May 29. B & S. nom Same property. James Barclay, Brooklyn, tu l^uisa L wife of and James Richards. May 29, B & S jjQm Riverside av begins Riverside av, s e cor 119th st 119th st,runse 200 to Clare- Claremont av| mont av, x s 125 x w 100 x n 25 X w 100 to Riverside av, x n 100 2-sty frame dweil'g and vacant. Henry m' CorneUa F M, Henry, Charles, Roht S and Julia M Taber, Adelaide H wife of and WiUiam Toel and Florence T wife of ?GQ°S<.^^!,^ '-"^J^^"'^ ^ Slawson, Morts $89,635. May 27. 128,050 Riverside av, e s, 225 s 119th st, 75x200 to Claremont av, vacant. Henry M Cor¬ nelia F M, Henry. Charles, Robt S and Juha M Taber, Adelaide H wife of WiU¬ iam Toel and Florence T wife of Henry Holt to Wm H Douglas. Morts $33,000, May 2T, 68,850 Riverside av, e s, 100 s 119th st, 50x100, ^o^^^i^ ^^^^ '■'^ ^'^ 'Hf B Totten. Morts $20,020. May 2T. '^S 600 Riverside av or Drive, e s, 150 s 119th st, ^iixlOO. vacant. Henry M Taber et al to James Neehan, Mort $10,150. May 2T. Sherman av, n s, 100 e Dyckman st, 75x150 vacant. Jacob Hess, Newtown L I to John Murray, Mort $1,S30. March 30. „, ,,. , val consid bt Nicholas av. No 741, n w cor 147th st 74.11x20, 4-sty brk dweU'g. Williani Broadbelt to Isabelle Kittson. May 27. Cl xy ■,. , ^^^ consid bt Nicholas av, parcel adj rear of 724 st Nicholas av. begins at point in s line of said premises. No 724 St Nicholas av at pomt 63 e St Nicholas av, runs e 35 to point 100 w Edgecomb av, x n 19.6 x w 35 X s 19.6, Release mort. United States Trust Co of New York to Lizzie C Skinner May 29. gOO bame property, Anna M Deen to Lizzie C Skinner, B&S, AU liens. May 25, nom West End av, e s, 99.5 s 91st st, 38x100. Release mort. Title Guarantee and Trust Go to Wm L Crow and Jaraes W Taylor May 24. 53,000 West Bnd av. No 628, on map No 528 e s 99.5 s 91st st, 19x100, 4 and 3-sty brk dwell'g. Wm L Crow and Jas W Taylor to S'arah Taylor. May 21, val consid and 100 lst_av, Nos 553 and 555, s w cor 32d st, SOx 6.3, two 4-sty brk tenem'ts with stores. Henry Baruch to Harry Mintz. Mort $21 - 000 and taxes ISOG. May 29. val consid 1st av, No 2038, e s, 25.3 n 105th sl, 25x 91, 5-sty hrk tenem't with stores, Philip Potash to Bliza J, Alethea P, Theo M and De Witt C Koupal. Mort $13,500. May -i' val consid Istav Ibegins 1st av, Nos 2334-2338 s 120th st I e cor 120th st (No 404), 505x 100, tbree 1-sty frame stores on av and 3- sty frarae dwell'g on st, Frederick Schuck to George Schuck, Mort .$3,T00. Sub to en- croachraent. May 2T. val consid and 100 1st av. No 672, e s, 74.1 n SSth st, 24,Sx 100, 5-sty brk lenem't with slores. John Delahunty to Morris Frauklin. Partition. June 1. 11,000 1st av, No 793, w s, 75,5 n 44th at, 25x60,6, 5-sty brk tenem't witb stores. Partition. John Delahunty to Jacob and Julius Fleisch¬ hauer. June 1. IT 200 1st av, Nos 2212 to 221S. e s, 19.11 s 114th st, 72x75, four 4-sty brk tenem'ts with slores and 1-sty brk building on rear of Nos 2212 and 2214. Foreclos. Geo N tlessiter to Henry De F Weeltes. Mort $41,000, June 1. 4,000 1st av, No 1349, w a, 48.7 n 72d st, 26.9x 81,8, 5-sty brk tenem't with stores. Grace A Fee extrx James Pee to Leopold Hutter. May 13. 