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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 53, no. 1366: May 19, 1894

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M,iy 10,1894 Record and Guide. 70- DlV&TtD P REJkL EsWE.BuiLOIf/o *;R.crflTECTUR.E',HoUSEriOlI)DECQRATlorf, Basii^ESS Alto Themes ofGe^i\aL IKtei\,esi. PRICE, PER YEAR IN ADVANCE, SIX DOLLARS. Published every Salurdiiy. TEi.FrnosT-.......COHTL.VNDT 1370 ronimiiuicatlons fihouhl be nddrc.'s.scd to C. W. SWEET, 11-10 Yesey Stieet. ./. 7. LIND'SFY. Business Manager. liliOOKLY.N OKKKK, l.'7(i-282 W.\SIIIN-GTON' STItKKT, Orr. Poi^T OiFicR. (irs \vill be niiide by Austrian caiiitalists to revive the ancient eoinineree ot that streani. Should events ])ro\ e tha't President l'ena!ia,s stated the situation exaetly and tliat .Vrticnlin.i is in a liosilioii to meet all ils liiiiincial oblifjations, tliat faet will lielp (he sitnalion niateriall.N'. Engli.sli .jciirnals of weight and stand- ins are poking a frreat deal of (|iiiet fun at Mr. Halfour beeause of his eiirreiu-y theoiies, and as his leniarks have been so widely eiieiilated here, it is just as well tliat it .should also be known how they aic regarded at home. As a matter of fart. .Mr. Hal- four as a currency expert has no more wei.siht in Lombard sireet than .Mr. Uland iu AYall street. The only ditterence between two jrenllemen is that owinf;'to the varialioibs in the sys¬ tem to whicli they severtilly lieliin.y. .Mr. Halfour has less oppoi- (nuity for niischief. notwithstanding the vast superiority of his IKiliticil position, than has Mr. lilaiid lier?. •Entered al Ihe rosl-office at Xew York, N. T., as second-class matter. Vol. 1.1 if. MAY 10, 1891. No. l.HGG For additional Brooklyn matter, see Brooklyn Department imtnediately foUotcina Xew Jerscu records (page fi'21'i. WHILE outside conditions show no improvement and still favor the beai side, there ;ire .some indications of at least a ehaiifrc in the speculative feeliii;; within the stock market. The declines oi the past tive weeks have been sutticient of them¬ selves to mtike il reaction iirobable, and (he sclliiiK of the hist two diiys lias lieen severe enough to the suspicion that part of it Wiis due (o a desire (o iiick ii)! stocks in adviince of a chiinge of .sentiiiient. Theshiimient of secniities instead of ,i;(ild, ^lre^^ollsly announced by a laijie foreij;n honse this week, also supports this view. The only clians'' iu general conditions is the iiidi seen. Tlia spirit of.juiliciil decisions wotdd oiieii be chaiig.'d. One instance hiis iilreiidy been given, but thi.-; is only one of uiiiny. TiiXiition, its aheiid.v inliniated. would iissu'.ne ii somewhat dili'i^rent chaiacter in cor.- seqiiencc of tiie generiil reognitioii of the social siile of ]irivate piojierty, and iii we would have ii develoiiment of iniieritiince tixes, of whieh more will be said presently. 1)111 it has also been stated that we require a further develop¬ ment of iMiviit!^ Iiroperty. This nniy seem to coiilradict previons stiitements, bnt it does so only at lirst glance. It is aloug dif¬ ferent lines, for the piirt, that we need tlu' development of priviite property. There are ciiscs, however, in which wliat is needed is development alirig (dder lines. The oysti'r siijiidy in the Cliesap;.'iike otters an illiistriitiiin. This oyster .supply is slill common jiropert.y. Any one mii.v take thi^ o.ysters ont of the Chesapeake who desires to do so. This liiek of efficient regula¬ tion did very well in earlier days, but now that (he deniand li:is become so great, o^■Kter culture is called for, iind probabl.v there iue few opportuuities in tliis country to invest labor and cajiital \vliich v.oiild bring so largj ii return in ii desiiiible food Jiroduct, so fiir as (jiiantity of tlie food is concerned. But manifestly it is imjiossible tlmt there .should be culture of oysters without .some iv.gnliition of Jiroperty, aud this regnliition cau not bsof a volunliiry eh:iracler. If nineteen men should agree upon rules and regulations for oyster Cld ture, die twentieth iiiiiii would come iiloug iind would rob them of the fruits of their toil. Either we must h.ive regu lilted pnblic culture or private jirojierty must bo so develojied (hat it will be jnissible for one to enjoy at least a jiiirt ot the fruits of his toil, otherwise (he present system which is robbing fiitiire generations must continue. Itis not necessary to iinike the bed of (he Chesajieiike jiriviite property, as desire who would .jumj) from Oil'" extreme to the other. It coidd be Iciised in parceb for jierioils, iind the right of private jirojierty given to the les.see in th? oysters which he .grows. It is, however, the jiroperty ri.ghlsof those who have been the weaker members of society which need in ii sjieciiil degree further de\elopinent. Legishition always represents actuiilly existing social forces. If a liiw is passed it is because it has something back of it. This would require scarcely more than menliiui hiid we not heard so niucii ab.surd tiilk iibout the e.juidity of iill before the law. This legal equality of all is iis strange a Iietion as iiitelligeiit men have ever be(^ii bruu.g'.it to believe. One has ouly logo to Washiugtou or to one of oui- State ciijiitiils and watch the fate of bills to discover that tho!-:e bills whicli become laws iire bills which have behind them sirength, iind those bills which f.iil to become laws fail becaii:c they liick iidecjiiatc' social force behind them. The laws of jnoj- city bi'ar out this stiiteinent. Literary jiroperty att'ords iiii excellent illiistiation. It has luid a very tardy develojiment) ard can scarcely be said to be siitticieiitly secure at the jiresent moment. Long after it Wiis a penitentiiiry ott'ence (o deprive ii fiir.igner of his iir(ii)er(y in material (hings like hind er houses, it Wiis jierfectly legitiiuiite to dejirive him of all * Commeuced iu So. 1,357. Copyrighted by tlie Record and Glide,