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Columbia University Libraries Digital Collections: The Real Estate Record

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Real estate record and builders' guide: v. 60, no. 1529: July 3, 1897

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\ A, RECORD \^' GUIDE \ ESTABUSHED MARCH 2Ist, 1868 ^L V TiT„ ir^oo NKW VOIÎK. JULY 3. 1897. Price 15 Cents. VOL, LX.—No. 1529. F H. LUDLOW & CO.. AUCTIONEERS, REAL ESTATE BROKERSj 111 BROADWAY. MorrisWíIkina. Edw. M, Wilkins. A. M. Ameberg. U H. CAMMANN & CO.,^ REAL ESTATE, 61 LĩBBBTT StBKBT, H-, % lĩelephOBe, 1328 OoFtlandt. FIRM OF LEONARD J. CAKPENTER, REAL ESTATE, No. 41 LIBEETY STKEET, BBANCH, 1181 3d Ave. Entire Charge oî Property. D.Y.Swainson. A. H. Catponter. C.L.Carpenter. JACOB APPELL, ^ REAL ESTATE BROKER AHD HOUSE AGENT. 271 WEST 23RD STEEET. I^iephona Call, 643 18th Street, P A. CRUIKSHANK & CO. ™ ' BSTÍBLI8HED 1794. MANAGERS OF ESTATES, i76 BEOABWAY. HEW YOEK, REAL ESTATE 8R0KERS, 11 PINE STREET, iĩ,í^ro BJETOK, J"a. TelũDlLono, 1634 OoirtĨEfim. WORACE S. ELY íS> CO., REAL ESTATE AGENTS, No, 64 CEDAR STEEET, Branob OfBee, No. 27 West 30th Street. tOBAOB B. ELY._________________Aĩ.FĩtED E. MARĨ.IHQ. QRIFFEN & MOORE, ^ SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE AIX)M • CHAB. FIELD âSIFFEK. QEO. B, HOOS9. John H. Shipway. lloljertH.Reid. Chas. M. Sbipway. Peter J. Coulon. JOHN H. SHIPWAY & BRO., ARCHITECTUBAL MARBLE WORKERS AND IMP0RTER3, ORicB. Mills aud Wbarf, Loouat Ave.. 13Gth 3t. and East Rivcr, New York VyM.CRUiKSHANK'S SONS REAL ESTATE, So. 51 LIBERTY STKEET, - KEW TORK Oeneral management oí Eoal EBtate. iTM. at. OBUlfgSHAHK. EDWAKD A. CBPIKBKAMg pOR WEST SIDE ^KEAL^ FRANK L FISHER GO., 446 COLUMBUS AVENUE, Near 8iet St. ______Property SucceaBfnlly Mauaged._______ STREETON & LOWRY, REAL ESTATE. Agenta for the reutiug and care of property. No. 152 BROADWAY, Telepboue Call. 848 Cortlaudt. HEW "YORK. JACKSON, WM. H. & CO. 860 BROADWAT. ĨFsĨhÆeT MANTELS & OPEN FIREPLACES, TILEa, MARBLES AND MOBAICS. EBtaMlehed nearly 70 years. S^ F. JAYNE & CO., MANAGERS OF ESTATES, APPKAISERS AND BEOKERS, 245 WEST 23D STRBET, and 55 LIBERTY STREBT. N. Y. S. F. Jayne.____________A. M. Cudaer. VyM. J ROOME, EEAL ESTATE AGENT & BKOZER. No. 410 SIXTH AVENUE, NEW YORK. KBTA3IĨS3EED 1853. HALL J. HOW & CO., BEOEBBB, AGEMTS, AUOTIOHBaKa, APPEAI8EBS 1 71 BROADWAY, Tel., 1496 Cortlandt. Branoh, 234 West 116th St., Tel., 692 Harlem A^ W. MCLAUGHLIN & CO, Hortgage Loans Exclusivaly. 14« EROADWAT íoor. Llberíj at), MEW TOBr. WM. r. KaDMOWD, LOUIB MBWEB. ADRIAN H. MULLER & SON AUCTIONEERS, 5SEAL ESTATE, STOCKS AND BONDíS No. 24 Ptue Sirsst, iĩe-ff Yorĩi. ^niHJI X. r^r\ Suooeesorsto I IIVI 06 \j\J.f MORRIS E. Baee & CO., Nos. 58 AND 60 West 34th St. REAL ESTATE BROKERS, Money to Loau on Bond and Mortgage. Inaurance and Law Offlcee. Jm 3. PBII.LIP8. D. I~ PHILĩiiFft. B. QOLDSTICK££. í. FHILLIPS. 1 J. PHILLIPS & CO. ^' REAL ESTATE BROKERS, AUCTI0NEEE8 AND APPRAI8ERS, 158 BROADWAY. Up-toTro OfBce, 261 CoIumbUB Atb., cor. 72d St. J ROMAINE BROWN&CO. " ■ BROKERS — APPRAISERS, MANAGERS OF ESTATES. 59 WEST 33D ST., cor. Broadway. 245 COLnjMBUS AVE. (72d St.) J. BOMAmE BROWN. _____________A. P. W. KJWJLN. WARE & GIBBS, WEST SIDE REAL ESTATE. Special attention to collection of rents. 451 Columbua Avenne, between Slst and 82d BtB, waXIAM B. WAKE. ALBEBT E. GIBBS. W B. DUNCAN, JR. ' * ■ REAL ESTATE. Entire oharge tatffltt of estatea. Money loaned ou boud and mortgago. 109 HAVEMEYER BUILDINa, Tel. 2691 Cortlaudt. Cortlandt and Chnioh Sta ARTHUR R. PARSONS, REAL ESTATE BROKER 177 AND 179 BKOADWAT. EXCHAMGE OF PROPERTY A SPECIALTY r)AVIS, REID & ALEXANDER, CIKCULAR CERAMIC MOSAIC OPEN FIREPLACES, MANTELS AND TILES. 18 EABT 15Tn STREET, - - NEW YORE. JESSE C. BENNETT & CO, EEAL EBTATE AND MORTQAGE BR0KBR8, 338 COLUMBUS AVE., cor. 76tli St. Telephone, 120 OolumbuB. Absolutely ^*^^ ^^^ Strongest, [íydraulic. "BROOKLYN BRIDGE BRAND" Darkest, Uniform. ROSENOALE HYDRAULIC CEiMENT. Tbe Best. SAYLOR'S.AN^KEYSTONE portland cements. THE STANDARD AMERICAN BRANDS. .ĨOHNSOT