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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 50, no. 1294: December 31, 1892

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/:^ ESTABUSHED'^J8ytf<9Hai^^l868. VOL. L.—No. 1,294. NEW YORK, DECEMBER 3T, 1892. Prlce 15 Cenlfl. P H. LUDLOW & CO., "^* AUCTIONEERS, REAL ESTATB BROKERS, No. 47 LIBERTY STREET. Horrls WilkiuB. Edv. U. WiHdns. Albert M. Ameberg. H. CAMMANN Æ 00., REAL ESTATE, 51 LiBKHTT Stkkbt, M. Y ■ Telephone, 1328 Cortlandt. H. ZEONARD J. CAMPEmEM. REAL ESTATE, 41 LIBERTY STREET, Branch Officb, 1181 3d Av. Entire Cltarge of Property D. T. Swainaon. A. H Carponter. E. E. Carpenter. JACOB APPELL, ^ RBAL ESTATE BROKBR AND HOUSE AGENT. Telephone Call, 643 2lst Street. S77 Wbbt aSD Stbbet. 'P A. CRmKSHANK & CO., ■*^» ESTABLISHED 1794. MANAGERS OF ESTATEti, 176 BROADWAY, - - - NEW YORK.. CETON & WI8SMANN, *-' RBAL ESTÃTE BROKERS, 11 PIKE STREET. Telephone, 1634 Cortlandt. Alftued Seton, Jr. F. De Rcttbr WiasMANK. ITORACE S. ELT, ^ REAL ESTATB AGBNT, No. 64 CEDAR STREET, N. Y. Branch Offlce, No. 103 Weat 68th St. pRIFFEN & MOORE, ^ suBURBAN REALESTATE, WeattáieBter County and Coimecticut Property our Speeialty. íOne door west of Madiaon Ave.) 36 EAST 42d STEEET TLfACLAY, BAVIES <& CO., M REAL ESTATE AND MORTGAGES. EQUITABLE BUILDING, tM BROADWAY, - - - NEW YORK. JJICHOLS ã SHIP WA r, JL.1 lUPOR'rBItS ANS UAKOFACTDRERS OF FOREIGN AND DOMESTIO -----MARBLES----- HUIfl and Offlce ) ^^ ^ "^ ^' ^^Sth St. i „™ „„__ niua anu omce.j j^ j^ jjU ^ ^^^^^ ^^ ^ mí,w YOEK. r E. HARRELL, REAL ESTATB 713 BROADWAY. Bentlns and setUng of property fn the wholesale buslueas distríct a speclalty. C F. JAYNE & CO., ■ MANAGERS OF ESTATES, APPRAISERS AND BROKERS. 354WE8Ta8D8T. aod59 UBEETY BT., N.Y. 8 F. Jatnb. A. M. Cm>NKE. w M. J. ROOME, RBAL ESTATE AGENT & BROKER, No. 410 SIXTH AVENUE, NEW TOEK. ESTÃBLI8HED 1S5S. JIALL J. HOW & CO., —■*■ BHOKKFS, AOCTlONBBttS AND ApPRAIrBBa, No. 171 BROADWAY. Hall J. How. ThomflP S. WaUter. rraZ TER LA WRENCE ã CO. ^^ RBAL ESTATE BROKERS, LOANS AND INsURANCE, Northwest comer Coiumbus (9thl Ave. and IMth St, Walter Lawrbncb. R. E. Dowlisq. T TANENBA UM, ■^' REAL ESTATE BROKER, No. 5Í9 BEOADWAY, CORNER SPRING STREE'i. ' (Prescott BuUding) Entire Charge Taken of Property. Á W. McLAUOHLIN & 00., ^' — LOANS — On BOND ANB MORTGAGE EXCLUSIVELY. 146 Broadway, cor. Liberty Street. Telephoue 3793 Cortlandt. J^RED'K S0U2HACK, -----REAL ESTATB----- Specíal attentlon given to renting and eelling of pioperty in the dry-goods, importing and adjoinlng wholeaale business districtei. Main Office, 401BROADWAY. Branch OBIce, 111 Broadway. 'W'M. A. WHIIE ã SONS, REAL ESTATE AGENTS — BROKERS — APPRAISER8, 409 Broadway. Branch Offlce, 116 Broadway. Wm. F. Eidmond. LODIS Mbsibr. J ADRIAN H. MULLER é SON ^ AUCTĨONEERS, REAL ESTATE, STOOKS AND BONDS, ______No. 1 Fine Street. New Yoi-k.______ AMMACHEE, SOBLEMMER & CO., CABINET AND BUII.DERS' -----HARDWARE —^ AND TOOLS FOR ALL TRADE3. 