23,000 2d av. No 1140, n e cor GOth st, '.iOxTS, 4- sty brk tenem't with stores. Ella p„osen- biait to Saml J Kopetsky, Q C. CaG. Mt $3,000. Feb 6, 1896, val consid 3d av, No 1720, w s, 50.11 s f)7th st. 2.5xSO, 5-sly stone front tenem't wilh stores. Mary and John Martin to Isidor Munstuk Morl $17,000. June 1. val consid 3d av, Nos 2330 and 2SS2, bet 126th and 127th sts. Party wall agreement. Ghas P Rime with Margt A Goodridge. July 9, 1896. 150 4th av. No 2ij2, n w cor 20th st, 23x60. 4-sty brk tenem't with stores. Partition. Bu¬ gene Durnin to Margt L Zborowski. Mort $15,000. Juno 1. 53.600 4th av. No 432, w s. SO w 29th st. 21.6x00, 4-sty brk tenem't with stores. Partition. Eugene Durnin lo James V Falvey. Mort $10,000. June 1, SO.OOO Same property. James V Faivey lo Ferdi¬ nand R Minrath and Wm N Coheu. Mort $15,(XlO. June 1. nom Gth av. No 16, s e cor 3d st, .jOx20, 3-sty brk tenem't with stores. Geo W Dean to Jacob Wolf, Mort $20,000. May 28. nom Gth av. No 130, s e cor 10th st, 23,1x75. Gth av. No 128, e 3, 23.1 b 10th st, 23x78.6, also an alleyway 3.6 leading to 10th sL Oth av. No 126, e s, 46,1 s 10th st. 19,4x 78.6. G-sty brk stores and lofts. Ruel W Poor trustee to John J Harrington. Q G. May 19. nom Gtb av, No 346, e a. 74 n 21st st, 24.8x95, 4-sty brk tenem't with stores and 3-sty brk building on rear. Eleanor J Robinson to Wra H HaU. B&S. Correction deed, June 1. nom Gth av. No 824. e s. 70 s 47th at, 20x79, 4- sty stone front tenem't with stores. Lu¬ cinda Baker extrx Bliza Schneider to Cor¬ nelius J Dumond. June 1. 28,000 7th av, w a, extends (rom 136th to 137th st, 199.10x100, vacant, Equitable Life Assur Soc to August Oppenheimer. June 1. val consid Sth av. No 2773, w s, 25 n 147th st. 25x75, 5-sty brk tenem't with stores. Foreclos, George C Austin to John W Haaren. May 27. 17,200 Sth av. No 2785, s w cor 14Sth st, 25x75, 5- sty brk tenem't with stores. Francis M Wilmurt to Wm J Nlcklaa. Mort $17,000, AprU 17, 1S94, nom 10th av, n e cor lOtb st. runs e 100 x n 90.4 xsw 19.0 to point 90 e 10th av, x sw — X s 20 X w 9.7 X s 11.3 x s w to beginning, 42d st, n 3. 350.2 e 10th av, 49.10xl00.5x 49.11x100,5, 4Gth st, n s, 600 w llth av, runa n 100.5 x w 175 X s 16.5 X w 746,11 to exterior line, X s 114,5 X e 912,7 x n 30 to beginning, Ys part of this. lOtb av, Nos 580 to 586, e s, 40.2 n 42d at, 80.4xS0. ■ 42d st. No 463, n a, 140 e 10th av, 20x100.5. 1st av. No 761, s w cor 43d st, 20,4x50. Reade st, No 7T, 3 s, 75.3 e Church at, 25.2 xT5.Tx23.11xT5,8, Release of annuity. Marion Cutting widow to William Cutting, Jr. May 1, ■ nom 10th av, n e cor 40th st, runs e 100 x n 90,4 xsw 19,6 xsw — xs20xw9,7xa 11,3 X s w to beginning, 42d st, n s, S50.2 e IOlh av, 49.10xl00.5x 40.11x1005. 42d st. No 463. n s, 140 e 10th av, 20x100,5. Reade st, No 77, s s, 75.3 e Cburch st, 25.2 xT5.Tx23.11xT5.S. Chambers st. No 95, n s, TO.l e Church at, 2T.6x75.4x2S.9x75.4. William Cuttiug forraerly WiUiam. Jr, Newport, R I, to Chas E Strong and ano trustees William Cutting. Sub to annuity .