309 Bowery, - - - New York. H ACKSON, W. H., & CO., UNIONSQUAREiOLD stand N. T. CllT. Deaignera aud Manufacturers. MANTELS, OPEN FIRE-PLACES, Grates, Fenders & Chininey-Piece Novelties, Importera of TUe. FOONDRIKB AND Shops, EAST SSth And 29th BTREETS. Only concem in our line having ita O'ffn Foundries. Ebtablisbbb over 60 YbÁrs. BUY OF THE MAKER." fJEW TORK & ROSENDALE CEMENl CO,, -*■* ROSENDALE HYDRAULIC CEMENT. . _ ■ Warranted superlor to any hrand cf RosoDdale Cement maDufaclured for use under or out of water. Bepecially adapted where teusile and corapreísive tests are required. Send for pamplilet on tests and [estimoDÍalashowing superzor nuality of our Cement. __________________WM. 0. MORTON, Secretary.___________________Rsom 71, 280 Broad^ay, NewYork. CATLOR'S PORILAND CEMENT. *-^ STR0NGB8T, CHEAPE8T, BEST AND ALWAYS FRESB. For aale by all Dealers in Masona' Materiala. JOHNSON & WILSON, GEiraEAi. Agknts, BeDd íor DeBorlptive Pamphiet.' ALDBĨOH COUUT 45 BROADWAY. Vew Yoaĸ. J>ICHARD Y. HARNETTé CO, AUCTIONBERS, BEAL ESTATE BR0KER8, 73 UBERTY STREET. CWilIiainsburgh City Fire Insurance Co. BulldlDg.) BlCHARD V. Harnbtt. Hbnrt W. Donaiji. rEO. R. READ, REAL BSTATE, AUOTIONEER — AGENT— BROKBR — APPRAISEa 9 PINE STREET, Astor Building. T'HOMAS & ECKER30N, ■*■ EEAL E8TATE AND INSURANCE BR0EEB8, Entire Oharge tabeu "f EatateB. Wallaclt Kuitding. 35 West 3Uih Street. Wh. M. TnoHAa, Jho C. R. EcĸBRfiON, rĩommissioner for the States.________Notarí Publlo. P CRTER & CO., REAL ESTATE, No. 211 West 125th St, NEW YORK. J EDOAR LEAYCRAFl, *^* REAL ESTATB, 1644 BEOADWAY. Near 46th Street. Renting and '^ollecting a Specialty. ^^M. S. ANDERSON & CO., REAL ESTATE, No. 134b THIRD AY., Soutbwest Cor. 72d St. Branch Offlce, 153 Broadway. PTRILLE CARRMAU, ' MANAGER OP ESTATES, APPRAISER AND BROKER, GRAND 8T. and BOWEaiY. Under Oriental Bank. JJOFFMAN BROS., " ■" REAL ESTATE, MONET LOANED ON BOND AND MORTGAaB, 4 & 6 WAREEN ST., NEW YOEK. Down Town BusinesB Property a Specialty. C. F. HOFFM.^», Ja._____________W. W. V, HOFFIIAN. yy BRIOHAM HALL, -^ ' ' Real Estate Bboker and Aoent, 48 WEST 4th bTftEBT Inear Washington Fquare). Entire charge of property a speciaity. Member Real Est*tte Exchange. ÁNDREW PO WELL, " ^ RBAL ESTATE BROKER AND MANAGER OF ESTATES. If'r BROiDWAY, No-thweatcomer Coiumbua Avenue and 77th Street. s WARTWOUT á CO., REAL ESTATB 157 EAST ĨĨ.^TH STREET. nOODRICH & WOODCOCK CTe.eal estate and insuranob ao EiflHTH Ayg., AMP 306 Wbbt ĩarB S». TiA UBITSCHEK ã 00., XI REAL FSTATE, Eatablished 1867. 957 3d Ave., near S7th Bt JXiINANT ^ QOADBY, ' '' REAL ESTATK _____SOO MadÍBon Avenue, cor. Sid Street. New York. AMERICAN ENCAUS'IIC TILINO CO /\ [Limited,) ■^^ Patentees and MamífacturerB of Plain, Glazbd, Pebblbi^ Inlatd, Embossbd, Dbcos- ATBD AND MosAio T I L E S for Floors, Walla, rireplac68,Cabinetwork& Archltectural Enriohment 140 West ĨSd St.. N. Y.__________ZaneaviUe. Ohlo. r S. CONOVER é co^, ' t/ • Designera and Manufacturers of OPEN FIRE-PLACES AND MANTELS Gbatks and Fenders, Importehs of Tilb. Estahlished 1344. 36 aud 30 W. 'J3tl at.. New York c OLWELL LEAD CO., PLUMBERS' SUPPLIES, 63 Ceatre Street and 061 Sisth Av.. New York. R OBERl O. FISHER & CO., MARBLE, GRANITE Ktc' 97 to lOS EAST nOUSTON STREET