$3,000 per yr on 77 Reade st and 95 CJbam- bers St. May 1, 130,000 10th av. Nos 580 to 586, e s, 40.2 n 42d st, 80.4x80, all. 46t.h st, n s, 600 w llth av, runs n 100.5 x w 175 X s 16,5 X w 746.11 x a 114.5 x e 912,7 X n SO to beginning. Yi part. Same to Chas E Strong snd ano truBtees will Prancis B Cutting for beneflt William Cutting. May 1, 80,000 10th av, e s, 97.1 n 43d st, 0.6x53.4. Bdward Scbweyer Lo John McKelvey. May 29, nom Interior lot, 25.8 s 79th st and 71.11 w 3d av, runs s 25.6 x w Z.OYi x n 25.6 x e 3.0^^. Release mort. Mary Harrison to Bridget C Kane. May 28. nom Interior lot, 100 a ISSth st and 100 e De¬ lancey pl, runs s 56.6 x e 95 to William st, X n 56.6 X n 95. Release mort. Alrick H Man, Richraond Hill, L I, to HenrietU G Thompson. May 14, val consid MISCELLANEOUS. Resignation of trustee. Jacoh Lorillard as trustee under will of Peter Lorillard to Louis L Lorillard, Cath L and James L Kernochan and Herbert C Pell. April 23. nom 23d and 24th WARDS. Under this head the • denotes that the property is located in the new Annexed District (Act of 1895). *Adaras st, n e s, 195 3 e Columbus av, 25x 100. Bphraim B Levy to Duncan McQueen. May 21. 2,250 Bryant st, w s, 50 n 172d st, 50x100. Augus¬ tus B Carrington to Nellie Rice. May ^. 2,400 College St. s s, being lot 1^ map property at Fordham, 24th Ward, made by Andrew Findlay. Partition. Syl'yester L H Ward to Grace M Saward, May 24, 1,300 Ernescliff pl. s s, S7.3 w Lisbon pl, 25,9x 106,6x25x112.5. Danl P Fox to Louis Eickwort. May 29. nom *Fulton st, s e s, being lot 107 map Washing- tonvlUe, Eastchester. Foreclos. Seward Baker to Ezbon S Westcott, Asbury Park, N J, May 25. 1,200 Highbridge road, s w cor 5th av, runs a 12S.S X w 60 X n 85,10 to road, x e 107,8. Andrew J Larkin, Port Richmond, S I, to Robl T Meeka. 1-3 part. B&S. CaG. All liens. June 1. val consid Same property. Same to Herman R Kretsch¬ mar. 1-3 part. B&S, CaG, All Uens. June 1. val consid Hoffman st, s e cor CoUege av, 50x50. Henry J Castrop, Bartow, N Y, to Ma¬ thUde or MatUde Castrop, May 18. gift Kappock st, n w cor lot Wm H Ball, runs n w 71 to Weatcheater av, x n along av as it curves 118 to Kappock st, x s 157. Margt E Putnam exr Albert B Putnam to Gustavus M Roden. June 1, 75O Kingsbridge road, n 3, 133.4 w old Croton Aiiueduct, runa w 148.3 x stUI along road 59.7 X n 284 X n 42,11 x 152.2 x s 1904 X w 47.9 X s 207.8. Paul B Pugh to Henry B Stevens, Jr, Morts $17,000. May 1, See 27th st, val consid Lorillard st, east cor road, leading from Kingsbridge to West Parma, 53.5x50x91x 61. except strip on e s of above, lot 1x91, and also reserving portion bounded n w hy Lorillard st, 31.10 n e by other portion said premises 6T.6, s e by lot 124 map . heirs Wm Rowell, 24,3, x w by road lead¬ ing from Kingsbridge to West Parma, Foreclos. Grosvenor S Hubbard to Mau¬ rice Mayer. May 28. 9 500 •Main st.s w oor 2d st. 25.11x115.6x^x108.9. John T Ctonway to Frederick Koch. June 1. y 500 Rockfleld st, n s, 750 e Marion av, 50x126*4 x50xl26.5. Susan M and Bdward F Malla¬ han to Joseph Boeri and Rosalie his wife joint tenants, Mort $1,000. May 17. 2 000 Rogers pl, w s, 633.4 n Westchester av 16 6 xS6xl6.6x81.1, Carrie Gill to Hattie May¬ er. AU Uens, June 3, val consid ^^i^^™, ^""'^'^^'■'3' ■w S' 131.7 B 186tb st 25,3x225.6x25x223.1. Joseph P Ismay td Geo H Storck. May 28. 2 400 "Taylor at. a w s, 300 s e Columbus av. 56x 100. Ephraim B Levy to Louisa Anderson June 1. 1^000 Waterloo pl, w s, 95 s Woodruff av or 176th st, 66x70. Stephen B Travis to Lillian Travis. Mort $3,000, June 1, nom Same property. Mary E Hegeman to Stephen B Travis. Mort $3,000. March 31, 5 000 *6th St. n e cor 2d av, 101.6x105, ■^Tth Bt, s 3, being the easterly ^ of the weaterly % lot 1.047 map village Wake¬ field, 25x114, Partition. Cbas N Morgan to Prederick Meyer, Jr. Re-recorded, July 8, 1896. 1,770 *Tth at, n s, being lot 151 map Unionport Westchester, KWxlOS. *Av A, n w cor 7th st, 108x205, being lot 155 same map. *14th Bt, 3 s, 100x216 to 18th st, being lot 348 same map, Bdward Haight Jr, Individ and aa exr Ed¬ ward and Sarah L Haight to Eiaie J and Charlotte D Allison, Brooklyn. May 28. 15 lS4th st. No 730, s a. 117.5 w Brown pl, 17 xl(X). Foreclos. (5«o H Hart to Roaalie A Oakley. June 2, 4050 134th st, No S5T, n s, 182 e St Anus av, 17 xl(X). WiUiam Stevens to H Friedrich W Kedenburg. June 1. 6 900 135tb st, n s, 300 e St Anns av, 25x100. Charles and Frank A Wablig to Edward and Severin Magda. Mort $10,000. June 1. nom 135th st. No 712, s s, 530.6 e Willis av, 19.6 xl(X). Geo F Picken to Bernard Carlin. Mort $12,000, June 1. 100 135th st. No 849, n s, 100 e St Anns av, 25x 100, John M Linck to Henry Linsmann. Mort $10,000. June 1. val consid ISeth St. No 706. 3 B, 500 e WUlis av, 25x lOO. John Bannen to William and Ferdi¬ nand Mutb. Mort $11,000, May 27, nom ISSth St. s w cor land Harlem River and Portcheater R R Co, runs s 101,1 x w 48 X n 101.1 to st, X e 48. Wm R Brown, White Plains, N Y, to Francia C Grable, Omaha, Neb. May 25, 8,000 ISSth st, n w 8, 150 e College av, runs n e 100 X E 6 25 X a ■w 1(X> to Bt, X n w 25. . Horace T Jones exr Georgianna T Huff to The Mott Haven Co. May 24, 9,200 139th st, a s, 300 e WiUis av. 25x100. Bilse Muller to Frank Schmidtlein. Mort $13,500- June 1, 18,850 139th Bt, s s, SOO e WlUls av, 25x100. Party wall agreement. Elise Muller widow with Henry Muiler and Mary his wife. May 28. nom 146lh Bt, No 664, a 3, 99.8 e WUUs av, 25x 100. Simon Adier and Henry S Herrman to John Becker. Mort $3,0(X). AprU 29. 5,700 151st st, a s, being the west Yi lot 263 map Village Melrose South, Morriaania, 25x 118.5, except easterly 3x118,5 ft. Foreclos. Eugene H Pomeroy to Eugene T Hawkins. June 1. 7,250 156th st, n s, 80 w Union av. runs w 20 x n 94.T xne 13.2 x e 6.9 x s 1(X). Aron Bluhm to E D Morgan Waterman. Mort $7,000, May 27. val conaid 156th at. parcel 46 on damage map for open¬ ing 156tb st, from RaUroad av East to Elton av, and frora St Anns av to Prospect av. Release raort. Conrad and Margaretha Knaus to Diedrich and Marie Brandt. Mar 29. nom 165th at, No 1155, n s, lOO.G e Tiffany st, 25 x91.6x25x93.3, John A Johnsen to Betay Jurgenaen. Mort $4,0(X). June 1, val consid 165th st, parcela 31 and 45 on daraage map for opening Bast 165th st, from Webster av to 3d av, in 23d Ward. Release mort. Carrie EngB et a! exrs Saml F Engs to Tbe Mayor, &c, N Y, May 13. nom